Daddy’s VirginThe storm seemed to be just getting started. Fred could hear the wind outside his home. It had not started to rain yet. But the forecast said that it would be torrential rains during the storm. And with this storm being so big and moving so slowly, it would be a long sustaining assault by Mother Nature.Far off in the distance, Fred could hear the faint rumblings of thunder. Yes, this storm promised to be a bad one. It was 10pm, and Fred had decided that both him and Jennifer his 18-year-old daughter should turn in early.It was the start of the summer break, and Jennifer was spending her month with her dad. She always loved spending time with him. Unlike her mom, her dad would talk with her and indulge her every whim. He was more than her dad; he was her best friend.They were in the kitchen, Fred had just finished his walk around to make sure that all the doors and windows were secured. Jennifer heard the rumbling off in the distance too. She looked at her dad and gave a weak smile. “I’m still deathly afraid of storms. Don’t lock your door dad. I may be making a beeline to your room if things get too squirrelly.”Fred looked at his daughter. She stood only three inches shorter than he did. And at 5’10, she wore her 180lbs extremely well. Like her mother, Jennifer had a big chest. He had taken a peek at her bra size and wasn’t too surprised to find that she was a 40 DD. Sharon her mom was 42 DD! And she had that same round full ass that made all her clothes seem like she had poured herself into them.Fred kissed Jennifer on the forehead. “Don’t worry kitten, you’ll be fine. The shutters are rolled down and locked in place. There is no chance of a branch breaking thru the window like it did when you were a c***d. And besides, I’ll be right next door in the Master Bedroom.”Jennifer laughed. “Yea dad, that’s the problem. I’ll be in one room and you’ll be in the other. I don’t know why I can’t just sleep with you until the storm is over?”Fred took a long slow look at his daughter. Jennifer looked so much like her mom that it was almost like looking at Sharon. And Fred may not have liked Sharon since the divorce, but he remembered the fantastic sex they had while they were married. Having this younger version of her would be distracting to say the least. Even now, Fred could feel that familiar stirring in his groin. He turned away, least Jennifer notice that he was getting hard.It wasn’t all Fred’s fault that looking at his daughter had this reaction in him. No matter what type of pants Jennifer wore, they showed off her ass. And the front seemed to pull so tight, it was almost impossible to miss the way the seam split her fat pussy lips.What he didn’t know was that Jennifer was well aware of the effect that her clothing had on her dad. She purposely wore things that would accent her figure and make him uncomfortable. And unknown to him, she had a plan that she was going to put into effect and this storm seemed like the perfect backdrop for it.Jennifer looked at her dad. His head was turned, looking at the small weather barometer that hung by the window. She noticed the slight bulge in his pants. Her dad may not have looked like some Greek Adonis, but to her he was the most handsome man she had ever known.Jennifer began to laugh, and Fred turned back to look at her. “What’s so funny kitten?”Jennifer looked at her dad. “Oh, I was just thinking. You had better wear your boxers tonight just in case I have to jump into your bed. I know how you like to just wear an undershirt to bed.”Fred laughed nervously. Suddenly, the thought of her jumping into his bed with him in only an undershirt made his dick jump. He gulped down the rest of his drink and waited for Jennifer to finish her glass of wine. He always allowed her to drink wine when she visited him. But she could only do it while at home. And he never heard of her drinking anything outside the house.Jennifer was just putting her glass in the sink, when a loud crack of thunder sounded close to the house. Suddenly, the house was plunged into darkness. Jennifer screamed. Fred tried to calm her, as he walked around lighting the pre-arranged candles.He walked her to her room and lit the three candles that he had placed there. Her room was lit with a soft orange glow. “See! It looks so romantic you won’t be scared.”Jennifer gave a weak laugh. “I wouldn’t be scared if you were crawled up next to me while I lay in that big bed. Come on dad! Let me sleep with you? I’m gonna end up in your bed if this storm gets any worse anyway. And we both know it will get worst.”Fred kissed her on the cheek and walked from her bedroom. He left the door open. He lit the candles in his own bedroom and taking a flashlight, he lit the pages of the book he was reading. But it was hard to concentrate. His mind kept coming back to the way that Jennifer had looked. She wasn’t a little girl anymore. She was a full-grown woman. And she had a body just as sexy and appealing as her mom’s.Thinking about this had