Pelaam: August 2007.

Mikey looked up, pushing his glasses back into place once more as the big, broad, ebony skinned man strode purposefully towards him. Mikey felt his heartbeat begin to race as the big man approached. He’d seen this man a few times in the library; only he normally wore big boots, jeans and t-shirt. He had seen him use computers, sit in the reference area and, very occasionally, browsing the fiction section where Mikey was normally based. He would be hard to miss with his huge build and Mikey thought he was stunning. The man’s head was as clean shaven as the rest of his face. His eyes were big, dark pools, his lips full and, on the brief occasions Mikey had spied them, his teeth were white and even. Mikey sighed silently. //Stunning// he thought again. As visually appealing as the man was, Mikey also appreciated the man’s confident demeanour and the sheer raw masculinity he exuded. He swallowed past a dry throat as he realised the dark god was about to speak to him.

“I’m looking for a book,” the big man said. His voice was deep and well modulated and Mikey suppressed a shiver.

“People usually are in libraries,” Mikey said smiling. “How can I help you?” Mentally he winced, hoping he hadn’t overstepped the mark.

“I want a book with gay stories in it,” the man said.

“Do you have an author, publisher or ISBN number?” Mikey asked trying to keep his composure. //This god was gay???//

“No,” came the succinct reply. “Nothing was coming up on your computers. I would have thought a library this big would have something.”

“I’m sure we do,” Mikey murmured absently, his librarian persona taking over as he scanned the computer for something appropriate. “Ah, here we go,” he said triumphantly. He began to write down the location.

“Show me. Please.” The big man added the last word as Mikey looked up, raising an eyebrow.

“Ok,” Mikey replied. It would give him a few more minutes in the man’s company. Leading the way, he was certain he could feel dark eyes burning into his back. He gave a wry smile. //Who am I trying to kid?// he asked himself. He was nothing to look at in comparison to the man who trailed him. Mikey reckoned he was about six inches smaller than the man he was sure was several inches over six feet tall. He was slender, almost thin, weight difficult for him to put on and keep on. His hair was a chestnut brown and he tried to keep it tidy in a tight ponytail. His hazel eyes were usually behind glasses, currently a red, square-rimmed pair by Dolce and Gabbana. He stopped and turned to indicate the appropriate shelving, but his customer obviously had his mind on other things. The resulting collision sent Mikey down hard on his butt.

“Damn it,” the big man growled. “Sorry.” His extended a hand. The slender young man reached to accept the offering. As their hands met, there was a frisson between them and then the young man was in his arms. For a minute neither man moved.

“Um, thanks,” Mikey said shyly. It felt so good being in the big man’s arms.

“‘S ok,” came the low rumble. The young man felt soft and warm. A light, citrus cologne tickled the big man’s nostrils, his sense of scent approving. Reluctantly and carefully he released the slighter form.

“Um…this…this is the shelf you want,” Mikey said as he pointed. He watched the big man’s eyes flit quickly to the books. Within seconds a book was in his hand and it was equally quickly thrust into Mikey’s. Then a library card followed.

“Would you, please?” This time a wide smile accompanied the request. If Mikey had thought the man stunning before, now he was absolutely dazzling. The slender man basked in the warmth of the smile. Then he glanced at the card and, before his professional persona could object, he gave a peal of musical laughter.

“Parents,” the big man said, his smile remaining in place. “Go figure.”

“Hi, Mark Anthony,” Mikey said, extending his hand. “I’m plain old Michael Jenkins, but my friends call me Mikey.”

Hi, Mikey,” now there was a husk to the deep voice that send pleasurable sensations throughout Mikey’s body. “My friends call me Mark.”

Again there seemed to be a spark as the men’s hands touched. Blushing, adorably to Mark’s eyes, the slender man held up the book as they separated.

“I’ll, um, go get this sorted for you,” Mikey said.

Mark waited, trying to stop his nervous shuffle from foot to foot. He smiled as Mikey returned.

“You working here Saturday?” Mark asked, hoping for nonchalance.

“Yeah,” Mikey blushed. “I’m on till 1.00pm.”

“Fancy having lunch with me?” Mark asked.

“Oh yeah, that’d be great,” Mikey enthused. He took the card the big man gave him. It had a home and mobile number and Mark’s name. Hurriedly, Mikey jotted his numbers on scrap paper and gave it to Mark.

“I’ll be here around 12.00-ish,” Mark said extending his hand.

“I’ll keep a watch out for you,” Mikey replied, copying the gesture. He expected his hand to be enveloped in the big man’s grip but instead, casino siteleri with a quick look to see they were unobserved, Mark raised Mikey’s hand to his lips and kissed it.

