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Clare Continued 2Please read the story Clare first or this will make no sense to you.Peter:I emailed Clare to explain that maybe we should cool off a little, neither of us wanted to get caught and we might get careless if we carried on as we were. We had done so much over the last few days that if we carried on there would be no surprises left! Our fantasy world stopped for a short time. A couple of days later I was on my way back from a customer in Swindon, as I was nearing Salisbury my wife called and asked me to pick up some brochettes, olives, chorizo etc as she wanted to do tapas that evening. As I pulled into Waitrose car park I noticed a lady with gorgeous long brown hair just getting out of her Discovery, A thrill shot through my body and I thought no way, In my mind I had met Clare a thousand times but this lady was different, it must be her I thought. By the time I had parked my car I had lost her, I was not sure what to do? I decided that I could not go up to a complete stranger and call out her name, come to that I didn’t even know her name did I!! As I entered the shop my stomach was doing somersaults but still she was nowhere to be seen, I was walking brusquely up and down the isles then I saw her standing at the deli counter, was it her? she did look very prim and proper almost like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth but I knew that wasn’t true, I smiled as I remember our fantasy times but I was trembling now, after all we had been through in our fantasy world I was about to meet her for real, what would she do? should I approach her? would she be angry? would she scream? would she drag me down the nearest alleyway and beg me to fuck her brains out? I just didn’t know? I decided to wait until she was in a quieter part of the shop so I casually shopped with you until we came to the drinks department, it was deserted as you picked a bottle of wine from the rack and started reading the label I walked up behind you leaned over and whispered “Clare” in your ear. A shock went through your body, you know only one person knew you by that name and now they were standing just behind you………….. ………Your pussy tingled involuntarily as you turned around….”Oh my god”…. you are just as I imagined you would be. “What are you doing here????” Shopping I replied with a warm smile, “Oh god you have made me wet my panties” sorry I said and leaned forward to kiss you on the cheek. You said that is a little tame after what we have been through isn’t it! I didn’t think I could take liberties with you in the middle if Waitrose “why not Peter have you not learned anything from my emails!” Unfortunately your clothes would not help in what we had in mind but as you turned to put the wine bottle back I could not resist giving your bottom a little squeeze and that’s how it started. I just have to get a few more things you said and we can go for a chat or something you said liking your top lip! As we walked round Waitrose trying not to look like a couple just in case we saw someone we knew, I caught you popping the top two or three buttons on your blouse I done some popping myself as my cock started to strain against my fly! I saw you bend down in the crowded isle to innocently pick up a jar of coffee and I saw your breast for real I could see its perfect shape, your perfectly erect nipple protruding down, my mouth was watering just stood there. I noticed I was not the only one looking either, some of the other male shoppers had began to notice and two or three stopped to stare………………………Clare:……. Peter this is a lovely surprise and it was such fun exchanging those emails and we did things that in real life I don’t think would be possible.We were just letting our thoughts and fantasies run away over those four days of non stop sexual activity with us and my friend Emma. Seeing Peter now in real life I was getting the feeling that I wanted him now as much as in my fantasy world and found him to be the gentleman that I thought he would be.I had nearly finished my shopping and thought that I would just tease him a little by opening my blouse and revealing by boobs to him that he had only dreamed about in our emails. He looked and a big smile came over his face as he began to believe that I was really there for the taking for real and not just in his imagination. I finished my shopping and invited him to join me for a coffee in the Waitrose restaurant which he readily agreed. I parked my shopping trolley outside the restaurant and went in and ordered my usual which was a Cappuccino and a Danish pastry and Peter ordered the same. We sat in a corner and began to discuss our online liaisons and how we had gone completely over the top and where we should go from here …………..Peter:……..As we sat down in a quiet corner of the Waitrose cafe, Clare asked if I had enjoyed our online fantasy, I said it had been an  unbelievably erotic experience, it had awoken a latent sexuality in me that I had forgotten about, it was just a shame that I only had my own hand to share it with. Sympathising with my situation you were not helping by idly toying with your nipple through your top as I struggled to concentrate on our