This story is affectionately dedicated to LipglossGirl, my enduring fantasy.

I’ve always been a conservative fellow, which probably explains my desire to attend law school. However, I also have an abnormally strong sex drive, which in turn explains why I planned to visit a prospective law school only minutes from Keri’s home.

We had met online nearly a year before. I was in a chat room and just bumped into her. The attraction was immediate. The exchange was both incredibly sexy and helpful to me. I had bounced around chat rooms before, and had often seen hints of a sexual cyber world in bits of the conversation of others. However, I had never entered such a world until that night. Keri – both older and more sexually experienced then I– was very patient, and insisted on fulfilling one of my longest standing fantasies: hot sex between a basketball player and her coach in the locker room shower immediately after a game. I couldn’t believe it, but the exchange of mere type with Keri made me cum harder then I ever had before in my entire life. Needless to say, I made sure we met for private chat several times after that. Soon our meetings became a habit, and eventually we were enthralled in a full-fledged cyber affair.

When I decided to visit a law school very near where she lived, I sent her an email letting her know I would be within driving distance for the next couple of days. I even told her the time and the hour I would prefer to show up at her house. I soon received a reply: “Ethan, if you actually do show up, you better be prepared to fulfill in the flesh every one of the fantasies we’ve shared on-line.” She proceeded by including her address and informing me that her husband was in the middle of a month long trip abroad; she insisted I could crash at her place for the duration of my stay. Because she was so cool about the whole thing I assumed that she didn’t actually believe I would ever arrive; perhaps she thought she was calling my bluff.

I soon found out, however, that she was completely serious about accommodating my intentions. I went directly from the airport to her place. She answered the door of her big beautiful home wearing not a stitch of clothing. The moment I saw her I had to brace myself against the door jam. My jaw dropped. She had always refused to send me a pic, but had spent hours describing for me in type the most intimate details of her anatomy. My surprise came not so much from the fact that she presented herself at our first meeting completely naked, but more so from the way her actual appearance and presence completely belittled the power of my imagination; she exceeded in both beauty and raw sexual energy even the most outlandish fabrications of my frenetic libido.

I was first transfixed by her face: her high cheek bones and her forehead framed the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen, so big and with a luster that forced me to exert tremendous effort ataköy türbanlı escort just to peel away my gaze so I could take in the rest of her body. Her lips were full and red, and she had a strong chin to match her indomitable personality. She was tan, with long dark hair. Her breasts were large, a bit more than a handful, with sweet suckable silver-dollar-sized nipples. Her hips flared out from her waist just enough to make my cock begin to swell and ache. She had a tiny strip of dark hair just above the plump mound of her pussy lips. And her legs were long, taking up most of her tall, 5’10”, frame. We stood at eye level. Neither of us had to crouch when she broke my trance, reached out and grabbed my hand and pulled me to her through the door. She smothered my mouth with her own, greeting me with hot and moist kisses.

“Hi baby,” I said, still tasting the linger of her kiss on my tongue.

“Hi Lover,” she replied as she closed the door and began leading me by the hand deep into her house.

The rooms we passed through were immaculate. I noted Keri’s naked body seemed perfectly indigenous in each, as if she had chosen each color and placed each object with the sole purpose of complimenting her beautiful naked form. Walking behind her, seeing her perfect round ass as she moved and her frequent smile as she turned to gaze back at me, my cock naturally began to swell hard against my pants.

Since I had a fairly good idea where we were headed, I released Keri’s hand and awkwardly began stripping off my suit as we walked, abandoning my jacket, tie, shirt and slacks on various tables and chairs throughout the many rooms of her large home.

By the time she led me into her spacious bathroom we were both naked. She had described the room to me several times leading into our most heated conversations. For some reason, the fulfillment of our hottest fantasies had all occurred in this room; whether in the spacious tub, or on the tile of the gym-sized shower, we never cummed harder than when imagining ourselves fucking there.

I walked over to the edge of the bathtub, which was the size of a large Jacuzzi. It was already drawn and I reached my hand in to feel the warmth of the steaming water. Keri came up behind me and reaching around, grabbed my nearly erect cock. “Get in the water, Lover.”

I obeyed. I stepped over the edge and sat for a moment, letting my feet dangle in the warm water. I then slipped in, immersing myself completely. When I came to the surface I saw Keri sitting on the edge of the tub before me, her long legs splayed wide, her hands cupping the weight of her ample breasts. Looking right at me, she lifted one of her tits high and took the swollen nipple into her mouth. She sucked hard at the tender pink knob and motioned with a finger of the other hand for me to come to her. I did. Soon I was slipping my hands under ataköy ucuz escort her knees, pulling her thighs high and even wider. Her pink puckered puss was already glistening a bit with traces of sweet oozing cunt juice, as I lashed my tongue hard up and down its entire length. I swiped my tongue up with long greedy lashes from tiny asshole to clit, collecting all the lingering drops of her pussy dew, as her own swollen nipple muffled the generous moans escaping her mouth. I couldn’t believe the delicacy of her taste as my hungry tongue fulfilled this fantasy I had rehearsed so many times before.

