Dee and Ben fuck Polly with Woody and friendsSo the afternoon arrived and we turned up at Woody’s front door and rang the bell. A man opened the door and introduced himself as Woody.“Come on in, most of the guys have turned up already, there are a couple more to come and we can get started. Glad to see that you have come along too Dee. Are you going to join in?”“I hope so, I thought you guys might need me to fluff, keep you all entertained whilst Polly gets her abuse.” Dee smiled as she grabbed Woody’s crotch and squeezed him gently.We walked in through the hall and into the sitting room. We were met by a group of men, sitting and standing.Woody introduced us, “The Headmaster, Dave and Jacko.” We made our hellos, “And Dee is here to help out, she will be our fluff for the afternoon.”Just then the door bell rang again and Woody left the room.“So Dee, Woody talked about you, I went to your profile, loved your stories. Do you really do what you say in them?” asked Jacko.“Oh yes, I can’t get fucked enough and Ben loves to watch me. Don’t you Ben?”“Certainly. Hopefully some of you might get the chance today, but I know that Polly is the centre of attraction.”Woody came back into the room. “OK guys, we have a full complement. This is Leo and this young lad is Lee Laurence. Dee, he wants to fuck some mature ladies, are you up for it?”Dee looked at Lee and stepped towards him. Lee took a step back. “Don’t be nervous Lee, once you’ve fucked Polly you can have me too. We don’t bite, well not unless you ask me too. How old are you?”Lee stammered “Eighteen.” “And how many mature women have you had, Lee?”Lee looked around nervously.“Don’t worry Lee, I will no doubt be your second, I’m looking forward to see your young cock in action.” And with that Dee put out her hand and rubbed his cock with the back of her hand.“Mmm, that feels big Lee, I’ll have to work on you to get you really hard for Polly.”“OK guys, I guess that now we are all here it’s time for us to strip off. Polly’s in the bedroom, naked and tied to the bed, she is so looking forward to entertaining you all.”Woody started to strip first, peeling his shirt over his head and then unzipped his trousers and pulled them down. His hard cock sprung out and he looked on to the rest of us. We looked at who might be next, but when Dee started to strip off we removed our clothes whilst we watched first her boobs held up in her bright red half cup bra came into view, then she undid the fastenings to her little skirt and peeled it off down her legs and showed the guys her little red thong and stockings held up by her red suspender belt.“So guys, do you like what you see.” She said as she cupped her boobs and pinched her nipples between her thumbs and fingers.I looked round at the other guys, Dave held his cock in hand, he was holding his good sized circumcised cock in hand, I noticed that Dee was also looking at it, she obviously had designs on it. Jacko on the other hand had a full foreskin, but still had a healthy size. Woody’s cock was a fair size and his balls looked as though they were full of cum and ready to explode he pulled on it and rolled his foreskin back to exposed his engorged head. Leo and the Headmaster both had impressive cocks and I think Dee was thinking she might be spoilt for choice. But then she was looking at Lee. His nice young cock was standing proud and pointing directly at her, I knew it wouldn’t be long before she was paying that a lot of attention.“Come on then, follow me, it’s time we gave Polly what she’s been wanting for a long time.”“What’s that exactly?” I asked jokingly.“You know what she wants; she wants her ass filling with lots of cock, one after the other. And I’m really looking forward to filming and photographing her ass hole leak with all you guy’s cum.”We followed Woody in line along the corridor and to the bedroom door. Woody then opened the door and we all tried to peer in together. There lying on the bed was Polly. Naked and tied by her wrists and ankles to the corners of the bed. She was wearing a blindfold, but heard us coming in and turned her head and looked towards the door. “We’re here Polly, there is eight of us and we are all going to fulfil your fantasy. I’m going to untie your hands and we are going to watch you play with yourself. Are you ready for this?”Polly murmured, “I think so, do you know who is going to take me first Woody?”