Herman drove down the mile and a half dirt road which led to the deans house. It was an unassuming little place, two stories and had a homey feel. It came furnished and the previous owners had maintained it well. Before leaving the college, Herman had been given a senior yearbook by Cordelia. It was mainly something for the girls to commemorate their senior year with but it would also give Herman a chance to start thinking about which of the students he would choose for his service girls.

He was already excited again by the time he’d cleaned up and put on his pajamas. It felt strange to be so eager to stroke off to the girls he would be in charge of as dean but Cordelia seemed to feel it was very important for the dean of the school to remain satisfied and relaxed in order to deal with the rigors of the position and if being milked regularly by gorgeous young girls was the way they did it at Courtview, Herman certainly wasn’t going to complain.

The yearbook was apparently made over the summer months and the girls all took their pictures at the end of their junior year. There were 62 women in the senior class this year and Herman’s excitement made him feel like a teenager again looking at his dad’s dirty magazines as he turned to the first girl’s page.

Her name was Crystal Atley and as with all the other senior women, there was a full page color photo of Crystal and a bio on the opposite page. Herman had little interest in the bio at that moment but the young woman was a stunning redhead. He would need one of those for one of his service girls. The young woman was only 21 but as with all students of Courtview looked poised and confident in her photo. Her hair was an auburn color, that dark, sultry shade of red that went enticingly well with her flawless white skin. She had green eyes and a trail of freckles along the bridge of her nose. Her lips looked like pink pillows stretched into a beautiful smile and the tight school sweater she had on did little to hide her full breasts and small waist.

Herman hadn’t even made it past the first girl before the urge to pull out his cock became too strong. This young woman would definitely be in consideration for his redheaded student. Herman rubbed his stiffening cock, thinking of those pillow-like lips slipping wetly down his hard cock, giving him one of many expert blowjobs he would enjoy as Dean of Courtview. Herman lifted himself up to pull his pants down but, before he could, there was a knock at the door.

It wasn’t quite 9:00pm yet but it seemed late for callers. Herman, aggravated by the interuption, closed the yearbook. He made his way downstairs and opened the front door to see a tanned slender blonde standing outside. She wasn’t wearing a school sweater but a v-neck t-shirt that stuck tight to her full tits and her cleavage jiggled as she waved. Herman also noticed she was wearing tight black pants that showed off her attractively full ass.

“Uh, hello,” Herman said.

The girl smiled. Her face was youthful and her lips made Herman want to suck them as soon as he laid eyes on them. “Hi, Dean Pelt. My name is Holly Wilson and I’m one of the senior students at Courtview. My best friend, Ginger Willis, she sucked you this morning and, well…” Holly shrugged a little shyly. “She said you like big titties… and I know you’re picking your service girls this week, so I thought maybe you’d like to inspect my body. See if it’s what you like.”

Holly pulled up her shirt and revealed her two big and juicy, tanned tits. Herman could hardly even speak as this young woman bared her magnificent chest to him. Her nipples were very pink and her breasts looked heavy, like all of the fat on her body had been stored in her tits. He looked back up at Holly’s sweet, smiling face and since no words would come to him, he simply smiled back and gestured for her to come in.

“Thank you, Dean Pelt,” Holly said as she fully removed her top and walked inside. Her gorgeous globes swayed as she did. “My two older sisters were both service girls their senior year and I really want to do everything I can to be one too.” Holly was about 5’6, probably 125 lbs and her body was the definition of hourglass. As Herman watched her slide her tight black pants off, he saw that the only tanline she had was in the shape of a small pair of bottoms which disappeared into the crack of her ass.

“My sisters would always talk about how they never would have gotten as good at oral sex if they hadn’t had so much practice their senior year,” Holly continued as she caressed her own heavy tits absent-mindedly. “And I know both their husbands want blowjobs from them all the time. I want to be able to help my future husband relax too.”

Herman sat on his couch, watching Holly model for him fully naked except, he noticed, for her socks. She held her tits and bit her bottom lip as she let the deans eyes caress her body. It felt so good to have a man appreciate her form. She could feel the warm wet sensation again between her legs and she felt her bakırköy üniversiteli escort nipples harden.

“Inspect me, Dean Pelt,” she said softly. “Are my breasts what you like?”

