This is the third part of my story. It continues moments from the end of chapter 2.

The reader might better enjoy this after reading the first chapters.


Closeted Family Secrets Ch. 03

Mom then pushed me on my back and began to straddle me, with Dad listening silently to the frottage of our bodies. He could hear the gliding of wet and sweaty flesh, and begged, “Can I look now Vicki?” Mom looked me in the eyes and answered him.

“Yes, Cucky, but stay where you are, so you can see how well this boy uses his man-sized dick.” This left my father out of my view, as he lifted his veil and took in the sight of his delicious wife stroking herself up and down a swollen dick, her round ass sliding back and forth along its length. Her wetness flowed around my cock and between my thighs. I felt the bed getting wet beneath our bodies, and then my balls detected the roaming hand of my father, weighing them as his wife masturbated herself with my cock.

“Isn’t that a wonderful dick, Billy?” she asked. Dad only moaned as she and I grooved with each other, our genitals intermingled, giving us both a heady experience. I’ve never been this hard, not even when Gina melted wax all over my cock one night when we were tripping on acid. Having my balls played with by a man for the first time, made me rock hard.

Dad then moved his face into his wife’s ass, gently licking and tonguing her pink rosebud as her movements slowed. Dad’s thumb wandered up the thick vein of my cock, meeting the perineum of his wife. His tongue massaged the sensitive skin so near her ass. She whispered, “Your tongue feels soooo good in my ass, Billy.” Her ass involuntarily humped his face, as my father worshipped the tight puckered hole. Mom looked over her shoulder as she stopped moving. She then said, “I need him inside me, Baby.” She lifted herself off my flesh, now crouching above, and leaned forward so her husband would see her readied gash so near and willing. With that, Dad’s fingers wrapped round my dick, and then raised it up so the spongy head could separate her slippery lips. As Mom remained motionless, he worked my cock head along her entire slit, her moans matching the repeated contact with her engorged clit.

Dad was still gripping my shaft, his thumb pressing the thick vein near my cock head, teasing his wife’s pussy. Mom’s moan filled the room, and then suddenly she dropped her full weight onto my dick, sandwiching my father’s hand between us. Dad pulled away and leered at his wife now pumping up and down along my seven-inch length. I grunted as her cervix slammed into the tip of my dick repeatedly.

Mom’s motions slowed, but it was still heavenly. She moved back now, and then she stopped entirely. I continued the stroking, pushing myself up into her pussy, taking her ass and Dad’s tongue with me on each stroke. I could feel my cock head press against her cervix at each deep stroke.

Mom suddenly pulled out from me and sat on my belly, my cock slipping up along the cleft of her ass, bumping into Dad’s chin. She stayed right there, and he quickly turned his attention to my now sodden dick. Licking to take in as much of Mom’s pussy juices as he could get, I could only hear and feel his tongue now worshipping the hardness presented him. He licked my entire shaft, sucking at the tip occasionally, cleaning up both of our lubricating juices. Mom leaned down and kissed me fully. Our tongues twisted, our hearts raced as we relished this moment without thrusts. Dad’s head then bobbed up and down my thick shaft, pulling it away from her, his forehead in contact with Mom’s ass. He knew how to use his tongue, and kept his teeth away from my cock, showing himself quite capable. His sucking and slurping sounds enhanced our pleasure; Mom’s tongue teasing mine as he submitted himself.

While he sucked me, and with his hand toying with my ball sack, Mom raised herself up, bending at the hips, but still kissing me. Abruptly she then stood over us, looking down at me. My father was busily sucking away at her suitor’s large, hardened dick. A few seconds later, he looked up to see the face of her newest lover, and froze. Our eyes met, and his surprise and shock could not be hidden. There he was, mid way up my shaft, staring directly at me, putting all of the pieces together. And then he looked down at my hardness and continued fellating me. He sucked me off as he should any man his wife told him to please. It was his pleasure to ready any lover for her.

Mom then knelt beside him, caressing his balding head. “You’re such a loving husband,” she said gently, kissing the top of his head. He stopped sucking and looked up at her, and the two enjoyed a very long kiss. It was as if I left the room for a few seconds. Their love was on display as their tongues mingled, her other hand tugging on his solid cock, now slathered in precum. His fingers pulled at her taut nipples.

