Craigslist DaddyIt was a beautiful spring afternoon, I was horny as usual but that day I wanted to try something new, something different. The internet for me was an escape and a window into a world to which I thought I’d never know or experience. I had been cruising the craigslist mfm section for quite sometime trying to find the right man for a little adventure.After many days of combing through the mfm section I finally got the nerve to make a post of my own. I didn’t want to respond to someone else’s. I wanted to be in control, I wanted to make damn sure I made the best pitch around so I could find my horny daddy.You see, I’m one of those rare horny studs that need sex many times a day. Once a day just doesn’t cut it with me. My girlfriend just can’t keep up with me. She calls me a perv at times or a horn dog. Well its her loss, I knew I had to find me a daddy who know how to take care of young man cock.Once I made my post, I waited. I waited until I could find the right bakırköy escort daddy, one I thought I could trust, who would suck my cock like it never has been sucked. I wanted someone to worship my young cock, to attack it as if it was the very last one on earth.Finally, after 30 excruciating long minutes I found my man. A man in his early 40’s, about 5’7″, white and a little balding happening responded. He said could take my cock balls deep and I definitely wanted to feel that.I wrote back to him with my address and to my surprise he arrived in my drive way in 10 minutes! I was so glad because by this time I needed a wet mouth badly. As he stepped out of his car I motioned for him to follow me to the side of my house where I have a privacy fence. Once he met me back there I said, ” Daddy, you want some of this young college cock dont you”? As I said that I pulled my gym shorts to the ground to let him see my young, white, semi hard cock. He beşiktaş escort said, “I want it right fucking now”. My craigslist daddy went right to his knees and took my cock into his hot wet mouth.My cock went crazy, he knew exactly what he was doing. Sliding his mouth back and forth down my cock. Licking my shaft while he was stroking the head of my cock. I had to tell him to slow down because I didn’t want to blow my load too quick. He eventually slowed down, tightening his lips around my cock and giving it a little tug once he got to the head after taking all of my 6″ cut cock to the back of his throat. His claim was justly earned. He could take a cock balls deep. I could feel his tongue at the base of my shaft every single time.It was and is, to this very day, the best feeling in the world. Having anyone take your cock balls deep. Mmmmm it felt amazing. So tight it must be right.At this point my cock was rock hard. I grabbed the back of beylikdüzü escort his head and started to fuck that talented mouth. I wanted to take control, I wanted to slide my cock in his sexy mouth faster and faster. My cock was redder than a tomato, I could feel my hot load pumping through my cock. I screamed, I’m cumming. He violently grabbed my hands off his head and held my hands behind my back and shoved my cock deep down his throat as I was blasting load after load down his throat. As I was looking straight up into the clear blue sky, I could feel my rock hard cock pumping and grinding in his mouth.Once I had finally stopped cumming, I was slowly slide my cock out of his mouth. As my cum glazed cock hung there right in front of him under the blue skies, He asked me “how was it?” I told him don’t ever suck another cock again, because you just found yourself your very own boy cock. He smiled and began to clean my throat battered cock.After a suck like that I need some rest. I told my new daddy to come back in a hour for some fun in the pool. He said he couldn’t wait that long and asked if we could wash up in the shower. I told him after a sucking like that I’m not sure I could get it up that quick. He said while grabbing my cock, “I’m always up for a challenge”.



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