the effect on him that he had tried so hard to hide from her. Fred’s dick grew hard instantly. He chided himself, telling himself that this was his daughter. That no matter how sexy she looked, he should not even allow his mind to stray into thoughts like that.But even as he tried to think about other things, his hand stole down to his crotch. He was hard and throbbing. Knowing that Jennifer would be spending the next month with him, he had suspended his dates and tried to fix up the house and concentrate on spending time with her.Closing his eyes, Fred slowly stroked his hard thick shaft. Well, a man can dream and fantasize, even if it was about the forbidden fruit of his own daughter. Suddenly, the house shook as the loud boom of thunder sounded.Jennifer screamed, and Fred was just jumping up to run and make sure that she was ok, when his door burst open and she ran into the room. Without stopping, she jumped on the bed and burrowed beneath the covers.”It’s gonna get me daddy! It’s gonna get me!” Jennifer grabbed him around the waist and hugged him tight. Putting his arms around his daughter, he tried to calm her fears.”No it won’t baby! Daddy will protect you like he always does. It’s ok!”He settled down further in the bed, bringing Jennifer with him. They lay cuddled in each other’s arms. Fred could feel the pounding of his little girl’s heart, and the way she trembled, she was so afraid. She had one arm around his back, and the other was on his chest.She was just bringing her hand down, when a crack and boom so loud and close made her jump again. This time it sounded like it was just outside the door. Jennifer screamed and her hands dug into her dad. That wasn’t so bad with the hand that was on his back. He felt her nails digging in and winced.But her other hand had grabbed his crotch. And as luck would have it, they wrapped around his throbbing shaft. Fred was too shocked to move immediately. Jennifer too afraid to let go, even as her mind told her that she had a hold of her dad’s dick.Fred’s arms had tightened around his daughter when the crack of thunder had sounded. Before he could react, another boom and crack of thunder sounded. Jennifer screamed and ducked beneath the covers. Suddenly, Fred’s whole body tensed.Fred felt his daughter grab his thick dick in her hand. And then he felt something that u*********sly he had always fantasized about. He felt her mouth encircle the head of his cock.”Jennifer! What the fuck…” That was as far as he got. Jennifer had slipped her lips over the head of his dick and slowly sank her mouth down on it. Fred had enjoyed the feel of a lot of women giving him head. Hell! He enjoyed getting head almost as much as he enjoyed fucking. And he really enjoyed fucking.But this was different. No woman had ever sucked his dick the way Jennifer was sucking him now. Her mouth felt so soft as she took his swollen head in. And her tongue was doing things to his swollen dickhead and the underside of his dick as she sucked, that very few women ever did.Fred threw the covers off them and gazed down at the scene before him. Lying on her side, one leg raised and bent, Jennifer was slowly working her head up and down on his throbbing dick. He watched in amazement, as her lips opened each time before she would slide her mouth down on him.His eyes were drawn to the movement of her hand. With her legs bent and her long sleep shirt pulled up he could see exactly what she was doing. Jennifer was rubbing and fingering her cunt feverishly with one hand, as her other hand held his dick and her mouth moved smoothly up and down.Each time she took him deep in her throat, she would make mewing sounds and small whimpers. Fred marveled at the way her fingers escort bayan would first rub her clit hard and fast, then piston in and out of her cunt. Jennifer was so wet, her fingers made squishy noises in her cunt.A loud clap of thunder made her jump, and she slammed her mouth down hard on his dick. Fred tensed, thinking that she would bite him in her fright. But instead, Jennifer did something that only two other women in his life had ever done.Fred felt Jennifer push until the tip of his bloated dick hit the back of her throat. Then he felt her take a deep breath and relax. Suddenly, he felt her take him in another two inches. Jennifer had deep-throated his dick and had it now lodged down her throat.Suddenly, she began to buck her hips. Jennifer was Cumming, even as she pulled back and slipped his dick from her throat. Then she took another breath and took him deep again. There was no way that Fred could have stopped her even if he wanted to now. And he definitely didn’t want her to ever stop.When her orgasm had subsided, Jennifer slipped her mouth from his dick. She looked up at him with glassy eyes. “Oh Daddy! That was so wonderful. I got so scared! I had to do something to distract myself. I’ve wanted to do that for so long. Please don’t be mad at me.”Fred looked at his daughter. The feelings that she had just given him