Alexis Texas

She’d spent most of her day dreaming about this moment.

Her mind had continually strayed to these hungry thoughts, sucking at her attention with all the insistence of a black hole. It had been so difficult to focus—how did everyone in the office not know of the starving, empty ache between her legs, her walls sweaty, sensitive, and clenching at emptiness?

Now, she knew the sweetest relief with her legs spread wide before his firm cock. He slipped inside her with absurd ease, so moist had she grown in anticipation. She gasped as the head stretched her, muscle morphing to accommodate the long, thick shaft. He began pushing into her in earnest.

The first few strokes made her moan in release—it was as if a long-missing puzzle piece had finally been put back into place. His thrusts grew steady and long. She felt the movement on the outside where it was most sensitive, felt the head brush against where her pelvis hooked up toward the base of her stomach. She gasped each time it hit this forbidden spot. Again, and again, and again. Gasp, gasp, gasp. She crossed her ankles around his back and laid there for a few minutes, enjoying the delicious massage.

But before long, the nerves of her clitoris began to sing for attention. As if reading her thoughts, he began to gently rub the swollen bud. She purred at the sensation.

“Do you like this?” he asked.

“Mm, yes. You?”

“You zeytinburnu escort feel amazing.”

His cock strained against the growing urge to come. Not now. It would be too soon. He wanted to please her. Still, it tormented him. Her hot, gooey pussy sucked him deep inside, holding him snug. And the sounds! The wet squishing and her small moans made for an intoxicating song. His cock was sensitive, pulsing at the swelling pleasure, milking precum inside her. He took an unsteady breath.

Not yet. Don’t come yet.

Several minutes in, he’d teased her clitoris to its sweetest note. Each subsequent pass narrowed her focus even further to this small place of pleasure. A stray contraction throbbed through her pussy—it was growing impatient for relief. She squirmed beneath him, but he refused to speed his stroking.

“Please, baby. I want to come now.” He chuckled in her ear but kept his pace.

She pressed herself firmly against him, whimpering. He was edging her. She’d reached the top of the waterfall. A single second of stimulation too long and she’d be pitched over the top and tumble into mindless ecstasy. So aroused that she was positively sopping, her pussy had begun to suck him inside of its own accord.

His heart pounded like drum, cock hard as glass inside her. She jerked beneath him, sending her voluptuous breasts bouncing aksaray escort obscenely in every direction. He stared, wrapped up in the nipples stretched hugely across her skin, taut and cracked with the weight of her great, undulating mounds. They overflowed his fingers, heavy as low-hanging fruit, silk-soft and succulent. They turned him on like nothing else, and he groped them frenziedly, squeezing and rolling them in his hands like bread dough. Desperate to be closer, he buried his face in their cushiony softness and kissed them deeply, groaning with abandon. He could have ejaculated at the very thought of these breasts,. Her meaty vulva, too, was exquisitely soft—plump pillows hugging his cock. He pumped in and out of the warm jelly between her thighs, cock throbbing with each exquisite stroke. If she didn’t cum soon, he was lost.

“Please! I can’t take anymore! Make me come!” He laughed again and continued at the same speed. She squeezed her legs around him.

This pressure—barely more than a feather-light touch—was just enough.

“Fuck, I’m going to come!”

“Not yet!”

“Oh God, I can’t help—”

Before she could finish, the pleasure reached its peak, and at once crashed over her in great waves. She plummeted down, down, lost completely in unthinking ecstasy. She groaned and thrashed as the pleasure expanded through her, swelling to a tremendous ataköy escort throb and releasing in a series of quick, staccato snaps, shooting pulses of sweetness out from her clitoris and into her thighs. And through all this, she could feel his cock sliding rapidly in and out of her, elevating the experience to a pitch of almost unspeakable carnality.

He fucked her juicy pussy, sending her mons quivering. Her plump, pulsing flesh was soft as gelatin and yielded to every thrust, hugging him snuggly. It was too much. All the world was his aching cock slipping in and out of her buttery cunt. And then it was upon him, and he was truly gone—

In two great thrusts and a moan of surrender, he plunged into a hugely pleasurable orgasm. The pleasure was excruciating, shuddering down his cock in violent thuds. Cum gushed out of him, filling her pussy with cream. He slammed again and again into her slick, squishy folds, squeezing her tightly and making sounds he’d never made before. His cock slipped ecstatically in and out of her pudge as his orgasm approached its peak. Her pussy was just so soft, so fleshy—it was this thought, that he was cumming into such a plump cunt, that catapulted him to his summit. A positively euphoric pleasure flooded his body and he screamed into the pillow, squeezing her to him while his cock burst in joy. After several seconds of mindless bliss, the sensation began to recede. Soft featherings of pleasure pulsed down his member while he softened inside her.

When he finished, the two collapsed together in a mess of limbs. He kissed her on the mouth.

“Worth the wait, huh?” She closed her eyes, a small smile appearing on her lips.

“It always is.”



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