I put my hands behind my head and waited for their moment to finish. illegal bahis It soon did, and Mom then pointed to the bottom of the mattress, “I want your head down there, now.” Dad kissed her one last time, and scooted his body around so that he was on his back, with his feet at the top of his own bed, awaiting us to position ourselves above. Mom raised one leg over his head and straddled him, with her face next to mine as I sat up on his pillows; her small hand playing with my father’s dick. She looked at me and said, “I need you inside of me, now.”

As I made my way to the foot of the bed, I could see the top of his head beneath her vulva, licking at her wet cunt. Mom’s hips glided back and forth over him, accepting his tongue lapping at her now engorged clitoris. I raised myself up and moved some of the blankets so that I could take up the kneeling position, and she wiggled her ass for me like a good little doggy. My father had one hand on each of Mom’s cheeks, spreading them wide, offering his wife to me as a gift. As my eyes followed this erotic scene downwards, her clenched pink anus pulsed as Dad’s tongue dealt tingling sensations all over her vulva. The long slippery slit was now peeled open for me. And, as I moved my thick cock to this glorious place, I could see my father’s eyes following the path of my purple, plum-shaped cock head.

When my dick contacted the well-lubricated petals of flesh, my Mom cooed softly, then uttered, “Put it inside, Derek.” I pressed further, and her vagina pulled me in, bathing me in her copious juices. On the first few strokes, the squishy noise of the intruder filling her cavity caused her generous flow of arousal to coat its veiny shaft. My hands took her hips and lunged me deep inside, and then pulled back until my cockhead reappeared, just barely penetrating the fleshy folds of my mother’s vagina.

I held myself still for a second, relishing the dominant and erotic placement of my cock teasing her puffy folds, while my own father lapped up her labia beneath us. His eyes were closed, concentrating only on pleasing his wife orally. She tried to push back, silently begging for me to re-enter her. I complied, snapping her hips into me, forcing my fuck stick into her womb. My balls slapped at her vulva, and then I began in earnest to give her what she has been longing for — a very good fucking. I then stated, “Take this dick, Vicki! Take my fucking cock!”

I took her, hard, hands set firmly on her hips. Plunging my self in so deep, and then hauling back, only to repeat another assault on her horny and juicy cunt. I looked down at my cock, now so very wet, and what could be seen of my father beneath it. Our juices sprayed forth, spattering Dad’s forehead with each thump of my balls into her labia and his face. Mom began moaning now, a combination of Dad’s influence on her clitoris, and my cramming her full of cock meat. Her son was now deep within his own birthplace, fucking his mother like the whore she desires to be. I gripped her backside hard, and delivered the intense fucking that she had waited for, my thumb pressing against the pink rosebud of her ass. She no longer played with my father’s semi-hard dick, as her own needs took precedence. Her head drooped onto his thighs as Mom allowed herself to enjoy the forceful penetrations from behind.

As I pounded away at her, I felt a tongue slither along the underside of my cock, tickling the length of me on each stroke, in and out. I ignored the sensations, as it was my job to work this pussy like a mad man. I continued pounding her cervix, enjoying the “humpfff” that came from Mom’s mouth, each time I rammed the delicate orifice.

I grabbed hold of the hair on the back of my mother’s head and pulled her head back, as leverage to my forceful fucking. Mom now began making sounds that told me an orgasm was imminent. Dad moved back to her clit, sensing her heightened arousal, while I took care of her insides. I made sure that my cock rubbed hard along the upper side of her pussy walls, teasing the sensitive tissues of her g-spot gland. Mom forced herself back into me, fucking me, each of us driving into one another. Her head started to buck, as her self-control began to wane. Mom’s breath came in gasps while her cunt gyrated all around my dick. Her fingers scrunched up the bed sheets, and all of this was having a dizzying effect on me. I could feel my balls boiling, ready to release my load. Then I felt it; my father’s fingers massaging my tightening ball sack. My Mom immediately began to gush, and really heavily!

As my dick began its own journey to completion, I looked down at where our bodies met, my mother’s gland drenching my cock and thighs. It spilled down our bodies and onto my father’s face as he continued tonguing her clit. The bed sheets beneath us began to turn to a darker shade as her g-spot emptied its juices. The warm wash was all it took to bring me to climax. I groaned deeply as I felt the hot liquid squirt into my Mom’s illegal bahis siteleri sopping pussy. I held my cock fully inserted, as more jets spilled into her womb.

