Wow! Thank you all for the positive comments and corrections. I wasn’t expecting that kind of response and I’m truly flattered. Your comments have encouraged me to continue with the story. I have several chapters planned for this story and a few ideas for new ones. I’ll try my best not to disappoint. And yes, that was my first story. Thanks so much again.

End of Chapter 1

After I finished cleaning up, I pulled my low cut briefs on, pushing my dick straight down, now that it was finally soft, and grabbed a robe hanging on the door. Sean had managed to get his robe on and was sitting on the couch. He was leaning back with his eyes closed and his feet resting on an ottoman. As I joined him on the couch I asked, “How are you feeling now?”

Chapter 2

“Wow! I don’t know what to say. Thanks?”

While laughing, I bowed my head slightly and said, “You’re most welcome. I think you needed that.” I don’t know what had gotten into me, but I felt empowered and emboldened. Almost giddy even. Don’t ask why, but I decided to run with it while it lasted.

I could see he was about to say something, but I cut him off. “Listen, number one you need help. We’re the only ones here and there is no way you can take care of yourself and all that blah, blah, blah stuff. And two, I uh, I enjoyed it. So there.”

“You’re not freaked that I got hard and, well, you know?”

“Well, I’m kind of freaked that I enjoyed it so much. I’ve never messed with another guy or really ever seen any other dicks. But dude, you have a fantastic cock! And…”

“And what?”

“Well, I want to do it again. It was fun.” For some reason I was craving to see and feel his cock again and was gutsy enough to say so. Hey, I’ve already held his dick while he peed and stroked him till he shot in my mouth and all over my face. And I scraped his cum from my face to my mouth like a starving slut. Granted he didn’t see all that, but still, in for a pound, right?

The look on his face was like a kid that just saw Santa for the first time. Eyes wide and mouth hanging open. “Are you serious?”

“Yeah. And it looks like you might need it judging by that,” pointing at the tent in his robe. Coyly I stated, “I think someone wants more attention.”

“Oh man,” he breathed in as I stretched out on the couch, resting my head against his abs. I reached across with my left hand to part his robe, which allowed his cock to go from straight up to vertical, pointing right at my face. I couldn’t help but grin as I felt his abs tense beneath my face.

Oh yes, this is a cock to crave and dream about. Beautiful, powerful, and majestic were just some of the words flying through my head. The head was so close, I had to shift slightly to get a view of the shaft. I could feel his heart beat through his abs and with every third or fourth beat, the head would flare and rise above his hairless stomach about an inch and then slowly drop back down. The slit would open slightly with each flare so I could see the pick inside and the gathering moisture.

While my eyes were mesmerized, I started exploring with my left hand. All around and behind his balls, I traced very lightly with my fingertips. His balls were a perfect match with his cock, big! No wonder my face was drenched with cum in the shower. And so smooth, not a hair to be found. When I tickled between his balls and rosebud, his hips would raise which would bring his cockhead almost to my lips. I could smell the scent of his precum that was building in the slit.

I started tracing up and down the shaft. Starting at the base, I’d trace a vain up to just under the head, casino siteleri and then back down. Then I’d find another and start all over again. Precum was building in the slit and was about to run off. I reached behind his balls again to tickle that spot. When he raised his hips, I reached out with my tongue and slowly licked across his head to gather the precum. I didn’t want any of this going to waste.

Sean sucked in air and tightened up even more. If his abs got any tighter, something was going to pop. Talk about a feeling of power! I was causing this, whoa, major head rush! The taste of his precum exploded across my taste buds and my mouth became a saliva producing fountain. Did I just hear a trumpet playing? All I can say is, if Sean tries to stop me now, someone is going to get hurt.

“Ohhhh, mannnn, you’re gonna make me cum!”

Precum was literally flowing out of my dick, across my balls and down my crack. My dick was uncomfortable pointing down, but I wasn’t about to stop what I was doing to rearrange things. I reached up and wrapped my hand around his shaft. Oh jeesh, just the feel alone made me moan out loud. I squeezed and could feel the throb as his muscles constricted and heart pumped blood. The power, the hardness, the pure majesty of this cock was radiating through my hand straight to my dick. Every throb I felt in my hand caused another between my legs and more precum to soak into my briefs.