was so overwhelming, he didn’t know what to say. He was lying half-propped up on his pillows. His mouth worked but no words came from it. Finally, all he could do was close his eyes.”Why baby? What would make you do something like that? It’s not right! It’s i****t! A father and daughter should never do anything sexual to each other.”He was babbling and he knew it. His mouth was saying the words he knew he should say. But his dick was throbbing, and the blood pulsing thru it was making it bob up and down, as it lay hard against his stomach.Jennifer looked up at him. A crack of thunder had her against him hugging him tight. “Hold me Daddy! Don’t let the storm get me!”Fred held his daughter tight against him. But his mind was in turmoil, and his dick wanted her to once again take him in her mouth. He had never felt anything like what she had made him feel.Jennifer could feel his heart pounding in his chest. She snuggled closer, and her hand settled on top of his throbbing dick. “Daddy. I’ve been in love with you forever. I know now that mom only wanted me to stay with her so that she could get money from you. But she never really loved me the way that you do.I have fantasized about you being my lover since I first became sexually aware of my body. I’ve always wanted it to be you that made love to me. I wanted you to be the one that turned me into a real woman. I had made up my mind to seduce you while I was here. The storm made everything perfect. I knew that I would end up in your bed after it hit.I love you daddy. I’ve always loved you. I want you to love me back. I want to be the one to love you like mom never did. We both know that she only wanted you for the money and lifestyle that your money let her have. And we both know that she was never a faithful wife to you.I want to be all the things to you that she never was. I’ve never been with a boy that way. I’ve gone on a lot of dates, and I’ve let the boys feel me up and play with my tits. I even let them put their fingers in me. But I’ve never been all the way with any of them. I was saving myself for the only man that ever loved me unconditionally. I was saving myself for you Daddy!”Fred looked down at his daughter’s face. She looked so beautiful and innocent looking back up at him. “But honey, this is wrong!”As Jennifer talked to him, her hand was slowly and softly stroking his throbbing dick. “No Daddy! This is the most right thing in the world! Every girl should have her first time with her dad. No other man will ever love her the way that he does. And no man will ever be as tender and gentle the first time, as he will. She needs to know that her first time will be the best ever for her.”Jennifer slid down on the bed. Fred felt her hand softly hold his throbbing dick as her lips once again took him to a place he had never been before. His daughter’s hot mouth! It didn’t take long, before he was slowly thrusting his hips up into her.Grabbing Jennifer beneath her arms, he pulled her up until she was straddling his hips. They looked into each other’s eyes. Fred could see only love in those eyes. Love, and a sense of unfulfilled lust. No other woman had ever shown him that before.”Put it in kitten. Let Daddy make love to you.” His words were spoken softly. As if talking loud would break the spell.Jennifer looked deep into his eyes. It was as if she was reading his mind as he looked at her. “No Daddy. I want to be on my back. I want to feel you make love to me as if I were your wife and this was our wedding night.”Fred rolled over, taking her with him. Then, using his legs to open her wide, he held his dick at the opening of her cunt. “Baby. If we do this, we can never take it back. It will change things between us forever.”Jennifer looked at him and bent her head. The kiss was long and deep. “As long as you promise to love me. This is what I want Daddy. This is what I’ve always wanted. I’m your virgin bride Daddy. Make me a woman. Make me your woman Daddy.”Slowly, Fred pushed into her. She was so tight. He didn’t feel the barrier that would have shown that she was a virgin. Maybe her fingering, had broken her shield. Pulling back again, he kissed her softly. Then he nuzzled her cheek and her ear. Jennifer sighed as she felt his tongue tip lick her neck and ear. Then she felt him softly nibbling on her ear.Even as Fred licked and kissed his daughter’s cheek, even as his tongue tip teased her ear, he kept up a slow steady pace of his dick sliding in and out of her dripping pussy. He could feel his daughter pushing her hips up at him as he gave her slow shallow strokes of his bloated dick.Jennifer was moaning and working her hips. The feel of his big dick slowly working in and out of the lips of her swollen pussy was pushing her closer and closer to Cumming. He never uttered a word! But his dick was saying volumes in her pussy.Fred bit down on her ear. Softly at first, but then a bit harder. Suddenly, he bit down hard. Jennifer cried out at the sudden pain. At the same time, Fred