I am Roger, I am 19, it is Saturday afternoon. I am hanging out with my best friend Don. We are very close, we hug often, and tell each other almost everything.

I am six feet tall, and weigh about a hundred and seventy pounds.

Don is a bit smaller, around five foot nine, weighing maybe a hundred and fifty pounds. We are in good shape, firm but not overly muscular.

We go running together, and swimming, We always change in separate rooms, both uncomfortable being naked. We never shower immediately after, always waiting to shower, separately at my place.

I had made an excuse about public showers being gross, but really it was about not wanting anyone, including my best friend, to see my small cock.

Don had agreed quickly, much to my relief.

Don always spends a lot of time at my place, he lives with his single mom, who also happens to be a gorgeous blond.

Don’s mom’s good looks are a fact I have teased my friend about a few times, once getting punched in the arm for using the term MILF.

I have a small one bedroom apartment. We are on summer break from college so Don has now almost moved in, usually only leaving to sleep.

We know we are both sensitive guys, having cried in front of each other often, we have both been referred to as girly by the jock boys.

Some female friends have asked if I am gay or bi, but I like girls, and so does Don. Neither of us had ever felt a sexual attraction to men, in fact we find most guys our age boring and vulgar.

We are nerdy, preferring to play video games, to sports, or bar hopping. We are both a bit effeminate, we touch, and hug much more than most guys.

Not caring when our thighs press against each other as we game on my small couch. Our hands often half on our own thigh and half on the other guys, as we use our remotes.

Sometimes rubbing each other’s calves after running or shoulders after a swim. A couple of weeks ago we had even held hands for part of a scary movie.

We both have nearly hairless chests and thighs, I have long light brown hair and green eyes, Don is a blue eyed long haired blond.

Like me, Don is also 19. We are both shy and nervous with girls, even though lots of girls pay Don attention.

He is really handsome. having inherited his mother’s soft features and bright blue eyes.

I have had a few girlfriends, Don has had many more, but neither of us has had a long relationship.

Don is sad, his most recent girlfriend has just broken up with him. Don has been crying a lot. I am anxious wishing I could help more. He keeps looking at his phone, hoping for a text.

We are watching a ball game and chatting a bit, Don is mostly quiet or crying. I have never seen him so upset.

We are both shirtless in baggy shorts. I see he is on the verge of tears again.

I am quiet, unsure what to do or say. I go and grab us both a water, I smile as I hand one to Don and say, “things will get better just give it some time.”

I sit close beside him on my small couch.

“I have waited and waited, some things can’t change,” he replies and starts crying again. “I just wish I was,…” His words fall off, as he sobs. I am confused by his words but I don’t press him,

I pull him close for a hug, holding him while he cries.

I reassure him, saying ” You are so handsome, you look so much like your mom, there are lots of girls who like you.”

I hold him in my arms for a few minutes. I am surprised by a steadily growing boner as I hold my friend. I have to fight a strong urge to kiss his tears away.

My cock is throbbing as I soothe him, gently caressing his silky blonde hair. I reach down and take his hand in mine still caressing his hair with the other.

My mind moves to a fond memory while I hold him, A couple of weeks ago, while watching a scary movie, Don gently clasped my hand, our hands kept entwining during scary parts, until we held hands for the last half hour of the film.

I am nervous, as I remember my cock had been fully hard while we held hands. I remember when we hugged goodbye, I thought I might have felt a bulge in Don’s pants. I also remember the long edging session I had after he left.

My cock only grows harder as I reminisce, Don brings me back to reality as he sits up slowly.

Don, pulls back a bit, while wiping his eyes he says. “They only like me till they find out.”

His eyes are down, “Find out what?” I ask softly. He begins crying again and just collapses into me before he can explain.

I instinctively kiss his head softly while whispering “It’s okay just let it out.”

Don cries in my arms for a few minutes, as my cock keeps throbbing.

I am nervous, hoping he won’t notice my little bulge. He curls into me, causing a serious surge up the length of my five incher.

I just hold him, as he sobs again.

My head is spinning as I throb in my pants. I try to wish my hardon away, but it just keeps getting harder and harder as I hold my best friend.

“I know I am being a pain, you probably hate this,” bets10 Don says as he sobs.

I definitely don’t hate this, I think silently, as my cock again throbs.

