Dear Diary:

Well, the secret between Mom and me is out, at least to Janet. It happened last night.

I’ve been seeing Janet for several months now. She’s a great girl, and so enthusiastic about scat. But I hadn’t told her the truth about how I got into it though, because I was afraid it would shock her too much. Yesterday, I finally brought her home to meet Mom.

We arrived at Mom’s house about noon, and to my relief the two of them hit it off right away. All three of us talked up a storm over lunch, and then we went out together for some shopping and a movie. I was so pleased to see how they instantly connected in so many ways, almost like a mother and daughter who hadn’t seen each other for sometime.

When we got back, Mom offered to just stay home and have dinner by herself if we wanted to go out and spend some time alone, but both of us protested that we were having too much fun with her. We decided to all stay in and cook dinner together. Mom and Janet cooked, and we had a great dinner, all of which took hours and hours, though the time went by like minutes. We drank a couple bottles of wine, and had a nice buzz on.

Then Mom said she’d go to bed and leave us kids alone. We protested, but she wouldn’t listen. She’d just pop into the shower and then read for awhile in her room. The rest of the house was ours she said, and she went in for her shower. Both Janet and me wanted to fuck in front of the fireplace, but she was nervous about Mom. I told her not to worry, Mom would leave us alone and we could do anything we wanted — even play with scat. Janet was skeptical, but she got into her nightie and I put a robe on in preparation for our fun. We lit a fire in the fireplace, turned out the lights and got some cheese and more wine.

Just as we were about to settle down for some delicious filthy fucking, I heard Mom coming out of the bathroom. She called out “good night” to us from around the corner, and Janet called “good night” back, but I shouted for Mom to come in and give us kisses goodnight.

She came into the living room, wrapped in her thick white terry cloth robe. I got a peck on the cheek and then she gave Janet a hug and a kiss good night.

“Mom,” I said, “at least sit down and have one more glass of wine with us before you go to bed!”

She hesitated, but Janet grabbed her hand and pulled her down on the floor with us. We poured her a glass of wine and she stretched out in front of the fire. We talked, about the day, the movie we’d seen, old love affairs — whatever came to our minds and hearts. Mom stretched out on her side in front of the fire, supporting her head in one hand, elbow to the floor, holding her wine glass in the other hand. We drank and nibbled on cheese, feeling more and more relaxed and free with each other.

At one point, she shifted to get more comfortable, and her robe fell open from her feet nearly to her crotch, exposing her lovely firm thighs. Janet tried to avert her eyes, but they kept returning to Mom’s legs, and the barely concealed triangle of fur that marked their culmination.

Now, I said to myself, is the time to give Janet a hint of the truth about my relationship with my Mother. I reached out for Mom’s robe, certain that Janet would assume I was going to pull it closed around her out of modesty, but instead let my hand fall on Mom’s leg. I stroked her absent- mindedly, which caused not the slightest interruption in Mom’s conversation. In fact, I thought I detected a slight spreading of her legs, and so encouraged, by her or by my own desires, caressed her leg further up, along her inner thigh.

My eyes met Janet’s, and acknowledged the truth of the suspicion that leaped into her mind. Her face told me she couldn’t believe what she was seeing, that it was too impossible to be true, that she must be misunderstanding what was happening. I squashed Janet’s doubts but pushing Mom’s robe further apart, and openly petting my darling mother’s soft, dense, furry love box. Mom’s breathing deepened ever so slightly, and she spread her legs a bit further apart and thrust her hips forward, undeniably assisting me in my efforts.

All this time, our conversation had continued, so uninterrupted that a tape recording of it would have revealed nothing of what was actually happening, would not have captured the slightest evidence of any disturbance or uneasiness between us.

Mom and Janet looked at each, Mom’s eyes revealing all, pleading for Janet’s understanding and acceptance, or at the very least tolerance. Janet’s eyes responding unmistakably, with a surge of love and completely embracing the relationship this woman had established with her son. It had taken only a split canlı bahis şirketleri second for Mom’s eyes to pose this question, and for Janet’s to respond. No words were necesssary.