pushed hard. He felt his dick meet resistance then slide in half way. Jennifer cried out only once. Then her eyes grew wide.Tears began to roll from her eyes. Fred thinking that he had hurt her began to pull back. But Jennifer wrapped her legs around his waist. “No Daddy! You didn’t hurt me. I’m just so happy right now. Please don’t stop. Make love to me Daddy. Make love to your little girl.”Fred made love to his daughter slowly. He would sink his dick in deep, only to withdraw it almost all the way before sinking it deep again. Jennifer was soon moaning and clawing his back. He could feel her nails leaving marks but he didn’t care.”Oh Daddy! Ooh, it feels so wonderful! Deeper Daddy! I want to feel all of you in me. Oh Daddy!”Fred looked down at his daughter as he felt her pussy muscles clasp around his dick. She was so tight. He had to really pace himself; otherwise he would be shooting off in her before he knew it. Suddenly his eyes jerked open and he stopped.”Honey! Please tell Daddy that you are on the pill!”Jennifer smiled. “Yes Daddy! I’m on the pill. Mom made sure that I got that when I turned 16.” Jennifer was moving her hips back and forth. Her eyes locked on his. “Now Daddy! Make me your woman. Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me deep and hard! Fuck me now! I need you so much.”Fred smiled as he began to stroke in and out of Jennifer’s cunt. She was so tight! Knowing that this was actually her first fuck, Fred was taking extra care not to fuck her too hard. And he didn’t sink his dick all the way up her cunt. He didn’t want to hurt her. But Jennifer had other ideas.”Harder Daddy! Fuck me hard. Deeper! I want to feel your dick in me so fucking deep! I want this to be like no other man will ever make me feel! Do it Daddy! I need you to do it!”Fred, his cautious inhibition removed by her words, pulled her to the edge of the bed. “Yes baby! Daddy will make it feel like no other man ever will. Daddy will love you like no one ever will.”With that, Fred pulled back until just the tip of his throbbing dick was in her. He pulled her to the very edge of the bed. This left Jennifer with her ass perched precariously on the edge, feeling like she was gonna fall. Fred had his hands wrapped around her thighs and was pushing her legs high in the air.This lifted her off the bed slightly, but it also put her in a position where he knew he would bottom tuzla genç escort out when he fucked her. Jennifer looked up into her father’s face. The look of expected pain and pleasure evident.”You want Daddy to fuck this pussy deep? You want Daddy to fuck his little girl hard?”Jennifer licked her lips in anticipation. Her tits heaved up and down from her excited breathing. Her eyes locked on his. “Yes Daddy! I want to feel your long hard dick deep in my virgin pussy. I want you to fuck me so hard I go hoarse from screaming. That’s how I fantasized you doing it to me. That’s how I want it!”Just as he slammed his dick up her cunt to his balls, a loud clap of thunder roared outside. But it was soft compared to the scream that issued from his daughter’s throat.”Yes! Fuck me! Fuck your wife! Fuck your daughter! Fuck your little girl! Oh shit! It’s in so fucking deep Daddy! Harder! Make me scream! Oh Daddy! I’ve wanted this so bad!”Fred had never heard his little girl talk this way before. And it turned him on even more. Fred was slamming his dick into her soft yielding body. And each time he bottomed in her cunt, Jennifer cried out. But she was humping up to meet his every thrust.”Yes baby! Daddy is gonna fuck this cunt hard and deep! You’re gonna walk funny for a week by the time I’m through fucking this sweet, tight pussy! Your mouth felt so good on Daddy’s dick! He’s gonna want you to suck him all the time!”Jennifer was moaning and thrashing beneath him. Her fingers were clawing into his back and he knew that she was drawing blood. But he didn’t care. All he cared about was the feel of her tight pussy as he fucked her.Suddenly, Jennifer’s eyes opened wide. They rolled back in her head and she screamed. Her body convulsed as she experienced the most fantastic orgasm of her young life. Jennifer felt a hard stream shoot from her cunt and she thought that she had peed. But she didn’t stop humping hard to meet his every thrust. She would have died before she stopped fucking him as wonderful as he was making her feel at the moment.Another orgasm ripped thru her. Then another in quick succession! She had never experienced multiple orgasms before and they scared her. But she couldn’t stop. Then her eyes opened and she looked at her father.”Daddy! What’s wrong with me? I can’t stop it! Oh Daddy! I can’t stop Cumming! Daddy, I’m scared! Daddy! Help me!” Fred could feel the spasms that clenched her pussy muscles around his hard dick. He could see the fear in her eyes. “Look at me Jennifer! Don’t take your eyes from mine no matter what. Can you do that baby? Can you trust Daddy?”Jennifer nodded her head as yet another orgasm gripped her. Suddenly, she