Mom’s orgasm built even more intensely, giving her excruciating tremors all the while being inseminated by her own son. Her face dropped to the bed as my dose of liquid babies filled her cavity to overcapacity. I felt each stream of semen leave my tender cock head, and looked between us, as the gooey mess seeped from around my dick. As more and more appeared, I wondered how my father would handle all of this excess.

A few seconds later, Mom began to breathe more slowly, while my cock was now empty of seed. I felt it softening and withdrawing from this warm haven. I let go of her hair, and relaxed, my heart no longer racing madly. As I pulled back, my well-used cock flopped free of her, allowing a great seepage to flow from her pussy, downward. It drooled its way down her labia and onto her clitoris, as well as into the hungry mouth of her waiting cuckold.

I sat back on my haunches as I took in his hungry lapping, his mouth both sating her and gobbling up his liquid reward. Mom then lifted herself off of her knees, looking down at her husband as he washed her of our shared orgasms. “God, you have a marvelous tongue, Billy,” Mom offered, as she used her right hand to manipulate his turgid little cock. It was now Dad’s turn. Mom’s hand jacked him quickly to his own conclusion, as she told him, “C’mon little man, cum for me. Cum all over your tummy!” That was enough that he spilled himself all over her hand and his curly pubic hairs, thin gobs of goo dribbling onto his belly. Through his groans, my father continued cleaning the rest of cum from all over her vulva.

I quietly watched the two, as she released him from beneath her, and they then cuddled together. Mom loved her man again, kissing his cheek, forehead and mouth. Dad shared his mouthful of semen with her, their tongues swirling and lapping. They languished like that as though I wasn’t in bed with them. Her next words were to dad. “Baby, would you sleep in Ally’s room tonight? Her bed is all made up, and I’d like some quiet time with Derek.”

Dad said, “Sure, Vicki. I’ll see you in the morning. I love you.” With that, he rose from the bed and pecked his wife on her cheek. He turned to me and said, “Good night Derek,” and left the room, his pudgy ass naked as a jaybird.

Mom moved in and we kissed like long lost lovers. Our bodies entwined, and she noticed that my cock began to respond to her once again. She took hold of my hardening manhood and said, “I love a man who can go straight to round two.” She took me in her voluptuous mouth as I fondled her perky pink nipples. Her lips went right to the root with her nose nuzzled in my pubic hair. We fucked and fingered and ate each other for another hour or so. She led me to their shower, and we kissed and washed each other. Back in bed, we enjoyed some lovers’ talk.

“How long have you been fantasizing about me, Derek?”

“Well, honestly, I’ve had more interest in your sexy underwear. You have some really hot looking lingerie and undies, but I had no idea you were wearing them for guys other than Dad. I’ve fantasized about seeing you in them. I’ve been through your hamper probably since I figured out how to masturbate. And, I’ve done the same with Ally and Meaghan’s undies as well.”

Her eyes widened as I told her about my masturbating with both of her daughter’s underwear. I then added, “I’ve also peeked at both of the girls, and you, in the bathroom.”

“How were you able to see us without us knowing?” Her mind went to maybe a hidden camera or something.

“Well, this old house has keyholes in all of the bedroom and bathroom doors, and it was pretty easy to sneak up and watch you all as you undressed, shaved, or bathed.”

She asked me which of my sisters did I fantasize about. I told her that, while I would love to see Ally face down in some girl’s pussy, I liked Meaghan’s large boobs and full round bum better.

“And one night,” I offered, “I sneaked down the stairs while you, Dad and Ally were out at the movies, and watched Meaghan as she sucked off her boyfriend, Chad, in the front room. I sat just above the creaking stair and listened to her tell her boyfriend that she wanted him to cum all over her face. When he stood up, he told her to suck on his balls to get him to cum. She did as he said, and then he told her to look up at him while he jacked himself off. Meaghan looked so submissive as she stared into his eyes until he finished. And when he ejaculated, I saw him paint her face and hair with his jizz. That boy could really cum! He took joy in seeing the streaks of cum spewing all over Meaghan, and Meaghan looked so proud by satisfying Chad like that.”

Mom was now masturbating in earnest. I went on, “Meaghan rubbed it in and licked her fingers clean. I just loved how dirty she was, Mom. I grabbed canlı bahis siteleri a pair of her used panties on my way back to my bedroom, and when I came, I filled them up full of cum.”

