Put one in her pussy and one in her ass… Set it to medium……

We’re playing one of our favorite new games: “Sophie Says”. Sophie is our neighbor to the rear. We met her a few months ago. She used to be shy and repressed, but we’ve brought her along. Now, she’s quite aggressive. Sometimes, she, Holly, and I will play a game where I fuck Holly in front of the window while Sophie watches through binoculars. There is only one rule to this game: via phone call, Sophie tells me what to do to Holly. I follow her instructions and she watches as Holly gets off. Right now, I have Holly tied to a St Andrews Cross, spread-eagled and helpless, and Sophie has just instructed me to insert egg vibrators into Holly’s pussy and ass. Of course, we keep the phone set to “speaker” so Holly can hear what’s coming. If you’re going to tease, you have to do it right.

I need a drink. I’ll be back. You should get one, too……

That’s a cue for me to leave the room for a few minutes, leaving Holly helplessly squirming and cumming on the vibrators. Holly loves being toyed with like this. Honestly, I’ve never known a girl that can cum so much, take so much abuse. She’s like a Timex… and she’s all mine.

In the kitchen, I’m making some tea. It’s done brewing, so now I’m just fetching a pitcher and adding some sugar. Holly is behind me, in the next room, squirming on the double vibrators. I have no idea if Sophie is watching Holly cum, or if she’s still making a drink. I add some sugar to the tea… stir… taste… add some more… stir again… taste again. Once it’s to my liking, I put some ice in a glass… fill it with some tea… put the tea in the fridge. Holly is moaning and tugging on the restraints. I pick up my glass to return to the next room, and… oh, a wet spot on the counter. I better wipe that up.

After ten minutes of dragging my tail, I go check on Holly. Pussy juice is dripping steadily off of her lips and onto the floor. I have a bowl down there to catch it; somebody’s going to drink it later. “I’m having a glass of tea, Sophie,” I say into the phone. “Nice on a hot day.”

That does sound good. I’m having bourbon and ginger ale. How are you doing, Holly?

“P-p-pretty good.” It’s hard for her to talk through the orgasm.

I can see that you’ve been cumming. Why don’t you let her down, Dana? I think she needs a break……

I set my drink down, then pull the vibrators out of Holly’s pussy and asshole. After turning them off, I lick one clean, let her lick the other, and then set them aside. I undo her restraints. I help her down, and she rubs her wrists and ankles. Taking a drink of tea, she looks into the bowl at all her cum. “Wow!” she says with a laugh, “I came a lot!” Looking out the window towards Sophie, she blows her a kiss. “Thank you, Sophie!”

You’re quite welcome. Why don’t you take a seat? Catch your breath. I’m not done with you yet……

“Glad to hear it!” Holly says with a smile, sitting down at the table. “Why don’t you come join us?”

I might do that. First, catch your breath, and then we’ll play some more. Dana, is the door code still the same?

“Sure is. Just let us know first.”

Holly, Sophie, and I sit and chat for a couple minutes so Holly can recuperate; she might be close to a machine, but she’s still human. After a couple minutes of chit chat, Holly announces that she’s ready to go again. “I need some attention, Sophie! What should we do?”

Put her on the Versa-Horse……

The Versa-Horse is a lot like a sawhorse that you lay across, padded for your comfort, and rails about halfway down the legs so you can rest on all fours. Restraints, of course, and this one is built with wheels on the bottom, so I can push and spin my captive around. Holly climbs on top, straddles the center. I strap her arms and legs into place, then place the cum bowl underneath. “What’s your pleasure, Sophie?” I speak into the phone.

Turn her around so I can see her treasure……

I spin Holly around so that her ass and pussy are pointed towards the window.

Nice. Is she wet?

“Very,” I say, sticking a finger in, then holding it up for Sophie to see.

Spread her lips…… Use both hands…… Let me see her clit…… Put a clit pump on there……

I put a clit pump on Holly’s button, then pump it up. The suction tugs on her pearl and sucks it into the tube. The clear tube hangs toward the floor, and you can see her clit extended about a half inch inside, the suction keeping a constant tug on it. Holly coos a little. She likes the clit pump.

Spread her lips again…… Stick both your index fingers in her hole…… Slide them in and out…… Spread her hole open…… Put two more fingers in there…… That’s good…… Two more……

I have six fingers in Holly’s pussy.

Nice…… Fuck her with your fingers…… Stretch it……

Holly is groaning.

That’s good…… Let her go…… Rub her asshole……

I casino siteleri take my fingers out of Holly’s pussy, then rub circles around her asshole with my index finger, dipping just the tip inside her hole for a few seconds.