conversation. “So now we have met where do we go from here?” I didn’t answer, I was looking at your, trying to second guess what was going through your mind. Your lips were full and your cheeks slightly flushed, your eyes were smouldering. I wanted to fuck you there and then but this was not a fantasy, I couldn’t just bend you over the table, pull up your skirt and bury my stiff cock deep into your wet juicy pussy could I, No matter how much I wanted there was nothing we could do there and then. I think you could see the effect we were having on each other, as we spoke I had one hand in my lap kneading my hard cock and you were squeezing your thighs together and squirming in your seat. “Ok lets do it for real”, I can see you trembling with excitement as you said it, what all of it!!!!?? Well maybe not with Emma? but if we get to that part for real I am sure we can find someone to join us if she wont. Your hand had slipped inside your open top now and you knew I could see your stroking your left breast, pinching and teasing your nipple, you also knew it was turning me on immensely and that turned you on even more. Are you up for a little excitement right now I ask? “Oh yes” Alright lets take your shopping to your car, I want you right now, “What right here” Yes I want you right now right here, “Oh my god, how?” I don’t answer, come on quick grab your trolley lets go, my stomach was doing cart wheels and your legs had turned to jelly. After all our writings we were actually going to fuck for real and it was about to be every bit as dearing and exciting as our fantasy life. When I saw you park on the way in I noted that your car was conveniently over in the far corner of the car park, as we approached it you asked are we going to make love in the car?, No just wait I say as I help you load your shopping in, then the penny dropped. “Oh god you’re going to fuck me right here!, right in the car park!!, up against the car!!! Oh god yes why not” Then that latent hussy came out to play, it was like you had an alter ego, your eyes filled with lust as I led you round the side of your big Discovery. “Get your cock out, I must see it for real” I do as I am asked and undo my trousers, my stiff cock springs into the open air, we are partly concealed by the car now and I hear you groan, “Oh it’s beautiful and so thick, god this is going to feel so good” as you are saying this you bend over and take my swollen cock into your mouth. Oh god, this is really happening I am in Waitrose car park with a gorgeous woman sucking my cock like a pro………Clare:…… was amazing meeting Peter for the first time and there I was sat with him in the Waitrose cafe and couldn’t believe the electricity generated between us. I hadn’t imagined that in real life that I would feel the same way about him as I did in our fantasy world. I was a little nervous about the situation as I often met people I knew in Waitrose but I was certainly not going to miss the opportunity of some real time with Peter. I plucked up the courage to say “Lets do it for real” He looked at me and I could see the excitement on his face as we headed towards my car with the shopping. “I want you now Clare. Right now” he said. “What in my car?” “Oh no” he replied. He pushed me against my car and in broad daylight I realised he wanted to fuck me there and then. He got his cock out and I saw it for the very first and it was how I had imagined it and how he had described it. Very hard and extremely thick and I sank to my knees taking his cock into my mouth and his was only the second that I had ever tasted other than my husbands.  After a while I stood up and he slipped his cock under my skirt and in beside my panties and began to fuck me faster and faster until we both came.He withdrew and put it away and smiled. “That was certainly even better than our fantasy stories Clare” I agreed and told him that I hope that it wasn’t going to be the last time. No way he said with a big grin on his face. I then realised that although we were parked away from the store there was a cctv camera trained on the area and I pointed it out to Peter and he laughed………………………Peter:………….. We agreed to meet at Bucklers Hard in Beaulieu 10 am the very next day. Fortunately, even though that was a Saturday you said that Hubby was off out with his friends for the day and taking the girls with him. I thought I better make this a very special day if I could. I hurriedly made a few phone calls on my way home and managed to arrange a little surprise. I also thought about our encounter in Waitrose, I still could not believe we hit it off so well, the chemistry was electric, I did not know what it was about Clare that made me so hot? She was very pretty sure, had a great body too, but it was more than that! Maybe her up market persona? or her underlying latent sexuality? Looking closely you could see there was an absolute sex goddess trying to break free from her moral bonds, I wanted to un cage this tigress and release what lay within. Hopefully I would find out a little more about her tomorrow. As I arrived at Bucklers Hard I saw your car already in the car park, my stomach jumped and my heart started to race again, I loved that kick of sexual excitement. You greeted me