She was beautiful. They’d left that out, on purpose, it seemed. They’d said it causally. “Yeah, Dave’s ex is going to be there”, “Yeah, Dave’s ex”. And I had wondered about her. Having heard so much about her from Dave’s current girlfriend, my best friend. So off, the two of us went, my best friend and I, to the party on that fateful day.

We got there, we hung out with our boyfriends. We were all sort of sitting in this room when they came in. The moment I had been waiting for. There were these two really cute girls, the taller of which was, Dave’s ex. The moment I saw her she was no longer Dave’s ex. She was “Who’s THAT?” That was Ellie. And she was beautiful. And even though I thought so then, as it turns out I would find her even more beautiful later.

It wasn’t until a few months later that we really got to talking. As it turned out I’d ended up going out with the other girl for a while that summer. Ellie and I had only talked a few times but for some reason I really wanted to talk to her. It really bothered me that she was never available but I couldn’t talk to my girlfriend about it because she would get jealous. Maybe she sensed something about how much I liked Ellie that I barely knew myself.

The summer ended and my girlfriend brutally dumped me. No real reason just…dumped me. Which was depressing…I was having a pretty hard time getting over it. They decided to have the sequel to the party I’d met her at and I decided not to go. I was talking online to the person who’s parents were giving the party and as we were talking she mentioned “Yeah Ellie’s here” My response to this was, I hope, a more subtle version “Oh my goodness go away so I can talk to Ellie!” So we started talking and she was incredibly sweet. I found my self really infatuated with her. It was incredible, like some one had chucked a brick at my head and made me come to the aching realization: “I REALLY LIKE THIS GIRL.” We talked for a while and she started to hint at things but it got really confusing. I couldn’t casino siteleri figure out if she liked me back so finally just gave up and said, “I like you. Do you like me too?” She took a horrendously long time to answer. I went into panic mode and started apologizing and planning to run away from home and hide in the forest until she’d forgotten me but finally she answered, “I like you too”

We talked all night. She was just about the sweetest person I’d ever met. The next day I couldn’t stop thinking about her. And the day after that. And the day after that…You get the idea. We started talking all the time. One day we made plans to meet at my house. I was nervous all day. I showered and got dressed and had everything clean by eight AM. Unfortunately she wouldn’t be coming until two…I sat and I waited. Finally two came and she still hadn’t come. 2:05…2:10. I started to get worried? What if she hated me? What if she was somewhere laughing at me for thinking she would come. But she was sweet…and loving…and I don’t think she would…


The doorbell interrupted my thoughts. She’s here! I opened the door and there she was. So beautiful. She was tall. She had strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. Normally I’m into brunettes but her hair was beautiful. Her eyes were beautiful too. Deep blue which made my heart feel light when I looked into them, that let you see into her soul and shone with love and sweetness.

She smiled at me. I tried to smile but I just grinned. We went down to the basement. We talked for a while and then started a movie. We sat sort of far apart. I guess she may have been nervous. I couldn’t tell because I was so nervous myself. I felt so weird as if she couldn’t possibly like me. I’m so much more awkward looking than she is. Maybe it came from being younger. On the very edge of my teen years, I was still short but my ands and feet were big. I guess I could be called cute. Since so many people do. I’m only 5’2” and sort of chubby. Apparently my cuteness slot oyna stems from a dog-like appearance. But sitting next to her I felt like cuteness didn’t cut it. She was too beautiful.

I was cautious but I moved closer. She smelled really good. I closed my eyes for a second and breathed in her smell. It went to my head. I felt light, like I was flying. Suddenly something brought me out of it. I turned and she was looking at me with a cute smile.

“Hi.” She said, smiling at me like, giving me a somehow knowing look.

“Uhm…Sorry, I got lost, you said something?” Still giving me that smile.

“Yeah, do you have a blanket? It’s a little bit…”

“Oh yeah, sorry, it’s always sort of…” I leaned over and behind her to get the blanket and just as I grabbed it she tickled me and made me collapse in a fit of laughter across her lap.

“I got you, Hun.” She said smiling sweetly. She spread the blanket across us both and put her hand on my stomach. She started watching the movie but I started thinking. What if I wasn’t ready to love her? I didn’t want to be rejected. It would hurt…But I couldn’t help it, I felt so good with her touching me, I could feel myself falling in to love but I didn’t know if I wanted to.

I must have been thinking hard because when ever I do I furrow my brow and look pouty and she looked at me and rubbed my stomach to make my calmer. I closed my eyes my leg started to twitch as she rubbed me. Suddenly I felt something different and was surprised as she brought her lips against mine. I was too off my guard to kiss her back so she stopped and looked sad.

“I…sorry” she mumbled and made me sit up to try to go away. I took her hand stopped her, pulling her back towards me.

“Ellie…. I…..” I was lost for words. I knew there was a possibility she could hurt me but I looked in her eyes and my heart submitted itself to her. I pulled her in and kissed her and she let me embrace her.

I kissed her softly, feeling her tongue with mine. She undid canlı casino siteleri my bra through my shirt as we ran our hands across each other’s bodies, caressing each other, feeling the energy that vibrated between us. I leaned against her and kissed her neck softly as she slid my pants and underwear slowly off my legs. I gently removed her shirt and began to kiss my way down to her breast. She moaned as I ran my tongue along her skin. I made my way down to her nipple and traced it with my tongue slowly licking and kissing it. I nibbled it slightly making her squirm in excitement

She held me with one hand and caressed my leg with the other, lightly brushing my inner thigh. I let her move my head back to her neck, making me kiss and bite her. I let my self trust her completely and clung to her with one arm. She began to slowly slide her two fingers in and out if my already wet cunt. I moaned as she kept a slow and steady pace wanting her to go faster but not being able to voice it due to my distraction. I worked my hand down to her clit and began to do the same to her. The way she kept the pace drove me insane and I struggled to concentrate on what I was doing.

I moaned with frustrated pleasure and wished she would give me release but she slowly brought me to climax, She moaned into my ear and kissed it as I kept with her pace. I started to shake a little bit and my core tightened trying to withstand the sudden pleasure. I moaned, my breath quickening, both our fingering becoming harder but not faster.

“Say my name” she moaned to me.

“Ellie” I shook with passion nearing orgasm.

“Say my name” she said, louder, pressing her hand on my back.

“Ellie” I moaned louder in deep desperation, nearly at my orgasm, quivering with ecstasy.

“Say my name” She said finally changing her quickening her movement, rubbing my clit hard and fast.

“Ellie!!” I yelled as I shut my eyes and climaxed and panted fingering her and setting off her climax as well. We came and lay in each other’s arms. I shivered slightly in the after math and curled my self up against her. She kissed my forehead and covered us both up wit the blanket. I lay with her feeling safe in her arms, safe for the first time in a while.



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