felt pain. Daddy had gripped both her hard nipples and twisted them viciously. He pulled them hard and she screamed. Only this time it was from the pain he was causing her.Her nails dug into his back as another spasm gripped her. Then she felt his fingers digging into the soft cheeks of her ass. Her eyes grew wide and she cried out as she felt his finger ram up into her tender ass. He pulled it out and shoved it in again.Suddenly, with a cry, Jennifer collapsed back onto the bed. Her body rocked, as she gulped in lungs full of air. And sobs filled the room. But through it all, Fred held her tight telling her how much he loved her. It was a few moments later, that he heard the soft even breathing. Jennifer had fallen asleep.Fred eased himself from her and slipped out of the bed. Since the house hot water supply came from gas, and not electric, he went into the bathroom and stepped into the shower. Fred had not cum yet and his hard throbbing dick had not gone soft.Fred was letting the now warm water wash over him as he stroked his dick with his soapy hand. His mind went over the events that had just taken place. His daughter had sucked his dick like no other woman ever had. He had willingly and eagerly taken her virginity. And he knew that he would want her again and again.Lost in his thoughts, and leaning against the cool tiles as he stroked his dick, he didn’t hear the bathroom door open. But he opened his eyes as the curtain was pulled aside.Jennifer stood before him in all her naked beauty. And Fred couldn’t take his eyes from hers as she looked at him. Taking his hands away from his throbbing dick, he let the water wash all the suds from his crotch.Jennifer stepped into the shower and shivered as the cool water hit her body. Without even stopping to let herself get used to it, she dropped to her knees. She took his hard dick in her mouth and began to slowly slide her mouth back and forth.All Fred could do was lean against the cool tiles and let his daughter once again give him the best head he had ever received. By the time she had started to deep-throat him, he was at the edge ready to cum. When Jennifer pushed hard and had him lodged in her throat, he let go.With a roar, Fred felt his dick swell. He tried to pull back, but his daughter pressed her face into his crotch and took him even deeper. Fred cried out, as he felt his balls empty. Jennifer worked her throat until she had drained him of what seemed like of every drop of cum he had. Then she settled back on her heels.They didn’t say a word as they washed each other. Then they stepped out and dried each other off. They were back into bed and were once again cuddled against each other when Jennifer started to speak.”I’ve never let the boys fuck me Daddy! But I’ve given a lot of them blowjobs to satisfy them on my dates. I’ve read a lot of books about sex and I know that there is a lot more than just regular fucking. I want to learn it all Daddy. And I want you to be the one to teach me.”Fred hugged her to him and chuckled. “What do you want to learn baby? Whatever it is, Daddy will teach you.”Jennifer tilted her head and looked up at him. “Really Daddy? Promise? Some of the stuff is really kinky! Some of it is even nasty! But I want to learn anyway. I want to be able to do everything for you, so that you won’t ever want to go look for another woman to satisfy you. Promise me that you won’t want another woman Daddy.”Jennifer looked into her father’s eyes. Fred cleared his throat. “Honey! Daddy loves the way you make him feel. And believe me, after making love to you; I don’t think that I could ever have a woman that could make me feel the way that you have made me feel. But we can’t just stop seeing other people. That would look strange and people would start to wonder about what is going on with us.”Jennifer looked crestfallen. He was telling her that he would still fuck other women. Seeing the look on her face, Fred tilted her head up and kissed her full on the lips.”Don’t worry honey! Daddy isn’t saying that he doesn’t want you. Nor am I saying that I want to go out and fuck other women. All I am saying is that for us to just stop seeing other people, that would make people talk and a few of them will guess that we are fucking each other.Since you don’t let the boys fuck you anyway, let’s do it this way. I am only going out with two women. You have met both of them already. If I stopped fucking them just like that, they will definitely know something is wrong. You only let the boys finger-fuck your cunt and you give them blowjobs. How about if we continue to do just what we are doing? We can even tell each other about it when we are together. But I promise you, I won’t touch another woman and will slowly wean off the two that I am fucking.But you will be going home in a month. Then we will only see each other when we visit. I’m sure that when we are apart, you will get back into the swing of how you do things then.”Jennifer looked at her dad. She didn’t like this