with a wonderful long sensual kiss that had both of us panting. Wait I said, come with me I have a surprise. We walked down to the river through the old museum and turned left to the marina. Wait here a second I said and withdrew some keys from the marina office, what are they for you enquired? You’ll see as I led you down the jetty and up to a beautiful long sailing boat. Our hotel for the day madam I said and climbed aboard. As we cast off and made our way up Beaulieu river I explained that the boat belonged to a very good friend of mine and that I use it from time to time to go fishing, no one would suspect what I would izmit escort bayan be using it for this time. The sun was beating down the weather was perfect, I was sat behind the large wheel steering the boat as you dissapeared down below to change, 5 minutes later I couldn’t believe my eyes, you appeared out of the hatchway dressed in a tiny black bikini that left almost nothing to the imagination. I had seen this sight in our fantasies but to see you in real life was, was, was, well, breath taking, I wanted you then and there but I couldn’t I had to steer the dam boat. Would you like a go at steering? You nodded inthusiastically so I said here sit on my lap and we can do it together. The second you sat on my lap you felt my bulge and I slid my hand round your lovely waist. As we left the river and entered open water I said there is no one to see you out here so you wont be needing this and undid your bikini top letting it drop to the floor, I could not stop my hands reaching around you to cup your lovely small boobs. I felt your nipples stiffen under my palms as I kissed the back of your neck, I was rolling your teats between my fingers causing you to arch your back and grind your ass into my hardness. I felt your hand drop to my fly and in a flash you had my cock out trapping it between your hot bikini clad pussy and your legs. We sailed out around the Isle of Wight, once around the back of the island I stopped the yacht and hit the button to drop anchor. Opening your legs you reached down and caressed my cock, rubbing it against your pussy while sitting topless on my lap, I moved my hands down with yours and joined you rubbing my cock, my hand around yours as we sat slowly wanking me making me harder and harder. With my other hand I slipped your panties aside and felt your pussy for the first time, you were wet, you were very wet, I could not help but let out a low moan of ecstasy, I love a really wet cunt and yours was dripping. I removed my fingers and tasted them, so sweet. Then I saw your hand dip down between your legs and two fingers disappeared into your sex, then you also tasted your sweet juice. I thought it was time to get comfortable we both stripped off totally and climbed up onto the fore deck, the smooth teak decking was warm as we laid back in the sun, a feeling of complete freedom filled us as we were naked and totally alone. As I laid back my cock pointing at the sky you swung your leg over and sat astride my chest, I could finally see your very pretty pussy, it was perfectly smooth and I just imagined how soft and tasty it must be. You must have read my mind as you shuffled up my body and held your glistening sex inches from my face. I lifted my head and ran my hot tongue along your outer lips, I felt your hips buck at my touch and you reached down behind my head and pulled my tongue into you. I couldn’t believe what happened next, Clare spun round and sank her mouth down over my cock, we were in a beautiful 69 clinch, her sweet juices were driving me mad with lust and once I felt her hot and expert mouth on my cock I could feel the cum building in my balls. I tried to warn Clare that my load was coming but she just kept sucking expertly on me, I could feel my come spurting down her throat, it was an unbelievable feeling, undoubtedly one of the best blow jobs I had ever experienced. I wondered what next as we set sail for home……  Clare:…….. The experience in the Waitrose car park was very much like our fantasy time in the alleyway behind the pub in Cornwall but this time it was for real and could actually feel Peter’s cock enter me and satisfy me. Peter had invited me to meet him at Bucklers Hard which was actually a favourite place of mine having visited a few times over the years with my hubby and k**s.I knew that it was probably going to be completely different experience this time and even more fun than usual. I saw Peter arrive and we kissed but instead of checking out the quaint houses and shops he took me to the marina where we boarded a beautiful sailing boat which was owned by a friend of Peter. I was so pleased that I had thought of packing my black bikini and as it was such a hot and sunny day I soon changed and went back on deck. Peter’s face was a picture and he suggested that I sat on his lap and help steer the boat around the Isle of Wight and at one point he dropped anchor and we were able to concentrate on the sexual side of the trip. We then got to a point when I was wanking him and he was fingering me until I decided to go for it by plunging the fingers of my right hand into my sex while he was helping me out in wanking him. I was so wet and when I removed my fingers they were glistening in the sunshine and I smiled as licked them dry and teasing Peter. We laid on the deck completely naked and I then sat on him inching my way up his body until my sex was inches from his face and he took the hint and buried his tongue in me and I forced his head between my thighs and it sheer heaven as he brought me to a wonderful climax. I turned around and with my hand and mouth had him groaning and soon he ejaculated in my mouth.  