Guiding Cock

Dad thinks I’m MomMy mom was out of town for a month to six weeks helping out her younger sister who just had a baby.Mom told me to keep an eye on dad he’s under a lot of pressure at work. He wasn’t sleeping well. If he sleepwalks don’t wake him. That may be dangerous. Try to talk to him & guide him back to bed.Moms only been gone a few days.I was concerned about him but not worried yet. I was trying to behave and cook some meals.It was evening I was sitting on a stool at the kitchen island. I saw my dad walking slowly. Dad, dad are you alright? His eyes were almost closed. Is he sleepwalking? I remember what mom said do not wake a sleepwalker. Dad started walking towards me. Donna, no dad I’m Amy. Donna he repeated and reached down & grabbed my tits. Dad I’m not mom. Come to bed I need you. He pulled down his boxers & showed me his dick.GROSS my dad just felt me up & showed me his dick. I didn’t know what to do so I guided him back to his bedroom.Not 15 minutes later dad came back out naked, stroking his dick with his hand. Donna he said grabbing the waistband of my yoga pants trying to pull them down. Dad I’m Amy. Dad was practically ripping my yoga pants off. I didn’t want them ruined so I let him slip them down. Look at you. You grew a little patch of hair on your pussy. I guess mom must have a bald pussy hmm. Not now I said, trying to make dad think I was mom. Dad spread my legs apart, & started to eat me out. Ohhh he was good at it. I liked it but ick it’s my dad. He was licking, sucking, flicking my clit, rubbing my lips together. I closed my eyes trying to enjoy & not think about who was eating me out. I was starting to cum, I pushed into his face & he buried his tongue right into my hole. I was bucking like a bronco. Dad kept eating me out. I was moaning and breathing heavily. I lifted my own top up to rub my nipples. Mother fucker he was very giving. The few guys I’ve been would only go down on me long enough to get me wet so they could slide their dick in & get off.Dad was rubbing his dick up and down my slit. Stopping at my clit to rub his dick head against it. Unbelievably I heard myself say fuck me. He started to enter my pussy. Shit was he big. He pushed it in hard. I gasped. Donna your tight have you been doing those Kegel exercises? illegal bahis He was just fucking my brains out. I’ve never been stretched that wide or fucked this hard. The few other guys were more like 2 pump chumps. I thought I was going to fall off the stool. Uggg fuck I’m cumming. I felt my dad tighten up & splash my pussy full of hot cum. Dad left his dick in me for a minute. He pulled out & pointed it at my lips pulling my head forward. I just took his cock in my mouth. Dad pumped my mouth a few times, pulled his cock out & kissed me tongue & all.I sat there in disbelief. I just got fucked, fucked good & hard like never before but by my dad. Sticky, stringy gobs of cum dripping out of my pussy, on my thighs onto the stool. I’m left to clean this up!Everything was normal for a while. It was strange at first but I guess my dad had no memory of him fucking me. I told dad I was going to bed. sleep tight Amy.About an hour later my door opened. Donna? Donna you in here? Again? I just kept still. Dad wandered over to the bed feeling around. There wasn’t much light. I could see he was naked and his big cock was at full mast . He had something in his hands. Dad felt around & easily found me. Donna what are you doing in here? sleeping. I’m hard will you fuck me? I tried the not tonight routine again. He wasn’t buying that. Just my luck I sleep naked. He got into bed with me. His hard on went between my ass cheeks. He reached around & was playing with my tits, pinching my nipples. I don’t have a bf & haven’t been fucked since dad did me last & fucked me good. I was starting to get aroused. It’s dark just don’t think about who’s in bed with me.He helped me get on all fours. Ass high in the air. Dad buried his face in there tonguing my asshole. Dad started eating out my pussy. I buried my face in the pillow so he didn’t hear my screams. I was shaking like a leaf. The more I came the more dad ate me out.Dad was eating me out for 10 minutes or more. I can’t count the number of orgasms I had. I felt something cold on my ass. He was using lube. Why? I’m already soaked from cumming so many times.I saw dad put a condom on and felt his big head against my asshole. What are you doing? Donna you’re the one that likes to take it up the ass. I’m AMY not mom. I felt his illegal bahis siteleri cock head slowly enter. It was painful yet exciting because it was so naughty. Dad