“Oh. Good morning babe.” Brooke cheerfully announced as she walked into the bedroom wrapped in fluffy white towel.

“Good morning sweetie.”

“How did you sleep?” Brooke enquired.

“Um ok, I guess.”

“That doesn’t sound too convincing.” She responded as she walked to her dresser and finished drying off.

Brad was still trying to decide how to approach her about last night when she interrupted his thoughts again.

“Listen I want to talk to you about our vacation. I’m really excited about the whole things and I hope you understand I’m not trying to give you the impression there is anything wrong with our relationship. It’s just that things can always be better, right? And after all it’s me that has wanted to get married.”

Brad was wiping the sleep out of his eyes as he listened to Brooke continue.

“Listen, if you are against going to that retreat, I will call them and cancel our reservation. ”

Brad could hear the disappointment in her voice as she said that and felt bad he had even hesitated in the first place.

“No, no I want to go.” he quickly informed her, Hoping she would be happy he was doing this for her.

“Oh Brad, thank you. “

Brooke came over to Brad’s side of the bed and leaned in kissing him on the forehead as she leaned over giving him a close up look of her freshly showered breasts.

Brad was completely awake by now and so was little brad. He was getting hard again. Between the sight of her milky white breasts just inches away from his longing mouth and the flood of memories from the night before, it hit him like a jolt of energy and went straight to his groin.

“Can you get me a clean pair of panties out of the dryer honey?” Brooke asked as she turned to finish getting ready for the day.

Brad was stalling, he didn’t want to get out of bed and have her see the embarrassing hard on he had, from a simple kiss on the forehead.

“Come on honey, hurry up I have a lot of work to do today. There is a lot to do if we’re gunna be gone for a whole month.”

Brad reluctantly got up and slid out from between the covers trying to get to the door of the room and out of her sight before she noticed the tent in his pajama bottoms.

“Oh, my god.” She laughed

“Dam it, I almost got out the door.” Brad thought to himself

“You get that horny from just a little kiss?” Brooke enquired

“Um, well yeah, partly yeah.” brad stuttered

“What do you mean partly?”

“Well last night, you um, well you, I think you were having a dream.”

“I was?”

“Well yeah, I mean when I came to bed you were moaning a lot and you seemed like you were dreaming about having sex or something.”

“Oh I was moaning out loud?”

“Yeah and you were talking in your sleep too.”

“I was?”

“Yeah, you were.”

“What did I say babe?” Brooke said in a flirtatious tone.

“Well you said someone’s name and it sounded like you were encouraging them. The kind of talk someone has with a lover during sex.”

“Wait a minute, are you telling me that you have a hard on right now because I was having sex with someone else last night and moaning their name?”

Brad stumbled with his words.

“Uh, um well, I mean, you were just dreaming it wasn’t like you had sex with someone else or anything. RIGHT”? Trying to explain away his arousal but feeling embarrassed that he had been found out.

“Yeah but you are hard at the thought of my dream. Did you get hard last night laying there listening to me?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“Well you perverted little shit.” Brooke snapped

Brad was taken aback by the conversation and Brooke’s bold accusation.

She continued to poke and prod his thoughts and feelings ankara escort and finally got him to admit he was scared about the idea of her cheating on him. Brad eventually broke down crying. He was worried she was going to leave him and that is why she was dreaming about another man. He was concerned he had waited too long to ask her to marry and now her hart was starting to stray.

Brooke stopped brushing her hair when he began to sob and went to him, embracing him and pulling him close re assuring him she still loved him and didn’t have any intentions of leaving him ever.

Brad slowly regained his composure and thanked Brooke for her words of re assurance, explaining he didn’t know where that flood of emotions came from. Once he was calmed down she directed him again to get her panties for her. When he came back with her panties in hand, Brooke took them from him and finished preparing herself for the day.

Brad went on with his morning routine taking a shower and getting ready to leave for work.

“Ok honey.” Brad declared as he entered the kitchen where Brooke was making herself a bagel for breakfast.