I was so proud of myself as I took all of his cum down my throat which was not something that I enjoyed but felt that Peter deserved complete satisfaction and by the look on his face I had definitely achieved that. We then set sail for Bucklers Hard and it was such a wonderful day and wondered what the future had in store………..Peter:………. as we arrived at Bucklers Hard we both dressed and moored the boat. We held hands as we walked up the slight hill to the car park and it had been such a lovely day.  Peter had certainly made a big impression on me and was a fantastic lover although I knew in my heart it would be wrong to see him again.I am not too sure I could risk the temptation if the chance of seeing him again came along but we will see if the opportunity arises. When I arrived home my husband and the girls had returned from their day out and they seemed to have enjoyed it. My husband asked how my day had gone and I told him that Southampton was busy as usual and that I didn’t even buy anything for a change but just window shopped. Later that evening we went to bed and my husband had obviously had a very relaxed day and was wanting sex and although I had been completely satisfied by Peter I obliged and his cock was soon in my sex and as usual I finished off by riding him to a conclusion. I lay in bed and as my husband dropped off to sleep I thought of my wonderful day with Peter and what I should do.  I was falling head over heels in love with him and I had a feeling that he was not just using me as a sex object but also that he felt the same way about me.I was unable to sleep, and now that our fantasy world had changed to reality in such a short time, was amazing. I decided that I must see Peter again and sooner than later and emailed him the next morning and told him that I must meet him on Tuesday at the latest. I suggested that we should meet at the Woodfalls Inn at Downton at 11am the next day. Within a few minutes I had a reply confirming that he would meet me there and I was happy about that especially as he hadn’t asked what the urgency was. I arrived and parked up, and a few minutes later Peter arrived and got out of his car and into mine. We kissed and he asked me if there was a problem as it seemed very urgent. I told him that I couldn’t get him out of my mind and didn’t know what to do. How do you mean? he said.Peter, I think I have fallen in love with you and I am so worried about our family life if we don’t finish now.He put his arms around me and told me he felt the same but didn’t want to lose me. Lets see how things work out and we can make decision when we are certain what we both want. I started to cry and he hugged and kissed me and suggested that we drove into the forest where there was more privacy than a pub carpark to let out our emotions. I drove a few miles into the forest and found a quiet car park where we cuddled and I started to cry again as my emotions took hold again.He kissed me and told me not to worry and that he knew a good recipe to get over it.His hand started to undo my blouse and then the clasp on my bra and he then suckled on my breast and I soon I was putty in his hands again. He undid his trousers and his cock was already erect and I knew I wanted it inside of me again.I slipped my knickers off and sat on his lap and he guided his cock into me. The car started to rock as we fucked liked the a****ls of the forest and I was screaming out as I took every inch time and time again. I was still sobbing but now it was with the joy of the occasion and not that of a silly emotional woman.I felt Peter stiffen up and with a cry he ejaculated inside me and I was in heaven again. Oh Peter, I love you so much and so pleased we met in Waitrose and having sex for real and not in our fantasy world of alleyways, country cottages and Emma.Although it was fun the real thing is so much better and hope that our love will last for ever……………………. Peter:When Clare emailed me and asked to see me urgently I guessed something was up but I wasn’t expecting what happened, I did not like to see Clare in tears, I too had been thinking of the consequences, after all it was me who actually crossed the line and met face to face so to speak. I knew exactly what she was talking about but I could not jeopardise our respective relationships after knowing someone for four days, I though of the only thing I knew that would take both our minds off the current situation, a good hard fuck! I laid back in the seat of my car and relished in the feeling of my cock sliding up inside you, I loved being joined with you this way, I could not think how I could get closer to you than being inside you. I could feel your silken inner walls stroking me as you moved and it was not long before there was a sense