I chose my outfit carefully and with the intent to take it all off, precision is one of my strong points and my 9-5-job relies on it, so you are damn right when you’d say, “She’s good.” After my rondezvous with Jake, I’d been craving another ‘fuck me like I’m your sister and we aren’t supposed to’ hook-up so bad I was practically dressed up like a hooker. I needed another fix and I was particularly in the mood for coffee so I decided to hit the newly renovated Starbucks within walking distance from my flat. I normally wouldn’t hit up Starbucks for coffee but it was late and most of the Ma and Pa shops closed by 11pm even in this “town”. So it was 11pm and I was horny as hell and I really didn’t want to masturbate again. Two nights in a row is plenty enough for me. I’ll go days without masturbating and weeks without sex but it had only been two days of masturbation and 5 days since I last experienced another body dripping with sweat. It must have been something in the air, a full moon or something big because I could feel the electricity running through the veins of other people and they were hungry like me. This would be easy, maybe a little too easy. Honestly, I just wanted to phone Jake but I wasn’t ballsy enough, only ballsy enough to deck out in one of the shortest skirts I had.

Starbucks was surprisingly packed, like Bon Jovi was secretly making a guest appearance, except the secret was out. I almost thought my snarky, sarcastic hunch was correct when I heard Bon Jovi’s voice taunting me from out of nowhere but then realized it was playing from the music system only after looking around inauspiciously. Okay, I’ve got to give it to them, this Starbucks had a kickass surround sound. While in the ordering line, I preformed scan

and spotting Jake! I wasn’t too surprised but I was embarrassed. He didn’t see me and after scan

for bait, I noticed a male specimen hiding behind a book who actually seemed to be enjoying his coffee, so I headed in the opposition direction of Jake toward the bookworm. I was enjoying the idea of how to convince him to follow me home and fuck me so hard I would find it painful to shit the next day. Yes shit: I said shit, not sit but I’d find it hard to do both if you configure correctly.

This guy seemed like an introvert who didn’t want company at all and his body language spoke for him if anyone was paying attention and that I was. His physic was half cross-fit trainer, half fire-fighter and all melting in my mouth like M&Ms in a cup of steaming hot Joe. What was I going to do to get his attention? Any suggestions? I rummaged through my double shouldered purse-bag for possible illegal bahis remedies. All I had was a notebook and pen, a green Rubz Ball, my wallet and phone, lotion, tape recorder, headphones and lately a Kundalini Yoga book. This instructional yoga book could be my in, so I thumbed through the chapters until Chapter 7, the Chakras. I could read that chapter, take notes and practice aloud each sound the 7 Chakras made. If I can sit close enough, he will catch me reading and like clockwork become curious to meet the sexy brainiac interested in expanding her mind as much as he was, presumably.

So I began…”Mooladhara,” the first Chakra refers to our ROOTS, with the sound “LAM” rolling off your tongue. Mool means root in Sanskrit. Blah blah blah “VAM, RAM” the next Chakra and so on. Surprisingly it was taking longer than I had expected and I was growing impatient. I wanted to scan the coffee shop for other available meat but I also felt I had already invested time into this oblivious loner. What did I need to do? Literally bump into his dick? Crawl under the table, unzip his pant and put his flaccid cock into my mouth? So I continued to delve into the Chakra chapter, pretending to take notes. I saw him look up from his book and sip his coffee and that’s when I made my move.

“Are you reading Deepak Chopra?” I asked.

“No, Stephen Hawking actually,” he replied with an “as a matter of fact” look. I’ve got him.

“I never heard of him,” I lied. I didn’t care what or who he was reading but the more I seemed clueless, the more likely he’d clue me in and that’s when I could reel him into my web. He began telling me about Mr. Hawking and his writings and how profound this guy was. I really didn’t give two flying fucks but I nodded and convincingly looked interested. “Do you want to discuss this more at my place? It’s only a few minutes away,” I sounded like I really wanted to hear what this book and author were all about.

“Sure, why not,” he retorted, sounding like he knew exactly why I wanted to take our conversation elsewhere and he followed me home like a lost puppy. Man, this was too easy! I should have flirted and teased more, you know, let him peep at my recently waxed furless-pussy on the prowl. On that note, I wasn’t faking it anymore. As soon as we entered my flat, I poured us something much stronger and cheers down a gulp of some bullshit whisky and tore off my shirt and bra so my double Ds bounced out all over the place.

“My name is Presley, short for Priscilla in case you were wondering.”

“Hi Presley, I’m Bobby, short for Robert but that’s an easy one to figure out.” illegal bahis siteleri I liked his coyness, it just made me want him to bend me over and spank me or at least tease me and scratch his nails down my back.

