Cuckold ExperienceThe Cuckold ExperienceA true cuckold doesn’t know about it ahead of time, she doesn’t tell him, and he certainly isn’t involved in setting it up, or invited to watch.Instead, the way it usually happens is that he comes home early one day from work, unexpectedly, and walks in on them. Like so many cuckolds before him, he catches his wife naked in bed with another man, as they’re fucking. That’s how he finds out. His heart stops, he can’t breathe, and he feels like he’s going to pass out. Afterwards, he just has to deal with it, the painful anxious reality that his sweet beautiful wife has been fucking another man.And then they have that tearful halkalı escort emotional talk that every cuckold is intimately familiar with, where she slowly, shyly confesses to him what’s been going on, for how long, that she didn’t mean to hurt him, and that she still loves him. She doesn’t tell him everything right away. Instead it comes out in slow drips and dribbles. She’s not sure how much he already knows, and doesn’t want to tell him quite everything. He asks her if it’s just him, and she hesitates. He asks her who he is, and she hesitates.After more talking, it comes şişli escort out that there have been several other men, and that it’s been going on for a while. He’s afraid to ask why, because he fears the answer, but he asks anyway. She hesitates to tell him the truth, because she truly doesn’t want to hurt him, and so she makes something up, and doesn’t say anything about the real reason, about his sexual inadequacy, about his small penis, about his premature ejaculation problem. At around this time he loses it, breaks down, and cries like a little boy, sobbing, as she cradles him in her arms. He feels humiliated, sarıyer escort inadequate, and lost. When he asks her to please stop, to please stop having sex with other men, she’s honest, and tells him that she can’t really promise him anything because she doesnt’ know, that she’s confused.After more talking, she eventually tells him that if he wants to leave her, she’ll understand. That she knows it’s all her fault. But he loves her, and that’s not what he wants. He wants to be with her, he wants her to stay. And now he’s feeling desperate because he doesn’t want to lose her.After more talking, she gains the confidence to honesty explain to him that if he wants to be with her, if he wants to stay with her, their relationship is going to have to change. She explains that she’s just being honest with him. That’s when he finds out that the price of staying with her is that he’s going to have to get used to the idea of sharing her with other men. She doesn’t put it quite that bluntly, but he knows what she means.



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