of urgency from both of us and you ground down on me with your sex, hungry to take my cum in your tight pussy. When you said to me just before we parted that you loved me and hoped our love would last forever I was amazed and very flattered, I never thought I would have such an effect on someone, I was excited and scared at the same time. That night I could not believe it, my wife who had denied my advances for months decided she wanted me, I could not believe it why now!! I knew that if I didn’t perform she would suspect something was up. I found that I could only get hard if I closed my eyes and thought of you, as I entered her I imagined I was entering you, it worked very well and we were soon fucking hard, in fact I fucked her harder than ever before dreaming it was you. I lay there as my wife slept thinking not about the fuck I had just had but about the love we had made earlier that day. I was in turmoil, I knew there was so much at stake but still could not stop myself wanting you, it was a powerful emotion but I had to get the situation under control, I decided I must talk with you the next day. My friend had a house in Wood Green that he was not izmit eve gelen escort using whilst abroad, he said I was welcome to use it any time so I emailed Clare to see if she could get away for a few hours and meet me there, her reply came strait back and we arranged to meet that afternoon. When you arrived I had a stiff drink waiting and sat you down on the couch, I asked, which way did you see this going? You said that you felt this was spiralling out of control. At that point I sat down next to you and reminded you how all this started. You have more to lose than I, we must get to know each other a lot better before we go and rush into anything. I fell for you the first time we met but we must give it more time and I think we should let you live first, you must experience a rich and full sexual life before we decide to settle down, I want my woman to know all there is to know about carnal desire and knowledge and I think she best start learning right now. When Clare arrived we sat talking on the couch we could not control our desire for long and We stood up from the couch I slipped your coat from your shoulders ran my fingers through your hair and whilst holding your head leaned in and kissed you sensuously, our tongues danced in each others mouths and your breath smelt so sweet. The wrap around summer dress you were wearing swung open as I undid the tie revealing your naked body, I smiled as I loved the thought of you coming to see me without your panties and bra. You slid your hands up my sides taking my tee shirt with them, as we kissed again I could feel your nipples burning into my chest I cares your lovely bottom as I held you tight pushing you against my bulge. I slid my hands inside your open dress and ran them all over your naked body, you felt warm and soft, I could smell your faint fragrance, it was like an aphrodisiac, it was so much more erotic to feel you in the flesh than in my mind as I had had to do before, I wanted to give you as much pleasure as your body could take. You undo my jeans as I slide my fingers across your sex causing your legs to buckle slightly, your legs part to give me better access. My jeans drop to the floor along with my pants and I kick them aside. My fingers are working their magic on your pussy and I can feel your wetness coating them. You start to stroke my shaft with long slow strokes and it feels wonderful, you can feel my finger circling your clitoris, teasing it, driving your lust higher. The relatively strange fingers in your sex felt nothing like hubbies, their technique was entirely different, that helped to increase your excitement even more. My mind was racing along the same line, I would once again slide my cock into a warm welcoming but completely new and unfamiliar pussy, I knew you would be feeling the same a new unfamiliar cock, a different size, a different shape, a different depth a new technique! Our passion was growing fast now, we were kissing long and hard, panting into each others mouths, our body’s writhing together. I lifted you up and with your legs wrapped around me and carried you to the sturdy dining room table as I sat you down my cock naturally lined up with you entrance and I slowly slid the broad head into your channel, we both knew what was coming and I heard you let out a long low moan, I still couldn’t believe we were fucking for real, I looked down almost still not believing I was actually watching my cock slide inside you, I could hardly stop watching, your pussy looked so sexy with my thick cock stretching it so tight. I wondered how it felt for you, your first ever different cock! I wondered how I compared to your husband? For all I knew he maybe massive in the trouser department, what I did know though was you felt wonderful wrapped around me and as you laid back along the table I began moving in long slow strokes, I could see my cock glistening with your love juice on each outward stroke and I began to pick up the pace, I held your waist and pulled you into me hard as I thrust back, faster and faster as you yelled for me to fuck you even harder, I could feel my muscles burning as