“Fuck ya, eat my pussy!” Keri exclaimed as she dropped one wet nipple from her mouth and lifted the other to give it an equally generous sucking.

Obliging her, I continued swiping my tongue hard at her drooling pink, my sharp tongue tip plowing over and over through those ripe lips, consistently tapping her big swollen clit.

Soon her hot cum button was too big to ignore, so I gently slipped two fingers in to pump her drooling gash, and sucked it hard between my lips. I finger fucked her pussy as I stretched that clit good in the hot vacuum of my mouth, the tip of my tongue swaying back and forth, boxing her swollen pussy knob.

Within moments I could feel her pussy convulsing around my fingers as she was shouting at the top of her lungs, “God, Ethan, I’m cumming!”

Immediately after this timely warning, hot pussy juice began dripping off my chin. I lapped up what I could, savoring the thrilling taste of her drooling sex, as she ran her thin fingers through my hair.

“Ethan, baby, I want your cock,” she said as she slipped into the water and we quickly switched positions. I sat on the edge of the tub, my legs spread; she knelt before me in the steaming water and cupping my swollen balls with one hand, as she pumped my wet and hard cock with the other. Soon she began flicking her tongue at the slit at the tip of my swollen cock. God, it felt good! I then watched as she slowly licked up the bottom of my turgid shaft, only then to linger at the top so she could wag her hot tongue back and forth against the tender underside of my swollen cock-head. She made me so fucking hard. Soon she began to take several inches of my cock into her mouth. She took it in deep and let it slide back out so slowly, her red lips tight around my shaft, her tongue teasing its pink underbelly. God, I could feel the cum practically boiling in my balls as she took the entire length of my cock deep into your tight throat. I looked right into her big brown eyes, holding her head and gently guiding her mouth over my meat, loving the attention of her tongue and the tight sensation of my bulbous cock-head in her gasping throat.

Soon, however, her round ass, swaying gently in the water, caught my eye and I knew exactly what had to happen next. Lifting her head in my ataköy üniversiteli escort hands, I watched as my slick pink shaft slowly escaped the heat of her sucking mouth. She then rose from the water and kissed me. I thought she must have been reading my mind when turning from me and grabbing the other side of the tub, she looked at me over her shoulder with a hot cum-eating grin. Her upper body was parallel with the top of her water, the tips of her nipples just dipping in, her perfect round ass framed above the water’s rippled surface. Wading over to her and grabbing her thin waist, I nudged the tip of my rock hard cock against her wet pussy lips.

“Fuck me, Ethan!” The command startled me a bit, but excited me also. Soon I was slipping my hard cock into her tight, but eager, gash. I slowly watched my cock sink into her until it was completely buried, my swollen balls resting against her big dripping clit.

“Fuck me, baby!” There was eagerness in her voice that spurred me on. Soon my hips were bucking, my cock diving into her pink over and over. Not leaving the effort completely up to me, she began to meet my thrusts, and the swaying of our fuck-hungry bodies began to cause waves. By the time I was up to pace, pounding hard, not sparing her from a single inch of my long shaft, water was splashing over the sides of the tub. I firmly held her hips and thrust hard, encouraged by her increasing moans. Soon we were caught in a vortex of pleasure from which we couldn’t escape, our increased effort only pulling us further in.

“I’m going to cum, Ethan. I’m going to cum so hard!”

I too was very close. Ready to explode. I knew my cum-laden balls, which swung to pummel her clit with each thrust, wouldn’t stand the pressure much longer.

Soon Keri was shouting: “FUCK! FUCK! I’M CUMMING!” I could feel her pussy clinching and gushing all over my diving cock. She slowly collected herself after a very intense cum, as I mercilessly continued pumping her tight hole. “Cum in my hot mouth, baby. Cum in my hot hungry mouth.” She half-shouted these commands between her incessant moans.

Feeling I was on the verge I quickly pulled my cock from her drooling puss. She had sense enough to turn around and face me, her beautiful mouth wide open. I was soon filling it with hot and fast streams of ball batter, the pleasure so intense in my cock that I could barely stand it. She took what she could of the hot cum in her mouth, swallowing it greedily. Some of it ran over her lips and off her chin, splashing down onto her large round breasts. My balls relieved of every last drop, I then stooped down to kiss her cum-tainted mouth. I had always dreamed of tasting myself on her, and the taste was intense. Not satisfied with just this heady linger, however, I then lowered my mouth to her splattered breasts, licking my own cum from her silky skin. God, this practically sent her into a fit. She shouted my name, and reaching around her back and up and under her ass, she frantically fingered her cunt as I nursed at her cum-covered mams. Soon she was shaking with another orgasmic wave. Smiling, I looked up at her beautiful face. I knew I was in for a weekend I would never forget. Needless to say, I never got around to visiting that law school.



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