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Owning a consulting business has its advantages. Over the years I had been quite successful and enjoyed a few perks for that success. I was enjoying one of them, flying to a consulting job in my Cessna 350 Corvalis, when a fantastic series of events was set in motion. I could never afford such an expensive plane, but after performing several hundred hours of independent testing on it as part of a law suit, they sold the state of the art craft to me for a single dollar. Car type bucket seats and fly by wire technology made it one of the most comfortable planes I had ever flown.

Amanda, a professional photographer that I had used a number of times on jobs like the one we were traveling to, seemed to also enjoy the comfort of this plane compared to the old 172 I used to fly.

I felt the first shudder in the engine while I was busy sneaking a peek at Amanda’s legs. With her lounging sleepily in the bucket seat next to me, her already short skirt had ridden up a couple more inches, and the rising sun was just brightening the inside of the cockpit enough for me to really see just how much leg she was unknowingly showing. In fact, if I caught the reflection in the LCD screen just right, I could almost see up between her legs to the light colored panties she wore. Yeah, I knew I was almost twice her age, but hell, she was hot and I was ALWAYS horny. How could I not look?

The second shudder really got my attention, and I went to work in the cockpit; all thought of her panty color and legs leaving my mind as it went into immediate troubleshooting mode.

I knew the electronics of this craft inside out, having done so much testing on the fly by wire during the legal suit. It only took a few moments to check and confirm that the dual ignition system of the fuel injected six cylinder engine was working as designed. We were cruising at nearly one hundred eighty knots, and everything seemed ok. But that second shudder had me on edge. I did not miss the third time it shuddered, just as I was in the middle of checking the fuel system. I caught it in the act. It was just a fluke that I happened to be looking right at the fuel pressure read out when it did it. Just for a moment, it blinked lower. Not a lot, a few pounds, but it was enough to set every alarm bell I had ringing. This baby needed to be on the ground and NOW!

I gave Amanda an unceremonious, almost rude, shove with my hand before I set to work hitting the GPS nav system for the closest airfield. “Tighten your belts, we’re setting down.” I practically growled as my mind went through emergency modes and check lists. I had filed a VFR plan so I didn’t need to contact a controller, but just to be safe I punched in 7700 into my transponder and hit the ident key. The response was almost immediate, Kansas City flight following had me on the radio in seconds asking my emergency. After several terse exchanges with them, they recommended we proceed to KCI for an IFR emergency procedure landing. I was just about to make that turn when the engine tone changed. Air speed quickly started to fall as the engine RPM tailed off to a little more than an idle.

“Negative KC Center. Looks like I just lost power.” I responded as my fingers started working the GPS system to find the closest airport. It was tiny, some little ‘burg called Milan. I’d never heard of it, but it had a strip. I tipped the wings over and started dropping at nearly a thousand feet per minute; hoping that what little power the engine had would hang on until I could get the wheels on the ground.

In the early dawn morning it was hard to pick out, but with a little help from the GPS pointers I was able to find the single strip of the small airport, sitting just outside what looked like a very small town. KC Center acknowledged my plans and stayed with me until I was out of radar contact, only a thousand feet off the ground. It wasn’t my finest landing, but given that I only had one shot at it, I thought it was pretty damn good. The engine had just enough power to idle off the runway and onto a taxiway before it quit completely. But that was ok…we were down.

The airport was small, and to be honest, looked pretty deserted; and the air felt like stepping into a furnace when I popped the door open. “Looks like we have to walk.” I said to Amanda as I stepped out and gingerly off the wing. Even for a mid July morning it seemed oppressively hot.

“Well, I suppose I can charge you mileage!” She joked as she unfolded her slim frame barefoot onto the wing. She closed the door and sat down on the smooth aluminum surface to put her high heels back onto her feet while I shook my head at her good looking, but less than functional, footwear. She slid down the smooth metal of the wing and allowed me to catch her before her feet hit the ground, the edge of the wing catching her skirt and pulling it up as she slid off. I only got a glimpse of her cream colored panties before she pulled her skirt back down and blushed a bright red. “Oops. Sorry about that.” She almost whispered.

“Not a problem. Last time I checked I still liked looking at beautiful women’s panties. Especially if avcılar elit escort they were still in them!” I responded jokingly, which only made her blush even more.

