Deceitful Chocolates: Part 1…..PART ONE:”Hey, baby,” Shawn said to his girl as he walked into the bedroom. He quickly walked over to her then gave her neck his undivided attention. “Damn, you smell good,” he whispered as his nose slowly ran up and down her neckline.”Shawn,” she giggled, “you know that’s my spot.” Karen playfully pushed his lips away then continued to search through her jewelry.”Baby, you’re still going out tonight?” Shawn asked worriedly as he sat down next to her.”Shawn, I told you ten times that all I’m going to do is go out with Chelsey for some food and drinks. I’ll be back before you know it.”As soon as he heard Chelsey’s name, he snapped his head over at her in disgust. “CHELSEY? Karen, I told you that I didn’t want you hanging out with that bitch anymore.””Shawn, I’ve known Chelsey longer than I’ve known you. She isn’t going anywhere so get used to it. And don’t call her a bitch.””I swear I don’t know what my brother sees in her,” Shawn said as he lay back on the bed. “That nigga would fall for anything with a fat ass.””Chelsey is more than just a ‘fat ass’ and your brother is lucky to be with her.””How is Dre lucky? If anything he’s better off without that bitch. Ever since Chelsey got cheated on 2 years ago, she hasn’t been doing anything but gold digging and sleeping around. I feel bad for ever introducing her to my brother.””Dre is smart enough to know if a woman is cheating on him or using him for money. He is a grown man so let him handle his own business.”Karen walked over to the mirror then held the necklace she chose up to her soft, warm neck. She smiled as the necklace sweetly complemented the very short cocktail dress that showed off her curves. After she hooked her necklace on, she stood in the mirror and stared at her reflection. Her white chocolate skin tone was glowing brighter than a ray of sunlight. She rubbed her glossed up, juicy, pink lips together then smiled as she slowly tossed her hair. Shawn couldn’t help but smile and watch his woman shine in the mirror. She was beyond beautiful and he knew just how much potential his woman’s beauty had. That is exactly why he didn’t want her leaving the house, especially not with Chelsey.****************************************”Damn, its 9 pm already? I was supposed to have been left by now,” Chelsey said as she rushed on her lips stick. She stood up and adjusted her stockings then slid on her short, leopard printed skirt. She walked over to her bedroom mirror then quickly ran her fingers through her soft bouncy curls.”Damn I look good,” she said smirking. “Kim Kardashian aint got nothin’ on me.” She grabbed the bottom of her sexy black corset then slightly pulled it down so that her round C cups would show even more. Not that her breast needed to be exposed anymore because they were already out enough to see the top shadow of her areolas.She ran to her closet to grab her 4 inch leopard brown pumps then quickly stuck her feet in them. After checking herself in the mirror for the tenth time, she smiled in satisfaction then headed down to her living room.”RING RING RING,” her phone sounded.She took a deep, annoyed breath then searched through her purse for the phone. She figured that it was Karen calling her to see what the holdup was. Without looking at her phone screen, she pushed the “Send” button and answered.”Karen, I’m leaving the house now. I’ll be there in 15,” Chelsey said.”Oh, you’re going out with Karen tonight?” Dre asked on the other end. “I thought you were coming to chill with me.””Dre?” she asked as she checked who it was from her cell phone screen.”What, you don’t look at the phone before you answer?””Dre, I thought it was Karen calling me. I was supposed to have been at her house an hour ago.””Well, call and cancel because you’re going to be with me tonight.”She sighed in an annoyed tone then sat on her couch. “Dre, I told you for the last time that I’m going out with Karen tonight. You and your brother are always going out so give me and Karen some time to do our own thing.””When me and Shawn go out, we don’t have men throwing us numbers and desperately trying to get with us that’s why we give y’all such a hard time.”Although Dre was being a smart ass, Chelsey couldn’t help but laugh at his joke. “Whatever, Dre,” was all she said.”So ‘whatever’ is all you have to say to me? No matter what, you’re still going out tonight?” he asked.”Look, baby. I really don’t have time to talk. Karen is waiting for me as we speak. How about you go and watch the game or something.”He took a deep breath then hung up the phone angrily. He wasn’t mad that his woman was going out that night, he was mad because he hadn’t had much time to spend with her that week. They lived in two different homes, they both worked during the day, and they both loved to go out and club hop at night. The only time that they would really see each other were on weekends but since Chelsey was going out with Karen, he had to scratch that weekend off the list.