“I do, but I’m not going to tell you, you’ll just have to guess.”We had all got into the bedroom and now surrounded the bed as Woody went about untying Polly’s wrists. We all had our cocks in hand and were gently stroking ourselves at the sight of Polly helpless on the bed sheets.“Now, play with yourself Polly, let us see how you make yourself wet.” As Polly’s hands made their way down her body Dave leant forward and cupped her left breast, moulding his fingers around her nipples and gently tweaking on them. This caused a chain reaction as we all leant forward and grabbed at the nearest part of Polly’s body. My hand went to her knee and I deftly ran my fingers up her thigh, stopping just short of her crotch and Polly shivered in anticipation. Her hand brushed against mine as she pulled open her pussy lips revealing her wetness inside. Her fingers then rubbed over her exposed pussy and tickled her clit. My hand then just slipped it’s way up a little further and I joined hers in fingering her swollen clit, she sighed contentedly.Woody then handed her a vibrator. “Show the illegal bahis boys what you do with this.” She took it from him and raised it to her mouth. She sucked the bulbous head into her mouth, wetting it with her saliva, before tracing it down her body, resting it at the opening of her pussy and then slowly slipping it in. A delicious wet crackle could be heard as she slowly pushed it inside herself and she audibly moaned with pleasure. “Oh I love having my pussy filled, but really what I want today is to have all your cocks here.” And she pulled the vibrator out and aimed it at her ass hole. “Just here.” And she pushed. The plastic bulbous head slipped in, deep into her ass. There she pumped it in and out and we all watched our eyes staring at her pussy and ass.“Well boys, I don’t know about you but I’m gonna get stuck in, this lady needs a bit of attention.” And with that Dee clambered onto the bed, crawled over to Polly and planted her lips firmly on Polly’s. Polly was taken completely by surprise, but soon the girls were kissing passionately, their tongues clearly duelling together and Dee’s hands roamed over Polly’s body, moulding her hands over her ripe boobs, then travelling down over her belly to mingle with her hands and deep into her pussy. Polly moaned loudly as Dee’s fingers rubbed her clit. Dee raised her bum high, her thong ran deep into the crack in her ass and she was pointing it obviously at poor embarrassed Lee. She grabbed an ass cheek in her hand and pulled it open her rosebud exposed to Lee’s stare.Woody then went to get a pillow and slapping Polly’s ass encouraged her to raise her bum off the sheets. Polly duly complied and soon with her legs spread her ass and pussy were ready for their first pounding. We looked amongst each other waiting to see if there might be an order, but Woody tapped Dave on the shoulder and indicated for him to go first. As Dave moved in holding his hard cock in hand, Lee could not contain himself and he leant forward towards Dee’s raised ass. He pulled at the cord between her cheeks and then dived in his head and buried it between her cheeks. Dave paused for a moment watching Lee’s tongue slurping over Dee’s ass and delving into her asshole as he pulled her cheeks apart. Dave looked back down at Polly, he spat on his hand and then wiped it over his cock. Taking Polly’s hand he persuaded her to remove the vibrator from her ass. She pulled it out and the removed toy left a perfect void, her hole stayed open almost waiting to take his stiff hard rod. He then inched forward until his cock nuzzled against her waiting ass hole. “Oh fuck.” He murmured as he pushed his cock into her waiting, willing hole. We all looked on, our cocks in hand and we wanked in unison as his cock slipped inside her. Slowly edging its way in he continued to push and sank his cock all the way in.Polly broke away from Dee, “Oh yes, that’s so big, fuck me please fuck me hard, I want to feel you cum deep in my ass.”Dave pulled almost out before ramming his cock back in. His body collided with hers and she jolted up the bed. His intense rhythm battered her hole and her body bounced on the bed. So much so that she almost threw Dee off. So Dee broke away and slipped off the bed and onto her knees on the floor, she turned and was faced by Lee’s throbbing cock which she greedily fed into her mouth, putting her arms around