Cum & Pizza (True Story)I was ordering pizza for the family, and had to pick it up so left right away.On the way to getting it I drive by a local Rest Stop known as a Bi/Gay hangout.I notices that there were 5 or 6 cars and no one sitting in them.So I pulled in and walked up to the Out-Door Outhouse, There was only one guy inside side the stalls so I acted like I was taking a leek. I saw the guy looking at me thru the glory-hole. I started getting hard just looking at that eye looking at my cock. I started the pull on it until I got totally hard which only took about 30 sec. because I was turn on. I took a step back and looked into the other stall which none of them them had doors, and looked at the horny guy watching me JO.He stood up and grabbed my dick and gave me on hell-of a french kiss. I about lost it right there.He took be by me outside the out-house and there was five other guys standing there, they have must have been watching to because as soon as internet casino i was out side the all started to undress me. I just though WOW this can’t be happening. I had one guy sucking my nipples one licking his fingers and jamming them up my ass, one sucking my dick, one under him sucking on my balls, and the other two were and I were in a Kissing 3-way. The guy on my ass kept pulling his fingers out and putting his tongue in it’s place, and squeezing my ass like it was bread dough. I was about to cum when the guy sucking my did stopped and said “not yet were not ready” and pinched off my dick so no cum would come out.I stood there with my jeans ans boxers around my ankles, and shirt thrown on the ground somewhere. wondering what do they have to do first before I shoot. then all the guy’s dropped to here knees and they sucking started back up. I shoot a Load of cum that would have filled half of a coffee cup, I was barely standing with the guy’s holding güvenilir casino me up so I didn’t fall. They started to swap my load between the five of them. the two guys that I was kissing with stood up and started back up again. one of them must of still had some in his mouth because I got a big glob In mine.I was hard again in about 10 sec. of that, And it started up again with the guy’s trading spots. The guy that took over the ass fingering must have been a mechanic because he grabbed a screwdriver from his pocket a started to fuck my ass with it. This was like the best thing ever, I have put thing thing up my butt before but never being pushed in and out in a fuck motion. My God I was not going to last long at all. The two guy that changed out with the other two still and some of my cu in there mouth also, and kept sharing between the three of us. and the guy sucking on my nipples was getting real ruff using his teeth and biting hard, and when casino firmalari I would moan in pain one of the two guy’s kissing me would kiss me so deep I could hardly get a sound out. I was being used and it was great, I was just ready to cum again and we heard a car pull into the parking lot, It was a State Patrol Car. Oh Shit. every one s**ttered like cockroaches, leaving me half dressed and a giant hard-on, I grabbed My shirt off the ground and went inside the out-house started to put every thing back in place and in walks the cop. peeks his head in and say “You have 30 Sec. to get out-of here before I trough your ass in Jail” I was no going to say and find out if he was bluffing or not. I was out of there as fast as I could with my cock pressing on my jeans like I had a screwdriver sticking out of my groin.It was the best adventurer I ever had. I still would drive past that place hoping to find something going on but only one or two cars and usually just someone to meet in the parking lot and go somewhere else. since then the rest area has been closed down i sure miss that place.I did pick up the pizza and got home about 20 min. late. No one really cared, But what a great to for Pizza.



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