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DAD’S BIRTHDAY GIRLIt was four in the morning and I couldn’t sleep, so I made my way to the den, turned on the big screen TV and popped in a porn. I knew that would do the trick. I’d get off and then go to bed. I had the house all to myself that night, what with Vicki working her regular night shift and Lacy out until god knows what hour. My wife is a nurse, and her daughter Lacy had headed out a few hours before with friends to celebrate her twenty first birthday. I was sitting in my boxers, just thinking about pulling my cock out, when I heard a noise behind me. Before I could even reach for the remote, she was standing in front of me. It was my step-daughter, Lacy. She was wearing tall black boots, a very short skirt, much shorter than anything her mom would have let her out of the house in and only a black bra under her leather jacket. “You need some help with that?” She giggled and sounded a little drunk as she stared right at my crotch.I froze, except for my cock which was still growing, creating an increasingly noticeable tent in my boxers. There was no denying that I liked the way she looked. When I had married her mother, Lacy was just sixteen and a total tomboy. She was flat as a board and she always dressed like a boy. You could hardly tell she was a girl. I guess you would call her a late bloomer, because in the last couple of years she really blossomed. Her long legs swelled perfectly into a pair of muscular thighs and full hips. She also had a nice round ass that was so perky I had been having quite a hard time ignoring it. It didn’t help at all that she often liked to run around the house in only panties and a t-shirt. During the last few months, I had actually begun to think that she might be trying to tease me, but I had told myself that couldn’t be. Nevertheless, here she was in front of me, apparently offering to help me with my hard cock. Lacy stripped her jacket off and let it fall to the floor. Her tits looked like they wanted to burst out of her little black bra. I certainly hoped they would. “You know Daddy, it’s my birthday and you haven’t given me any spankings, yet.” She turned her back to me, reached up her skirt and slid her black panties down, letting them fall around the ankles of her boots. Then she bent over giving me an amazing view. My cock jumped at the sight and ordered me to get up, but I remained immobile. I was still confused about what was actually happening. She turned back to face me. She lowered herself to the floor and began crawling towards me on her hands and knees. When she got to me I just stared dumbly, but that didn’t deter her. She reached into my boxers. She stroked it for a moment and then pulled out my engorged cock, slipping the elastic of my shorts under my balls. “Oh my Daddy, what a big cock you have.” She had a wide eyed look of excitement in her eyes.Normally, she didn’t call me Daddy, just Jim, but I admit I kind of liked the sound of it under the circumstances.Taking it in her hand she began a strange ritual of rubbing my cock all over her face. First she rubbed it on her soft cheeks, then against her forehead, across each of her closed eyelids, tickling the head of it with her eyelashes and then she teased it back and forth against her freshly glossed red lips. She kissed the head, stuck her tongue out and began to lick a trail down the bottom of the shaft to my tight balls. She tickled their wrinkled flesh with her fingernails and then began licking and sucking at them. Then she gently took each ball, one after the other into her hot wet mouth. I wondered where she had learned that.She licked her way back up my cock and finally opened her lips, letting just the head slip in. She swirled her tongue around the head for a few minutes and then lowered her mouth onto the shaft, taking as much of my fat cock in as possible. She wrapped a hand around the base and began stroking slowly up and down, matching the rhythm of her mouth. When I put my hands on the back of her head she didn’t fight me like her mother canlı bahis sometimes did. She let me fuck the back of her throat for a few moments. Fearful I might blow too soon, inside all that soft wetness, I pulled back. Kneeling in front of me, she slid each of her bra straps off and unhooked her bra in the back, releasing her beautiful pale breasts. I already had a sense of what they might look like, from my many glimpses through thin t-shirts, but her small nipples were the palest pink blush on her white skin. I immediately wanted to put my mouth on them. She leaned against me and wrapped her tits around my cock. They were big enough to engulf it almost completely. She smiled and stroked my cock between her soft tits a few times, before she stood up. Standing right in front of me, she unsnapped her little skirt and let it drop to the floor. She was clean shaven, except for a small patch of blond hairs right at the top of her slit. Her pussy reminded me of a cut peach and I wanted a bite. “You like my pussy don’t you Daddy?” She was looking at my cock again, which seemed impossibly huge at that point.I nodded yes, still not totally sure where we were headed, but getting a pretty good idea. “Can I sit on your lap Daddy?” She twisted a curl of her blond hair and gave me a mischievous smile.I nodded again, but she was already turning around, bending over and climbing into my lap.”Oh