coast to coast with moms best friend part 5I have been wondering if I should tell you about the last part of our trip but there it goes. We left the French Quarters heading west and we decided to make a side trip to Las Vegas on the way. It did take us two days and twice on the way we made trips up old ranch land roads so I could bend Shelly over the hood of the car and fuck her in the wide open spaces. The second time we did get caught by the rancher who wanted a piece for himself by settled for a blow job from Shelly. I found it to be a great turn on watching her suck this guys cock off with my cum dripping out of her freshly fucked pussy and naked as the day she was born. She sucked me off to get my hard on to go down before we got back on the highway. That was just one more first for me, getting a blow job as I drove. All I will say is its a good thing we weren’t on the highway cause we would’ve been called in as being drunk.Shelly had booked us into a hotel with a roof top pool where no one cared if you went naked and naked Shelly was. She had her arms around my neck as she said “Letting everyone see me naked is making me very horny Mike. I hope your ready for a all-nighter lover.” As she sucked on my ear. I could feel myself rising between those sexy legs of hers.Shelly backed away smiling down at my hard cock licking her lips as a tall red head walked up also in her birthday suit saying to Shelly “If you don’t suck it off do you mind if I do?” Shelly didn’t say a word just took a hold of the red head’s arm putting her down with her to their knees in front of me. Shelly took me deep in her mouth first before pulling off and pointing my cock towards Red I will call her for now. Red looked up at me with her green eyes before taking me to the root without any problem. I couldn’t help from letting out a moan as her chin hit my balls.Shelly bent and said something to Red that I couldn’t hear but red pulled off with a smile and with Shelly grabbing 3 robes we headed into the hotel. My hard on kept making its way between the flaps of the robe as the 3 of us walked towards our room. A older couple came towards us and I heard the old lady say “That’s disgusting.” Shelly laughed and Red grabbed my hard cock as we got to our door.Shelly unlocked it and Red pulled me in by my cock and straight to the bed. She turned me around pushing me backwards on to the bed as she took back down her throat. I felt Shelly getting on the bed and as I opened my eyes she sat down on my face. Well now when she came I knew what was going to happen, like I said before she is a squirter. As Shelly started illegal bahis riding my mouth getting close I felt Red sit down on my cock and began fucking me with her somewhat tight pussy, I do have to say Shelly is a lot tighter then Red is. Now I’m not sure but it sounded like the girls were getting into each other above me but all I could see was Shelly’s ass cheeks as her orgasm hit her and I got flooded with her sweet cum.Red must’ve been close herself cause in just a few seconds she was humping me for all she was worth and when she came her pussy would grip and release then grip me again. Shelly’s orgasm ended and I heard her say to Red ” Make him cum and I will suck it out of your sweet pussy.” What this was a first cause Shelly always wanted me to cum inside her. I wondered if she already knew that we did the deed and she was pregnant. It wasn’t long before Shelly was filling my mouth but yet again with her sweet cum and Red soon followed coming as well with me coming soon after that. Red got up off of me and Shelly clean my cock and balls with her mouth before letting me up. The women were doing a 69er with Red on top as I headed for the shower. Once cleaned up and dressed I head for the bar to talk to the bar tender. I told him what I wanted and he said he could set it up for as I slipped him a 50 for his troubles. I played on a one arm bandit for maybe a half hour and I came out 520 bucks ahead. I headed back up to the room finding Shelly flat on her back and Red was gone. Shelly asked where I went and I told her I had got dinner reservations for us and played the slots for a bit. I didn’t tell her what I had set up her and I hoped she would enjoy it. She showered and put on her face as she calls it along with a very sexy black dress that had a slit up the front to with in a couple inches of her pussy. She turned as I had just finish tying my tie asking what I though. I told her she was over dressed and got on my knees in front of her reaching under her dress and pulling her lace panties off. Standing up I said “Now your dressed just the way I want you.” as I kissed her hard on her lips. I could see the lust in her eyes as I put my jacket on for dinner.We had very nice dinner and I made sure to keep her wine glass full when I saw the bar tender point us out for her surprise. A huge black man walk up saying “Mike is that you buddy, I haven’t seen you in what 4 years is it?” I held my hand out to this stranger shaking his hand and made for him to sit down with us. Shelly eyes were glued to this huge very good looking man.I said “Shelly this is Ty, we went to school illegal bahis siteleri together until his family moved out here.” Shelly put her hand over for Ty the shake but he kissed the