Mom put her wine glass down and extended an arm to Janet, inviting her to come close. Janet leaned over and the two women, my Mom and my girlfriend, kissed — sweetly, tenderly, longingly, passionately, their mouths communicating the reality of what the eyes only hinted at. They touched, tasted, then devoured each other, their mouths and tongues and lips interpenetrating as no other organs could.

Finally, they broke their embrace. A little tipsy, Janet got to her feet.

“Be right back. Have to tinkle,” she said.

Mom took her hand, holding her back.

“Don’t go, you’ll break the mood.”

“There’ll be a mess on the floor if I don’t,” Janet laughed.

Mom tossed off the last of her wine and handed the empty glass to Janet.

“Use this.”

Janet looked at me, her eyes wide. I smiled “yes” to her. A bit uncertain, she squatted in front of us and positioned the wine glass between her legs, the rim just touching her beautiful mound. Mom was transfixed. I felt a rush of wetness over my fingers from Mom’s pussy, and gently twisted two fingers deeper into her. Janet concentrated on her business, but as the pee started to trickle out into the glass, confirming her aim, she looked up to see the pure lust animating Mom’s face and my fingers turning inside her pussy. Janet’s hand trembled. Janet’s stream surged, and the loud splash of swirling golden fluid mixed with the fire’s crackling. The nectar foamed, and the delightfully piquant smell of ammonia wafted over us. My hand was soaked with juices from Mom’s pussy, and with a suppressed moan she came, spasmodically clutching my fingers inside her.

Janet’s stream trickled to a stop, and she squeezed the last few drops out with her fingers. Janet looked for an out-of- the-way spot to set the glass down, but Mom intervened.

“Don’t I get my glass back?” she said.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Mrs. –“

“Now, I thought we’d agreed. My name is Gloria — or if you like, you can call me Mom. After that kiss, I feel as close to you as a daughter.”

Janet handed Mom the glass.

“Thank you — Mom.”

Mom brought the glass to her nose and inhaled deeply. The effervescent pee sparkled in the fire light, reflections from the glass and urine dancing over my mother’s face. She took a sip, her red lips dipping into the steaming fresh brew. Her eyes closed, savoring the flavor. She rolled a mouthful around on her tongue, then swallowed.

“Oh my,” she said softly, “wonderful, just wonderful. The first taste tells so much, don’t you think?”

I reached for the glass. The aroma of Janet’s pee, which I knew so well already, filled my nose. I took a sip, and a bouquet of new flavors emerged, set off by the fire, Mom’s presence and the feelings circulating between us. I passed the glass to Janet. She raised it to us in salute, then sipped. We passed the glass around until it was drained.

The warmth of the fire, the soothing wine, and Janet’s salute encouraged us to shed our few garments and indulge ourselves in a round of petting, caressing and kissing. We snuggled closer, the better to reach each other, and explored.

To give Janet a special treat, Mom and I fell into each other’s embrace, and hugged and caressed and kissed in ways that few mothers and sons have the privilege to enjoy. We were at our most tender with each other, and also our fiercest, stroking and touching and intertwining limbs and hands and mouths and tongues. Janet sat back at this moment, leaving the two of us to pour out our passion for each other, witnessing the love that was possible when two people of the same flesh acknowledged and released the desire that was born the moment the one gave birth to the other. Mom and I restrained ourselves from the ultimate consummation, however, in unspoken mutual agreement, reserving that for later, after our main objective of the evening had been accomplished.

Mom and Janet were playing with my cock, sucking it and sharing my balls — and each other’s wet mouths and tongues, when I began to caress Mom’s back and buttocks. Leaving off my cock, she curled her body around and pushed her ass up against me hand in encouragement. I petted her lovely round bottom, kneaded the two cheeks, ran my hand between them and pulled them apart. Mom responded, pulling her knees under her, thrusting her ass up into the air, toward the warming fire.

Janet joined me, admiring my Mom’s bottom, caressing her butt cheeks, her thighs, and fondling her swollen pussy, staring back at us, canlı kaçak iddaa wet and open and luscious. The site of that sloppy open passage, the one through which I’d come into the world, always sent my cock throbbing with hot desire. I’d doggy fucked Mom many times over the years, but the sight of her rounded ass and slim waist below me urged me to mount her yet again, but I held off, our objective literally within smelling distance.

