(This story was created with the help of Randy and his helpful tips on the idea of this story. And thanks to the volunteer editor program and forum, edited by LadyCibelle)

* * * * *

“The wall on the right is laughing at me.” Randy sneered under panting and uneven breath’s. “Why?” He questioned angrily. “Because, I said that my balls itch?”

Randy twisted back and forth struggling. “Not just a little giggle either, that’s what pisses me off, but a full out, bellowing laugh. Yeah go ahead and laugh, fucker.”

Randy stammered to his feet, staggering. Lowered his head and began running at the wall. As fast as he could, head down and charging like a Bull Ram. Gaining what speed he could in such a short distance and “bam.”

“Damn, that had to hurt,” snickered Nurse Ridged. Her real name was Anne Ridge but her demeanor inherited her the name Ridged. The other nurse, Nurse Shirley, half covered her eyes as she watched Randy attempt to get to his feet again then fall hard to the ground unconscious. The tiny visual portal was nothing more than a small slat in the door to the Padded cell.


“Randy … Randy!” He stirred a moment opening his eyes. His smile grew as he gazed at his computer monitor. “You fell asleep on me silly.” The screen showed her smiling face that seemed bright set against her long dark brunette hair. Straight stranded falling below the monitors visuals.

“Sorry,” Randy glanced at the clock. “It’s 2 am I got to get some rest before work tomorrow.” Randy started clicking the x boxes to close out some windows.

“Randy, don’t go.” A soft sweet voice chimmed through the computer speakers. Sensual toned and hinting a desire to play longer.

“I have to go, it’s 2 am and I’m falling asleep at the computer. It was nice to have met you. I will be home tomorrow night, I would love to chat with you some more?” Randy typed while turning his computer-cam toward him.

“Okay but you’ll be missing this…” Randys eyes got wide. The full screen image of her breast got closer and closer till the monitor went dark from an image to-close to the camera lens for it to focus. Slowly Sin’dy backed up enough to show her subtle breast. A firm grasp under her mound, she shook her breast playfully, jiggling her fluid filled flesh, taunting. Waves of passionate ripples wobbled over her full firm breast.

Finger flicking at her nipple causing it to harden as its lightly rough texture protruded enormously. Sin’dy then lay back slightly and smiled as she rolled out her long tongue and lapped at her nipple with her mouths muscle. Toying she began rolling her tongue around the base of her hardened nipple. Leaving it moist which gave it a shiny sheen.

Randy was entranced as Sin’dy pulled her taught nubs to there full elastic like length and released it allowing he breast to ‘pop’ back to her body with an added wiggle. Sin’dy let out a charming ‘giggle.’

“Oh wow,” Randy savored his viewing pleasure. His hand reached between his legs to grip, an adjustment.

Sin’dy had a handful of breast in one hand and with the other she extended her finger and slowly slid it deep into her mouth. Sucking it deeply, wetting it, fully. Pulling her hand back extra slow güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri out of her open mouth, while her finger glided over her tongue. A smile rolled across her face as a wet strand followed her finger as she turned it and pointed in the direction she drove it, downward.

Randy smiled as well and gripped his pride a little tighter as Sin’dy maneuvered her cam so he could view her southern play. Wiggling her fingers to pass the elastic band on her white cotton panties allowing the passing of her moist pleasure finger.

Sin’dy’s head fell backward arching her back pressing her breast up into thin air. Her finger pressed her button of lust and her body quivered for more. Randy sat back with a slight squirm in his chair and a huge grin on his face and his hand …occupied. He scooted in his chair for adjustment.


His ass was on the soft flooring, bouncing around. “Somebody, PLEASE. HELP, help …please.” Randy sat on the floor in such frustration he scooted his rear on the flooring by pushing his legs out in front of him and sinking his heels in deep and dragging him self, scooting. “Somebody please, my balls itch!”

“What do We have here this morning,” clearing his throat to suggest the nurses clear the way was Dr. Arnold.