back of it instead making Shelly smile and turn a little red in the face.Ty said to me “Where did you find such a fantastic looking lady? I never thought you could find such a lady bud.” Shelly turned a even darker shade of red as I said “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you, but yes I am one lucky man. We were thinking about going dancing would you like to join us?” He give a huge smile and held his hand out to Shelly to help her up.After a lot of dancing and the more Shelly and Ty danced the closer they got and when I saw Shelly kiss Ty I knew it was time. When they come back to the table I asked Ty if he would like to come up to the room for a night cap, he said he would enjoy that looking into Shelly’s eyes. As we rode up to the room Ty had his arm around Shelly and I had my around her on the other side. Once in the room I put some music on and Ty took Shelly in his arms slow dancing with her as I made some drinks.On the next dance I danced with Shelly and as we danced I said to her that I had heard that Ty had a snake between his legs and that nothing would turn me on more then for her to make love to him. I felt her shudder in my arms and she said “Only if he wears a condom Mike. Bill would not understand me having a black baby.”As we danced I slowly pulled down the zipper on the back of her dress and Ty joined us kissing her neck as her dress which was the only thing she was wearing hit the floor. I kissed her saying “Enjoy yourself sweetheart.” I walked over to the corner sitting in a chair to watch Shelly be fucked.Ty got in front of her and she began to undress him as they kissed. By the time his pants hit the floor I could see her wetness on the inside of her thighs. She slowly went to her knees pulling off Ty’s underwear and his huge, what had to be 12 if not 14 inch cock slapped her on the cheek. She took it in both hands saying “Oh Ty I don’t think I can take all of that, but its a beautiful piece of manhood.” as she took the head in her mouth doing her best to take all that could. She manage to get maybe 6 inches in her mouth and throat before Ty pulled her up and picking her up carried her to the bed.He started at her hair ling kissing and sucking on this or on that and when he got to her nipples he also put a couple fingers on her clit making her have her first orgasm. Shelly began to beg him to fuck her but Ty took his time and when he licked her clit she screamed canlı bahis siteleri as she came getting not only the bed wet but Ty’s chest as well.Ty climbed up saying he would go slow until she could handle his size. I watched as he began to push his huge cock against her tiny pussy and when the head popped inside of her she came but yet again. It had to be a good half hour before his balls hit her ass and I had lost count on the orgasms Shelly had had already when Ty really started to fuck her hard. It was then I noticed Ty didn’t have a condom on so I put my head next to Shelly’s saying “Honey he is in you bareback do you want him to pull out and put one on?” Not knowing where I could find one that would fit that monster cock.Shelly said ” No I don’t care if he’s bare, oh god oh god I’m coming again. Fuck me fuck me with that weapon you got, I can’t believe he’s all the way inside of me, oh god it hurts so good.” As yet her biggest orgasm of the night hit her. They fucked for a good 2 hours and Shelly had started begging Ty to cum and to cum inside of her when he finally let go with his balls against her ass cheeks, shooting his black baby makers as deep as they could go.Shelly all but pasted out as Ty pulled out and his and her cum gusted out of her wide open red raw pussy. After Ty got dressed I paid him for his service, see Ty is a male escort here in Vegas and he said if I wanted him again for tomorrow that he was free and it would be on the house to fill that sexy lady up again with his love.Shelly woke up about 3 in the morning and began to cry cause she knew Ty had more then flooded her with his cum. I took her in my arms saying that I didn’t believe if she is pregnant already with my c***d that he could get her pregnant with his. She stopped crying then said “But what if I’m not pregnant with your baby then I could of got pregnant with his.” As the tears started flowing again.We didn’t do much other go to a show the next night and Shelly sucked me off saying she was way to sore to let anything inside of her right now.We drove to Hollywood the next day and when we drove into the driveway Bill was waiting for us with a tester in his hand saying “Honey I need to know if Mike give us our first c***d. Please honey use this and it will even say for how long if you are.” Shelly took the tester heading to the bathroom and it had to be a hour later she come out holding the tester saying “Bill your going to be a daddy and so are you Mike, it looks like it happened 5 days ago or so just thing says.” Bill and me both hugged her and kissed her as we said how happy we both are. Bill headed out to get our bags and shelly said “I sure hope its not black.”Shelly found out she has twins growing inside of her and is due any day now and I can tell she is having nightmares on giving birth to black babies but I’m sure they are mine.



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