“Till Saturday,” Mark said huskily.

Mikey lay in his bath, smiling as he replayed the encounter with Mark. He dried himself carefully and went to lie on his bed. He spread his legs as one hand began to tweak at his nipples, ghosting through the small patch of dark hair on his chest, the other palming his sac. As his fingers played with his nipples, he began to tug gently at his treasure trail. He ran a finger up his rising shaft, tracing the prominent vein till he reached the head. He squeezed gently, using the slick fluid to ease sliding his hand up and down. He heard his moan of need as his hips began to thrust. As more pre-come flowed, Mikey’s hand sped up the strokes over hard, dusky-rose flesh. He sucked on a finger and reached behind himself, penetrating his own body with a soft whimper. He found his sweet spot and began to rub it, sending jolts of pleasure through his body. He closed his eyes. He pictured a large, dark hand pulling at his swollen flesh. He imagined Mark’s finger penetrating him, probing deep inside him as the bigger man’s muscular body covered him. With a short cry, Mikey’s orgasm hit hard. Pulses of semen trailed over his stomach and chest as his body jerked and convulsed. Panting softly as he came down from his high, he reached laconically for the baby wipes. He cleansed himself quickly and hoped he wasn’t setting himself up for a big disappointment. //What if he realises he’s made a big mistake and doesn’t show?// Mikey asked himself. As he slept, he dreamt of a large, dark man who kept just out of his reach.

Mikey had been twitchy all morning. At any sign of a large, muscular body his attention was immediately distracted, even though Mark had said 12.00. He’d had no calls to cancel the lunch date, but Mikey had been let down in a similar way before. A couple of his closer, well-meaning work mates were trying to tease him into lightening up. Unfortunately for Mikey, they weren’t helping, making his nerves worse rather than better. He groaned softly as he made yet another ISBN number error.

“Hi there.”

The warm, deep, rounded tone had Mikey looking up instantly. And his jaw fell open. Mark looked awesome. Gone were the jeans and t-shirt. Instead he wore well-tailored black pants that seemed to hug the powerful legs in all the right places, displaying a package Mikey really hoped he got to explore. A pristine white shirt was open to a small ‘v’, displaying Mark’s collarbone and the gold chain he wore. A casual black jacket was over his arm and he smiled the smile that had Mikey melting.

“Hi,” Mikey whispered, hoping he wasn’t drooling. He saw Mark’s eyes caress his own slender frame. He wore old black pants and a black polo neck jumper that had seen better days. “I have stuff to change into,” he assured the big man.

“You look gorgeous,” Mark said leaning forward, in a voice that stroked Mikey’s ear like dark silk.

“I’m still on duty for an hour or so yet,” the slender man said checking his watch.

“That’s ok. I need to look up a couple of things in Reference. You want to meet me there when you’re done?” Mark said.

“Sure. Um, how is your book?” Mikey couldn’t help but enquire.

“Book?” For a second Mark looked blank and then laughed. It was a warm, melodic bass, conveying genuine amusement and it seemed wired to Mikey’s wayward libido. The young man was glad of his baggy, shapeless clothes as he listened to Mark. “I brought it back today unopened. I just wanted to get talking to you and scope out the lay of the land. It’s important to have a good grounding for a secure foundation. “

With a quick movement, Mikey’s hand had been lifted and kissed and Mark was heading for Reference. He smiled dreamily.

From his vantage point in Reference, Mark could see everyone that entered. He couldn’t help but smile at the sight of his ‘date’. Mikey had changed into beige cargo pants that seemed to defy gravity to remain on the slender hips. A plain black t-shirt seemed to emphasis the thin torso. A cream fleece jacket completed the outfit. It made Mark feel as though he was raiding the school ground, Mikey looked even younger ‘dressed’ than in his work clothes. Mikey had released his hair, but was still toying with the restrainer as if uncertain the loose tresses would be acceptable. For all the youthfulness of Mikey’s appearance, Mark wanted to touch and to taste. He wanted to run his fingers through the soft hair and feel it on his smooth, hair-free body. He wanted to taste the lips that Mikey nibbled nervously on as he scanned the room. As their eyes met, he answered the warm smile with one of his own and followed the slim body’s motion as it came towards him. Mark was surprised by the possessive feeling that ran through his veins. The attraction to the younger man had been instant, not the last time, when he’d spoken to Mikey, but on an earlier visit to the slot oyna library. Even after speaking to the slender man, Mark had given himself yet more time to examine what he felt, what he really wanted to do. His feelings weren’t changing. He wanted to give this a try and hoped he wasn’t setting himself up for a big disappointment. //What if he realises he’s made a big mistake?// Mark asked himself, unknowingly echoing Mikey’s own fears.