How does it taste?

I suck her ass juice off my finger. “Delicious,” I reply.

I’m sure…… Spread her cheeks……

Holly’s butthole stretches.

Wider…… Excellent…… Lick it. Gently…… Kiss it…… Now hard licks, like you mean it…… Spit on it…… Stick your index fingers in and stretch it…… Two more fingers…… Good. Let it go…… Now stick 3 fingers in and fuck her really hard with them……

“Yyyeeeeesssss,” Holly moans. “Thank youuuuu.”

Stick a string of beads in her ass……

As per the rules, when Sophie tells me to grab a toy, I have to hold it up for her to see. If it’s not to her liking, I have to get a different one.

Bigger. The one with the metal balls……

The toy in question is two large metal balls connected on a heavy string. The balls are about 1-1/2 inches in diameter. Holly can handle these easily, but they are definitely not small.

Now stick two fingers in her pussy and fuck her really good…… Jerk them up and down a bunch. You know what I like……

I do know what Sophie likes. She likes it when I jerk my fingers up and down vigorously, which drives Holly wild, and her cunt juices spurt wildly. I hold the cum bowl up to catch the spray.

“Nnyyaaaaaahhhhh!” Holly exclaims as I jerk my fingers up and down. Her pussy makes sloshing noises as the juice spurts out and splashes all around.

Take the balls out and stick a dildo in her ass……

I remove the metal balls from Holly’s rectum and set them aside, then grab a dildo and hold it up for Sophie’s approval.

Bigger. Longer and fatter. About 10 inches……

I select a larger dildo and hold it up again.

That’s good. Now stick it all the way in her ass……

After lubing it up, I work the tip in, then slowly work the dildo in deeper until there’s only an inch sticking out, just enough for me to grab hold of. With Holly’s ass still pointed towards the window, Sophie is watching the whole affair. She can see that the tail end of the dildo is still sticking out.

All the way in, Dana. Push it all the way in……

Holly’s eyes go wide and she grunts a little as I push the last inch inside her, her asshole collapsing around it and hiding the whole thing from view. The dildo is completely inside her ass now.

Now then. Strap on a dildo…… The ruler cock……

Knowing without being told, I turn Holly sideways. That way, no matter which end I’m tapping, Sophie will be able to see my dildo going in and out. I then strap on the harness and adjust the fit while Sophie watches.

Put her hair in a ponytail. I want to see her face…… Holly, open your mouth wide and stick your tongue out…… Dana, place your cock on her tongue and slide it in and out of her mouth….. Keep your mouth open, Holly. Just let it slide across your tongue…… Now slap it on her tongue, Dana…… Good. Now slap it across her cheeks…… Slide it up the bridge of her nose and across her forehead…… Smack her face again…… Stick it in her mouth…… Slow strokes…… Wait. Let it rest in her mouth…… Okay, choke her with it. Just a little…… That’s good. Back it out. Slow strokes…… Hold it right there. Holly, stick your tongue out and wag it. Reach for the balls…… Holly, do you feel how full your mouth is? How wide open it is? That’s what Dana’s gonna do to your pussy…… She’s gonna stuff your pussy full of cock and make you squeal…… Does that sound good to you? Nod your head…… Put the cock in your mouth and nod your head…… Look up at Dana and say “Pretty Please.”……

“Mmsgsgh mersdfh.”

Now say “Thank You.”……

“Mmldf mdsfhhs.”

All right, Dana. Put some lube on your dildo and press the head into her pussy…… Ease it in a little……

“Wow, it’s tight! She’s got that dildo in her ass.” Holly is taking a lot of loud, short breaths.

Let her get used to it…… Work it in slowly, Dana. You know how…… That’s good. Now slow strokes. Let her get used to it…… Is it getting easier now?……

“Yeah, she’s loosening up.” Holly’s breathing is back to normal, and she has a grin on her face.

Stab her with it…… Now all the way out and all the way in…… Now half strokes…… Okay, I can’t take it any longer. I’m coming over. Be there in ten. I’ll meet you down in the Romper Room……

“You hear that, Holly? Sophie’s coming over. It’s a party now!”

“Mmmmm. I wish she was here already.”

“How would you like her, Sophie?”

Surprise me…

I pull out, then tell her to give a good push to force that dildo out of her ass. When the end appears, I pull it the rest of the way out, then let her suck both slot oyna of the dildos clean. Next, I unstrap her from the versa-horse and help her climb down. Once Holly is on the floor, she stretches her legs a little. We head down to the Romper Room together.