I slipped a pillow to Mom for her head, and she lowered her shoulders to the floor, presenting us with the most cock- / cunt-warming view imaginable. Janet and I positioned ourselves on opposite sides of her ass. Together, we pulled Mom’s ass cheeks apart and gazed at her lovely dark, deep hole. It has long ago lost its smooth girlish pinkness — a smooth pink I remember from boyhood — and now was permanently crinkled and stained a deep lovely brown. Mom complained about this, but I always assured her it made her hole even lovelier to my eyes.

Janet bent her head and kissed that delicious bum-hole. Mom shivered as the warm wetness of Janet’s mouth and tongue made contact with her flesh. Janet licked, showing me her tongue sliding up and down in Mom’s crack, from pussy to nearly the small of her back. I stroke Janet’s back as she licked Mom, down around Janet’s own ass, fingering her hole and then her pussy. Janet pressed her tongue into Mom’s hole, twisting it in, thrusting it in and out. Mom moaned in pleasure at Janet’s expert rimming. My girl friend came up for air, and I immediately took her mouth to mine, sucking and licking the taste of my own mother’s hole from her mouth. Then it was my turn. I breathed lightly on Mom’s anus to announce my presence, then a rapid series of light kisses all around it. Next, very light flicks of the tongue, teasing her hole in a way that years of experience told me would drive her wild. Janet could see we were long time lovers of each other’s bodies. Then, I tasted deeply, pressing my tongue hard against that brown crinkled hole of dark desire, flecks of bitterness bursting on my tongue and dissolving with the promise of more to come. I reached in with my tongue, felt her hole relax, pulled her hips tightly to me, and dove into her rectal chamber. Something stirred inside, just out of reach, her turn to tease me now. I sucked to pull it forward, but she held it back, giggling at her trick. I uncorked my tongue from her ass, and Janet went for my mouth, her turn now to suck Mom’s dirt-taste from my mouth. After a minute, I pulled away and whispered to Janet: “Finger her love.”

She wet a finger in her mouth and then slipped it into Mom’s ass. Mom groaned as Janet twisted her finger in deep.

“Find anything?” I asked.

“Yes!” she breathed back at me, looking up. She twisted her finger inside Mom, then carefully pulled out. A soft dark brown gob of excrement clung to the tip. She was going to pop it into her mouth quickly, so Mom wouldn’t see, but I grabbed her hand to stop her.

“Mom,” I called gently, “look at this.” I pulled Janet’s hand around so Mom could see it as she looked back. Janet resisted, thinking how ashamed she would feel when my Mom expressed shock and disgust.

But instead, Mom smiled a lovely lustful shit-eating grin and licked her lips.

“Give it to her baby,” I said to Janet. Janet extended her hand and Mom turned around, took it in her own and pulled the dirty finger into her mouth. The secret was out — Mom was a shit-eater just like her son.

Mom gazed right into Janet’s eyes as she sucked on her finger. Janet was a bit shell-shocked I think, taken completely by surprise by the turn of events. Finally Mom gave Janet her finger back.

“Mom, I hope there’s more where that came from,” I said to her. Mom looked at Janet to gauge her reaction, then nodded her head.

“It’s OK, Mom,” I said. She put her head back down on the pillow, and tightened her muscles. I stroked Mom’s ass again, drawing Janet’s attention to Mom’s anus.

Both of us gazed at the puckering ring, gaping open then squeezing tight again. Janet’s breathing deepened until she was almost gasping. I stroked her, reassured her that what was happening was real. Mom strained, then took a breath and pushed. A grunt escaped her lips. Her hole gaped open, and the tip of a turd appeared briefly before disappearing again.

“We saw it, Mom,” I said, “keep pushing.”

“What did you see, baby,” she whispered back to me.

“Your turd, Mom, a lovely firm turd for me and Janet.”

“Ohhhhhhh,” escaped from Janet’s lips.

Mom pushed again, and a lovely glistening ball pushed her hole apart.

“Do you want me to lick it?” I asked Janet. She nodded yes.

I canlı kaçak bahis leaned down, my tongue out and touched the protruding brown cap. I ran my tongue over it, tasting the velvety smooth coating, feeling the thickening layer building up on my tongue. Mom held it in place as long as she could, then relaxed, and the turd disappeared again into her bowels.