“Morning Doctor,” replied Nurse Ridge. “This is Mr. Randy Brodie he came in with self inflicted wounds and he appears to be self destructive. The Police brought him to us, they responded to a call of disturbing the peace and found Mr. Brodie to be a tad bit violent. So we got him, we placed him in a straight jacket and in here till you could analyze a diagnosis. Awaiting your recommendation for the sedative, Doctor,” Nurse Ridged said in a very professional tone.

“Very well, 10 cc of valium and put in a call for an orderly. We may need to restrain him further.” The Doctor opened the door and Randy shot a look at the doors opening.

“Finally, thank god. Please I have been in here all night and my hands well my hands are FUCKING no good to me in this straight jacket. I had to pee, Doc.”

“What is your name Sir?” Dr, Arnold asked.

“Didn’t you hear me? I said I HAD to pee. I don’t any longer but damn if my balls don’t itch like fucking hell.” Randy said with a fast paced melody to his madness. “If your not going to allow me my hands to scratch myself then Damn it scratch-me or untie me so I can, PLEASE!” Randy pleaded.

“Mr. Brodie until you show me some restraint and self control, I am afraid I can’t do that. Do you understand?” Dr. Arnold asked while scanning his clipboard and thumbing through the chart. “The police brought you here for fear of violent behavior, so that is why you are being restraint.”

“Okay Doc, that makes since, see, I’m calm,” Randy tried to sit as still as possible but still squirmed uncomfortably.

“Do you use any narcotics or drugs, Mr. Brodie?”

“No, I have been here all night in my wet pants. I am not crazy!” The orderly walked up and the doctor gave a nod and the orderly proceeded to untie the straight jacket that bound Randy. The Doctor fanned a wave in front of his face for some relief from the stench.

“Thank God,” Randy blared as he twisted güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri in an effort to hasten the expedience of being untied. As soon as he could Randy’s hand shot to his groin in a frenzied, scratching, pawing and rubbing action.

“Now Mr. Brodie, what brings you to the house of the insane, where people stick their hands in … comfort?” Dr. Arnold asked with a smile, still testing Randy’s full faculties, eyeing his patience self interests. “It say’s here you destroyed your own apartment. You showed violent tendencies and appeared self-destructive and resisting arrest”

“Damn Bitch!” Randy gasped while still scratching which looked more like masturbation, while they conversed.

“Who your wife, girlfriend?” Dr. Arnold asked curiously.

“No …Sin’dy” Randy shot Dr. Arnold a serious look, in an almost growling tone.


“You ring?” Sin’dy asked

Randy’s eyes darted up and directly into the computer monitor. “Yea, what in the hell is this?” Randy asked angrily. Pointing to a ‘Sin’dy’ icon on his desk top.

“What” Sin’dy asked back in her playful giggle.

“You know what … this. What is this SHIT all over my computer,” Randy started to raise his voice higher as he saw more and more unfamiliar icons, add-ware and short cut links to Sin’dy’s web site. Her cute face and puckered lips were displayed through out Randy’s computer.

“Randy? You sound angry? You said you wanted a pic of me for your computer, didn’t you?” Sin’dy asked toying with a straw across her ruby red lips. Licking the long plastic tube, up and down with her slightly, long and wet tongue. Her smile showed that she wasn’t hiding her actions.

“Well, yes but what in the …a Wallpaper of you, well, I mean your … well, that’s nice!” Randy grinned as he gazed at the wallpaper a moment then pulled back up his web window. There was the cam visual of her smile and playfully sucking on the straw, seductively.

“You’re cuter than a new born pup!” Randy chanted. “But my computer barely works with all these… short cuts to your web site. Look, I enjoy watching you on your web cam but you can’t hack into my computer and read my mail and plaster … huh!” Randy got silent watching the monitor.

Sin’dy puckered her lips and blew a kiss to Randy, her trademark playful tease. While milking her firm round breasts in a kneading fashion. Tweaking her nipples and sticking her tongue out and lapping at it. “Want some?”