As I told Mom of my exploits with her daughter, she moaned in my ear. She was getting quite flushed as she listened, She then told me, “I’ve fantasized many times of finding you and Meaghan fooling around together.”

I laughed a bit and told her, “Well, I guess that’s not going to happen with me and Ally, since we both like the same type of girls!!” Feeding into Mom’s fantasy, I then described an erotic fantasy of me sneaking into Meaghan’s room and fucking her, making her submit to my commands. I talked bout forcing my big cock between Meaghan’s enormous titties, and busting my nut in her face. All of this was enough for Mom to explode in orgasm, her fingers desperately working her swollen clitty.

Mom and I soon fell asleep, and in the morning she was my little spoon, her soft ass pressed into my groin. She kissed me gently and said, “Last night was so hot! We have to do that again some time.”

We got up and went downstairs for breakfast. Dad was in the kitchen and had bacon and eggs on the go. Suddenly, we were the Cleavers again. No mention of last night, and then life goes on as normal. We talked through breakfast about the usual mundane things, and then Mom reminded Dad that Ally was arriving on Thursday, from Florida. She was to stay for the weekend, before heading back to her college dorm. And no, her new girlfriend Jenny was not coming with Ally, as she was dropping in on her own parents and would meet Ally back to their dorm after the visit.

Monday night I texted Gina to see how her week was going. Her texts were hard to make out as they didn’t make much sense, so I Zoomed her. She was lying in bed, looking ready to pass out. She told me it had been a great party week; she was exhausted from the dancing and drinking. I asked her, “How about we get off together on Zoom?”

“Derek, I would, but I’m too wasted. The other girls are out right now and I’m by myself, trying to sober up some.” So, after saying goodnight to each other, I hit the END button for the session. Then, just as our video ended, the bathroom door opened behind Gina and I was sure that I saw a naked guy stepping into the room.


Tuesday, Dad told us he’d be playing poker again on Friday night. Mom said that was fine, because she was going to stay home, while Ally did some shopping downtown. Later in the evening, Dad was watching TV, and Mom was in the shower. I told him I was going to hang out in my room for the night, and went upstairs. Mom emerged from the bathroom, her hair wrapped in a towel, her terry robe neatly tied in front. I told her I was off to my room and as I leaned in to kiss her goodnight, she stopped me and whispered, “Don’t make any plans for Friday night.” She gave me a big smile, so, while I was a bit intrigued, I knew I would learn what was up, soon enough.

On Wednesday, I was out with some friends most of the afternoon. When I got home, there was a note on the kitchen table that read “OUT WITH GLORIA FOR A MOVIE AND DINNER. YOU BOYS ARE ON YOUR OWN FOR SUPPER.” I knew Dad would be home around 5pm, so I walked up to the pizzeria at the corner and had a fresh Hawaiian ready for when he got in. He was surprised by the pizza, and asked where Mom was, so I pointed to the note. Immediately, Dad behaved much differently. He was fidgety while we ate dinner, then he couldn’t seem to settle down at all, turning the TV channel onto the news, but constantly checking in with his phone. He was pacing a lot, but I couldn’t figure out what had gotten into him.

It wasn’t much later that I got a text from mom. It read “I’M OUT WITH JIM. WILL BE HOME AROUND 8 PM. HANG OUT WITH DAD UNTIL I GET IN.” Figuring the note on the table was some form of code for Dad to know Mom wasn’t actually spending time with Gloria, I decided to keep him occupied through the evening. I got out the cribbage board and some cards, and we played a few games. He didn’t play very well as his distractions continued, but after a while we then sat down to watch some TV.

When I heard the front door open, the clock showed 8. I looked to Dad, who was wide-eyed, as he got up to meet Mom at the door. They whispered for a bit before Mom said out loud, “Go on up, Honey, I’ll be right there.” And then she poked her head into the front room and said “Derek, Daddy and I are going to go to bed early tonight. See you in the morning.” And with that, her eyes swung upward, as if to tell me to follow them upstairs.

“Good night Mom, good night Dad,” I replied. And the two made their way up the stairs. I waited a few seconds, until I heard their bedroom door close, and proceeded up behind them. I stepped over the stair that creaks so loudly, and then crawled up quietly until I got to the landing. With their bedroom door tightly closed, I moved to the keyhole and peered through, in time to see only the back of my mother standing about 3 feet from the door.



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