I didn’t know what I was thinking. My hands were still shaking from the excitement. My heart raced as I finished verifying my craigslist account. My online ad, which garnished a picture of my plump bottom being spread wide to reveal my sweet hairless hole was titled “Teen ISO Daddy”. I stated that I still had my anal cherry, in fact I had never even been with a girl yet. My rear opened up like rose bud, an inviting cherry ready to pop.

I had just started my first year of college and was still a complete virgin. Sure I had tried to get the occasional nude from the girls at school, with little success. I was fairly good looking, with shorter brown hair and emerald green eyes. But the girls wanted the older studs, and I was only now just turned 19. My boyish features were still very prominent.

l always lusted after the porn stars late at night dreaming that I could one day fuck a girl like that, one that was kinky and would do whatever I wanted. But I didn’t know how to make a girl be sexual. They all seemed to mind their own business and fantasize about the celebrities on T.V anyway.

Then there was Kennedy. She was my next door sweetheart. Well, she barely knew I even existed. She was a year older than me, And had already started college. I chose to stay living at home, for one cheap rent, but really I wanted a chance to Ben with Kennedy. I had helped her family move in and the moment I saw her I fell in love. Blue eyed brunette with a perfect petite form, and her hair fell like gold from her head. I often dreamed of her straddling my face while I pinched her perfect B cup breasts.

The reason I hesitated was because I wanted to make sure she liked me first. I had invited her to eat lunch with me her first day, and we sort of became friends. We didn’t have any classes at school together, and since she was new to town she didn’t have a clique to hide behind, yet.

“Dear god I hope she doesn’t get too popular. Then I would never get a shot!” I thought to myself. However she Hung out with a different group everyday so I tried not to badger her.

We would talk online and sometimes on the way home, when she didn’t have practice. She would tell me about her interests, and sometimes the things some of the guys at school had said to her. But we always had a good laugh about it. I just wish I could work up the nerve to ask her out, this sexual tension within my body ached my cock every night, and I would often wake up having shot a large load in my sleep. Sometimes I even masturbated 3 times a day! I almost always fantasized about fucking Kennedy and cumming all over her face like a porn star. One time after a rigorous masturbating session I unloaded all over her school picture. I took a finger full of cum that plastered the page, and licked it. It tasted really good, but I knew that didn’t make me gay.

So then why was I placing an ad for gay sex?

Well.. I had gotten into trans porn at first. It was just so hot seeing girls with dicks go at it. I thought girls were hot, and this way there was no guy on the screen. So it was all just kinky fun. My biggest turn on was facials. I had long been wanting to give one to Kenn. when by accident I stumbled upon a cum eating instruction video. I didn’t notice the title at the time because it looked like “CEI” and I didn’t know what that meant. But the girl, she looked like an older version of Kennedy! dark hair with a firm jawline and red lipstick that screamed high class slut. I had already watched porn for an hour and I wanted to cum very badly. Before I knew it my legs were up in the air and I was raining down warm salty cum into my teenage throat. After that I was addicted. I watched all of her video’s and fantasized that it was Kenn making me humiliate myself. I even fucked myself with a cucumber and would always lap up my cum afterwards.

Eventually it progressed to imagining myself sucking other men’s cocks. I didn’t consider myself gay. I was just pretending to be a porn star, and porn stars were whores that loved cock and cum. I was just so horny all the time, so that’s casino oyna how it happened. I never imagined a women would be willing to have sex with me without money, so I decided to post in the gay section. I had thought, at the very least I could get my first blow job!

“I’ll just pretend its Kennedy.” I thought to myself as I began to fill out the first of many ads.

Each day I would re’edit my post. I was overcome by my own sexual frustrations, and my post’s got sluttier and sluttier. I would respond to some inquires, but never followed through. I had already came on my own face twice on that particular day. The taste of my own cum lingered on my lips when I closed my laptop and looked outside. Kennedy was heading inside her house from a run! Her nipples were hard and penetrated through her sports bra. I tasted the cum on my lips and imagined it was her tasting my cum.

The next day I checked my email. I had over 12 replies! I looked at a few and was a unimpressed. But one in particular caught my eye. His cock was glorious. About 8 inches, Cut, with neatly trimmed white pubic hair. A small drop of precum glistening at the slit and it just.. invited me to suck it. I replied back to him told him what I was into, and that I was new to all of this.

He replied and asked me for a picture sticking a finger into my virgin ass. I made sure my face wasn’t in the frame because I was still worried about getting found out! It was hard to get the angle right with my phone using only one hand. So I used the webcam on my computer and kept my face above the shot. I waited nervously for his reply. My cock started to harden and twitch thinking about how real this all really was!

