He unlocked the door to the library and held it open for me to follow. I walked in, still pissed at my dad for making me work on my vacation. I grew up working for my parents cleaning company, and just because I came home for spring break rather than going to a tropical location like all my friends didn’t mean I wanted to work. My dad threw out his back and was home in bed, which basically gave me no option.

Jason, wasn’t just an employee of my dad’s, I had gone to high school with him. I went off to college and he stayed here. We were friends back in elementary school but I didn’t remember much of him in high school. All I knew was he just got out of jail for stealing and his uncle and my dad were bestfriends. With an empty house and a business to run my dad took him in. He was now standing in front of me holding open the door for me.

I walked behind him not sure what to think. His deep voice was giving me orders of what to do. I thought back to when we were 7 playing on the swing set of his parents’ house, I realized I no longer knew the man before me. Even though I didn’t know him, he didn’t scare me like he did everyone else. People saw him as this bad ass, in and out of jail from breaking and entering, and for the time he knocked the town junkie out. His size also played a factor in it, he wasn’t scrawny, nor was he fat. He was tall, and had broad shoulders, and his hands were huge.

I walked off to the bathrooms to clean them thinking about him. He was down the hall sweeping. The more I scrubbed the walls, the more I thought. His size really got to me, it was one of the things that turned me on most about guys. I couldn’t help picturing his big hands gliding up against my clit, his fingers finding their way into my pussy. Filling me up. Just thinking about it started to make me wet.

I walked out into the hallway to go to the men’s room, he walked passed me and nodded his head slightly. I must have been staring illegal bahis without being aware of it. I noticed he was wearing sweatpants, and I couldn’t help but look to see if I could see the outline of his dick. Sure enough I could. I giggled a little remembering and old joke from highschool about boys who wore sweat pants. I realized I was staring and turned and went into the bathroom embarrassed. I scrubbed again, thinking about him inside me this time. I could feel my panties getting wetter and wetter.

I walked to a classroom away from Jason, knowing he was down the hall this one seemed perfect. I sprayed the tables and wiped them down, but my skirt was bothering me. I reached down to adjust it, and decided to feel just how wet I was. My fingers slid right into my pussy, it felt so good and I couldn’t believe how turned on I was just by imagining what it was like to be with this kid. I quickly took my fingers out, although I wanted to get off more than anything. I wiped them on the side of my skirt and sprayed another table.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” A voice said.

I spun around, Jason was standing there leaning into the broom. My face instantly turned a million shades of red as I realized what he had just witnessed.

“Done what?” I asked dumb founded

“Wipe your pussy juice on your skirt.” He walked over to me, letting the broom fall to the floor. I stepped backwards until I was up against the table. “Why are you so wet?” he asked.

I shook my head and refused to look at him but he as less than an inch in front of me. “I don’t know.” I whispered.

“You don’t know?” he asked, laughing. His voice was so deep, it turned me on. He pushed until he was against me, he grabbed my hands in his. And leaned down and whispered, “I can help you with it all you have to do is tell me what turned you on.” He said this as he kissed my neck.

I let a small moan escape my throat. “You did. You illegal bahis siteleri turned me on, please help me.”

“What do you want me to do?”

I locked eyes with him finally, I never noticed them before and looking at him I couldn’t believe how wet he was making me. I took his hand and guided it up my skirt. His fingers skimmed the outside of my panties. He made his way through them and his fingers slid against my clit, everytime he hit it I moaned.

“You like that don’t you?” he asked.

I nodded, and as soon as I did he plunged a finger deep inside of me, I yelped. He took it out then put in two. He pumped them in and out of me, using his thumb to flick my clit. I was rocking my hips riding his hands, my arm around his neck for support. As soon as I felt like I was about to orgasm, he pulled his hand out of me. I looked at him, mad he stopped. He picked me up and placed me on the table.

“Eat me Jay” I said loudly. He smiled at me and pulled my panties down my legs and pushed my skirt up to my stomach. My bare ass was against the black table, he spread my legs as wide as he could and put his fingers back in me making me moan. I closed my eyes enjoying it, when I felt his tongue against my clit. He was fast and kept making circular motions. I was in heaven. My fingers gripped his hair. It didn’t take long before I felt my pussy begin to tighten. He removed his fingers and started to stick his tongue in as deep as he could, before he decided to slide his finger into my ass. Another orgasm was building from this new sensation. I had never got off in the hands of a man, never mind twice.

As soon as I was done, he licked up whatever was left and motioned for me to get up and get down before him. I got on my knees and pulled down his sweat pants, his cock was hard and bounced against my face. I saw the pre cum dripping off the tip and licked it off. I licked around the top, before taking him fully in canlı bahis siteleri my mouth. I had never seen any man this big and couldn’t fit all of him in my mouth. I used my hand on his balls and against the end of his shaft, jerking him off as I sucked him. His hands were on my head guiding me, but the harder he got the more forceful he got. He was soon slamming his cock into my mouth; I was gagging, knowing he liked the feel of it against his cock. Him being so in control of me made me wet again, It was killing me not to reach down and rub my clit. It didn’t take long before he came. My mouth was full of his cum. I looked at him as I swallowed every last drop.

“Again?” he asked smiling when he saw me reach down to rub my clit. He soon put me back up on the table and told me to get on my hands and knees. I did as I was told and waved my ass in the air. He took his hand and rubbed it against me. All I wanted in that moment was to feel his hard cock in me, but I knew Id have to settle for his hand. He pumped his fingers in and out of me, making me moan. I wanted to cum again so badly. He pulled his fingers out of me and told me to get off the table. I did what I was told, confused to as what was going on. I then realized that he was hard once again. I was excited to know what he felt like.

He took my hand and led me to a chair. He sat down and pulled me on top of him. I stood above him with my hands on his shoulder and my legs on either side of his. I could feel the head of his penis against me. It took all I had not to slam myself down and be instantly filled with his massive cock. Instead I slowly lowered myself down, feeling every inch of him as he entered me. I threw my head back and let out a moan as we found the perfect rhythm. When he started to rub my clit it threw me over the top. My orgasm was as strong as ever and as soon as my muscles began tightening around his dick he slammed me down onto him and held me in place as his shot his load. Nothing has ever felt so good as his hot cum In me. I put my head on his shoulder trying to catch my breath. He then said, “Good thing your dad is renting the guest room to me, we can do this all week.” I had never be so happy.



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