It was a fairly long walk from where the plane decided to park itself, to the office complex of the small airport. It didn’t take much looking around to find out that there was a mechanics office, but that Freddie was in town and didn’t work on Wednesdays. That was just great! Freddie didn’t leave a phone number either, but did leave the address of his shop in town. I figured maybe we could talk him into making an emergency repair.

Using my iphone I looked up the address and found that it was only a couple miles from the airstrip. A quick call confirmed that it was still too early for Freddie to be there. It was going to be a warm walk into town, but then it was better than sitting out here and roasting. After a short consultation with Amanda, we decided to trek into town and see if we could track down Freddie.

It was still early as we approached the small town, and it showed. The streets were deserted except for a few cars passing by. We found the address of Freddie’s shop, but it was still locked up. I decided some breakfast might be in order and the only thing that looked open was a small diner across the street.

“Looks like breakfast!” I said as I led Amanda across the still empty road and entered the tiny diner. To say I was shocked would have been the biggest understatement in the book. There were a number of people sitting around eating, all naked! It looked like a nudist convention. But you could have knocked me over with a feather when the waitress came out of the kitchen with a tray of dishes, and not a stitch of clothing on.

“Be right with you!” She said as she turned and bent to put the dishes down, her easily DD tits swinging enticingly. She turned back and walked up with a smile on her face and only a tiny apron around her waist that failed to completely cover the junction of her legs. “So I take it your new in town?” She asked, looking past us toward where our car might be parked… if we had one.

“Um, Yeah. Did we come at a bad time?” I asked, looking around at the naked patrons.

“Nope, it’s the fourteenth.” She said as if it explained everything.

“And that means?” I asked, cocking my head and lifting my shoulders to encourage her to explain.

“Oh. Yeah. City ordinance. No clothes in public for National Nude day, unless of course you are from out of town. We can’t force you to participate, but everyone in town does, or they stay home.” She said with a smile and a shrug. “I can loan you a bag for your clothes if you want.” She said, eyeing the growing bulge in my pants as I watched her absolutely fantastic tits jiggle around.

“Just so I understand… everyone in town goes nude? And this happens why?” I asked.

“National Nude Day. The whole town had a say in it and we decided to make it a town holiday. Some of the townsfolk floated the idea as a joke; me and a few others called their bluff, been that way a few years now. Everybody seems to like it.”

“I can see why.” I said looking around at the mostly male population of the diner and thinking that most of them were probably not here for the food.

“So would you like a booth?” She asked cheerily.

“Yeah, actually we would.” I answered, after which she led us to a booth toward the rear that was a bit less in the line of site of the windows and most of the other patrons.

“Here you go. And really, I’d be happy to loan you a sack for your clothes. I mean if you want to take them off and all.” She said with a wink. “I’ll be back in a sec with menus.”

True to her word she was back in a few moments with a pair of menus, and if I was any judge, her tiny apron hiked up a tad more. From my seated position I could easily see her shaved mound, complete with a tiny blue butterfly tattoo. As she set down the menus she stepped her feet slightly apart, allowing me to see her protruding lips, which to my experienced eye, looked like they had been freshly stroked. My attention was temporarily fixed on her glistening lips until she bent over to place silver wear on the table and her large tits hung literally inches from my face.

“So what can I interest you in to drink? Coffee, juice, milk?” She asked, pulling her little pad out of the tiny apron.

“I think some Orange Juice.” Amanda said, her voice clearly displaying her nervousness.

“Actually I’ve always been a milk lover.” I said with a smile.

“I’m sure I can find you a nice tall glass.” The waitress said with a smile, turning to walk off, allowing her cute ass to wiggle seductively as she headed toward the kitchen.

“Seems like a nice young lady.” I said to Amanda as I opened the menu. “What do you think?”

“I’m not sure I could go around naked all day.” She replied as she looked around the small diner.

“Why not. You’re a very good looking woman. You have nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Like you’re going to run around naked?” She answered with a smirk. avcılar escort

“Sure, why not?” I answered.

“I’ve worked for you for how long now? Five years? I think I know you pretty well, and the way you were checking out that waitress you’ve got to be hard as hell. You sure you want to show that off to everyone who looks your way?” She chided with a grin, her directness surprising me.

“Oh? Sounds like you’ve been watching me when I wasn’t looking.”