“Wow! you really are a slutty teen boy. Better hurry over and suck my cock right now. Head to the motel 7 and we’ll get a room.” He replied.

I read it, reread it. Masturbated my cock a little. Went to get my clothes on. But I just couldn’t believe this was really going to happen, and then I got scared. An older man, who I’ve never met wants to put his penis in my mouth? But what else did he want? All I had to do was leave my front door and walk 5 blocks and I wouldn’t be a virgin. But I just couldn’t bring myself to do it..

10 minutes later…

I got another message from Daddy.

“Are you ready slut? If you flake, you’re going to make me have to punish your puckered little virgin boy hole.” He said.

I deleted all the messages. Deleted the ad. Humiliated, I lifted my legs over my face, and jacked off furiously trying to think of Kennedy. But all I could think of was Daddy’s magnificent cock, and when I came warm spunk all over my face I imagined it was raining down from his.

The next day when I came home from school the smell of fresh baked cookies filled my nostrils. I asked my mom when they would be done and she scolded me not to spoil my dinner and told me I wasn’t going to get any, and that they were for Mr. Stevens next door.

“I’ll take them over.” I replied, hoping I would be able to talk with Kennedy while I was there.

“That’s what I was going to ask you for Hun. Mr. Stevens mentioned he had something for your 19th birthday. I thought cookies were the least we could do for such a kind and thoughtful neighbor. Now hurry on out I want you home by 6!” My mother said as she began to pile the cookies onto a plate.

With the warm plate of cookies in hand I knocked several times on their front door. I waited nervously, hoping Kennedy would be home. I was wondering why I hadn’t seen her at school today when Mr. Stevens answered the door. He was a tower of a man, standing at 6ft and built like an ox. From what I knew about him he played football in college. He had a 5 o’clock shadow, and he had clearly recently shaved his head.

“Hello Daniel, come on in.” He said coolly.

He ushered me in and followed closely behind me into the den.

“Where’s Kenn at? I brought y’all some cookies.” I squeaked, while nervously scanning up towards the stairs. He took the plate from me quickly.

“She’s at her slot oyna mothers today, she’ll be back tomorrow night after school, take a seat let me set these down in the kitchen and I’ll grab your birthday present.” He said leaving the room quickly.

I sat down on the sofa as he left. I was disappointed I wasn’t going to see Kenn. I was finally getting the courage to ask her out and all I needed was an opportunity. Then I heard Mr. Stevens come back into the room. He had what appeared to be a birthday card and a small brown bag.

“19 is an especially good year!” he exclaimed. It was the first time I had really seen him smiling. I reached for the bag but he pulled it away.

“Mind your manners! Read the card first.” He said.

I opened the envelope and inside was just a folded piece of paper. As I unfolded it my breath stopped and my heart pounded into my chest. It was my photo from my ad! and another of me fingering my tight puckered hole for “Daddy.” An object had been circled on the paper. My family photo on my dresser!

“Familiar faces!” He said grinning.

“Please… I… oh no.. Mr. Stevens.. please don’t tell my..” I tried to stammer out.

He never let me finish. He quickly unbuckled his pants to reveal a raging hard on. The same cock that I had drooled over stopped my entire thought process.

“I said you were going to get punished and I meant it!” He said before

he gripped my head between this hands and dragged precum across my lips and face. He swiveled his hips and landed a strong mushroom slap across my cheek. His cock was so heavy it stung a little and I was afraid it would leave a welt. But the warmth of it stirred my own cock awake from its nervousness.

I was still too stunned to speak. By both his words and the stinging on my face. He picked me up like a doll and threw me face down on the couch and ripped my pants down to my knee’s exposing my bare ass. Immediately his rough callused hands started whaling on my ass until it was red and sore. I yelped a little, but I was incredibly turned on. Strangely my cock was even more stiff then it ever had been. Precum was heavily leaking down my shaft.

“Are you going to be a good boy?” He asked, rather sweetly.

“Yes Mr. Stevens.” I said submissively.

Another hard slap on my vulnerable ass “You will call me sir or daddy understood?” He shouted at me.

“Yes sir.” I said meekly.

I could hear him spit on his finger but I was still surprised when she shoved it into my ass, hard. My sphincter tensed up and tightened around his finger as he slightly tickled my prostate. Sending a few more drops of precum dripping all the way down to my balls. He pulled my cock down between my legs and swiped up a glob of my precum and reached around shoving his fingers into my mouth. My cock twitched as he did and I would’ve sworn he was grinning ear to ear.

