Chapter 7: Hard Manual Labour

It was one of the hottest days Danger could remember. He had agreed to paint a fence for an old lady who was a friend of his aunt. While Danger didn’t mind doing the work he just wished he hadn’t agreed to do it this day. He could feel the skin on the back of his neck burning as he worked. However there was one consolation to working in this almost unbearable heat. The old lady had arranged for her granddaughter to help him and she was an absolute knockout, perfect in almost every way. Her name was Meghan, she had straight auburn hair that fell just short of her shoulders, green eyes, full pouty lips, her breasts were large, but firm and perky. She had an hourglass figure and slender, tanned legs. The package was improved all the more by what she was wearing. She wore a tight red slinglet that must have been a size too small and clung to the curves of her tits. The top was so tight that Danger could see the detail of her red bra underneath. She was also wearing a pair of old cut-offs that couldn’t possibly be any shorter.

As they prepared their supplies Danger drank in every inch of her body committing it to memory almost since they would be separated for the better part of the morning. The fence ran along three sides of the old lady’s property and Meghan suggested that they start at opposite ends and work towards the center. Danger agreed since by that time she would be sweating heavily and her clothes would be soaked and cling even tighter to her amazing body. As he began painting Meghan was out of site on the other side of the house so he concentrated on painting so he could towards her more quickly. He was able to work quickly as the heat didn’t affect as much now that he was in the shade of a big maple tree.

After about an hour Danger was out from under the maple tree and again was suffering in the heat of the sun. He kept glancing over his shoulder to see if he could catch a glimpse of Meghan but she was still working behind the house. Eventually she did come into view and Danger could barely keep his eyes off of her. A film of sweat had formed on her legs causing them to shimmer when the sunlight hit them. Since it was a small yard Danger could still Meghan quite clearly even though they were on opposite sides of the yard. Meghan had developed the habit of bending at the waist when painting the bottom of the fence. This caused her tight ass to stick out and her cut-offs to ride up her ass cheeks fully displaying the bottom of each wondrous globe. Also visible were her red panties sticking out from under the cut-offs whenever she bent to paint the bottom of the fence.

They had each completed one side of the yard as lunchtime rolled around. The old lady appeared out of the back door and got their attention to announce that she was going to meet friends for lunch and would be away for most of the afternoon but would be back in time to pay them for their work. Just having Meghan this close was payment enough for the work but beylikdüzü anal yapan escort of course he couldn’t refuse cash.

Meghan asked Danger if he wanted to break for lunch and he agreed. He followed her over to the back door to collect their lunches, which they had brought with them. His eyes were glued to her ass, which was wiggling seductively from side to side. They enjoyed their lunch under the shade of an oak tree was at the back of the yard. Danger kept looking at her beautiful tits since her slinglet was clinging even more tightly now that is was beginning to become soaked with sweat. However Danger kept noticing how Meghan would look past him and into the back yard of the old lady’s neighbors.

“Those people have a pool and there not even using it on a day like this. What a waste,” she stated between bites of her sandwich. “If I had a pool I’d be in the skimpiest bikini I own and be in there trying to stay cool instead of suffering here.” Suddenly Danger’s head was filled with visions of this gorgeous woman running around in some slinky string bikini and of her pulling her wet body out of a swimming pool.

“I know who lives there,” Danger finally managed to say, “They’ve gone on vacation and won’t be back until next week. So I guess the pool won’t be used for a while.”

“Really,” Meghan responded, “I don’t suppose anybody would mind if we borrowed for a few minutes. Too bad we didn’t bring our bathing suits.” Danger didn’t have a chance to ponder her last comment before she spoke again. “I guess if they’re not home and my grandmother’s gone out we really wouldn’t need suits would we?” Meghan joked as she finished her lunch and got to her feet. She put her hands together and stretched her arms over her head causing her tits and ass to stick out seductively. “Oh well, back to work I guess.”

Meghan collected her paint bucket and brush and headed back to her side of the yard. Danger was really suffering now, not just from the heat, but from the new visions in his head of Meghan streaking naked across the yard and diving into the pool; droplets of water running down her golden body as she pulled herself up out of the water. Distracted, Danger gathered up his gear and headed to his side of the yard. His glances in Meghan’s direction increased in frequency with images of her naked body running through his head.

As the afternoon started to wear on the images of her naked body started to subside somewhat as he kept working. Still every few minutes he stole a glance at her to take in her body and beauty. However once when he glanced in her direction she wasn’t there. He just saw her brush sitting on top of her bucket of paint. He stood up and looked around thinking she may be taking a break on the back step of the house but he couldn’t see her there and he didn’t think he had heard the door open or shut. He was about to return to work when he caught something in the corner of his eye. It beylikdüzü balıketli escort was Meghan and she was in the neighbor’s yard standing on the pool deck. She was in the process of peeling her sweat soaked slinglet from the curves of her tits.