*************************************”Fuck it then,” Dre said as he tossed his cell phone beside him. “She wanna go out then let her go out. I’ll find some other shit to do.”He stood off the couch then walked up into his bedroom. Although Chelsey was the main woman that he wanted to see at that moment, he decided to let that go and look at two different women; ones with two ghetto booties and titties that were calling his name. He sat on his bed then picked up his remote. When he pushed the play button, he was happy to be finishing where he left off.”Damn, y’all are sexy,” he said out loud as he pulled his dick out. As he slowly stroked his penis up and down, he watched the two women on the TV screen erotically 6-9 each other. “There you go. Lick that bitch’s pussy,” he whispered softly as he pulled his shirt off.”Oooh, oh shit!” one of the women on the TV screen yelled. “Oh lick this pussy! Make me squirt!”Dre excitedly watched with eyes full of lust as he continued to play with his dick. Truth be told, he really didn’t need to watch porn because he could have any woman that he wanted. His long 6 foot 3inch, milk chocolaty body lied freely on the bed, as his naked, muscular torso flexed every time he would squeeze his manly perfection.”Damn, you bitchesgonna make me cum,” he said as he reached over for his towel.”Cum all in our asses, Dre,” he imagined them saying. He laid his head back on his pillow then closed his eyes. “Yeah, you like gettin’ fucked in your asses don’t you?”Before he gave them a chance to respond, his cum shot up out of his head then ran slowly down his shaft. “Ahhh, shit!” he said in pleasure as cum slid down his right hand and covered his balls. “Damn that shit felt good.”**************************************”BEEP BEEP BEEP!”When Karen heard Chelsey’s car horn, she smiled then jumped off Shawn’s lap. “Bye, Shawn,” she said as she ran across the living room.”Damn, baby. Can I at least get a kiss?”She giggled then quickly ran back over to him. “Sorry,” she said as she kissed him softly. When she was finished kissing his lips, she looked in the mirror then added more lip gloss.”How much damn lip gloss you need?” he asked angrily. “Who are you trying bahis firmaları to impress?”She laughed then shook her head at him. “I don’t bother you this much when you’re going out. Why are you giving me a hard time?””Because I love you, baby.” He walked over and wrapped his arms around her right before giving her forehead another soft kiss.”You are so sweet,” she smiled. “And I love you too. Maybe next time we go out, you and Dre can come with us. You know, a double date.”He smiled at her then watched his sexy, light skin woman walk out the house…************************************Karen and Chelsey were two best friends that knew each other since college. They always had things in common and they couldn’t help but complement each other. Their looks were the exact opposites; night and day. But they both had to be the most beautiful two women that you could ever see together. Karen was tall, light skinned, with deep grey eyes, and Chelsey was average height with dark brown eyes, and creamy cocoa toned skin. Karen shined warmfully like the sun on a beautiful summer’s day and Chelsey glowed stunningly like the moon on a soft romantic evening.”Girl, I am so ready to have some fun tonight,” Chelsey said as she locked arms with her best friend.”Me too. I have not been feeling well lately so I needed to get out.”They both smiled at each other then walked into their favorite hang out spot.”Do you want to sit in the restaurant side and drink or do you just want to go straight to the bar?” Chelsey asked.”Let’s get a table. My dress is too tight to be sitting on a bar stool.”Chelsey laughed at Karen then walked over to the hostess’ stand. “A table for two please,” Chelsey said happily.”Ok ladies. Have a seat in the waiting area and your table will be ready shortly.”Karen and Chelsey thanked the host then walked over and sat down.”Girl, you will not believe how Shawn was acting today,” Karen said as she refreshed her lip gloss.”Let me guess, he tried everything in his power to get you to stay home tonight?” Chelsey asked.”Girl, how did you know that?