Herman nodded and felt his penis throbbing rigidly in his loose pants. Normally he would be concerned with the large tent he was obviously sporting but he felt no need to hide it now. He patted the cushion next to him. “Would you mind sitting for me, Holly?”

Holly sat and Herman slid his hand over her tight trim stomach, again noticing how tiny her waist was for her large natural tits. They moved and jiggled as real breasts do, yet they somehow maintained much of their fullness even as she leaned back into the couch. Nature was amazing sometimes. His other hand slid behind her back and held her softly, feeling her soft, warm body in his arms. The young girl sighed and Herman wondered if she was wet.

His hand caressed Hollys body, slowly yet eagerly moving up to one large full breast and squeezing it. The soft but dense flesh felt like velvet to his hands. He closed his eyes and let out an involuntary moan as he massaged Hollys soft rack. His breathing was hard, he could tell but so was Hollys and her excitement made him even hotter. He squeezed harder and then pulled on one of her sensitive little nipples.

“Suck them, please,” Holly begged in her soft voice. “I’ve never had a man suck on my nipples. Please, Dean Pelt. I want to feel it.”

Herman felt Holly slide a bit lower on the couch and push closer to him. He still couldn’t think of anything to say and with Holly’s exquisite body in front of him, he knew nothing other than the desire to do exactly as she asked. He took her left breast fully in his hand (or as much of it as he could) and squeezed her breast, pushing the girl’s nipple into his mouth as he leaned over and sucked. Holly moaned and he felt her hand on the back of his head, holding him to her chest. He popped her nipple from his mouth and replaced it with her right breast, sucking it just as well.

Holly opened her legs slightly and she could feel the wetness dripping down her golden thighs. She was soaked, she realized and reached down to ease some of the tension from her aching clit. Herman felt her hand moving towards her young pussy and pushed it away. “No, no, my dear,” he said. He actually enjoyed the small look on Holly’s face at being denied pleasure, especially since he knew what he had in mind for her.

It was unclear even to Herman where this sudden dominant attitude came from. He’d never had the desire to be dominant over a young woman but something about Hollys personality just begged for it. Not even in high school did Herman have a hot, horny, young girl to tease and fondle like this. He’d always been so jealous when he’d hear the popular guys talk about feeling up one of the hot cheerleaders and now it was finally his turn.

Herman sat up from sucking the girls delicious bouncy tits and asked Holly to lay with her back on his lap and her ass on the couch just next to him so he could inspect her further. He could see her wetness shining on her thighs as she lay down and her breasts jiggled around as she got comfortable. “Now let’s get a good look at your body, Holly,” he said, feeling the side of her body pressing against his erect cock, still inside his pajamas.

She nodded and let the deans hand slide all over her tight body. She trembled with excitement and pleasure as the dean squeezed as much of her tits as he could with both hands and began suck each one, back and forth. Soon, he removed one hand and slide it between Holly’s legs. She sucked in air as she felt the deans finger begin to caress her clit. Holly’s legs spread wider seemingly on their own and she looked at the dean as she felt his fingertip enter her.

“You want to be a service girl badly, don’t you, Miss Wilson?” Herman asked as he massaged the young woman’s virgin pussy lips. Her wetness dripped down his wrist.

Holly nodded. “Ooooooooh. Yes, Dean Pelt, I do. I want to suck on you everyday, ooooooh… Yes, fingerfuck me! Please??”

Herman was fingering her with just the front part of his middle finger. She was so tight and smooth there, tight but soft. It felt like heaven, even to his finger. “Oh, yes, Miss Wilson, you’ll make a very good little service girl with those soft lips of yours. You must give outstanding head.”

Holly gripped the couch as Hermans finger penetrated her deeper. “I-I think I do, sir, oooooh…. I’ve gotten, gotten As on all my oral exams, mmmmmm…. And I just, ah, want to practice everyday, ahhhh!”

Herman started fingering her a little harder. Feeling as turned on as he was, it was hard to control himself. He felt the naughtiness of it too but it just aroused him even more. Holly’s legs were spread wide as she was fingered rhythmically. Herman watched as his finger moved in and out of her tight soaking wet pussy, the slickness of the young girl all over bakırköy bdsm escort his hand now. She had a little blonde bush that was trimmed very close to her velvety skin and her juice even made her pubic hair glisten. Herman nearly came himself as the young girl screamed in pleasure, her beautiful luscious legs spread wide, the tan color of them contrasting erotically with her bright white socks.