Sophie walks in 8 minutes later, two minutes early, to find Holly dancing for me on the strip bar stage we had installed. Holly used to study modern dance, so she thought a stage would be a good way to keep in dancing form… plus the obvious naughty fun that comes with having a stripper stage in your basement. Anyway, Sophie walks in and pulls up a chair next to me on “Tip Row.” She makes cat calls as Holly is hanging upside down on the stripper pole. There’s a dance mix of music playing in the background.

Holly sits in front of us, reclining on her elbows, pussy pointed towards us. “You know how much I love to get fucked…,” she says. “So why don’t you two…” she spreads her legs as wide as Texas… “Come fuck me up.” As a final invitation, she slaps her pussy. And if the timing couldn’t be better, Prince is on the stereo singing, “Aaaaaaahhhh… Pussy Contro-ol!” Holly looks Sophie in the eye and sings along with the song, “Pussy Contro-ol!”

Regaining her composure, Sophie grabs Holly’s hips and drags her to the edge of the stage. “Dana,” she says to me, “We need some things to play with.” She grabs Holly’s thighs and pushes them back towards her shoulders. “Right now, I want some panties. For stuffing.” As I get up, Sophie dives her face into Holly’s pleasure chest and flicks her tongue rapidly across her clit.

I return a couple minutes later with a pink g-string, a bullet vibe, a rabbit vibrator, and the camera for recording our fun. “Here you go,” I say, setting the goodies on the stage next to her. “I thought ahead.” I climb on stage and sit behind Holly, cradling her in my lap so we can watch Sophie get busy. Wanting to be helpful, I grab Holly’s legs and pull them way back, causing her hips to rise up and point her holes directly at Sophie.

“What would you like me to do, Holly?”

“Anything you want.”

“Anything I want?” she asks rhetorically.

“Uh huh. That’s your playground. They’re your holes now.”

“My playground. I like that. Did we get that on tape?” Sophie asks me.

“The camera’s right next to you,” I reply.

Picking it up, Sophie turns it on and asks Holly again, “Now, then, Holly… what was that you just said? Something about your pussy and asshole?”

She has the camera pointed at Holly’s face. “They belong to you, Mistress Sophie. That’s your playground.”

“So I can do whatever I want with them?”

“Uh huh. All yours.” She slaps her pussy and spreads her lips.

“Well, then,” Sophie says with a wink. “Sophie says Let’s Play.”

“Yeeeaaaaahhh!” Holly says.

“First thing we do is spread you open,” Sophie says, slipping her index and middle fingers from each hand inside Holly’s asshole and spreading it open. “You like that, Holly? Does that make you feel dirty?”

“Uh huh!”

“Me spreading your holes open, looking inside?” She spits in the gaping hole, then sticks her remaining fingers into Holly’s pussy, spreading that one open, as well.

“Yeeaaaaaahhhh,” Holly groans.

“You know we’re gonna stuff them full of cock.”

“Fuck yeah!! I love it when you stuff my holes!”

Sophie takes her hands out, letting both holes close up again. Picking up the panties, she starts pushing them inside Holly’s waiting quim. The panties are a pink mesh, with little polka dots on them. Once they’re all the way inside, Sophie sticks the bullet vibe in Holly’s ass, then starts working the rabbit vibrator in and out of her pussy. The shaft is gyrating, the marbles are spinning, the rabbit tip is flicking against her clit. You can hear the motor get louder and softer as the vibe slides in and out.

Holly is moaning loudly. She squeezes her tits and tugs on her nipples. I lift her left foot and suck on her toes. Holly’s pussy is slick with juice, and there’s a stream of it running down her thigh.

After 4 or 5 minutes, Holly is right on the edge. “May I cum, please?” she asks. She’s been holding this one in, trying to stretch it out.

“Of course, Holly. You can cum all you want. We want you to cum… we want you to squirt. We need to get those panties all wet and sticky, y’know. I want four cums on them, Holly.” She slaps Holly on her butt and thighs. “Four cums.”

“Fuuuuuuckkk,” Holly exclaims. Her legs jerk as she releases her first of many orgasms with Sophie, followed quickly by a second.

“Good girl,” Sophie says, kissing Holly on her butt cheeks. She sets the rabbit aside, and I ease Holly’s hips back down to the stage floor. After Sophie removes the bullet from Holly’s ass, I lean down and kiss Holly deeply.

“C’mon. Get up,” Sophie says, pulling Holly up. “Sophie says you should lick Dana’s ass.” Holly turns around and gets on all fours.

“All right!” canlı casino siteleri I exclaim, turning around on all fours and sticking my ass in Holly’s face. She immediately spreads my cheeks and ravishes my starfish with her tongue.

