You would not believe what happened to me early this morning; I had a dream about you. Laugh all you want, but this was no normal dream. It was different from the usual sweets I have about you. It frightened yet excited me; it disgusted yet intrigued me. It was erotic and I loved every moment of it. Shall I give you the details? Before I do, you had better sit down because, baby, this is going to be a rough and wild ride.

My dream started out simple enough, us spending the day together. Instead of your place we are together in my room, lying down on my comfortable bed. Enjoying the peace and quiet as we intertwine our fingers, and exchange whispered words of love. I feel the urge to kiss you, but resist because I love it when you’re the one who takes initiative. I suddenly opt to put on a movie and you agree, so I do so blindly, reaching for a DVD and sliding it into the player. It’s not until I hear the moans and pants that I realize what I’ve popped in—the adult film that you let me borrow. Although a bit awkward, we shrug it off and snuggle as the movie plays.

I act as though watching this does not affect me, but in reality it is, my darling. I can feel myself growing more aroused by the minute and I try not to let you notice my discomfort. My grip on your shirt tightens when I see the man going down on his woman, pressing open mouthed kisses to her pussy and lapping up her flowing juices. She comes with the loudest, most sensual and sexy moan I have ever heard, and the man drinks everything, moving up to kiss her passionately, his mouth still sticky with her fluids. The kiss is so hot… I almost reach my breaking point when the woman returns the favor and goes down on her lover. I hitch in my breath as she slowly licks his cock and sucks on the red, almost crimson, head. The face he makes is just amazing, and he is groaning deeply as she takes more of him into her mouth. Finally she allows him to come and swallows everything that halkalı bdsm escort is given. This scene is now over, and with that I can breathe a sigh of relief. I excuse myself for a quick break and dash to the restroom, breathing heavily. I know that I can’t last if we keep this up.

When I reenter my room it is dark, the curtains are pulled up over the windows. I am surprised to feel your arms encircle me from behind, pushing me back into your warm chest. Any questions I have are caught in my throat when your warm breath hits the back of my neck, sending a shiver down my spine. I hold back a moan when I hear you chuckle against my ear, oh, you sound so hot when you do it like that! You say that you saw how perturbed I was becoming during the movie and waited until I left to come up with a solution. Your next words are hard to comprehend because at that moment, sweetness, your hands are roaming across my body, slipping under my shirt and caressing my bare skin. I moan softly and allow you to slip it off, letting my now naked arms to wrap around the back of your neck. I swear I almost come when I hear that throaty chuckle again. Oh baby, you are just driving me wild! It turns me on even more when you make me bend over the bed and whisper huskily that we are going to reenact the next scene of the movie: Domination and Submission, one of my various sexual fantasies; and you know it.

I gasp when you press yourself against me, and I can feel how hard you are. You order me to spread my legs and immediately hike up my skirt, exposing my red, lacy panties. You can tell how wet I am by the large stain on my panties and the wetness dripping out of the corners. I know that you like what you see because you press your hand against my hot cunt while slipping your free hand into my bra, plucking at my erect nipples. You give my ass a hard smack, grunting that I am a very naughty girl and need to be taught a lesson. I shiver with halkalı elit escort delight, and play along by giving you a sexy pleading look and a whisper for more.

My body groans its displeasure when you pull away, but stiffens when I hear you fiddling with your clothes and the telltale jingling of your belt as it slides from your belt loops. You tell me to get on all fours on the edge of the bed and I eagerly oblige. A soft scream is torn from my throat when I feel the leather strap come in contact with my ass, but it turns into a moan when I feel it brush against my quivering cunt. You spank me three more times until you feel that I have had enough and back away. Your next order makes me moan—”Play with yourself.”

My hands find their way to my still-clothed pussy and push the cloth aside, exposing myself for only you to see. I’m soaking wet and aching for attention. I hear you groan as my fingers easily slip inside while my pinky plays with my clit, and I’m moaning the entire time. Oh baby, it feels so good! Do you feel like you’re going to explode as you see me doing this to myself? In no time I bring myself to release, my cum coming out in spurts. Just as I settle down to relax I feel something hot and wet press against my opening, lapping up my juices. It takes me a moment to realize that it is your mouth and I moan loudly, my arousal ignited once more. Oh yes, baby, right there! Lick me there, suck my clit, make me moan like the dirty slut I am!

Before I can assist with my second orgasm, you grab my arms and bind them at the wrist with your belt. You purr once more in that damn sexy tone that they will only hinder your plans. I whimper when you move away again, instantly missing the contact, and beg you to make me come. Your only response is to stand up and turn around, I do so and spot you in the hottest position ever—you are sitting in my armchair devoid of all clothes, stroking your own dick with halkalı escort a grin on that handsome face of yours. I want you so bad right now it hurts, and my pussy is throbbing in agreement. You hook your finger in a gesture that tells me to come hither and I obey, squealing when you suddenly grip my hips and force me to straddle you. The chair is not wide enough for me to sit all the way, so my knees are left to rest on the arms; this does not seem to be a problem for you.

Then, my sexy lover, you push my chest into your face and grab my ass, squeezing hard enough to leave marks. I shudder at the feeling of your hot mouth as you suck hard on my nipples, biting down and almost causing me to scream. Those are going to last for a while. I hiss in delight at the pleasurable pain. Now you do one of the sexiest things ever: you order me to moan every little nothing into your ear while you fuck me into oblivion. Before I can even reply you thrust up into me, your cock angle perfect so that my g-spot is struck almost instantly every time. My fingers are nothing compared to the delight that your beautiful, thick dick can bring. It’s filling me to the brim, and it’s so hard…so big. Oh baby, yes! Yes! YES! Pound this pussy; I’m beginning to see stars, my body is radiating with lust. I can feel my body tensing up for yet another orgasm, this one more powerful than the last.

The words you’re muttering into my ear are only adding fuel to the fire: “Your pussy is so tight!”, “I want you to cum screaming my name!”, “Cum for me!”

Before I know it I’m arching my back tightly as a powerful orgasm sweeps throughout my body. My nails are digging into my palms and I’m biting down on your shoulder, almost hard enough to draw blood, groaning your name as the pleasure sends me into a hazy state of mind. Several thrusts later, I feel you tense up and then sigh as you climax, and I shudder at the feel of your hot seed shooting up into my cunt. All I can remember about the ending is that

So how was that, lover? Did you enjoy my dream as much as I did? Are you getting hard just thinking about doing these devious things to me? Do you want to fuck me into oblivion right now? You should watch what you say, because tonight I’m not going to give you a break.

P.S. Turn around…



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