Mark had selected a Spanish Tapas Bar in the city centre for lunch. There was an understated intimate ambiance, even so early in the day. The low lighting and soft music was conducive to leaning close and talking quietly. It transpired that Mikey hadn’t tried tapas before and Mark was relieved he’s opted for the best. He knew anything on the varied menu would be good. With his expertise, they selected the platter of assorted meats, bread and dips, garlic chicken, frittata, small lamb chops and a mixed salad. Mark also selected a bottle of Faustino VII, a rich, red wine, ignoring its cost. He wanted Mikey to have the best of everything.

It was clear Mikey didn’t usually drink wine during the day. A couple of glasses of the robust drink and he was chatting away, more talkative than he would have been without the light buzz. He learnt that when Mark said he worked in construction, he meant he was the civil engineer and not one of the guys with hod and bricks. One of his big projects was almost complete in the city and another due to commence in a couple of months. Mikey listened enthralled as Mark talked about the technical side of the work he did, the younger man oblivious to the amount of work that went into construction even before actual preparations for building could begin.

The lunch was eaten leisurely, over two hours passed before they were sharing a decadent chocolate dessert, occasionally feeding each other with the long spoons. Coffees followed and then Mark was leaning close.

“Are you free for the rest of the day?” he asked.

“Yes,” Mikey replied, glad it was true and certain if it hadn’t been he would still have said yes.

“I know a nice cocktail bar,” Mark grinned, pleased to keep Mikey with him longer. “Let’s go there.”

Mikey tried to get Mark to let him pay his half of the lunch, but Mark steadfastly refused. In the cocktail lounge, Mark set up a tab. He knew he had the resources to afford what they indulged in and he wanted to indulge Mikey. From the cocktail lounge, Mark took the younger man to a bar he sometimes frequented. The music was good, the drinks not overly expensive and it flew the rainbow flag. As such, even though the dance floor was empty apart from themselves, when the DJ played Barry White records Mark danced with Mikey, holding the slender body close and tight.

“Come home with me?” Mark husked into Mikey’s ear.

“Yes,” Mikey replied. He moved to lean in for their first kiss. He moaned softly as a large hand spread proprietarily over the small of his back and another wound in his hair to tilt him to the perfect angle. Mark was as masterful at kissing as he had been in everything else that day. The initial soft press of lips became harder. A lick to Mikey’s lips demanded entry of a conquering tongue. It invaded without opposition and ravished Mikey’s own shyer muscle. As they broke apart, panting softly, Mikey gazed at the bigger man with raw need in his eyes.

“Take me home, Mark,” he rasped. “Please.”

“Let’s get a cab,” Mark growled.

In the cab, Mark called on every ounce of self-control not to begin to ravish the young man who sat close. Mark was certain that the cab should have been set alight from the incendiary glances that passed between them as the journey seemed to take a small eternity. Mark was ready with the cab fare even before the vehicle had stopped moving, he and Mikey almost tumbling from it in their haste to reach Mark’s home. As soon as they got inside, their jackets were thrown aside and Mark pulled the lissom body tight, pressing fevered kisses to Mikey’s face. As slender hips ground their groins together, both men moaned as their erections rubbed through layers of now unwanted cloth.

“Take me to bed, Mark,” Mikey pleaded and then gave a yelp as he was swung up into strong arms.

“Hold tight, sweetheart,” Mark growled. His home was a bungalow, so there were no stairs to negotiate. He rushed into his bedroom and gently laid his precious bundle on the bed, removing the younger man’s glasses before they could be damaged. He followed Mikey down, the slender man’s legs parting in welcome as he blanketed his lover-to-be. Mark relished the soft cries that accompanied his hands roaming imperiously over the pale skin he exposed as Mikey’s t-shirt was removed. Leaning down he captured one small brown bud in his mouth, sucking and tugging until it hardened, before bestowing the same attention on the other. As he worshipped his lover’s nipples, one hand drifted lower. It unsnapped the fastenings on the cargo pants and slid inside. Through soft, damp cotton, Mark could feel canlı casino siteleri the hard heat of his prize. He manoeuvred Mikey’s erection out from the briefs, stroking as he continued to lavish attention with mouth and teeth on the taut nubs. Mikey’s hands caressed his shaven skull and slender hips tried to thrust, but were pinioned by Mark’s greater bulk.