Inwardly thanking myself for wearing baggy shorts as I check for a bulge.

“Don it’s fine, just relax, we are best friends,” I reply soothingly.

“I just, I don’t know, you are a good friend, most guys wouldn’t hold their best friend while he cries like a baby. I want to tell you what’s wrong, but I am so nervous.” He says through his sobs.

“Don it’s okay you can tell me what’s wrong if you need to, or just cry or whatever you need, I am fine.” I reply as I again softly rub his head.

My own head is whirring as my small cock continues to throb. “You know I won’t judge, or tell anyone about any of this, just relax, you don’t have to explain anything.”

He seems to calm a little at my words.

A few minutes later,

Don collects himself, he wipes his eyes, and sits up again, he takes a breath and says, “promise not to tell anyone?”

He is looking in my eyes as I say, “Of course, you’re my best friend.”

After a deep breath Don continues, ” she broke up with me because I have a really small cock. and she made fun of my size in front of all her friends.” He begins crying again after his confession.

I can’t help but laugh a little as I realize we are even more alike than I thought.

I see he is angry and confused as I shake my head while still chuckling.

I quickly explain, cutting him off as he opens his mouth to speak. “I’m small too, Don, I am like barely five inches.” I say quietly.

I continue, “I am sorry I laughed. I have had girls make fun of me too about my dick, I know how that feels. I just have always been nervous about mine so I laughed, I am sorry it was just, like a relief reaction.”

Don scoffs, still upset ” Are you really small? Or are you just saying that to make me feel better? I mean thanks but.”

He lowers his head before he continues.

“I know most guys are bigger than me,” he says softly.

“Well, what? do you need me to prove it? Don, I am small okay?” I reply, I immediately regret my annoyed tone.

“Why do you think I never shower or change at the pool?” I add more gently.

I am nervous, my dick still rock hard, I don’t want him to see, but I do want him to see, I am nervously confused and anxious.

I say “I would show you but, I don’t know, it’s kinda weird to just show your dick to your friend.”

Don just laughs softly before saying, “It’s fine thanks for trying.” He pulls away a bit, and reaches for my remote. He turns up the volume and watches the game. “Just don’t tell.” He adds a minute later, still obviously upset.

I am nervous and anxious my mind is racing. Wanting to console my friend, but unsure how to proceed. I again try wishing my hardon away, but it just keeps throbbing. After a few minutes of awkward silence, I steel my nerves. I know I want to show my friend my cock, I somehow need him to know I am hard for him.

Still nervous, I take a deep breath and say, “Don, I do have a small cock, I just didn’t want to show you cause. well,” my words trail off. I stand up, while pointing down at my boner, I quickly lower my shorts. Exposing my fully hard five inch uncut dick.

I step out of my shorts and stand there silently posing, hands at my sides, blushing, my head down a bit, my small cock pointing north.

As I calm down a bit, I say, “Welcome to the small dick club.” giggling nervously as I see my friends eyes widen.

Don smiles and stares, “It’s beautiful,” he says softly. “Why are you so hard?” My friend inquires a minute later as he stares and I redden more.

“I just got like that, when I was holding you, sorry.” I reply, blushing more while moving my hands to cover up. “That’s why I didn’t want to show you.” I explain quietly as my blush deepens.

Seeing my discomfort, Don quickly, says. “No it’s okay, I did too, look.” He stands, and lowers his shorts, showing me his fully hard five inches.

We are almost identical in length Don’s cock is a bit thicker than mine, but still not as thick as most. Our cocks are very shapely, both only slightly tapered towards the heads.

He chuckles, and says, “I guess we were both hiding our bulges, while we cuddled, I was so nervous.”

We laugh as I nod in agreement, I uncover myself, my eyes glued to his beautiful small hard cock.

I stare, his dick is perfectly cylindrical, smooth and cut, he has a gorgeous purple cock head, tight small balls hang nicely below his upright cock.

“You have a really nice cock,” I say, surprised by how much I like it.

“You are not, Really! small, Don, just, under average, like me.”

“Your cock is so beautiful,” he says quietly as we both stare. Our cocks are rock hard pointing skywards,

“We have really nice small cocks.” I say a moment later. Don scoffs lightly at my comment.

“Some girls have beautiful small boobs, and some guys have beautiful small cocks.” I say, continuing bets10 giriş my efforts to convince him.