“Come on over nobody will see us!” she shouted over to him as she dropped her top to the ground and kicked off her sneakers. Danger gazed at her chest proudly displayed in her red bra that exposed practically all of her cleavage and strained to hold her luscious tits. When she unsnapped and unzipped her cut-offs and shimmied out of them Danger lost control and streaked across the yard and leaped the fence with almost no effort. Danger arrived just in time to see her unclasp her bra and pull it away from her sweaty chest letting her tits jiggle slightly as they were released from their bondage. While her tits were large they didn’t sag at all. Danger was paralyzed by her beauty as she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her red panties and rolled them down off her hips and let them fall to her feet exposing her ginger colored bush, finally she kicked them away. Meghan stood there now completely naked brushing her hair back off of her forehead. Danger drank in her glorious beauty for long seconds before she turned and dove into the pool. She swam underwater for about half a length before surfacing and swimming to the other end.

The water splashing on him finally broke Danger out of his trance and he quickly stripped off his clothes and dove into the pool. His dick was already hard from not only thinking about Meghan naked, but also from watching her strip right in front of his eyes. And now the water passing over it made it come to its full nine-inches. For her part, Meghan was quickly getting aroused, the thought of skinny-dipping had turned her on first, and then stripping in front Danger turned her on more. Now that she actually was skinny-dipping she was turned on even more and the feel of the water flowing between her legs and over her exposed pussy lips was driving her mad. She slicked her hair back over head and ran her hands down the front of her tits gently pinching the nipples before swimming off in Danger’s direction. When she reached him she gave in to her lust and wrapped her arms around him before plunging her tongue into his mouth.

“How big is your cock?” Meghan asked lewdly after she pulled her tongue out of his mouth. Before he had a chance to answer she quickly slid down his body into the water and started stroking his long nine-inch shaft making sure it was as hard as possible. She surfaced again and led him over to the corner of the pool where she had him get out of the water and sit on the corner of the pool deck. Meghan then positioned herself between Danger’s legs and took his cock into her mouth. The feeling of her warm, moist mouth closing over his aching dick made Danger want to cum immediately, but he held back allowing himself to enjoy beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş her expert technique. She had one hand wrapped around the base of his shaft and the other gently squeezing and massaging his balls. Her tongue played over the engorged head and shaft as her head bobbed up and down his cock. The heat of her mouth was overwhelming Danger and he could feel his cum building in his balls preparing to stream out into her waiting mouth and finally it did. Danger shot jets of hot, thick cum into Meghan’s mouth. She gagged slightly but managed to swallow the entire load.

Meghan than swam over to the ladder and climbed out of the pool. Droplets of water ran down her naked skin, which shimmered, in the bright sun. She motioned for Danger to stand up and when he did she took his arm and led him over to the patio furniture that had been placed on the pool deck. She had him lay on his back on long chaise type chair. Meghan then straddled the chair and knelt on its edges, her pussy just inches above Danger’s hard cock. With one hand she rubbed her pussy getting it wet enough to accept Danger’s thick shaft while the other hand was stroking his dick bringing it back to its full nine inches. Once they were both ready Meghan lowered herself slowly onto Danger and began working his cock deeper and deeper into her wet slit. Her pussy quickly stretched to accommodate Danger’s size and she began bouncing more rapidly, her ass slapping against his thighs as he thrust his hips upwards to meet her causing her clit to be mashed against his pelvis. Each of Meghan’s moans was louder than the one before it as she built towards an orgasm. Danger began massaging her large tits and pinching her hard nipples. This put her over the edge even quicker as she felt her first orgasm ripple through her body. It felt as if waves of pleasure were emanating from her pussy and spreading throughout her body. Danger could feel her cunt tighten around his shaft and he his hands left her tits and started roaming freely over her naked body. Meghan’s pussy remained tight around Danger’s cock and he realized he could probably bring her to a second orgasm so he gently reached between her legs and started rubbing her exposed clit. She then leaned back a bit so that Danger could get his fingers on her clit with more ease. Danger then felt his own orgasm coming on as another load of cum started to rise out of his balls. After a couple of minutes Meghan was on the verge of another orgasm as Danger cock exploded releasing another load. Danger finger on her clit and his hot jizz splattering over the inside of her pussy triggered Meghan’s second orgasm. This time she arched her back and threw her head skyward and released a primal scream.

After her pussy relaxed Meghan climbed off Danger and sat on the edge of the chair. He sat up beside as she said it was probably time to get back to work before her grandmother came back and caught them fucking in the neighbor’s yard. The two got dressed again and returned to their work. Meghan’s grandmother arrived home just as they were finishing up. She paid them once they put the painting supplies back in the small shed in the backyard. Meghan and Danger shared a long, passionate kiss out of the old lady’s sight before she gave him her phone number and departed. Danger stayed a few minutes longer making sure everything was put away before leaving himself.



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