“Too close, ah, lover, too close… gotta… gonna…” Mikey’s disjointed words told Mark all he needed to know. Lifting his head he fixed his eyes, black with desire, on his mate.

“Come for me,” he commanded in a voice deep, dark and demanding.

“Ah… ah… ohhh yeaahhh.” Mikey groaned as his come was expertly milked from his aching cock. He felt it warm and wet on his heaving chest as Mark stroked him until he had nothing left to give.

“Beautiful,” Mark husked. He released the sated organ to run a finger through silvery trails. Slowly, he brought it to his lips to a low groan from Mikey. Sucking his finger slowly, deliberately, Mark looked into Mikey’s eyes. “Sweet,” he smiled. He moved to be able to kiss the slighter man, plunging his tongue into the willing mouth again and again until Mikey was breathless.

“Want you, Mark,” Mikey moaned. “Want you so bad.”

“Slowly, baby,” Mark soothed, nuzzling at Mikey’s throat. “Let me see you.”

Mark began to pull the pants and briefs down, slim hips lifting to assist. He unlaced the plimsolls and smiled widely as he revealed Mikey’s nudity. His eyes devoured the sight of the light dusting of chest fur, the dark treasure trail and the lush nest of dark curls that guarded the now damp, spent organ.

“Wanna see you, too,” Mikey husked, revelling in the look of desire on Mark’s face.

Mikey’s eyes were riveted as Mark removed the remainder of his own clothes. As Mark removed the boxers he wore, Mikey gave an audible gasp. Clothing hadn’t been able to hide the powerful body of the big man, but now Mikey’s eyes were mesmerised by Mark’s endowments. He knew he was an average six to seven inches and slender, but proportionate to his build. Mark’s organ was as powerfully built as the rest of his physique. Mikey estimated the older man had maybe three inches more in length as well his shaft being much thicker than Mikey’s. The glistening cock stood proud, its cut head a rich, deep, wine colour, pointing unerringly at him. Mikey had only shared intimacy of this nature with a couple of boyfriends, he didn’t sleep around. Neither had been built anything like this man-god, but Mikey had every intention of making love with this magnificently built male.

“It’s ok, baby,” Mark said softly. “I understand why you’d change your mind. “I’ll be happy if you just stroke me.”

Mark’s words brought Mikey out of his silent appreciation. Glancing up at the big man, he saw Mark’s face was resigned and his shoulders had slumped. Mikey immediately realised that Mark had mistaken his quietness for a change of mind. Deciding action would speak louder than words, Mikey scrambled to his hands and knees. Taking the base of the tumescent organ in one hand, using the other to massage the large, heavy sac, Mikey began a slow, teasing sucking at the head. The low, deep groan seemed hot-wired to Mikey’s sated cock, which immediately began to revive.

“Mikey, baby,” came as a rasping sound. “Good, so good.”

Mikey swirled his tongue over the slick glans and probed at the slit to taste Mark’s pre-come. He took a little more of the length, knowing he couldn’t possibly take the whole organ, and bobbed his head slowly, hollowing his cheeks for better suction. Mark’s hips were thrusting gently and one hand caressed Mikey’s head, making no attempt to direct the younger man. Releasing the shaft, Mikey kissed and nibbled his way to the base and traced the prominent vein back up with his tongue. Mark’s breathing was becoming ragged and his hips pumped more forcibly. Knowing his lover was getting close, Mikey kissed the plum-hued tip and lay back, spreading his legs wide in silent invitation.

“Make love with me,” Mikey husked as Mark made no attempt to move.

Mark needed no further inducement. He pushed the slim legs back and wider apart to devour the sight of the small, tight rosette. He kissed each inner thigh, each soft nether cheek before kissing the most private centre. Releasing the limbs, Mark pulled out his supplies; an unopened lube and condom. Squeezing the lube on his fingers, Mark circled the furled flesh, pressing gently until his finger slid inside incendiary tightness.

“Oh, oh yeah,” Mikey encouraged as Mark pressed a second inside and leant to nibble at the younger man’s rising shaft. “Oh yeah, right *there*,” Mikey babbled as three fingers crowded his entrance, expertly seeking and stimulating his hidden jewel. Mark growled his approval and he probed deeper, rotating his fingers as he manoeuvred a fourth inside. Mikey was riding his fingers, pushing down on the delving digits as he thrust up into Mark’s hot, wet mouth. Knowing there was little more he could do to prepare the smaller man, Mark withdrew from the writhing body to slide on the condom and lubed it with a ridiculous amount of gel. He draped Mikey’s legs over his shoulders, pressing his throbbing shaft against the stretched portal.



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