The young girl spasmed in pleasure. She grabbed onto Hermans hand and began fucking his finger as she came loudly. Herman could feel the girls pussy contracting around his finger as she orgasmed. After a minute or two, she relaxed and Herman was about to try for another orgasm brought on by his finger when he heard a bump outside the house. He looked up, startled.

Holly was too dazed from her intense orgasm to have noticed but Herman suddenly felt uneasy as he stood to investigate. He opened his front door and glanced to his left where he saw Ginger kneeling below a window, hugging her knees to her breathtaking chest. She waved but was obviously embarrassed. Herman sighed a mental breath of relief and helped Ginger stand. Her bust grazed his erection as she did.

“I’m sorry, Dean Pelt, I was just checking on Holly and…” Ginger shrugged as she stepped closer to Herman and looked in on Holly, still recovering from her hard cum. “Well, I thought since I was here anyway, you didn’t really get to suck on my titties this morning. I can tell you wanted to.”

Ginger stepped into the house with Herman following behind her almost hypnotically. He somehow felt as subservient to Ginger as he did dominant towards Holly. The curvy brunette pulled off her top and soon she was as naked as Holly on the couch, two busty college girls smiling up at Herman Pelt. Holly had taken over massaging her pussy and leaned into Ginger with a sigh as she masturbated slowly. Herman felt his cock yearning to be touched.

Ginger, whos fabulous tits made even Hollys seem small in comparison, looked at her friend. “Hey, I’ve got an idea! Why don’t you show Dean Pelt how good you can suck him while I let him play with my boobies??”

Holly sat up and beamed at Herman. “Okay! What do you think, dean? Can I suck you off?”

“Uh, well, okay girls but why don’t we go upstairs where we can be a little more comfortable? I think I do need to be milked so I can get a good nights rest before my first day at school. And you know, I, uh, I am looking for a blonde girl and a brown-haired girl for my new service girls.” Herman moved past the girls, trying to hide his ever growing excitement. He moved up the stairs quickly and heard the giggling girls behind him. He turned at the top to see four bouncing heavy tits coming up the stairway.

Herman pulled off his pajamas and lay down on his bed, naked. His cock was fully hard and he could feel it twitching. He felt himself shaking in anticipation as Holly approached him from the foot of the bed and leaned over his cock with her large tits dangling over it. She bounced them off his erection a couple times and then began kissing his shaft as she wrapped her fingers around it. Herman leaned back on his bed comfortably and soon Ginger was feeding him her G cups. Herman grabbed one huge tit and sucked it into his watering mouth almost at the exact same time as he felt Hollys dicksucking lips slip slowly down his cock.

Her hand was also stroking him, he could feel her grip as her mouth tried to milk the cum from him. He moaned around Ginger’s areola and felt her quiver slightly. He was so hard and horny that he didn’t know how much longer he could hold off from filling the young girls mouth with his sperm. And Gingers giant jugs weren’t helping either. She moaned as she rubbed her huge natural pillows in his face and she could feel his tongue and lips eagerly hunting out her nipples and sucking when they found one.

“Ooooh, that feels so good…” Ginger felt her own pussy getting wetter as she felt the dean suckling on her nipple and watched Holly slobber on his erection. Her lips really did look good on the dean’s dick. She sent her hand down to pleasure her clit as she watched her best friend go to work. The dean wasn’t going to be able to last much longer, she could tell. He was moaning loudly into her cleavage. “He’s gonna blow, Holly, better go to town,” she said.

And Ginger played with Hermans nipples, rubbing them softly as he sucked on hers. Holly started sucking feverishly, her smooth lips massaging the mans shaft as her hand stroked him off. Her other hand cradled his balls and massaged the area just behind them. It would have been impossible for anyone to hold off from shooting a warm load while being serviced with their combined talents. Herman came hard and loud, shuddering as he buried his face in Ginger’s soft mounds and held the young girls warm body tightly in his arms, smelling her creamy skin. He shot a few times into Holly’s eager mouth and felt her moaning in pleasure at receiving it.

Ginger bakırköy elit escort felt Hermans mouth let go of her nipple and she let out a deep moan as she felt herself starting to cum. Holly watched as her friends slender fingers worked her pussy and soon she moved over to Ginger and started licking her wet slit.