“Oh Bobby, that’s cute. I wanted you as soon as I saw you. No one goes to Starbucks to read anymore.” I began to take off my skirt.

“Wait, leave that on.”

“Ok, you strip then and I’ll watch.” He did as I commanded and he had a hidden 6-pack that only his girlfriends new about. He didn’t wear form-fitting clothing but he dressed well. His perfect body was hidden under his almost tailored suit that was about a half a size too big. Baggy but not too loose; it was the why did he do that on purpose that I didn’t understand. Still, I can spot a hot ass from miles away. Damn! His biceps were nicely cut too and I needed him to flip me over like a pancake and cover me with his syrup. “Oh my Bobby, you are so buff, I couldn’t tell from the baggy suit! Now, why am I still wearing my skirt?” (That I purposely wore.)

“I like a nice surprise, plus I’d like to undress you. Come here and help me with my pants.”

“Yes, Sir. They look very uncomfortable; let me help you with that, can I please?”

“I don’t know. Have you been a good little girl today?” He asked playfully. God, I loved a good tease before a good fuck.

“Of course I have, but I’m tired of being a good girl. I am thinking very naughty thoughts. I can’t help it; I just want to be bad. Maybe I need to be punished,” I suggested.

“Oh you most definitely do. You tricked me into coming here and that’s very naughty. You deserve a significant punishment!” When he said that, I immediately dropped to my knees and pushed his unwanted garments to the floor. I licked my semi-dry lips and began kissing and sucking his fleshy pelvis. He grabbed my ponytail and instinctively massaged my scalp. I moaned because it felt good and I moaned because I wanted his hard cock to punish me, but I took my time. Teasing gets me so wet, whether I’m the one being teased or doing the teasing. He grabbed his cock with his free hand and began stroking it for me to see.

“Bobby, it’s so nice. I don’t think I’ve been a good girl anymore. Please don’t punish me though, I don’t know if I can handle it.”

“You can handle it. I know you want it.” He slapped my face with it and I moaned for more. He slapped me harder and I dove onto his cock as he pushed my head all the way down so I was swallowing it. I gagged and squirted a few times until enough saliva was cultivating inside my mouth I could slide up and down while sucking it. canlı bahis siteleri I sucked it like a good little bad girl for a while. Being on your knees is the best position for sucking except it kills your knees, but your neck is salvaged. I deep throated a few more times and squirted a few more times as well.

“I squirted again! Your cock made me so wet. How else are you going to punish me, Bobby?”

“Your punishment is far from over. Keep sucking,” he demanded. He let me suck him a few more minutes and then we moved to the couch. He sprawled out on the couch and told me to put my pussy on his face. “Keep sucking!” He moved my panties aside and licked my clit while I sucked more and faster and harder and slowed it up as he licked my clit faster and faster. He could have licked me all night but I was so hot already I came all over his face and he fingered me until I squirted again. He flipped me over, ripping off the rest of my clothes so I was laying on the couch and fingered me while rubbing my clit and at this point, I was screaming with ecstasy with my boobs bouncing about and my body shook from his fist pounding me. Holy fuck—I squirted all over the place! “I’ve never had a girl squirt so much before!” He beamed.

“Fuck me Bobby, I’m ready. I want my punishment, I deserve it!” So he flipped me over again, this time onto my belly and he rammed it into me again and again. At first as hard as he could and then he found a good rhythm and pace. By this point I just melted into the furniture and molded onto his cock. He rocked me, rode me, fucked the juices right out of me until he came all over my back. It was perfect, exactly what I needed and believe it or not in 10 minutes he was ready to go again.

This time he sat on the couch and I gave him a little lap dance before I hopped on and rode him while he smashed his face into my breasts. He sucked on the right nipple while he twirled the left nipple between his fingers and I could have cum from just that. I tipped my pelvis back and forth and slowly lifted off his cock hovering around the tip and then released my body back down and rocked back and forth some more. Again I hovered around the tip and slid down and popped back up, squeezing the inner vagina walls each time. He pushed my shoulders down so that I released all the way onto his cock and we rocked and rolled until he came again, this time inside of me. His convulsions made me cum as well and when we were done we laid together on the sofa threading our limbs around each other, cocooned within a furry blanket and our sex juices. Spooning Bobby took away all my memories of Jake, at least in that moment but morning was too close to parading into the room, even if Hell’s Kitchen was known for its endless night life some of its occupants were still bound to society’s day jobs. Mental reminder: get morning after pill on the way to work.



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