“Yes,” Randy mumbled as he sank into his usual hypnotic, spell bound gaze at the monitor. While Sin’dy went through her self-pleasing repetition. Slow hand Sin’dy began her finger dance while Randy was totally entranced.

“Want to see my pussy?” Sin’dy grinned.

As she turned the camera downward and spread her legs.


“Mr. Bodie? Mr. Brodie?” Dr. Arnold stood towering over Randy. The brightness of the Padded cell glared as Randy squinted an eye to peep upward. Slowly sitting up and a slow shake of his head, awakening.

Randy stirred drowsily. “Yea?” Randy murmured and licked his dry lips. Sitting up right and taking deep breaths and getting acclimated to his surroundings, with a slight güvenilir bahis şirketleri quick dart to scratch … himself. “Ouch,” Randy spat as he felt a sting in his arm.

“A mild mood elevator Mr. Brodie,” Dr. Arnold said as Nurse Ridged walked out of the room with a rather large needle. “Mr. Brodie, who is Sin’dy?”

“Fucking bitch.”

Nurse Ridged stopped and looked back at Randy harshly.

“Oh No … not you Nurse. Her …Sin’dy!”

“Yes you said that already, right before you passed out last time. Now stay focussed Mr. Brodie if you wish to gain my confidence. Do you understand?” Dr. Arnold grew impatient.

“I understand totally Doc. Sin’dy is this Cyber nut case I met on the Internet. Well, I went to her web cam website and we had … cyber frolic.” Randy grinned.

Dr. Arnold snickered, “Nut case … interesting. Remember where you are Mr. Brodie.” Dr. Arnold jotted some scribbled on his clipboard. “This Sin’dy, is why your actions seem ill-rational?”

“Yes, at first she was just a nice person to chat with and the next thing I know she has infiltrated my computer and has plastered her picture and web cam site links in every folder I have. I couldn’t pull up the web site ‘Monster trucks’ without getting a window pop up saying: Did Sin’dy give you permission to access this site, wouldn’t you prefer to go to Cyber Sin’dy’s.” Randy paused while Dr. Arnold’s pen rolled in a frenzy manner across his pad.

Randy continued, “She had my computer over run with this add-ware, spy ware and whatever ware that told her my every action. No matter what I did on my computer, her web site would open up. I couldn’t even think about opening my mail without finding out it had already been read.” Randy said angrily.

“This generated the anger that you displayed which ultimately brought you to my part of the world?” Dr. Arnold finished his writing and pulled his glasses off.

“Yes, I had a …small fit! I exploded … I’m sorry! I hadn’t slept in days and wasn’t quite myself. Well, I was myself but I wasn’t all here, you know what I mean? My computer was now worthless I tried ever kind of spy ware removal I could. The only alternative was to trash the damn thing so I figured I would let her see it coming.” Randy said excited.

“You smashed your own computer while she … watched.” The Doctor dotted some notes while questioning curiously.

“I took a base ball bat to my computer, some pieces flew off and cut me other than that I didn’t try to kill myself or any thing. I didn’t hurt any one other than my self and I am not filing charges on my self so how long do I have to be in here Doc?” Randy asked with puppy dog eyes.

“Well, I have to keep you a couple days for observation. You show me sanity and I’ll show you the front door.” The Doctor turned to walk out.

“Wait … do I have to stay in here?” Randy pleaded.

“Of course not, we will relocate you to another room.” Dr. Arnold pulled up his clipboard. “What was the name of this web site? Cyber Sin’dy @?

“Yeah Doc, but I promise you don’t want to go there … Doc!” Randy scrambled to his feet. The orderly shut the door as the Doctor walked down the hall reviewing his notes. Randy yelled, “No … Doc … no, you don’t even want to open that web site. Do you HEAR me? You’ll be sorry!” Randy turned back to the padded cell wall, “see, told you I’d get out of here, fucker!”


“Hello, my name is Cyber Sin’dy, want to … cyber!”




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