… Don’t tell me Dre was on the same thing.”Chelsey nodded her head. “You already know. There aint no denying that those two men are brothers. Neither one of them wants us to leave their sight.””I think it’s cute though,” Karen said. “We have two men that rather be at home with us on a Saturday night then to be out doing something else.” Karen took a deep breath then looked down.”What’s that sad look for?” Chelsey asked. “Don’t tell me that you regret coming out tonight.””Chelsey, don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to get out the house but it is the weekend before Valentine’s day and since I have to work late on the 14th, I probably should’ve spent tonight with him.””Karen, it’s not that big of a deal. Dre has to work on V-Day and you don’t see me sad about it. I’ve been with him for 1 year so not seeing him for one day won’t hurt.””Well I’ve been with my man for two years and it hurts me to be away from him for a second. I think I should’ve stayed home and got some of that pre-Valentine’s Day dick,” she said grinning.Karen and Chelsey had a closer relationship than most women have with their friends. They told each other everything about how good their men were and even went into details on the wonderful sexual encounters that they both would experience. After they would finish talking about how good their men were, somehow, Chelsey would get on the subject of cheating. Her theory was, “a man that seems too good to be true, usually is too good to be true”.”I know that Shawn and Dre both treats us perfectly but you never know what is really going on. I will never trust another man for as long as I live. Men can be as sneaky as snakes and as dirty as rats sometimes. All men have it in them.””Girl please,” Karen said laughing. “I highly doubt that my man is cheating.””Karen, I’m not saying that Shawn is cheating or anything,” Chelsey said, “I’m just saying that you should never underestimate how sneaky a man can be.””You’re saying that like Dre has cheated on you before or something. That man treats you like that best thing in his life. I doubt if he is cheating on you.””I never said that he was cheating on me either,” Chelsey added, “I just said don’t ever underestimate them. Especially not Shawn.”Karen took a deep breath then bit down on her bottom lip. She was annoyed at how her friend always had things to say about “the average black man” and she was even more annoyed at how Chelsey always had something to say about Shawn.Karen just couldn’t stand how Chelsey and Shawn never got along. Shawn always called Chelsey a “big mouth, shit starter” that was jealous of his and Karen’s relationship, and Chelsey always called Shawn a “two timing, dirty dog”. As c***dish as all that was, Shawn did have a point. Every time him and Karen would have an anniversary or do things special together, Chelsey would always try to mess up their happiness. She always had something bad to say about Shawn and she always tried to warn Karen about how bad men are. So who could blame Shawn for feeling so evilly towards Chelsey? He actually had a reason; unlike Chelsey because she never said why she hated Shawn. She never explained why she thought Shawn was the scum of the Earth and how he probably had three other bitches on the side. When Karen would ask Chelsey why she disliked Shawn, she would always say the exact same thing, “Because men are dogs!”Karen stood there silently with Chelsey by her side as she waited for the host to call their names. “Look, Karen, I notice that the things I say about Shawn makes you upset.””You think?” Karen asked sarcastically under her breath.”I just don’t want the same thing to happen to you that happened to me.””Chelsey, I know you’re still hurt about what David did to you but you have to move on. It’s been 2 years now.””I know how long it’s been,” Chelsey said with watery eyes. “But I just don’t know if I can ever trust another man again. David was about to be my husband, we were together for three years, and we had just put a down payment on our dream home. He never gave me a reason to think that he was cheating. He was always so sweet and considerate and he always had me smiling. I never knew that behind my back, he was sleeping with more women than Tiger Woods was.”Karen sighed irritatingly as she listened to Chelsey talk. “Look, I thought we came out to have some drinks and unwind a little tonight,” Karen said. “Let’s not ruin our fun because of the past. I know you’re hurt about David treating you so badly but you can’t keep making all men out to be bad guys. You’ve been with Dre for 1 year and things have been going good for you. Don’t mess all that up because of your ‘cheating man phobia’.””I’m not saying that all men are bad guys. I’m just saying that you need to make sure that your man isn’t. Just like I’m doing.””He isn’t, Chelsey! Damn! Stop doing that! Stop talking bad about my man. I’ve been with him for 2 years now. We’ve been doing so good together and we’re planning a future together. I want you and him to get along. You need to get over this ‘all men are bad’ bullshit and start being nice to Shawn because youwin giriş he’s not going anywhere! I love him, Chelsey and I want you to love him like a