my, this big thing is getting in my way.” She squirmed against my dick, pretending to be trying to take an actual seat in my lap. “Here let me see what I can do.” She reached between her legs taking hold of my cock and guiding it to the entrance of her wet slit. Then she slowly let it push into her as she lowered herself onto my lap.I could tell it was a bit bigger than she was used to by the little noises she made and the way she struggled to get it all the way in, but she was a good girl. She didn’t give up until I could feel the cheeks of her ass resting on my thighs. I swept her hair off her shoulder and kissed the back of her neck as I began to pump up into her. She leaned back against me and I reached around taking each round breast into my hands, pinching and twisting her already rock hard nipples. She moaned. I slipped a hand down over the swell of her belly, to her downy patch of blond and slid my fingers into her damp crevice. Finding her hard little clit I began rubbing small little circles with my fingertips. She let out a whimper and I felt her tighten around my dick. I stepped up the pace of my fingers on her little nub and my thrusts up into her increasingly wet slit. Suddenly her pussy clamped down on my dick and she began to scream. I thought for a moment I had hurt her and then I realized my little girl was a screamer. I felt her gush, her cum dripping all over me and onto the carpeted floor and then she relaxed like a rag doll in my lap. I began pumping harder up into her hot twat. She was so slick and open at that point that I could hardly take it another second. Soon I was exploding inside of her, filling her up with my hot load and then to my disbelief she started to scream again. I felt her squeezing my cock again, milking every ounce of jizz out of me as I finished pumping up into her. ****I am a little embarrassed to admit it, but my sex life with my wife really picked up after that night. Vicki seemed very pleased with the increase in sex. I was glad she didn’t ask too many questions, but the truth was I couldn’t stop thinking about Lacy. I tried to play it cool around Lacy, just being thankful for the one night we had together. Honestly I worried a bit about whether she had been drunker than I realized and had forgotten what we did. She sure did a good job of acting like nothing had happened. Of course I was glad nothing changed, but it did make me wonder.Vicki had the night shift three nights a week, which left Lacy and I with plenty of opportunity for a repeat evening, but nothing happened at least for a while. She usually went out with her friends before bahis siteleri her mom left or stayed in her room with the door shut. I just couldn’t see knocking on her door. A couple of times I heard her come home late at night, but by the whispers and giggles in the hall I knew she wasn’t alone. Sometimes I was pretty sure I even heard boys voices which I knew her mom would totally freak out about, but I wasn’t about to say anything. I figured Lacy knew that.I couldn’t help but wonder if Lacy did remember what happened between us and if so if she might have been up to some sort of power play with me. She was twenty one now and yet she didn’t seem to have any plans to move out or support herself. Of course her mom wasn’t in any hurry to see her baby girl go, but until that night in the den I had actually been looking forward to her moving out. I was asleep the next time she came to me. I had gone to bed already, but I heard her come home. There was the quiet creek of the door from the garage, more than one pair of footsteps in the hall and the low whispers of her voice and definitely a man’s going into her bedroom. Soon after, I turned the fan up for white noise and went to sleep. I was awakened a couple of hours later by someone crawling into bed with me. At first I assumed it was Vicki home from her shift, but it was still dark out. She curled up naked behind me and as she snaked a hand into my shorts I knew it was Lacy. I could smell him on her, whoever the voice in the hall had belonged to. She smelled like cigarettes. I knew she didn’t smoke. I could also smell cologne and his sweat on her. My cock in her soft little hand didn’t seem to care and soon neither did I. She crawled under the sheets and pulled my boxers off. She was invisible to me, in the darkness and under the sheets, but soon I felt her hot mouth on my cock. God how I loved the way she could suck a dick, the way she used her hand and mouth in unison, leaving no part of it unloved. I wished for a moment that she could teach her mother the same skill. Apparently satisfied with how hard she had me, she slithered up my body, stood up, hovering over me for a moment and then began to squat, lowering herself onto my exceedingly erect cock. She was very open and wet. I tried not to think about why, but when I did it actually got me hotter. Her pussy felt like molten velvet surrounding my cock and it had no trouble swallowing all of me rather quickly. She leaned over me, so that her breasts hung in front of my face and her hard little nipples bounced against my lips. I licked and bit at them each time they came close. She leaned down on top of me, resting her head on my shoulder. No longer content with letting her be in charge, I pulled her down against me and thrust hard up into her sloppy cunt. Then I flipped her over and shoved her extremely limber legs