I continue, “Don your cock is beautiful, I love how smooth it is, and how pink and cylindrical it is, it’s a perfectly round sexy little pink pole.”

Don smiles at my description, relaxing even more now. He smiles brighter as I go on.

“I never thought a cock could be so beautiful, It’s kinda freaking me out right now, but I really like your cock.” I am beet red as I confess.

“Thanks.” he says nervously as we both smile and openly stare. both a bit puzzled by our high level of arousal.

“I really like your cock too Roger, and yeah, I know what you mean, it feels weird, but really good too.”

I nod in agreement sighing in relief. I see he is more relaxed also.

We stand silently staring for a few minutes until Don moves closer.

“Would you just hold me some more?” He asks shyly, I nod in response, smiling softly.

I take his hand and we walk naked, to my bedroom. We lie quietly for a while, holding hands, as he lays his head on my chest. I softly stroke his hair, soothing him as he again cries. Our small cocks are pointing upwards as we cuddle.

I kiss his head softly, while shushing him sweetly. He turns to look at me and we kiss, just one soft nervous peck, before we go back to cuddling.

I am amazed, my cock has never been this hard for anyone before,

I know I am not gay, but this all feels so right. I feel so close to my best friend, lying quietly, soothing him until he stops crying.

We are quiet for a few minutes, our hands entwined, playing together on my chest. I break our silence as we cuddle.

“Maybe we could help each other, I am insecure about my size too. maybe if we were naked around each other more we would be less nervous about it”

I continue after a pause, “We could build each other up, remind each other we have beautiful cocks.”

“Maybe seeing how hard our cocks can make each other would help our confidence,” I say,

Don smiles, and nods, as he looks at my hard dick.

“I have an online friend, and she has been helping me with my confidence. She is a cam model. She has made me feel way better about being small, her name is Jasmine, she is really sweet. Maybe she could help you too Don,”

He smiles softly, I can feel the love emanating from his eyes.

Encouraged, I continue, “We could do nice things for each other, you know like massages, or moisturizing our backs and stuff.”

He is quiet, so I say nervously, “or is that too gay?” I am blushing again.

“That sounds really nice,” Don replies sweetly as he lays his head on my chest again. “I’m so glad you’re my best friend.” he adds a few seconds later. “I would love a girls night.” We both chuckle.

A minute or two later, we kiss again, longer this time, a series of soft, sensual kisses. Our eyes are locked as we kiss. He turns towards me, cuddling in closer, we both moan as we feel our cocks brush against each other.

“Have you ever?” he asks, I shake my head and pull him closer.

“Never. Have you?” I ask. Don shakes his head in reply.

He smiles softly, before asking, “do you remember when we watched that scary movie?”

“When we held hands?” I reply, smiling. Don nods.

“I was hard that night,” he is looking at my chest as he speaks blushing slightly.

“I was too,” I reply, causing us to giggle.

Don laughs louder, he turns to me and says, “so we were sitting next to each other, holding hands, each worrying about the other guy finding out we had a boner, for like half an hour.”

We both laugh, letting out some of our nervousness as we do.

“Should we explore?” I ask, a minute or two later.

Don nods his head, we smile at each other and begin making out.

We kiss sensually for a long while, our hands begin to explore, coming closer and closer to each other’s hard little dicks. We are moaning steadily as we kiss, our hands on each other’s thighs and tummies. His skin is so soft, I want to touch him everywhere.

Our young small cocks are aching as we tease, both nervous about touching there, still afraid of our desire. Our hands explore everywhere except each other’s cocks.

We pause after a long make out session. My hand is resting on his tummy, mere inches from his cock head. I know he wants me to, I can see he is fighting his urges, he is squirming as he tries to get his aching cock closer to my hand.

I look into his eyes and say, “I want to touch your cock, but I think we should wait, you are vulnerable now, I want you to be sure.”

I continue, a moment later, “I don’t think it’s about being, gay or bi, it’s just about how we feel about each other.”

Don nods in agreement, before saying, “Yeah I know, I don’t think I could ever feel this close with anyone else regardless of gender.”

I smile knowing he understands completely.

“I don’t want to fuck this up,” I say still explaining.

Don nods reassuringly, smiling before kissing me again. We bets10 güvenilir mi make out for a few more minutes, caressing each other’s faces as we stare into each other’s eyes.