arrangement one bit. “I’m not going back home. I told mom before I left, that I wanted to go to college here so I could live with you. Since I’m 18 and she won’t be getting any more money from you, she didn’t really want me around anyway.I didn’t bring my stuff cause I wanted to make sure it was ok with you. I’ve wanted to live with you since you and mom broke up. But she wouldn’t have it cause she knew that then you wouldn’t have to give her a dime.Mom has her own life and a lot of friends. She thinks that I don’t know what she does. But I’ve seen her on many occasions. Dad, mom has sex with both men and women. I would only be in her way being there. And now that I’m 18, I know that some of her friends will think that I am like her and fair game.Already, some of them have let me know that they would love to play with me. And I don’t think that mom would object. But I don’t want them to think that I’m a slut just ’cause she is! I want to stay here with you. I want to be your wife and love you like she never did.”Fred tuzla kendi evi olan escort looked at his daughter. “Honey! When your mom and I were first married, before you were born, we had a very wild sex life. We both had other partners and we knew about it. Hell! Sometimes we had threesomes and foursomes together.Even after you were born, I enjoyed watching her with other men and woman. Just like she enjoyed watching me with other women. The thought of you with boys your own age doesn’t scare me or make me jealous. Well not too jealous!” We both laughed at that.”And I don’t want the thought of what I may be doing with other women to make you jealous. I promise you that I will be open and honest with you about everything that takes place between us. And who knows, it may just turn you on to know that your dad is knocking their socks off in bed! I know that after feeling the way you give me head, I sure want to know what the guys say and do when you’re doing it with them.”Jennifer smiled at me. “Would you really get turned on by me telling you what I let other guys do to me?”Fred laughed and taking her hand placed it on his hard dick. “Does that answer your question?””Mmmm! And you promise to tell me what you do with your two girlfriends? You’ll tell me everything?”Fred reached down and stroked Jennifer’s wet slit. “I promise! From the first kiss, right up to the moment they cry out as I fuck them in the ass!”Jennifer’s eyes grew wide. “That’s one of the things that I want you to do to me! I read this book about this woman that loved it. It got me so hot; I had to try it too. I used the handle of my hairbrush. It hurt a little but the feeling was so intense. Would you do that to me? Would you teach me to take it up my ass?”Jennifer’s hand was slowly stroking her father’s throbbing dick. She shifted her body and was soon straddling his hips. Reaching down, she guided him to her slit. Fred kissed her as she slowly lowered herself down on his dick.Jennifer moaned as her slightly sore pussy took him in. “Oh Daddy! I don’t think I will ever get enough of you. So you and mom did other people! Did you like watching her take another man in front of you? Would you want to see me being fucked by another guy while you fucked another woman?”Fred grabbed her by the hips and ground up into her as he pulled her down harder on his dick. “Oh kitten! Daddy’s not ready to share this pussy with anyone right now! But the idea is a sweet one to think about. Oh Jen! Your pussy is so fuckin’ tight!”Jennifer was rocking her hips back and forth as he pumped into her. “You’ve got such a big dick Daddy! You felt like you were really stretching my pussy open. I don’t know if I will be able to take you up my ass. Shit! It hurt that time I used my hairbrush, and that’s not nearly as thick and long as your dick is.”Fred laughed. “I bet it did! But my dick is a lot different than your hard handled hairbrush. It will bend and mold to fit. And trust me kitten, Daddy will be very slow and gentle. You will have to get used to having something opening up your ass before I even try to fuck you like I fuck my girlfriends.”Jennifer could feel the smooth way that her father worked his throbbing dick in and out of her pussy as she rode him. This was like nothing she had ever expected. If she was having an erotic dream about being fucked by her dad, she hoped that she would never wake up.Jennifer looked down into her dad’s face. “Would you let me watch? I would love to watch you fuck them in the ass. I could even join in! Oh Daddy! It would be so hot! Me! You! And another woman! I’ve fantasized about that. I’ve been fooling around with Joanne a little. Nothing heavy! just a little petting and touching. But I know that I liked it!”Fred knew who Joanne was. She was not one of the prettier girls that Jennifer hung out with. In fact, she was a bit on the heavy side and very plain looking. But they had been fast friends for so long, that it seemed normal that Jen would play with her if anyone.Fred felt his dick pulse. “Mmmm! You