his bum and pulling him into her waiting mouth. Her hands clawed his bum and she started to seriously face fuck him, greedily and full of sexual desire.Meanwhile Dave was pounding Polly’s ass and she was frantically wanking on her clit. “Oh yes, oh yes, fuck me, I want more.” Dave could hold back no more and he lunged once more filling her ass with his cock as he exclaimed that he was coming. “Fuck, I’m coming Argh!”We watched as he froze as his cum spewed from his cock. “Oh my god, I can feel your cum filling me.”Shakily Dave pulled away from Polly, we watched as his cock slipped from her ass and as it finally slipped free we watched his cum dribble from her open ass. Woody quickly zoomed his camera at her opening., videoing his cum dribble free. “Fantastic, I got all of that, great wanking material. Now over to you.” And he pointed at Leo.Dave stepped back, his cock still running with his cum and it dribble from his cock end onto the carpet below. Leo took his place, he had a tube of lube that he was squirting on his cock as he stepped forward. “I know I won’t last long, I nearly came just watching you.”He aimed his cock at her hole, “Oh fuck, I’ve gotta get it in or I’ll cum.” He lunged forward and his cock was inside, It slipped quickly to the hilt and he quickly pumped in and out, “Fuck, I’m cumming.” And he pushed forward and came deep inside Polly.“Mmm, I can feel your cum.”He was soon pulling free and another cock slipped out of Polly’s ass. More cum flowed from her ass and it gaped so Woody’s camera zoomed in once more. “OH Polly I can see right into your ass and it’s full of creamy cum, I don’t know how much more you can take.”“Oh Woody, I want more. I so nearly came just then. I so nearly squirted too.” Replied Polly.“OK, you’re next.” And Woody pointed at Lee. He looked up, he had been watching and enjoying Dee slurping at his cock. He pulled it from her mouth and a string of pre cum stretched from his wet cock to her mouth. She leant forward as he stepped aside, but managed to suckle on one of his balls before he moved too far.“Who’s next then?” illegal bahis siteleri said Dee looking round for another cock to suck on. Headmaster stepped forward and slapped his cock against her cheek. “Here bitch, suck on me!” he exclaimed and Dee grabbed his shaft and pulled him onto her mouth. He leant down and grasped her tits, pulling and mauling at her nipples. “Fuck yeah, take it all the way, I want you to gag on my cock.” And he thrust his cock in deep making Dee choke and cough. She tried to pull away, but he wrapped his hands round the back of her head and kept his cock to her throat. Dee was gurgling as she coughed and her saliva was foaming around her lips. She grabbed his balls and squeezed them hard, the Headmasters reaction was to instantly let go and his cock slipped from her mouth, drenched in Dee’s saliva and panting for breath, before she wrapped her hand around the base of his cock and took it back in, slurping loadly.Lee then stepped up to Polly, wanking his cock in hand. He nervously aimed it at Polly, then thrust forward, his cock slipped into her pussy and Polly groaned. “Oh my god that’s a big one, but get it in my ass.” Demanded Polly.His cock pulled free and he re-aimed it at her ass. It nudged at her open hole and he pushed forward. “Arrgghh.” Cried Polly as his cock stretched her ass open and slowly slid in. “Fuck me, fuck me.” Cried Polly and he did. Uncontrollably Lee pummelled her ass. “Oh fuck you’re gonna make me cum… yes, argh.” Polly writhed in pleasure as her first orgasm raced through her and then she squirted, her juices flying free and splattering Lee’s belly. “Oh my god what’s that?” Lee exclaimed. “Fuck, yes fuck that’s soo good.” Polly’s legs twisted as her orgasm wracked through her body. Her ankle chains rattled, then became taught. Her bum rose off the pillow and she crashed back down again. Lee continued to fuck her hard, his cock slick with the cum of others. He pumped at her just a few more times before he screamed that he was coming. With one last driving thrust he came. His bum cheeks clenched as his spewed his cum into her ass. “Oh sweet god that feels sooo good.” They both stayed together their bodies locked in embrace, before Lee pulled away. We watched his long cock slip from Polly’s ass, before finally dropping free. Again we watched cum dribble from her ass. Her ass now completely dilated, red and swollen.