“I better get going or I’ll be late. I need to get a bunch of stuff done today. Lucky for us it’s the slow time of year so I should be able to get a few other people to cover things for me so everything doesn’t fall apart while were gone. I might be a little late tonight though so don’t wait for me. Go ahead and eat without me and hopefully I’ll be home before you go to bed.”

“Ok babe, I’ll see you tonight, have a good day. And I love you. ”

Brooke’s words echoed in his head all the way to work. “I love you.”

Funny how three well placed words could hold so much power and offer so much encouragement.

As soon as he got to work he went into the boss and told him he was going to take a month of his saved up vacation time. At first his boss was angry that he would try to take that much time off with such short notice, but when Brad explained they were going to a retreat called Pine Lake and how there was a free cabin for them but they had to be there the whole month, the boss’s attitude completely changed.

“Oh Pine Lake.” his boss said with a hit of surprise.

“My wife and I go there every year. We love it there, especially my wife. “

“We actually got married their you know.”

They went on to have conversation about how great the place was and any reservations Brad had about going there were long gone after his boss assured him that this was a fantastic relationship building resort.

Brad’s boss informed a few others in the office of Brads impending absence and instructed them to each take up some of the tasks he is normally responsible for. Brad spent the day engrossed in his job taking care of anything that might come up while he was gone and showing his coworkers what to do while he was gone. Brad worked through lunch and by the time he was done realized it was almost ten O’clock at night.

When Brad got home it was a little after ten thirty and the apartment was dark. He figured Brooke had already gone to sleep, and quietly fixed something to eat and sat down at the dinner table. He didn’t realize how hungry he was until the first fork full hit his lips, and then Brad devoured his dinner in no time, stopping only to scroll threw a few articles on his phone that he read while he ate.

Brad finished his meal and started to check his emails as he noticed one from Pine Lake. He clicked on the email and started to read.

We are glad to see you have chosen Pine Lake as your home for the next month. We are pleased to inform you that you are eligible for the VIP preview package and look forward to helping you get the most out of your experience here now and escort ankara in the future.

The email went on to instruct the couple in the rules and regulations of the resort. A code of conduct and expectations was included and the instructions indicated they should be thoroughly read and understood before their arrival. Brad was reading threw pages and pages of instructions.

“WOW” he thought these rules read more like a contract for building a home then a list of resort rules. But he continued thinking there was nothing unreasonable about them, just that they were so detailed.

A few rules kind of stood out to Brad like; no one is to touch anyone else on the resort without express permission, regardless of their clothes, or lack of. Would there be people without clothes? Whatever I’m sure it’s just typical legal CYA stuff he thought. No one is to engage in intercourse in the main dining area. What kind of place has to tell their guest that? Again figured it was just more CYA.

After he was done reading all the rules he noticed there was an attachment, so he opened it.

Brads heart stopped and a flood of fear and jealousy flooded his whole body like a rush of hot air.

There was a picture of Brooke sitting in what looked like a limousine. She was completely naked from the waist up and was exposing her bare chest to the camera and everyone in the limo. Brooke had a champagne flute in one hand as if she was toasting the camera while her other hand was obviously on the inner thigh of the man sitting to her right. He looked like a dark tan body builder type with bulging muscles. He was wearing a black t-shirt and sport jacket but Brad couldn’t help but look down to where his girlfriend’s hand was resting on his inner thigh. There, just a few inches away from her delicate fingers, was this man’s open fly and exposed manhood. He was huge and Brad felt both the red hot jealousy coursing through his veins that came from the thought of Brooke being with another man, and that close to his member, and the utter embarrassment of knowing he was looking at another man’s dick and thinking , wow that thing is huge.

On the other side of this muscled Adonis was another woman only she was completely naked and using both her hands to open herself up to the camera. Brad was in shock. What the hell was going on? Where was this? When was this? Who were the other people in the limo? Who was this guy? And what the hell was Brooke doing with her hand so close to his massive dick?