As we pause for air I make a suggestion.

“We could try something, a game Jasmine made for me, if you want?” I ask. He nods as I explain.

“It is a J.O.I. game, with only voice and a beat, designed for me, to help with stamina and confidence.”

Seeing his interest, I go on, “I usually play in front of a mirror so I can look at my dick while I stroke and cum, but we could face each other.

It’s only voice cause part of the point is for me to start liking my cock more.

Maybe seeing each other cum to our little dicks will help our confidence.”

Don agrees to try it, so we set up as I explain.

“We will have six rounds, each around seven minutes long.

We have to stroke to the beat, we will be given breaks between rounds.

After every second break, the beat gets a bit faster. There are a few more rules, she will explain as we go.”

I blush a bit as I finish.

We have covered my couch in blankets, and sit facing each other, each with an extended leg on the couch and one on the floor.

We have a supply of lube handy, we settle in, each with pillows propped behind us.

I start the recording, Jasmine says “hello, welcome, I hope you are ready, in front of your mirror, nice and hard and ready to watch yourself edge your cute little cock.”

“I will have more rules for you after your first break so be a good boy and make sure to last at least that long.” Jasmine giggles before she concludes. “Wrap your hand around your little cock.”

A moment later, she says, “You may begin.” A metronome starts, guiding our pace, slow and steady at first, around 40 beats per minute.

We begin stroking as we stare at each other’s cocks.

Jasmine’s soft sweet voice encourages, “Stroke nice and slow, match the beat, stroke all the way up and down your shaft. Full deep strokes now, good boy, stare at your beautiful little cock and stroke up and down, up and down.”

She matches her up and down to the beat perfectly, repeating it over and over for a couple of minutes.

We stare at each other’s cocks. Occasionally glancing upwards to confirm these sexy little poles indeed do belong to our respective best friend. Smiling brightly as our eyes meet, moaning as we stroke and stare.

Every couple of minutes, she guides us again, “Stroke that beautiful cock, watch yourself stroke, good boy, tease that little cock for me. up and down, up and down.”

We are quiet except for our moans. Our combined fapping creates a sexy background noise as we slow stroke our wet poles.

A minute later we hear, “Be careful now, don’t cum, full deep strokes, make that cock ache for release, stare at your cock in the mirror, good boy.”

Always returning to her sweet refrain.

“Up and down, up and down,” always matching the beat perfectly.

We were both so horny when we started. There is no way we will last for the whole challenge.

We both barely manage the first seven minutes. Our legs are shaking and our cocks are twitching as we approach our first break.

Jasmine explains more rules on the 30 second break.

“If you are going to cum too soon, put your free hand under your cock head.

Stroke real slow for as long as you can. When you blow, catch your blast, and while still stroking slowly, lick up that first wad.

As you swallow, move your hand back under your cock and catch more cum. Repeat until you are finished cumming, and then clean up all the cum you missed.”

“You don’t have to,” I say blushing again.

I see Don’s eyes widen before he nods at me. A few seconds later we continue, still at a nice slow pace, she guides us with sexy encouragement.

“Good boy, follow the beat, up and down, up and down, look at your sweet little cock and stroke for me.

Go slow, imagine looking at my perky little tits while you stroke your cute little cock.”

Her whispered instructions have us moaning, as we stroke for her, both using lots of lube, in an attempt to last a bit longer.

Jasmine again instructs, “I am going to train up your cute cock for you, so you can last a long time, but remember if you are close, put that hand under and be ready to catch that cum.”

I move my hand at her reminder, unsure if Don will, but knowing I can’t last much longer, I see he follows my lead.

A minute or two later we are both struggling mightily, barely able to stroke. Jasmine whispers, “Up and down, up and down, good boy, up and down.”

I give in first, I fire a huge wad into my hand, raising it to my mouth as I continue bucking.

As I swallow I watch Don orgasm, he immediately raises his hand licking and swallowing as he orgasms, before reaching down for more.

We each manage to swallow three wads while cumming, still slowly milking our cum out as we clean our cum covered hands.

We both moan as we clean ourselves, making sure to find all the sweet cum on our bellies and thighs. Swallowing every drop like good boys.

We laugh and cuddle, basking in how good we feel, amazed by how good our orgasms were. Sarcastically complaining about how much cum we had to swallow.



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