will have to tell me exactly what you and Joanne have done together.”Jennifer felt her dad’s dick pulse in her tight pussy. “Are you thinking about me and another girl Daddy? Does the idea of Joanne and me playing with each other excite you?”Fred reached up and his fingers stroked her hard nipples. Jennifer closed her eyes and moaned as she rode his dick nice and slow. Fred was slowly rocking his hips back and forth to counter match Jennifer’s rocking.”I let her play with my pussy Daddy! I let Joanne work her fingers in and out of my dripping cunt. I watched her as she sucked my juice from her fingers. I even used a dildo in her cunt.One night when her mom was out, I fucked her with her mom’s dildo. Oh Daddy! I fucked her so hard and deep. She cried all during it, even as she came! But all the time she kept telling me to fuck her harder. I even pushed my finger up her asshole. Am I a bad girl cause I liked it Daddy? Oh Daddy! I’m want to cum again. But my pussy is so sore! It hurts.”Fred knew that the constant fucking was making his little girl very sore. So he pulled out as he eased her off his dick. Seeing that he was still very hard, Jennifer eased down and began to lick his dick.”No baby! You’re not a bad girl. In fact, Daddy likes the idea that you and Joanne played with each other. Maybe you can invite her over and Daddy can watch the two of you.”Jennifer gave him a look. “Would you really like to watch us Daddy? Joanne’s mom watches her masturbate sometimes. Joanne said that they sometimes watch each other while they do it. I guess that with both of them being heavy, they don’t go out much.”Fred knew Joanne’s mom. He and Stephanie had even gone out to dinner a time or two. But he had not seen her as a sex partner. Not because she is heavy mind you, he had been to bed with women heavier than she was. But she just didn’t seem to be the type of woman he would enjoy in bed.But this new information was beginning to give him an idea. He looked down at his sweet daughter as she looked up at him. Suddenly, the thought of their i****t didn’t seem so bad. Hell! If Joanne and her mom were enjoying themselves, there must be a lot of other parents and c***dren doing the same thing.Fred groaned, as he felt Jen take the head of his dick inside her mouth. He let his hands caress her hair as she slowly worked her mouth up and down. “Yes baby! Daddy would love to watch you and Joanne playing with each other. I like to watch two women. And the thought of her fingering this delicious pussy is getting Daddy ready to cum. Did she do anything besides finger your pussy?”Jennifer looked up at him. Even with his dick in her mouth, he could feel her smile. She gave his dick a slow lick as she lifted her head. “You want to know if I let Joanne lick my pussy Daddy? You want to know what I let her do to me?”What Fred really wanted was to throw her on her back and fuck the shit out of her. But he knew that her pussy was sore already, and didn’t want to hurt his precious baby. So he smiled. “First make Daddy cum! Then you can snuggle with me and tell me everything that the two of you did together.”Jennifer smiled and bent her head back down. As she began to suck on his throbbing dick, Fred pulled her around so that she was straddling his head. He licked her pussy as she worked her head up and down. Pulling her cheeks apart, he licked her asshole. This caused Jennifer to moan out loud and grind her hips down at him.Taking the hint, he used his middle finger in her cunt to get it wet. Then he began to push it into her ass. She lifted her head and let out a long moan. “Yes Daddy! Push it in deep! I want to feel it in my ass.”Fred went back to licking her cunt, which was nice and wet. But he kept getting his finger wet with her juice, working it in and out of her tight asshole. And his mind was thinking about how good it will feel when he finally would fuck her tight ass.With his finger working in her ass, Jen attacked his dick like a hungry whore in a room full of sailors. It didn’t take long before he was filling her mouth with his hot crème. As soon as she had licked the last drop from the tip of his dick, Jen twisted around and gave him a big tongue-twisting kiss. He could taste some of his crème on her mouth. Damn, it tasted good.That night, they fell asleep in each other’s arms. Morning found them still entwined. Jennifer was the first to awaken. She felt her dad’s hard dick pressed into her belly. Easing herself apart, she went into the bathroom and peed. Then she came back to the bedroom, her dad had rolled over onto his back. He was still asleep but his morning hardon was standing proud.Jen eased up on the bed and lay beside her dad looking at his dick. He was bigger by far than any of the boys she had ever played with. Just thinking about how he had filled her pussy had her getting wet. She stuck her tongue out and licked the tip.psi did not wright this story all credit go’s to SpankerSam



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