I squeezed harder and pulled up towards the head. Eureka, more ambrosia! This time I slid my face down just a little so I could lick the head and pull his precum into my mouth. I kept licking with the flat of my tongue while I pumped. Down to the base pulling the skin tight and squeezing firmly. Holding that, I’d guide the head all around my lips as if applying lip balm. I made a note to myself that this should be a daily routine for proper lip care. I kept squeezing while slowly pulling up to milk more precum to the slit and my searching tongue. Each upstroke ended with another explosion across my taste buds.

I have no idea how much time elapsed. I barely heard the, “Aaahhhh!!” But the hips thrusting up and forcing the head past my lips and teeth brought me out of the dream state I had entered. My eyes opened wide with the realization that burst through my being, that this, having a man’s cock in my mouth, was what my mouth was made for! I moaned loud with complete acceptance and contentment as I felt his cock throb, not only in my hand, but also in my mouth. As the head flared again, I ran my tongue around and under the ridge.

I knew what this throb meant from our time in the shower. I waited for the second throb that would bring the first blast of cum from his balls. “Boom!” I felt the first stream fire against the roof of my mouth. I’m surprised with actually feeling the force and pressure that accompanied the stream. I jerked back but my lips locked behind the ridge keeps my mouth from pulling completely off, thankfully. My mouth is instantly full and I start gulping cum down my throat, only to be filled again and again. I was determined to not waste a single drop.

Sean is moaning, “Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Oh damn! Ahhheeeee!” I think he was having a moment.

The feeling that washes through my body and consciousness confirms that worshiping a cock with my mouth and tongue is now my calling in life. This feeling, coupled with the taste, texture, heat, and sensation of his cum sliding down my throat, causes my dick to explode. I can do nothing but clinch my thighs together and jerk my hips as cum blasts from my dick. My briefs are absolutely sodden now and it feels as if cum slot oyna has been poured over my balls and into my crack.

“Oh man! You swallowed my cum! So good. Thank…Oh my God! What are you doooingggg?” I was being somewhat narrow minded and didn’t take the time to answer. He would figure it out soon enough.

As his eruptions slowed to a dribble, my lips begin the decent down the shaft. I could feel every vein as I slipped lower and lower. When my lips met my thumb and index finger, the head was at the entrance of my throat. As I swallowed, I could feel my throat close and then open again across the tip. I dropped my hand down to cup his balls and cradle them against his groin. As my throat opened, I dropped and swallowed again. Cum coating my throat and the head of his cock allowed it to slip in as my lips drop to the base. Gagging doesn’t even cross my mind and I naturally started breathing through my nose. My only thought was, “This is where this cock belongs, pulsing in my mouth and throat.”

I was completely content with where I was and what I was doing. There wasn’t any other place I wanted to be at that moment. I was perfectly fine feeling his cock constrict as I swallowed and rubbing my tongue along his shaft. Sean, on the other hand, had other ideas. He was thrashing his head back and forth and humping his hips up and down. I think the only parts holding his body up were his feet on the ottoman and his head on the back of the couch. His cock started throbbing again and he screamed something like, “Oh jeeeeesss,,,Aaarrrrrr!” I have no idea what he was trying to say, but I think he was using the Cherokee Unknown Tongue. But I did know what was happening. He was cumming again! This time in and down my throat! I could feel it tickling and the heat as it ran down to my stomach.

I continued nursing as Sean crashed back to the couch. He was moaning and trying to talk, mostly English this time, “Oh god,,,,Too much,,,Can’t,,,,Stop,,,,,Pleaseeeeee!” I didn’t want too, but I slowly pulled off and sat up. He was just staring straight up, eyes and mouth wide open.

After catching my breath for a few minutes, I asked, “Yo, Chief. You ok?”

“Holy crap! That was,,,uh,,,jeesh,,,I don’t know,,,unbelievable. Fantastic! Can’t move.”

I smiled and giggled, “Really?”

“Yeah. Feel guilty now. Haven’t done anything for you.” He still wasn’t quite up to complete sentences yet, but they were getting longer.