I showed Janet my tongue and she sucked it.

“Your turn next lover,” I said to her.

Mom pushed again, a long sustained push, and the turd reappeared, thick and firm, flowering out of her dark hole. She held it in place, protruding several inches out of her anus. Janet leaned down and avidly licked at the dark brown mass, glistening in the firelight. Mom pushed a bit more. Janet, her mouth wide open, swooped down and engulfed the thick pillar of excrement.

“Janet’s sucking your turd, Mom,” I moaned. “She’s sucking it just like she sucks my shitty cock after I ass fuck her.”

“Oh yes, suck it Janet, taste my shit in your mouth darling,” Mom gasped.

Janet pulled up, her teeth dragging along the chocolate cylinder, cutting grooves in it as the shit curled into her mouth. I couldn’t restrain myself any longer. I leaned down and put my mouth to Mom’s excrement. Janet’s lips were thick with filth, her lips dripping with shit liquefying in her mouth. She was in heaven, savoring the heavy, rich, spice excreted by Mom’s bowels. She rubbed her fingers on her lips, smearing the shit over them, pushing it into her mouth.

Mom looked back, on fire at the site of this beautiful young girl’s lips and face smeared with her own feces, at the sight of Janet licking her lips with so much obvious pleasure and perverted lust. Mom pulled Janet to her, to her mouth, and they locked lips, licking and sucking each other, sharing the depraved joy of tasting and eating and sharing shit.

By the time she and Janet and cleaned their mouths out with each other’s tongues, I had smoothed out the grooves in Mom’s massive turd.

“Oh,” Mom whispered, “I can’t hold it any longer. It’s coming out.”

Thinking fast, Janet reached for the cheese plate, now with only a bit of cheese left on it. I pushed Mom’s bottom back and down and she held the plate under Mom’s hole.

“This way we can all share it,” Janet said, grinning. Mom looked back, smiling in return.

Janet held the plate as Mom pushed. The thick log, stretching Mom’s hole to the point where she groaned in discomfort, inched out. Janet pressed the edge of the plate to Mom’s buttocks, to catch the turd and support it. The log slid out onto the plate, like a dark steaming glacier, picking up cubes of cheese as it went. Finally, with a groan from Mom, the end of the turd emerged and the whole turd plopped onto the plate. Mom’s hole gasped open, pulsated and throbbed, and slowly, ever so slowly began to close. Her anus was ringed with shit that curled off the turd as Mom pushed it out. As Janet put the plate down, I inserted my finger into Mom’s hole. It was still so wide open I could put my finger all the way in without touching the inside of her sphincter. I put my mouth to her hole, inserted my tongue, and waited as her muscle contracted, closing around my tongue. Playfully, Mom squeezed her bottom, gripping my tongue, then expelling it. I quickly attacked back, wildly licking at her asshole, polishing it clean with my tongue.

Mom sat up, stretched like a cat, and broke into a big grin. Janet and I joined her, showing off our dark brown lips and the bits of shit stuck between our teeth.

Then, it was time to relax and gather ourselves. We sat in a circle in front of the fire, passing the plate around. I opened another bottle of wine — a fortissimo Barolo to match the spicy richness of Mom’s excrement — and refilled everyone’s glass. As the plate came around, each of sliced off a piece and popped it into our mouth. We actually said very little, certainly not the high-spirited chattering of before, but simply luxuriated in each other’s presence. A touch or caress here, a look there. The smells of our filthy play filled the room — and our nostrils as we munched. The fire burned lower, and I tossed another log on to the grate.

Both of us shook our heads. We talked about our experiences. Janet told us how she’d gotten into scat play, and Mom told her about us. She was a bit shocked to hear how young I’d been when we started together, but seeing that Mom and me were obviously so close and loving put her mind at ease.

Finally, the plate was clean. We swished the last of the wine around in our mouths to clean them.

“How are you two doing?” Mom asked. “Tired? Feeling queasy at all?”

We shook our heads.

“You should be the one to be tired, not us!” Janet said.

“I’m not that old!” Mom laughed. “I’d like to play some more, if you two are up to it.”

We both smiled and reached for her for a kiss.

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