over her head. For a moment I was reminded of all the money Vicki and I had put out for Lacy’s gymnastics lessons several years before. At the time I had thought it was a big waste of money, little did I realize how much I might directly benefit. With both hands pressing her legs down to the bed, I felt like I was practically splitting her in two, I couldn’t believe how deep I was into her. And then my little angel started to scream. I loved that sound. She screamed and shook. She reached out and grabbed my ass cheeks, pulling me into her, practically forcing me to slam harder and deeper, until her screams turned to laughter. “God that feels so fucking good Daddy!” She had a huge smile on her face. “Nobody makes me feel that good.”I could see her teeth gleaming in the early morning light, which was beginning to peek through the blinds. I wished I could turn the light on and take her in more fully, but there was no time for such things.She was gushing now, even more than before and I felt my own pressure building inside. She clung to me. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and pressed her face against my chest. I pumped only a few more times into güvenilir bahis her and blew my wad so hard that it felt like I hadn’t cum since that first time with her.Lacy was in my arms when I fell asleep, so you can imagine my surprise when I woke up to Vicki crawling into bed and sliding up against me. Fortunately Lacy had slipped away.”Oh my, you’re poking me in the back. I believe you have what they call morning wood.” She turned around to face me.When she started to put her head under the covers I stopped her, not wanting her to taste Lacy on me. This surprised her, because it was very unlike me to refuse a blow job, but I distracted her by flipping her onto her back.”Oh Jim!” Vicki laid back and opened her legs.I slid between them and pushed my cock into her. Thinking of a couple of hours before with Lacy, I only had to pump a few times before I came and practically feel asleep on top of her. I didn’t want to be that way with her, but I was fucking exhausted. ****Lacy became more and more brazen as the months went by. She would wear her regular t-shirt, panties and socks around the house, but intentionally bend way over right in front of me to grab something out of the bottom drawer of the fridge. Or she would be fully dressed except she wouldn’t wear any panties. When Vicki’s head was turned she would open her legs wide giving me a good look at what I couldn’t touch. It was excruciating and thrilling at the same time. When Vicki ran to the store for coffee one morning, Lacy came into the kitchen. She deftly pulled my cock out of my boxers, dropped to her knees and sucked it until we heard the garage door opening. She didn’t finish me, so I was forced to spend an extended period in the shower after breakfast remedying the situation. Another time when Vicki was gardening in the back yard, I found Lacy in the laundry room. She didn’t hear me, so just I watched her for a few moments as she leaned over to pull the wet clothes out of the washer and bent down to shove them into the dryer. She had flashed me at lunch, spreading her legs and showing me her shaved pink slit, while Vicki’s back was turned plating our sandwiches. So I knew she wasn’t wearing any panties under her skirt. I pulled out my cock and gave it a tug. It was already hard. I rubbed some spit on the tip of it and then made my move. Within seconds I was into her, bending her over the vibrating dryer.”Oh Daddy, yes finally!” She squealed.I covered her mouth quickly not knowing for sure if her mother was close enough to hear her, especially considering how loud Lacy could be. I knew we had to make it fast. I reached around and started fingering her little nub fast and hard. I slammed up into her with so much force that I was lifting her off the ground. I looked down and watched the dirty little soles of her feet flail around. I couldn’t think of a single part of her that wasn’t beautiful. I felt her pussy begin to grip my cock. I tightened my hand over her mouth, knowing that a loud scream would be next. As her pussy began to pour down my thighs and her mouth opened and shut in a muted scream, I started to cum too. I pushed deep into her cunt as it massaged every last drop of jizz out of me. We heard the back screen door swing open and shut. Lacy looked at me wide eyed. I pulled out of her, shoved my dick back in my pants and dashed through the door into the garage. Only moments later I heard Vicki’s voice on the other side of the door talking to Lacy, praising her for finally helping out around the house. Before Vicki made it out to the garage I had the hood of my car popped and was looking inside.”Hey Hon, something wrong with the car?” Vicki came up behind me. “Just making sure all the fluids are good.” I wasn’t really a car guy, but women always seemed to think guys know what they are talking about when it comes to cars.”You look so manly there working on the car.” She ran her hands over my back and shoulders and then wrapped her arms around me.What was it with these two women I thought, always wanting sex on the same day? I wondered if maybe it had something to do with the moon. I knew I wasn’t quite ready for another round. Not just yet, but I knew when Vicki was horny I would be finding myself inside her soon.



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