brother. You’re my best friend, Chelsey. Please stop!”Chelsey looked at the tears forming in Karen’s eyes and realized how serious she was. Up until that point, Karen never stood her ground when it came to that. She just used tot sit back and allow for Shawn and Chelsey to talk bad about each other. She didn’t think that Karen was actually hurt by it.”I’m so sorry, s*s. I never wanted you to be mad at me. I just don’t ever want you to experience the pain I went through.” She took a deep breath then smiled. “I love you and I promise to try my best to be cool with him.””The only time you are ever allowed to say anything else about him cheating is if you actually see him somewhere with another woman. But since I know that that will never happen, you need to stop this all together.””Ok,” was all Chelsey said.”Ok ladies,” the hostess said. “Your table is ready.””Finally,” they both said happily. “It’s time to get our drink on…”***************************************Shawn Jones never liked the idea of Karen and Chelsey hanging out all night. He knew how careless and hoe-ish Chelsey was and he didn’t want that rubbing off on his woman. He knew that guys would be attracted to Karen’s tall, light brown, voluptuous frame so every time she left the house, insecurities would run through his mind.”Come on man,” he said to himself as he flopped down on the couch. “You don’t have shit to worry about. Karen will never leave you. Look at you; you’re a God.”And he wasn’t lying either. He was built like a God. He had a tall, athletic, and cocky build, with short, lined up, curly hair that lay perfectly on his head, and skin so dark and so rich, you could taste the sweetness seeping off him as he walked passed you.He stood up and walked over to the hall mirror and stared at himself. “You are a fuckin’ King that any woman would go crazy over. So Karen would never leave you; she would be stupid if she did and she knows that.”He lifted up his shirt and stared at the perspiration the slowly formed on his chocolate brown abs. The only three things he loved in life were women, working out, and himself. He was the definition of a tool. He was the leader of all the douche bag men out there and his ego was bigger than his beautiful, straight, white smile.”Damn, you look good, bruh,” he said to himself again.Although he tried to hide his insecurities behind egotistical complimentary remarks to himself, it wasn’t a secret that he was nervous. But why though? Why was he so damn nervous? Why was he so insecure? He said so himself that he had the body of a God and that he was built like a King, so why was he so afraid of Karen leaving him for another man?*****************************************”Hey, babyyyy,” Karen said drunkenly as she stumbled into the house at 3 am. Just like always, Shawn was sitting up, impatiently waiting for her to get home. All he wanted to do was hug and kiss his woman. All he wanted to do was know that she was coming back to him and that no other men were aiming to be with her.”Hey, baby! It’s about time you got home,’ he said as he jumped off the couch. He quickly walked over to her and gave her the biggest hug he ever gave her. His happiness of seeing her was short lived when Chelsey came stumbling in the house behind her.”Sup, Shawn,” Chelsey said as she stepped out her heels. She rolled down her stockings then pulled them off her feet. Her bending over to get her stockings made her purse fall off her shoulder. “Damn,” she said as he kneeled down to pick it up. Forgetting that she was highly intoxicated, she lost balance then fell face first onto the floor. Although Shawn was self centered, he was still a seemingly nice man.”Here, let me help you,” he said as he grabbed Chelsey off the floor. When she stood up to fix her clothes, Shawn noticed that Chelsey didn’t have any panties on. A wave of insecurities came over him as he wondered why Chelsey wasn’t wearing panties. Did Chelsey not wearing panties mean that she was out having sex with men other than Dre? And if so, was Karen having sex with those men also?”Aw, hell naw!” he yelled as he lifted Karen’s dress up. “You’re cheating on me, woman?!””What the hell are you talking about Shawn?” Karen snapped.When Shawn looked down and noticed the clean and untouched laced white panties that his girl had on, a sigh of relief came over him. He was damn near ready to kill Karen just a few seconds ago but as soon as he saw her panties in the right place, he was back to normal. He hated his bipolar actions against Karen. It just seemed to him like every time Chelsey was around, problems would occur which is why he never wanted Karen around her.”See, just like I told you before, there is something wrong with your man,” Chelsey said as she walked over to the couch. “It’s obvious that his insecure ass