community workI was completing my college degree and my resume lacked some community or charity work to be even co considered for graduatingSo i end up helping disabled , i had a car and twice a week i had to drive and help for whatever this older black guy i was assign to needed help withHe was a construction worker and had lost his sight temporarily , a operation to his eyes would take a year to heal and i spent a great week just driving picking grocery and stuff for him, this work was easy the next year wont be that bad i remember telling myself driving back to his home on fridayi was about to knock on his door when i saw a light in the living room, ”was he is watching tv ?” i ask myself peeking closeromg, on the tv was a little white boy mouth around a big fat black cock, my ”customer” eyes uncover his cock out a flashlight toy in his hand engulfing his own bbc , the mouth toy stretching around his cock was hypnotizing mei coudnt knock at his door i was 20 min early and just watch him , i never saw a bbc for real and i was magnificent , all wet going in and out of the toy mouth I watch until he look at his watch close the tv , getting back his eye patch 5 min later i knock and for the rest of the day i coudnt stop but thinking of him and his hard bbc bulging in his sweatpants , i spent the day looking at his crotch knowing that bulging cock like white boy mouth like meI was str8… but with no gf and the idea of trying to suck became omnipresent in my thoughtsi had to ask and after a brief explanation i learned he could see but not that much and only 10 min at a time before it hurtI help him with chores and by 7pm when i usually go back home he told me he wanted to order pizza for me, since i was helping him so muchI stayed, had beers and eat pizza. the more i stayed and talk with him , the bigger he became in his pants it seemed”you smoke weed? since its legal i tried it once and like to smoke on friday after a week””yeah i do””can you roll some for me?”i did while looking at his pants and his bbc bulge was moving sometimes like it was saying helloi never said a word, i look at his pants move up and down his bbc pulsing under it, i become so shy and not knowing really what to do , i was curious and shy , repeating to my head ”you are str8 dont look”but smoking the weed just made me hornier and starring at all time at his spread legs near me so many question in my head all resulted into ”’he is waiting for it to happen”remembering too well the image on the tv, of a young white boy smilling and pleasing a older black guy just like him and me”you want some treat ? you been so helpfull this week , i was thinking of giving you a big treat in return”my stomach flipped , he smoke the weed , hard and making a tent in his pants now asking me this question”thanks but its ok””you are a good boy , i really think you need a big treat tho, for all this help , you deserve one”i watch him , he showed me something he had in his pocketbig squared red pouch with a strawberry stamped on ita condom pouch he is making me watch open and i smell it as he took it out casually getting his pants down infront of me in silence , envelopping his hard 8 bbc in strawberry red condom the smell of a sweat treat filling my nosei was feeling so small and anadolu yakası escort hypnotized by him getting the condom down his big cock”my good bou big treat is ready, you like it?”holding the big red condom cock for me to have a taste”mmmmmmm good boy slow take your time enjoy it, its for you”my god he was big as i took the condom big cock in my mouth the sweat taste of strawberry was real nice as i suck it down having fun taking place down between his legs on my knees to suck him betteromg what was i doing mouth around him like a hungry cocksucker, looking up taking him out wanting to stop, but once out i felt ….empty i hesitate until his warm hands took my head down making me moan in surprise mouth push deep deeper until i gagged ”too deep ok ok here like that, better like that , big treat for a good boy, yes get that big treat boy its all yours ”making me drool and moan him controlling my head like her did with his fleshlight hours beforehaving fun sliding in a white mouth , making it wet and sloppy”dont be shy no one will ever know , your mouth so nice , you suck me real good”god why was i happy to ear him call me a good mouth , a good suckeri suck and suck until it became fucking too funi was having a real good time mouth drooling on the strawberry bbc it felt like i sucked a big treat indeed and he knew i was starting to like it ”my my little boy you really are a good one””you know how to open up real good on my cock”mouth pull of the cock ”ok now you try to remove the condom with that mouth , its a game cute white boy lovvve to play i promise”slidding in., pointing at the rubber end t the base of his cock”here , that mouth need to come all the way here , work it boy ”why was i doing it drooling deepthroating up to the condom trying to reach itmy throat open as he help my down to itand i did it i sucked down the condom until i had it in my mouth spitting it out”yeahhhh good boi wow you did it real quick”he said tapping on my head i look up and took him in my mouth , tasting his cock , on my own like a hungry bbc lover ”i wishi could look at you gulping my bare cock down, looks like you are a little fag arent you ”god i didnt want to admitt it , but i may be one because i could see me doing this all year in secret nowit tasted even nicer bare, so warm and big, alive big cockso big and black in my little mouth he help me at all time his big hand holding my head to the point i was weak and under his movementreally felt like i was the fleshlight mouth now and it went on for so long i felt his balls become hard and fulli started rubbing it with both my hands , caressing his big hard bag of cum feeling hungry for my first ever loadi kept working for it , i knew he was getting closer everything big and pulsing like a time bomb i need to defuse with my tiny white mouth the bomb went of and i drank and drank gulping loud him moaning his big balls in my hands shooking , emptying in my mouth , sound of me gulping down cum for a good minutes as he cum twices pounding down more cum in my mouth i went to the bathroom , looking at my face covered in his bbc juice , i felt guilt and shame , my belly feeling full of cumi went to pick my stuff and leave but he had other plan for ataşehir escort meeven blind he managed to tied my hands and leash me up telling me i was under his care nowtrying to argue i was str8 and just curious to do it oncedaddy