“Why not? Are you going to tell me you didn’t notice how far my skirt was hiked up in the plane? Come on, I’m not that naive. I know you like me wearing these skirts. I just prefer to keep my sexual activities a bit more private.”

“Well, if that’s how you feel. I dare you to strip for me.” I said, wondering if she really would.

“Sure. Like I’m going to run around naked? Fat chance.”

“That’s a shame.” The waitress said as she set two glasses on the table, the smell of turned on pussy clearly evident as she stood close to me. “You look cute. You might find it fun to go naked like this. It’s kind of a turn on actually.”

“I’m not sure I can actually go naked in front of strange men.” Amanda replied.

“You should try it. It’s actually kind of fun to tease them.”

“Aren’t you afraid of getting molested?” Amanda asked her seriously.

“Hasn’t happened yet. Besides these old geezers come in every year to watch me. It’s kind of fun to see what they will come up with next to get me to do something with them. I never will, but they don’t know that.” The waitress said with a smile. “So how about it? You two going to join us?”

“Oh, I don’t know.” Amanda whispered.

“Ok. Why don’t I get your order and in the meantime you can think about it!” The waitress said, smiling at me sweetly.

“Well, I’ll have the ham and eggs, over easy, white toast.” I told her as she scribbled on the pad.

“And you miss?” She asked looking at Amanda.

“I think the biscuits and gravy look pretty good.”

“Good choice. I’ll be back in a few minutes with your food. And if you change your mind you can use the ladies room to undress, you may find that more comfortable.” The waitress said as she turned and headed for the kitchen.

“Might as well, Amanda. Never going to get a chance like this again.” I teased.

“Let’s admit it; you just want to see me naked!” She shot back at me with a frown. “Sure why not? Besides, didn’t you just tell me a little while ago you’ve been intentionally wearing sexy stuff just to tease me? Just think how much of a tease this will be!”

“Ok, hot shot. I will if you will. But you gotta strip, right here, first! Let’s see how cocky you are when you have to show off that boner!”

“So I get up and undress, and then you do? No running to the bathroom and hiding?” I said with a crooked smile.

“Um… Yep.” She sighed realizing that she had walked directly into a trap.

“Ok! You’re on!” I said, sliding out of the booth and standing up. I was just pulling my shirt tail out of my pants when the waitress came back.

“Ohhhhh decided to join me?” She asked with a smile.

Seems that way.” I answered as I turned to face her.

“Well, in that case, let me.” She said, reaching out for my shirt and pulling it up and over my head. She tossed it onto the bench seat of the booth and then stepped closer. “This will drive those old geezers nuts.” She whispered as she placed her hand on my hard cock and rubbed it through my pants. She stroked me with one hand while the other deftly undid my belt, and the button of my pants. Her hand moved long enough to unzip my pants and then slid inside them, rubbing my increasingly hard dick through my underwear as she pushed my pants down.

“Nice.” She said as she crouched down, bringing her face level with my underwear clad cock. She untied my low top hikers and pulled them off, and then worked my pants over my feet, leaving me in nothing but my socks and underwear. “Now, let’s take care of this too.” She said with a smile, looking up at me as she reached for my briefs. I closed my eyes and tried not to moan as she pulled my underwear down and closed her lips around the head of my cock. “Hmmmmmm” she mumbled around my cock, as she licked and sucked on it gently. She continued to suck my engorged cock while she worked my underwear down my legs and over my feet. “Tasty.” She said quietly when she pulled her mouth from my cock. “You wouldn’t mind taking care of a really horny pussy with it, would you?”

“That depends on whose it is?” I breathed.

“Mine.” She said as she stood up in front of me and reached for my hands. She pulled me across the aisle to the booth on the other side and sat her ass on the edge of the table. She let go of one hand and reached for my hard cock, pulling it toward her pussy as she pulled my hand toward her chest.

“Oh God yes.” she whispered, as she rubbed my engorged head around her wet lips. “Slide it in now.” She practically begged.

By that point I was thinking with my dick and willingly leaned into her, avcılar eve gelen escort allowing my cock head to spread her lips and slowly push into her pussy. I let out a quiet moan as I felt my head expand her tunnel and pass that first point of resistance. I felt her velvety smooth walls slowly engulf my shaft, teasing its length and the sensitive spot under my head, as I slowly pushed deeper into her. Finally I felt my head press against the end of her tunnel, nestling into a little pocket next to her cervix. Her whole tunnel seemed to squeeze me with just the right amount of pressure, resisting my efforts as I started to slowly pull back out.