“Looks like you like that boy.” He said while he coated his finger with more of my flowing juices. He fingered my sweet hole a little longer. Lubricating it with my own cum.

“Now turn around, strip naked, and open your other present.” He said, withdrawing his finger from my ass.

“Yes Daddy.” I said. I hadn’t really accepted what was happening, I just did what he said, as he commanded it. It was nice to not have to think, or be nervous anymore. I could only focus on the intensity of my own cock.

I turned slowly, removed my clothing and got down on my knees. His cock was still pulsating globs of precum. It was even better than in the picture he had sent me. He placed the brown paper bag in front of me as he turned and sat across the room on a lounge chair. Removing the rest of his clothing along the way. I slowly opened the bag and reached inside. I pulled out a pair of lacy black panties. I knew what he wanted. So I slipped one leg after the other and wriggled it up to my waist. The material felt amazing as it slipped into my crack, yet embarrassingly my raging boner stuck out through the side.

“If you want to suck my cock. Crawl to me and suck on it!” canlı casino siteleri He instructed after admiring my form for a moment.

“Yes Sir.” I said submissively.

Finally reaching him, quicker than I would of liked, my mouth wrapped around the head of his cock. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled his cock from my mouth with an audible popping sound. He slapped my face with it a few times, and I instinctively stuck my tongue out. He slapped it across my wetness and I could taste his sweet precum.

“Yeah you whore.” He called me as he teased the head of his cock around my lips. It was at this moment that I came to my senses. I was a nineteen yr old boy; interested in this mans daughter, with my mother not 100 yards away cooking dinner, sucking on an older mans cock! He plunged deeply into my mouth, and slammed my head back and forth on his erection like there was no tomorrow. I gagged some but that seemed to only please him. Saliva drizzled down my chin and across his lap while the sounds of gagging and throat fucking filled the room. I could tell that he loved the sensation. When he let go of my head I didn’t dare stop. I kept pleasuring him as quickly as I could. He slapped my face lightly with his rough hands as his cock plunged in and out of my mouth. Calling me a whore, and a sissy slut.

I could feel him start to tense up and go quite, his breathing became shallow. I realized how much my own cock ached so I started jerking myself off.

“I’m gonna cum you slut. Swallow all my cum or you’ll be punished again!” He said to me.

He pulled back till just the head was in, and jerked himself furiously. Another moment later and I felt cum rushing into my mouth. Warm and salty it filled my mouth completely up and I had to start swallowing very fast to not spill any. Yet still some began to leak out of the corners of my cheeks and down my chin.

Once he finished, he oozed the rest of the cum out of his shaft and dragged it across my face, and gave each of my cheeks a couple smacks with his hefty cock for good measure. Then he made me lay down. Without saying a word he lifted my legs back over my head and spread the panties and gave my hole a few good long licks. My legs quivered at the touch of his tongue. He pushed it in and out as far as he could. His tongue was long and I had never felt anything like it. He then reached for my cock and slowly massaged my shaft.

He then got on his knees and let his cock rest on my still virgin hole. He was still hard, and it felt very heavy. I could feel wetness leaking onto my buttocks. But I could not tell if it was his cum, or my saliva.

“Open Your Mouth.” Was all he said.

As he began to furiously pump my cock. It did not take me very long. Within moments I was shooting stream after stream into my own mouth. He watched as my mouth was filled so full that it began to spill down the sides of my face. While more still plastered my eyes shut and covered me completely. He took great care in making sure my cock erupted strings of cum across my entire face.

Because so much of it got on the floor, my Daddy told me that he needed to give me another spanking tomorrow to punish me. He let me clean up in the bathroom before I quickly went home. It felt like I had been there hours, but it was only 5:50 when I left.

I felt so ashamed. I had been used, abused, and I loved it. Another man, my next door neighbor had made me swallow his cum and made me cum on my own face. Before I left he told he how I was his sissy slut and that he owned me. How I needed to wear those panties until he told me to take them off and that whenever I was to cum I had to do so in his presence or with his permission. He also said that if I didn’t obey every command, everyone would know what a cock craving whore I was.

When I got home, I quickly ate dinner, did my homework and tried to forget that I was now a whore. “His” whore. I was his property now and I fantasized late that night thinking about doing all the things Mr. Stevens. I mean my Daddy, had done to me. My dick got hard, but I knew better than to touch myself without permission. I did leak a little cum onto my panties though. I brought some to my lips and savored the taste. I was nervous and excited about seeing daddy again tomorrow…




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