“Weeelllll, I don’t think you need to worry about that,” I said while looking down at my soaked briefs.


I glanced over and saw he had a questioning look on his face. I stood, dropped the robe and turned so I was right in front of him. Looking down at myself, I pointed towards the general area of my soaked and almost dripping briefs and said, “As you can see, it wasn’t exactly a one way street.”

He stared for a few moments and then growled, “Come here!” Leaning forward, he reached his casts around my butt and pulled me onto the couch. I ended up on my knees straddling his torso. He kept pulling till my groin was smashed against his face. I yelped and had to grab the headrest so I wouldn’t flip over the back. He moaned and started licking and sucking at the sodden mess between my legs. After a few moments, and lots of pleasure on my part, he growled again, “Get these off.”

Now it was my turn to say, “Huh?”

“I can’t use my hands so shut up and get these off,” he growled as he bit at the waste band. I wasn’t sure where this growling was coming from, but his forcefulness shocked me, and also sent a tingle up my spine. I wiggled around until I got canlı casino siteleri my right leg out. I didn’t have time to get the left out before he pulled me back to his face. I yelped again as he attacked with his lips and tongue. I can’t help it, I yelp when I’m surprised. He was like a starving man going for the cum that was smeared all over my dick and balls. Not a spot was missed as he pulled my dick into his mouth and swirled his tongue all around as he pulled off. He pushed my right leg up and over the backrest to get to the area where my inner thigh met my groin. That’s one of my spots so it was my turn to moan and jerk. He shoved me to the side so that I landed on my back with his face following. And yes, I yelped again.

Someone taking control of me was a completely foreign experience. It was more than a tingle, more like a total body and mind sensation having Sean take charge. I was just along for the ride, and I liked it, a lot. He shoved my knees up and out to expose the cum below my balls. He ran his tongue from the top of my crack all the way down and across my rosebud, then back up. After several passes he zeroed in on my hole. Holy mother of pearl! If this is what a woman feels while being eaten, then I was officially Sean’s girl. I couldn’t orgasm again due to the three I had in the past hour, but I went through all the motions and felt all the sensations. I have never experienced anything close to having his tongue exploring around my hole. Only by holding me down did I remain on the couch and not end up in the yard.

I was a space cadet when he finished. It was now my turn to talk in the Unknown Tongue. After several minutes, I managed to get out, “Wow!”

“You can say that again.”

“No, I don’t think I can,” as I started laughing. Sean couldn’t help it and joined in. After a few minutes I managed to get out, “I am officially your personal cocksucker and if you go down on my butt again, I’ll be anything else you want.”

My eyes were closed but I heard him reply, “Deal. And count on it.” My eyes opened wide at that and I smiled.

“Oh really? Is there something I should know about?”

“Man, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve jerked off thinking about your mouth and lips and that ass of yours.”

“Whaaaatttt?” I couldn’t believe what he had just said.

“God, I have dreamed of pumping my cock in your mouth and squeezing your cheeks as I lick and tongue your hole.”

I know my mouth was hanging open and I’m sure my eyes looked like saucers when he looked at me. “I’ve been thinking of letting you know and kind of putting the move on you for some time now.”

I just laid there stunned. I had no idea.

After a long silence he asked, “How would you have reacted if I had?”

I had to think for a few moments, as I wanted to be honest. “Hmmm. I guess it would depend on the setting. If you had asked me straight out, I might have run. But if you had approached me naked with that thing hanging out,” pointing towards his mid-regions, “I probably would have given in.”

He just smiled.

“Listen,” I said, “I don’t want you hurt or in casts, but I’m glad it happened. I don’t regret anything. That was the most mind blowing experience of my life.”

“Me too.”

I pushed myself up with a struggle and looked both of us over. “We need another shower.”

“Yeah, and I need to pee again.”

I lowered my head and raised my eyebrows while looking at him.

“Oh no!” When he saw my questioning and coy look, “I’m done for the night.”

“Oh yeah? Think so huh?” My mouth was still watering from the taste of his cum and my hole was twitching from thinking about him thinking about my ass. We may have both needed to rest for the night, but the fun wasn’t over by a long shot.


Thanks again to all of you. Any ideas or suggestions are welcomed.



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