touching my belly ”its ok , iam very curious too about you gulping all my babies ””makes me want to make you gulp more , right in here with my other babies ”god he make it sound so weird , rubbing my belly and walking me to his bedleash up by this older black guy, who is making me his pet door closed ass up on his bed he called me a good boy pulling my boxer down , undressing me naked lubing my hole slowly a finger poking in”need to coat you up nice and wet in that cute ass”moaning his finger in and out opening me real good and slowhe put another in and i moan of pleasure, open up slow and good he turn my head he was hard again and i open up his bbc plunging in my mouth ass up fingered , he had me into a pleasure loop of plunging his warm cock in and out , his finger doing the same i didnt saw it coming it vibrate at the entrance of my cherry and i yelled of pleasurethe cock toy stretching me open more lube down , the toy pushed deep the vibration making me moan on his bbc in my mouth ”good little pussy you have here , taking my ex wife vibrator all in you like a good girl”slap slap slap”good slut love bbc ””gonna keep that cute ass in panty i think , just to make sure you know your place around me”fuck i was digged down by the toy moaning ass fuck for my first time way too good with that toy lubed up more so it sounded wet and open for more , for the real deal as i drool on his bbc toyed up by him , opening up my cunt for the obvious , for that fat cock iam drooling on, moaning on as it pulse down in my mouth , waiting for me to be a hole to take after a while he pop out the toy positionning behind me his bbc right over my holehe didnt move , i did, i moved my cunt down on him not believing how big and good he felt backing up bouncing down on him moaning ass up hands tied ass wigling down on his pleasure cock”go on, be that slut , fuck that bbc bitch you bouncing real good , yeah bounce like that , fuck that cunt so tight ”god i coudnt stop bouncing back toward him i felt his big hands hold my ass and slap it gentle letting me fuck myself for a while, on my own”ok its my turn , you had your fun”and he pumped me down prone ass up bouncing down in me hard and all the way making me moan like a little wore face in my pillow hands tied ass fuck by my daddy bbci cum after only the first 5 minutes shaking and crying out loud like a sissy fag learning his place, a bbc keeping its pace invading my bowel up , turning my little tight hole into a wet open cunt he exploded down in me kissing my neck caling me his new sissy wife , his cum flooding my no more tight and virgin assi slept in a man arms my ass dripping his cum i felt lost and no more knowing if i wsnt dreemingthe next morning in woke up daddy fat cock in me, spooning kissing me neck , making me moangod i felt good , i coudnt believe it, i was str8…..his hige bbc in me so easy poking my spot”fuck what are you doing to me , iam str8 goooodddd””shhhh iam too, we just having fun boy, we are just having some secret fun ümraniye escort in your cute pussy”i moan up like a fag , he had me good in his arm sliding in my ass good and deephe just hand to start rubbing my little hairless ball and i cum in his hands , him kissing me calling me his girl to stop pretending i dont love this his hands full of my cum rubbing it call on my titties, moaning feeling like a slut who cum getting fuckhe flip me doggy and fuck me like a little fag wore i moan non stop under his slamming in me until i was filled with cum , moaning and not believing who wonderful it feel , pounded full of his cum down face on the bed smiling like a happy sissy it took only a day , i was in panty now and god did i felt good when he slide me in one , hidding my lil cock away forever he said, making me hold and stroke his bbc as i get put in frilly pink panty my mouth went straight to his bbc i felt so weak and horny wearing smooth panty and groped in them i was offering myself so easy to this older black guy but i fucking didnt care , mouth sucking his fabulous bbc like a candy , in panty called a good little girlhe had more he said quitting my mouth leaving me on my knees mouth hungry looking at him put me in a bright pink camisole god i kept licking him sucking his big balls as he dress me up helping me feel cute and smooth little camisole and looking up to my surprise i was help in cute long gold hair , going down on my shoulder as i reach up to lick his bbc made into a teen cute girl by a strong black guy , letting him do it and eager to obey , feeling cute and smoothit was 10pm and i was tied to the living room table ass up thinking daddy wanted to make me watch tv he didsissy porn starting to play he close the lights and whisper in my ears”my buddies are coming over, they cant wait to meet you”sliding in me making me moan as he says he have a good girl to show all of his friendsi panicked and beg for him , wanting to know if its a joke”no its not , why, you afraid? dont be baby girl you have such great holes, you will love them bbc too i promise em a good daughter”god he was right the doot knocked and soon i had 4 bbc circling me calling me a very cute little white girlmouth open on stranger black older guy smilling taking my head in there hands making me look at them putting bbc in my tiny girly mouth so easyi coudnt stop em, they slided in my holes in turn just like daddy did, i moan around them switching place grobbing me rubbing my ass like a treasure they all share tonighti was untied and they knew they had me under controlhelping me in more position to fuck the white teen each time kissing me calling me sweat name, 3 stranger gently fucking up my holes like i loveit went on forever and i loved it, i was a doll , i nice cock loving white doll who will be fuck in secret like this and gid it was so much funthe more i acted as a girl the better they treat me, i felt cute and good around strong black daddies who loved me , kiss me and fuck me all nighti remember who they each cum in me in turn before daddy showed em how to take care of a sissylegs up and plugged by my vibrator 4 black guy calling me a baby girl kissing me snapping the diaper on mei felt em beer and sat with them drinking beer daddy rubbing my diaper getting all the cum dripping out as i feel like a slut, a tiny made white slut by black guy , lost and confused sucking daddy in diaper his friends going away kissing me before going back to them wife”you been a good girl you know”daddy cuddling me on him , my mouth slurping his bbc my princess diaper making me feel horny



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