“Go on then, get her to lick you clean,” tempted Woody. “I want to see your cock in her mouth.”Lee climbed over Polly’s body and up the bed. His cock hung over her face, cum still dribbling from the end, it hovered over her mouth and dribbled over her lips. On contact she opened her mouth.“Go on Polly, suck him clean.” Demanded Woody.Lee lowered his cock and Polly allowed it to slip into her mouth. She murmured as he slowly pushed his way in and sank it towards her throat. Her tongue swirled around the underside, lapping at his cum covered cock. All we could hear was the sound of two cocks being sucked with abandon.“OK guys, I want to see my wife have all three holes filled at the same time. I want to video the whole thing, you,” pointing at Jacko, “Stick your cock in her pussy, and you,” pointing at me “Get your cock up her ass.”Jacko clamber up onto the bed, his legs either side of Polly’s thighs, his cock swaying at the entrance of her pussy, before he knelt down lower and his cock slipped into her. I came up behind Jacko and pointed my cock at her ass. Jacko’s ass was in the way so I pulled on Polly’s legs to bring her further down the bed, in doing so Lee’s cock thrust deep into Polly’s mouth and she choked as his cock slipped into her throat, she choked, coughed and spluttered, but they managed to control themselves and Lee slid himself towards me and Jacko. My cock was now resting against Polly’s ass. I swiped the end of my cock over her soppy opening, wiping the cum over my cock head and lubricating it. I then wiped my hand over her gaping ass, scooping up some of the cum and massaged it onto my cock. It was still warm and soon slickened my cock. I pushed and my cock slipped easily into her well fucked ass and quickly I was deep inside. Jacko and I set up a rhythm, both our cocks fucking Polly. My cock slipped out and on my return thrust I buried it along side Jacko’s. Polly moaned at the further intrusion. We fucked her side by side for a few strokes and Polly moaned, before I pulled out again and buried myself back deep in her ass. Woody carried on filming, capturing every penetration. He stopped for a while filming Jacko and I fucking his wife. Dee took the opportunity to grab his cock and stuffed it into her mouth. Woody momentarily panned the camera down to Dee as she slurped on him. She then ran her tongue down his shaft and suckled on his balls. She looked up at him and his camera caught her looking straight into the lens.“Carry on doing that and you’ll make me cum.” Said Woody.I watched as my wife sucked on Woody’s balls, the sight of her looking straight at the camera set me over the edge. “I’m cumming Woody.” I exclaimed and his camera panned back round to me. Dee’s eyes followed the camera and our eyes met and she watched me unloading deep in Polly’s ass. I squirted a huge volume of my cum deep inside her. Woody by now had had taken his camera between my legs and was now shooting it up at my cock in his wife’s ass. All the cum deposited in her ass was now spewing out around my cock. It was running canlı bahis siteleri down her ass cheeks, down my shaft and dripping from my balls.Jacko had also cum and had pulled out, so when I stepped away, he also stepped away. Woody then panned his camera back on his wife’s abused body. Cum oozed from her pussy and ass. He panned up to Lee to capture him coming once more, his young balls capable of letting fly another huge volume of cum. He had pulled free and wanked furiously at her face. It splattered her nose, over her masked eyes and in her hair. He sank down beside and watched as she scooped his cum from her face and fed it into her mouth. Woody filmed it all. Dee broke away from his crotch. “Go on Woody, it’s your turn to fuck your wife, choose your hole.”He handed me his camera and stepped up onto the bed. He first kissed his wife “You were fabulous, thank you.” He whispered. “No Woody, thank you for fulfilling my wildest fantasy.”Woody climbed onto the bed and placed a knee on either side of his wife’s head, he then took his cock in hand and slapped her face with it. Polly stuck her tongue out and desperately tried to catch it in her mouth, until eventually he held it still and pushed it in her mouth. Polly clamped her lips around it and he started to pump his cock deep into her. He then slipped off her eye mask and she blinked in the light. She then lifted her head to look round and see us all standing around her.