“Ohhh, ohh, yes, Holly…” Ginger moaned. The slender young brunette lay back in Hermans bed and he watched as she fondled her giant tits and opened her legs for her tanned blonde friends talented mouth and tongue. Herman felt his spent cock resting on his thigh. He would have loved to stimulate Gingers breasts himself but Holly’s blowjob had left him almost unable to move. He could only watch in awe as Gingers body tensed in ecstasy. Holly was licking hard from the looks of it and her fingers were pushing into Ginger’s soaking wet pussy as well. Ginger’s breath started to come in short little bursts and finally she could hold back no longer and came loudly.

“I’m cummmmmmingg… oh, fuck, Holly, I’m cumming!” Holly continued her stimulation until Ginger settled down and then the two girls looked at each other and giggled. Herman was still laying spent beside Ginger and when the two girls curled up next to him, he could barely keep his eyes open.

The girls slept for about an hour and then they went home to let the dean rest up. The next day, Herman woke up feeling surprisingly refreshed. He was at his office by 6:45 and when he entered was happy to see Cordelia Evans waiting for him but stopped in his tracks when he saw what she was wearing. She still had on her 3 inch heels which brought her height to 6’2, towering over Herman. Other than that, she wore only blue lace panties, blue thigh high stockings and a blue lace bra. Herman could easily see her silver dollar sized nipples through it.

“Good… morning, uh, Cordelia…” he said. The woman looked delicious with her porcelain white skin and full lips, red today. Herman found himself badly wanting to lick his way up her long legs and taste her sweet pussy.

“Good morning, sir. Please have a seat and allow me to relax you before you begin your workday.” Cordelia motioned towards the office couch and then undid her bra. Herman could only watch as the double D perfections inside bounced free. It was unbelievable. If Herman had ever thought that he’d missed out on his share of big tits in his 20s, it was more than being made up for now. “I get the impression, sir, that you have a preference for large breasts.” Cordelia let hers sway in front of her for emphasis then reached up and squeezed them. They were full but had the sexy teardrop of natural breasts.

Herman nodded and sat as asked. “Y-uh, yes, I suppose I have always liked, uh, bustier women.”

Cordelia pulled Herman’s pants down to his ankles, rubbing his thin body. She kissed his already throbbing rigid cock while reaching again for the oil near the couch. “Well, we only accept 100% natural women here at Courtview. No implants allowed. And if you’d like, sir,” Cordelia squirted the oil into her ample cleavage. “I can titfuck you for your morning release. Just relax and lean back. Close your eyes and allow me to service you, Dean Pelt.”

Before Herman could really answer, the gorgeous headmistress slid her lips down on his cock, lubing it up to prepare it to slide between her big, soft tits. Herman felt glued into the couch as he surrendered himself to her mouth and hand. It was simply indescribable. The woman’s mouth was made for sucking cock. He was almost disappointed when she popped his slippery, thick rod from her mouth and placed it expertly between her titties, just as she’d learned. She squeezed her melon jugs together and when she was satisfied that the dean’s cock was secure, she began rising up and down on it slowly. “Yes, it’s hard work being the dean of a college like this… But if you take care of our girls, our girls will take care of you.”

Herman watched with an orgasmic expression etched on his face as Cordelia bounced her tits on his lap, his cock practically lost in them. He just couldn’t believe it was happening. Cordelias breasts felt sensational and from the look of pleasure on her face, she was apparently loving it just as much. She leaned back and started jacking his cock off with her tits, sliding them up and down on his shaft.

“You need to pick your girls today, dean…,” Cordelia said in her sultry, hot voice. She looked up at him with her naughty smile.

“Uhhh… uhhhh… oh, Cordelia… uhhhhh, yes I do…” he whimpered back, unable to take his eyes from those giant lilywhite jugs.

“Ohhh yeah, sir… we’re going to keep this cock verrry happy,” Cordelia said. “Do you like the way my tits fuck your cock?” She began fucking his cock hard with her tits, bouncing up and down rather loudly on his lap. “Give me your cum, please, sir!”

Herman shivered and groaned loudly, then covered her neck with his cum. Cordelia moaned as she felt it splatter onto her perfect skin and made sure the dean’s cock was fully satisfied before standing back up. She took a washcloth from the arm of the couch and wiped her chest off, smiling at Herman as she did. Herman stared at her, those red delicious lips… They’d felt even better than those of Ginger or even Holly. And having her stand a couple inches over him in those heels was a huge turn on as well.



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