has something going on behind your back.””I told you to not start that!” Karen yelled at her.”Karen, I told you that I didn’t want this hoe in my fuckin’ house starting shit with me!” Shawn yelled. “This bitch don’t know me!””Who the hell are you callin’ a bitch you stupid bastard!” Chelsey yelled as she got closer to him. “Karen, you’re just going let him call me names like that?” Chelsey yelled.”Shawn, she is about to leave. Just go up to the room and I’ll be up there as soon as her cab comes.”Shawn looked at the grin that formed across Chelsey’s face then shook his head in anger. He wanted to curse at Chelsey for starting shit with him and curse at Karen for yelling at him like that, but he didn’t. He picked up his keys then walked to the front door.”Where are you going, Shawn?!” Karen yelled as she ran after him.”I’m going to my brother’s house. I’m tired of your fuckin’ friend starting shit. When you get rid of her then call me!” he said as he stormed down the front porch.”She’s about to leave, Shawn! COME BACK!”… But he didn’t. He got in his car then sped away.******************************When Chelsey’s cab finally pulled up it was around 4 am. Karen barely said a word to her all night and barely even looked over at her.”My cab is here,” Chelsey said to Karen as she stood up.”Good,” Karen said in a low shaky voice. She wiped tears from her face then rushed over to unlock the front door.”You’re really that mad at me?” Chelsey asked. “I didn’t really do anything. The one you should be mad at is Shawn for leaving you like that. Not me””Shawn is right,” Karen said. “You are always causing some kind of problems between me and him. I told you not to talk bad about my man but you just couldn’t help it could you?””I blame it on the liquor, Karen. I didn’t mean for shit to get out of hand.” She grabbed her things then walked out the door. “You know Shawn aint going anywhere. He’ll be back home like always.””I hope so,” she said worriedly.When Chelsey hopped in the cab, she couldn’t help but feel bad. An immediate cloud of guilt rained over her. She didn’t mean to be that way towards Shawn in front of Karen but she couldn’t help it. If anything, she felt that she wasn’t perabet wrong for acting that way towards Shawn. But if that was the case, why was she guilty. If she didn’t think she was wrong for the way she acted that night, then why was that cloud of guilt following her home in the cab that night?*****************************************As Shawn traveled down the street he couldn’t help but feel bad for how he acted. His perfect girlfriend didn’t deserve to get treated like that. He never had a reason to think she was cheating, she always pleased him in the bedroom, she was the perfect cook, good friend, and as fine as can be. He had no reason to yell at her then storm out. He knew that the right thing to do was to make a U-Turn and go back home to his lovely girlfriend… But he didn’t.He pulled up to a 24 hour gas station, pumped gas in his car, bought a few beers, then headed to his brother’s house.”What up?” Dre said as he opened the door for his younger brother. “Why you’ ass here at 4 am?””Shit, you know how it is,” Shawn said arrogantly as he grinned then walked into his brother’s home.Dre knew what the grin was about so all he could do was laugh. “You’ ass is still playing games with her huh?” Dre asked as locked the door.”Don’t worry about what I’m doing. I just came over here to talk to you man to man,” Shawn said as he passed his brother a beer.”About what? You couldn’t wait to do this bull shit later?” Dre asked.”You know what?” Shawn said angrily as he stood up. “You’re right! I shouldn’t have come here. Its a shame that I have to get a hotel room instead of chillin’ with my brother!”Dre watched Shawn storm out the house and get back into his car. After he sped off, Dre laughed to himself. “That nigga got problems. Aint no way that we’re related.”******************************”I can’t believe this!” Karen said. She ran to the bed then threw herself across it. “My man ran out on me! How could he do that to me?…Again!”She took a deep breath then calmed down her emotions. Although she always pretended to be happy with Shawn she really wasn’t. The truth was, she had a feeling that maybe Shawn was cheating on her. Shawn was a really fine man. He had money, intelligence, and charms that made him irresistible. She knew that looks alone didn’t mean that he was a cheater. But if you add that to how charming he was, to a bowl of him being overly insecure, with a pinch of him finding reasons to leave the house, and stir that with him not coming back until the next day, you have a recipe of a cheater.”Stupid bastard!” she yelled as she jumped up from her bed. She frantically searched through his dirty clothes, the dresser drawers, and even his shoes for evidence of cheating. “Damn, where is it? I know there’s a number or a lip stick stain somewhere. Lord, I will be satisfied with even a piece of glitter. Just show me something!”After searching the room for all eternity, she gave up then sat on the bed upsettingly. “DAMN!” she yelled. “Please let me find something on him… I need to, Lord!” She said sadly as guilt grew inside of her.Why the hell was she so upset? She didn’t find any evidence of him cheating so she should’ve at least been happy about that right? Why was she desperate to find something on him and why was she so guilty?