Brad wanted a closer look and he pinched his screen, zooming in tighter on the woman holding herself open for full display. Sure enough she had obvious signs of recently having sex. She was dripping the remnants on the edge of the seat where she sat. There was evidence she had scooped some up with her finger and was holding it out for full display. It was lewd and yet amazingly erotic and inviting. There was an fun flirtation that emanated threw the picture with her and yet the evidence of raw carnal lust was evident.

Brad pushed his finger across the screen to bring Brooke’s hand into few and to his shock saw a few drops of the aftermath dripping from this giant. This man had obviously just fucked that woman and was showing off for the camera. “Oh my god Brooke’s delicate fingers are practically touching the head of this man’s spent dick and the juices it contained within.

Brad was lost in the image of that picture and the images in his mind of what happened before and after it had been taken. It was then he was snapped back to the present. He was sitting at the table looking at a picture of his girlfriend once again imagining her infidelity and realizing the affect it was having on him. The pressure in his underwear was enormous. Once again he had ankara escort bayan an erection harder than any in recent memory (except last night). Why was the image of her with another so arousing? This was all new to Brad and he was feeling scared and yet excited at that same time.

Wait where was Brooke now? He thought. Brad had assumed she was fast asleep when he got home and was now wondering if she was there or was she off with this band off hedonistic animals? Scared she was home, and would catch him with a raging hard on, at the sight of her exposed and engaging in sexual play with others. But terrified she might not be there at all, but instead, off playing god knows what kind of games with god knows who.

Brad jumped up from the table tucking his phone in his pocket to hide the image from view and headed quietly towards the bedroom. Being careful not to wake a sleeping Brook, Brad slowly eased the door open to the bedroom trying to avoid any creaking from the old hinges. He didn’t want to risk her seeing his bulge and if she looked up she would clearly see the silhouette of his raging tent against the light coming from the kitchen.

Nothing! An empty bed still made from early in the day, never slept in.

What the hell? The mixed emotions rolled over Brad again.

He was relieved he wouldn’t be caught again aroused at the adultery he was imagining but also was deeply concerned. He was completely unaware of his insecurity over Brooke. Sure he had felt jealous over her before. A tingle here or there, or when someone at a restaurant gave her a second look. Maybe a smile from a passerby at the mall, but the thought of her with someone else causing this stir of emotions was new. Why was he so obsessed with the idea of her with someone else and yet so worried at every turn she might be with someone else.

Well this certainly wasn’t normal Brad thought as he flicked the light on. There on the floor at the foot of the bed was a suitcase with a note resting atop.

Can’t wait to see you baby. XOXOXO was all it said.

Ding, Ding he heard startled by the sound coming from his pocketed phone.

It was a text message from Brooke.

“Hey baby, just wanted to let you know I made it safe to Pine Lake. Nick and some of the other guests picked me up on the way up here and we just got here.”

“Are you ok? You’re scaring me.” Brad text back urgently

“Oh baby, I’m great. Don’t worry. Get a good night sleep and I will see you up here tomorrow. You’re going to need the gate code to get in so text me when you get here and I will give it to you. “

“Wait, what about the picture of you in the limo?” Brad tapped back

He sat there on the edge of the bed waiting for a response but none came.

“Brooke?” He tried again

Brad was dazed. He felt sick to his stomach with worry and jealousy but still no response.

He was beaten with exhaustion, both mentally and physically. He finally gave up hope of a response and lay down feeling broken and hollow. Thoughts of Brooke with someone else were an agony he had never considered before, but now he was balancing between burning desire and stabbing despair. Brad kicked off his shoes and lay back closing his eyes. It was 4am when he snapped out of his deep slumber and realized he had fallen asleep fully dressed and with the light still on.

He got up and went to the kitchen to turn out the lights. It was when he stripped down to get back into bed that he realized his underwear was harboring the results of his continued thoughts of Brooke. He couldn’t tell what was real and what had been part of an elaborate and obviously wet dream he had had about her.

As he slid between the covers he couldn’t help but feel the solitude of an empty bed. He hadn’t slept alone without Brooke in a long time. He missed the heat from her body, the sound of her breathing, the smell of her hair. It was lonely without her. None the less Brad fell asleep again quickly and drifted off once again.



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