“Did all of you fuck me? I lost count.”As we watched on, standing around the bed, our softened cock now being revitalized by Dee and her oral administrations. She took it in turns to move from one to another and suck our cocks into her mouth. As she did so her hand worked feverously at her clit and she had taken Polly’s vibrator and had stuck it up her own ass until it had wedged in place. Dee loved the attention of all these cocks, but would occasionally look back at Woody and Polly, the centre of our attention.Woody pulled his cock from his wife’s mouth and then stepped back along the bed to look back at his naked wife.“Have you ever had that many cocks before Polly?”“No Woody, my ass has never been ****d by so many cocks, yours has always been the only one and I want yours to be the last one today. I want yours filling my ass right now. I want the seeds you have been saving for me all week to fill me to the brim.”As Woody crawled down beside his wife, he stroked her naked body, his fingers ran over her breasts, stopping at each nipple and squeezing them tightly between his fingers. Polly squealed with each pinch and her head rolled from side to side. His hand then slipped down between her legs and wormed their way around her soppy pussy and ass. We watched as his hand slipped lower and it was clear that his fingers were probing her ass.“Yes Woody, I want your cock in there, I want your cum inside me, please.”Woody slipped to the end of the bed and we watched as he aimed his cock at his wife’s abused ass. He tentatively probed and jabbed at it and then quite violently pushed his cock in. Polly squealed as his cock slid in. He forced it to the hilt and Polly was clearly surprised by the forced invasion. Her squeal caught the attention of Dee who immediately stopped blowing Jacko and turned to look at the bed. Without a thought she climbed onto the bed and straddled Polly, placing her crotch above Polly’s face and squatting down smothering her with her damp pussy. Polly greedily lapped and sucked on Dee’s pussy folds. She then ran her hands over Polly’s boobs before stretching out over her tummy, her hands reached down to her pussy where she spread Polly’s lips apart then delved into her mashed pussy and licked hard, her tongue clearly lapping at the juices seeping out. Her head was just inches away from Woody’s cock that was now pummelling Polly’s loose ass hole, her eyes glancing as she watched his cock slide in and out. Woody pulled out from his wife’s ass and offered it to Dee who licked around the head before sucking it into her mouth and Woody proceeded to fuck her mouth. He stopped and returned his cock to Polly’s twitching ass hole.As Dee lapped on Polly’s pussy and Woody fucked her ass, Polly Had spread Dee’s ass cheeks apart and now had a couple of fingers buried deep in her ass and her tongue continued to delve deeper into her pussy. “Oh fuck Polly, you are going to make me cum.” Cried Dee. Her hips spasmed, her crotch ground into Polly’s face. Her body shook as her orgasm rippled through her. The effect on Polly was intense as the vibration of Dee’s tongue on her pussy and Woody’s cock buried in her ass caused her to have another orgasm, her bum lifted off the pillow as her orgasm wracked through her causing her pussy to squirt wildly. Dee’s face was splattered with juice as was Woody’s belly. This was all too much for him and he withdrew his cock and pumped hard on it. He produced a huge volume of cum, spraying Dee’s face and Polly’s pussy and ass. Dee lifted her cum covered face and placed her hand on Polly’s pussy rubbing his cum into it. She then grabbed his cock and wanked his still twitching cock and slickened his shaft before pulling it towards her open mouth and sucking it in. She pulled it out and smeared it back into Polly’s pussy, scooping up yet more cum before taking it back into her mouth.I had filmed the whole sequence and a close up of my wife sucking Woody’s wilting cock. He broke away and staggered backwards, resting against the chest of drawers and catching his breath. Dee looked over to us watching them.“Well Lee, do you think you can manage it again?”asked Dee. “I want you to fuck me.”“Now?” asked Lee, “Yes.” Replied Dee, “And Polly can suck on your balls and ass while you do me.”



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