******************************As Chelsey stepped out of the cab, she couldn’t help but let a slight smile slip from her lips. She was happy to finally be home. She just wanted to forget everything that happened and try to end the night on a good note. She knew that that was selfish of her to do since her best friend’s “perfect” relationship may had be ruined because of her, but she didn’t want to think about Karen anymore. She was tired of feeling guilty and wanted to try her best to enjoy the rest of what was left of the night… Or should I say morning.She quickly pulled out her keys then forced one of them in the lock. She seemed to be in a hurry to get in her house as she focused on quickly unlocking the door. Well it was after 4 am and it was really dark and quiet outside so that could explain why she was in such a hurry to get in… But why was she smiling?The moment she closed the door, she felt two hands grab her neck. As she was tossed on the floor, a familiar voice yelled out to her.”BITCH!” he yelled.She tried to force her drunken eyes to see in the dark but that was impossible to do. She turned on all fours then tried to crawl away but her attacker had other plans.”YOU TRYING TO RUIN SHIT? YOU STUPID BITCH!” He yelled as he grabbed her ankles. He dragged her into the living room then flipped her over.”PLEASE DON’T HURT ME! I HAVE MONEY UP STAIRS. JUST TAKE IT AND LEAVE!””I DON’T WANT YOUR MONEY! I WANT YOU TO SEE HOW IT FEELS TO BE RUINED!”She slapped him then stood up to runaway but he grabbed her from behind and carried her back to the living room. He threw her on the couch then proceeded to choke her…*******************************Karen lay back on her bed and thought to herself for a while. All she wanted to do was be happy. She had a sexy and tall chocolate man that she lived with and loved, and she knew for a fact that he loved her. She always told herself that as long as a couple loves each other, they don’t need anything else. Well if that was the case, then why was she at home alone, crying, sad, and looking for evidence while her man was out somewhere at 4 am? He hadn’t contacted her or even attempted to.”Oh well,” she said sadly.She stood up then slowly slid her dress up and off of her body. She shivered as the chilly air from the window hit her body, forcing her nipples to harden. Anytime Shawn made her mad and left the house, the only thing that would make her feel better was touching herself. She loved to always start with her breasts then work her way down.”You gonna make me feel good tonight?” she asked herself as she climbed on to her bed. “How about we play on the webcam?” She smiled at herself then reached over for her laptop. Since her computer was already on, she wasted no time getting started. Seeing her big dark brown nipples standing naked on the computer screen, forced her pussy to moisten.”You are so sexy, baby,” she said to herself as she rubbed her hands firmly around her feminine mounds. “Are you ready for this pussy to cum all over this computer screen?” She smiled then lay back and spread her legs open. She slid her lace panties over enough to see her hole glisten with wetness. “Oooh, that pussy is sexy,” she whispered as she stared at it on the computer.”RING RING RING,” her phone sounded. She reached over to see who it was and saw that she had received a text. It read, “Sorry, baby. Come open the door 4 me.”Karen rolled her eyes then threw the phone down. She was still mad at him so she was reluctant to open the door. Before she got up to open the door, she couldn’t resist sticking her two fingers in and out of herself.”Aw fuck me,” she whispered to herself as her juices squirted out. She walked her two finger up her stomach and between her chest then sucked them as if she was sucking dick. “Damn this pussy taste good. I wish there were two of me here tonight. I could use another female’s body here tonight,” she giggled to herself.”RING RING RING!” the door bell sounded again. She took an upset breath then stopped what she was doing. She pulled her fingers out of her mouth then rubbed them all over her clit right before heading to the door…



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