“Oh yeah. That’s what I want.” She said quietly as I stopped with only the head of my cock inside her, and then pressed deep into her again.

Right then I didn’t care who was watching. I had my dick buried in a hot pussy and my hands were busy with both her tits and her clit. I cupped and stroked her tit and nipple, teasing first one and then the other, each growing harder and more puckered as time passed; meanwhile my other fingers were busy stroking her clit while my shaft slid in and out of her wet pussy.

“OH FUCK YES!” She hissed as her body began to tremble. “So fucking good!” She mumbled as my left thumb stroked across her exposed clit. Each time I pressed into her I allowed my thumb to stroke slowly across the hard nub, and then just when I was at the end of her tunnel I would rub it in small circles until I pulled back down her tunnel.

I continued to work her pussy and nipples as her body shook, pushing her closer and closer to her impending orgasm. Her chest heaved and small beads of sweat began to collect in the sweet crevasse created by her sexy breasts. My own climax was building with each second that I teased her closer to hers. Finally she began to spasm, her grunts and moans getting louder by the second as her body began to jerk uncontrollably. I felt her legs wrap around my waist, her heels pulling me deep into her as her whole body shook with spasms, control of her muscles giving way to her orgasm. Slowly her jerking and trembling passed and she pulled herself up until her tits were pressing into my chest and her lips were pressed against mine.

The embrace was soft and hard at the same time, filled with passion and desire. She kissed me wetly for several minutes before finally releasing my neck and leaning back.

“God that was incredible, thank you.” She whispered. “I wish I had time to play more. I could definitely get used to having this inside me.” She said with a wiggle of her hips, moving herself on my still primed and hard cock. “But I need to get your food. Besides, I don’t want to deprive your friend of getting some of this.”

“I’m not sure it’s exactly what she has in mind.” I said.

“Well, if she doesn’t, I will. You won’t go away unhappy. I pride myself on customer service.” She said with a grin.

“And you don’t think screwing the customers will get you fired?”

“Nope. The boss would have to fire herself then, and I’m not about to do that.” She said as she pushed me backwards, my dick sliding from her pussy with a wet slurp. She then slid off the table, grabbing my hard cock and giving it a few strokes.

“So how about it? Going to get naked and play with his cock?” She asked Amanda as she stepped over to the booth where Amanda was sitting almost in a trance. She reached out and gently tugged on the hem of Amanda’s shirt, coaxing her out of the booth. I watched in stunned pleasure, as the waitress slowly undressed Amanda, occasionally placing kisses on Amanda’s blushing neck and chest. My dick did anything but go down as the waitress pulled Amanda’s shirt up and off, and then reached around to undo her bra. The cups of her bra were held in place by the pressure of the two pairs of sexy tits pressing together, and fell away when the waitress stepped back ever so slightly. Before Amanda could react, she stepped forward again, pressing their tits and nipples into each other.

“That feels nice?” The waitress asked as Amanda closed her eyes and tipped her head back. The waitress motioned me over with a single sensual look, which I readily followed. I was only inches from the two of them as she undid Amanda’s skirt and let it fall to the floor, leaving her wearing nothing but a tiny thong panty. “Are you ready to be naked for him? Do you want to feel his eyes devour your body?” The waitress whispered into Amanda’s ear just loud enough for me to hear her. Amanda nodded ever so slightly; her head still tipped back, waiting for more kisses to her neck. I watched as the waitress laid her hand flat on Amanda’s stomach and then slowly slid it down inside of her thong, continuing down until her middle finger could hook between Amanda’s legs and gently stroke her pussy. I couldn’t see what was going on inside the panties, but based on Amanda’s breathing, it must have felt good. The waitress motioned me closer and, placing a hand behind my head, gently guided me to Amanda’s neck. I gently kissed the base of her neck, using my wet lips softly and then following it with a gentle tease with the tip of my tongue. The waitress moved slightly and then guided my head lower, aiming me toward Amanda’s soft full breasts; all the while her fingers continuing to stroke Amanda between her legs. My kisses reached Amanda’s right nipple, which I sucked hungrily into my mouth, drawing a gentle moan from Amanda.



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