let his cock head just sit there for a while. Dad pushed in a little deeper. Fuucccck. I was breathing short bursts. Dad let me adjust to it. I was playing with my clit. Dad pushed in a little more.Damn him. Damn his big cock. Next thing I knew I felt his balls. He had his cock all the way in my ass. He just left his cock sitting in my ass. Phew I had to catch my breath. It hurt but strangely enough one that also brought pleasure. One that I didn’t want to stop.Laying there I thought jeez my mother sure is a hose monster. Who knew she took it up the ass let alone fuck this much. My dad is a sex machine.Dad slowly backed his cock out a bit stopped & slowly pushed back in. He did this for what seemed like 20 minutes. The more I relaxed the more I was starting to enjoy it.He pulled out took the rubber off his dick. Dad laid on his back so I mounted him. I was riding him furiously. Dad sucked on my tits. My legs were burning from riding him. I stopped, he coached me to all 4’s. Dad lubed up my ass again. Again dad entered my ass slowly. Only a few pumps & I felt a jet of cum up my ass. Dad pumped me a few more times. Then pulled out. Come back to bed Donna, Amy will be home soon.I just collapsed & fell asleep.I woke up & went into the bathroom. I was a mess. I had a spent condom stuck to my face OH YUCK, my ass was full of dry cum & I had hickeys everywhere. On my tits & inner thighs. How can mom be so cheerful in the mornings? Ridden hard & put away wet. I need to take a shower.This went on every 2-3 days for a couple of weeks.On Friday the phone rang. It was mom. She asked how things were going. Hows your father? Is he still having bouts of sleep walking? Yes. You didn’t wake him did you? No mom I didn’t. I’m trying to appease him. Good I’ll see you tomorrow. Tell dad.I was really horny. I longed for my dads cock. Tomorrows Saturday. I wanted to dress a little more provocatively but how can I? Dad’s put hickys on my tits & inner thighs. Surely he’d notice. Awake dad & sleepwalking dad are 2 different people.I was laying on the floor watching TV. Finally Friday evening he came out canlı bahis siteleri of his room with a hardon as usual. Dad was cupping his balls. I hiked my nightshirt up enough to show him my pussy. I rubbed my clit. Diane you must want something. I spread my legs for him. I do I said. (may as well pretend to be mom he’s fucking me like I am) He stood over me & went down into a 69 position. His breath felt good against my pussy lips. I was so wanting to get fucked. I sucked his balls. He kept teasing me. Kissing, licking everywhere but my pussy. I felt my clit swelling. Finally he started flicking his tongue on my clit. I came almost instantly.We ate each other out for a good 20 minutes. Dad said he’d be right back. Dad came out with lube & a condom. At this point I could take it up the ass pretty easily. I found myself going for the lobe lubing my ass up for him. I even got to the point where I’d put my finger up there to lube it. Dad put the condom on. He laid back on the floor, held his cock up & said sit on it. I worked it in my ass slowly until I was finally sitting on him. I looked like I had a pussy with balls. I was doing all the work. That was fine, I got the maximum pleasure at the pace I wanted to go. Dad reached around playing with my pussy. Rubbing my lips, clict, finger fucking me as I rode him. One hand squeezing my tit. He was gentle & giving, rough at the right times. Enjoy I thought. I’ll probably never find a guy to fuck me like this again.I got up, took the condom off, & sat on him entering my soaking pussy. Dad was pumping me furiously. I had a hard time staying on. I felt his dick getting bigger. Rope after rope of hot thick sticky cum shot deep into my pussy. I stayed sitting on him. Cum leaking out of my pussy onto his balls. I rubbed the cum into his balls That was great Donna, you were hot tonight.You better clean yourself up Amy may be coming home soon. OK. Dad left & I just laid there. I put my finger in my pussy then my mouth tasting his cum.Mom came home. I was happy to see her. How is everybody? Fine. Amy have you been a good girl? Yes mom. Dad said she’s been great. Amy thanks for taking care of your dad for me while I was gone. No problem. Little did she know how I took care of him.Did Amy fall for it? Did she fulfill your needs while I was gone? Yep, I’d say she fell for it hook line & sinker but it’s more like pussy, ass & mouth. Hopefully she’ll want more. How are we going to do that? Donna said I’ve been thinking about that, I have a plan……………



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