“That’s right, Holly. Lick that ass,” Sophie encourages her as she joins us onstage. She has the camera pointed right up in Holly’s face to catch the greedy look in her eyes. Holly is attacking my asshole with her tongue.

“So fuckin’ sweet,” Holly says, spitting on my asshole, then licking up the drool.

Sophie moves behind Holly and inserts a bullet vibrator in her pussy. “You need to cum some more,” she tells her. She then picks up the camera again, and this time is alongside Holly, filming the back view as her tongue prods at my shithole. Holly slips a couple fingers into my stinker and stretches it open, then rims my hole with her tongue. I can feel the tip of her tongue flicking just inside the hole. She drools a long rope of saliva inside and it slides down into my depths. With the video feeding directly into the three televisions, I’m watching it and feeling it at the same time.

Getting up, I announce, “I need to get fucked,” and walk to our treasure chest of dildos. After searching for a minute, I return with one of those dildos that straps onto your mouth. I hop back on the stage and strap the dildo onto Holly’s face. As I lie down, Holly gets down between my thighs and inserts the dildo into my anxious pussy. It feels exhilarating as it slips inside. Once it bottoms out, I start grinding my cunt on Holly’s face, rubbing my clit against any surface I find. It’s so wonderful to hump my girlfriend’s face like this.

As I fuck myself on Holly’s face, Sophie comes over and sits on mine. Her delicious quim is right on my mouth and I lick her every which way but loose. She tastes different than Holly, but still so delicious. I slide my tongue into her hole, coaxing the juices to flow into my waiting mouth. Sophie rocks her hips and I suck on her button. She sits down hard on my face and presses on my shoulders as her orgasm overtakes her, just as I am cumming on Holly’s face, my legs clamping around her head, and Holly is having her requisite fourth orgasm with the panties in her pussy. It’s so awesome when we cum together.

After her orgasm subsides, Sophie climbs off my face. Bending down, she kisses me. “Thank you, baby,” she says. Holly pulls the dildo out of me, sits up, and unstraps it from her face.

“That was so awesome!! Watching you cum on Dana’s face, all three of us cumming at the same time!” She pulls the bullet out of her pussy and turns it off.

“Did you cum all four times?” Sophie asks.

“Heck yeah!” Holly replies, reclining on her elbows. She offers her pussy up to us, encouraging us to pull out the panties and see how wet they are. Sophie gets down between Holly’s thighs and slips her fingers inside, pulling out the cum-soaked panties.

She holds them up to her face and sniffs them. She puts them in her mouth and sucks on the cum. “Delicious,” she says. “I love the taste of your cum. You want some, Dana?” she asks, handing them to me.

“Heck yeah,” I say, taking them from her and putting them in my mouth. I suck on them for just a couple seconds when Sophie takes them back.

“Don’t take it all, honey. We need to save some for Holly. And speaking of… Holly… it’s time for you to get fucked.” Sophie lifts my head and shoulders up. “Isn’t that right, Dana?”

“Yes, it is,” I say wickedly as Holly grins from ear to ear.

“Holly… Sophie says Go get some toys for us to fuck you with.” Holly gets up and walks toward the sex toy cabinet, listening to Sophie’s instructions as she goes. “Don’t be shy, Holly. You know I like the big ones. And choose wisely with the strap-ons. Whichever ones your pick out, you’re gonna take them all the way down. That’s a promise.”

We watch her gleefully go about her task of picking out toys for us to fuck her with. She’s like a kid in a candy store, picking through the goodies and placing them in a pile on the bed as she walks from one side of the room to the next. After a few minutes, she unloads the last of her wish list. There are definitely more items than Sophie instructed. “I kinda got greedy and started grabbing stuff,” she says with a laugh, “but these four for sure.” Sophie and I climb off the stage and join Holly on the bed. She hands us each a strap-on and then holds up a couple of anal probes.

One anal probe is black rubber with a long line of thick teardrop-shaped knobs on it, and the other is a clear double-dildo, average thickness, but fully 14″ long. Holly likes it that way; for sure, she likes them fat, but just as much, she likes them long. Sophie’s strap-on is only 8 inches long, but it’s a good 2 inches thick and I can’t even get my hand around it. Not even close. Holly and I bought it a couple weeks ago. She’s only taken it all the way once, and never in a DP. The strap-on she brought for me is my favorite, the 10″ Ruler Cock; it’s shaped like a regular dildo, but it’s yellow and marked like a ruler so I can see exactly how far I have it stuffed up in her. It’s a major turn-on when you see it on film.



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