I pounded into your slight frame, it was as if you just couldn’t get enough, your hand went to your pussy and pleasured yourself as I hammered my cock in and out, this spurred me on further as I love watching a woman play with herself and you were helping to bring yourself to a crashing orgasm, you were screaming and bucking your legs were now wrapped around me with your heels pushing on my ass helping me hammer home your massive climax. I slowed my thrusts as soon as I saw your hand drop from your pussy, I stopped still within you as your head lulled from side to side and your chest heaved up and down, I don’t know where you were but it wasn’t on this planet that’s for sure. I saw you slowly come back down to earth and you sat up on the table pulling me close with your arms. We stayed like that for some time just holding each other and kissing but I had still not come yet and decided it was time for a little comfort so I eased out of you and lead you by the hand to the master bedroom. I asked if you had ever had anal sex, yes you said but it was not too successful and you didn’t really enjoy it, I said would you mind trying again, I think you may find it a little different this time, you looked at my cock and winced, don’t worry I said, you will be in full control not me. Ok you said, but be gentle please! I laid you gently down on the large four poster bead and you spread your legs wide as I went down on you, I tongued your gorgeous pussy and slipped two fingers inside your well lubricated sex and stroked up towards your ‘G’ spot, as I felt you relax I slipped my well lubricated fingers into your tight rosebud slowly working them back and forth until you became accustomed to their size, during this time my lips never left your sex, now your brain was receiving pleasure from two erogenous zones at the same time and I think it liked it! I added a third finger and repeated the same, not moving or rushing until your body had become accustomed and adjusted to the size, within 20 minutes your mind was in ecstasy and you were ready to try my cock, I explained that now it was your turn, if you climb on top as I laid down you would be in full control.  I held my cock at the base as you mounted me with your pussy first and as you expertly rode me I reached over to the bedside cabinet praying I would find some lube in there, sure enough there was a small bottle of un scented massage oil in there. As you lifted up I squirted some oil into your hand and enjoyed the erotic sensation as you liberally coated my cock as you sat back onto me my cock was now at your other hole, I felt you tense as my head touched your little rosebud so I tipped some oil into my own hand and spread it onto your pussy slowly massaging your clit as I looked into your eyes I felt you relax as I slowly started slipping inside, five minutes later I was buried to the hilt in your beautiful ass with nothing but pleasure flooding your brain, you felt full as you slowly began to ride my cock each time it withdrew you felt empty and wanted it back inside filling you up again, it was a new and incredible feeling. You started riding my cock like it was in your pussy and I knew I would not last long in your incredibly tight tunnel I tried to hold on just long enough that we both came together and I pumped your ass full of my hot cum as your body was convulsing with intense climatic spasms. As we lay there in each others arms both smiling stupidly and uncontrollably I said how the hell are we going to top that! I dare say we will think of something my lover you replied……………. Clare:I arrived at the house in Wood Green and was met by Peter who as usual had a big smile on his face. We kissed passionately and I had come prepared to excite him even more as my wrap around dress fell open revealing my naked body. His hands then began to explore every part of my body and I meant every part as I could feel his fingers working away expertly at my sex.I slipped his t-shirt off and undid his jeans which dropped to the floor exposing his large erect cock which I started to stroke as he worked at my sex. He then picked me up and carried me into the dining room and laid me on the table and pushed his cock in me and started to fuck me harder and harder and I was screaming for more.My fingers went to my sex and while he was thrusting into me I was pleasuring myself and the sensation was unbelievable and sex with Peter just got better and better every time we met. I was now completely out of control as I writhed on the table with my legs wrapped around him screaming with pleasure.He brought me to a climax that I have never experienced before and I was completely spent but I noticed that somehow he hadn’t cum as yet. He led me to the master bedroom and he then asked me if I wanted to try anal sex again. I had previously told him that I had tried but didn’t enjoy it as it hurt me. I looked at his cock and although my husband is average Peter was somewhat larger which made me very nervous.He told me that he would be very careful and that we could stop at any time  if I wanted.He worked his fingers in my sex lubricating them and then putting first one and then two and after a few minutes I felt a third penetrate my anus.I was now going to ride him and then try and take his extrem width and length into my anus knowing it would be a challenge He withdrew from my pussy and rubbed some oil onto his cock and I gently lowered myself onto it taking inch by inch until his full length was inside me. “Oh my god” I screamed as I then started to enjoy the experience and soon I was riding him like I usually do with his cock in my pussy.Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Yes Yes Yes Yes Oh my god as I was now experiencing the full pleasure of anal and would be up for it any time in the future.Peter then had the most wonderful ejaculation for the first time ever inside my bum and realised that it probably wouldn’t be the last. We collapsed on the bed and kissed and cuddled and I realised I loved him more and more……………..Peter:…………. As we lay in each others arms I said, so what now? You looked up and said “I don’t know we are getting closer and closer and I think I love you more each day” I know I feel the same but I guess we are in our ‘honeymoon period’ it’s all new and exciting and all we want to do is kiss cuddle and jump each others bones, a lot, lol. I think in time that should settle down and we could become just good ‘fuck buddies’ as they are called?The truth is I didn’t have a clue what the future held but if the intense feelings did die down and we did become good or even expert casual lovers or fuck buddies as they say then that would be ok with me. I did not want to be responsible for upsetting anyone’s life to that extent! What about tomorrow? Can you manage the same place same time? I promise you a different experience though, I laughed. Yes I think I can do that Peter you said. Good I better prepare izmit otele gelen escort for you then. We kissed for a long time and I held you very tight and relished the feel of your slim firm body, I just wanted to squeeze you so tight I thought you might stop breathing. I can’t wait for tomorrow Clare, I want you now! I have to go you whisper in my ear, hubby will be back soon and I have to pick the k**s up, I can’t argue with that so I stood back and waved you off knowing it would seem like an age waiting for this time to come around again. The next day I drove into Bournemouth to do a little shopping, I remembered Clare telling me that she didn’t have any toys so I thought we better add some spice with a few little bits and pieces, I found what I was looking for and returned to wood Green to arrange a few things and prepare for seeing her a little later. I sent Clare an email asking if she had an excuse to stay out all night and she said that her friend would cover for her and yes she could stop over. I was really looking forward to falling asleep and waking up with her in my arms the next morning, I could not wait. The hours seemed to drag by as my excitement escalated, an email appeared on my phone and it was Clare telling me that she wanted me now! That didn’t help as my balls were already aching with anticipation. Finally I heard your car pull up and tried to look cool as I opened the door, you ran from the car and literally jumped into my arms, we kissed passionately in the hallway and it was as much as I could do not to take you there and then. You looked stunning in your pencil skirt and tight top and I couldn’t wait to start the fun. I poured us a glass of wine each and as you sat on the couch, I took a brown paper bag from the table and set it down on the coffee table before I joined you on the couch. What’s in the bag you enquired? That’s a fun bag I said, intrigued you opened the top and peeked in……. “OH MY GOD!!!!!”….. You tipped the bags contents onto the small table and out came a variety of toys, including a small vibrator and one normal sized ‘rabbit’ type vibrator, some anal beads a small butt plug etc. I have never used a vibrator you said, I slid your tight skirt up your legs saying “well no time like the present” as you sat back and opened your thighs I switched the little vibrator on and there was a low hum as it started to work, your sheer panties were stretched tightly over your sex, framing it beautifully, I kissed you lightly on the mouth, teasing your lips with my tongue as I stroked your inner thigh with the smooth buzzing toy, as I reached your pussy the feeling was so intense from the little toy that you were completely unprepared and your legs snapped shut. “Oh wow” was all you could say, you opened your lags again so I could trace the edge of your sex with the toy, this was not so intense and felt great…………Clare:……..I hadn’t heard of the expression “fuck buddies” before but it appears that it is a couple that just meet for sexual satisfaction on occasions with no strings attached. Was Peter suggesting that is what we should consider? The problem I have is that I love him so much but do understand that it should not interfere with our family lives. Although I am in control of the situation at present it is getting harder to leave him and return home after every time we meet.Rather than lose him altogether and the fantastic sex I receive from him I might have to consider this option as I need his attention. I received an email from Peter asking me if I could stop tonight at his friends house in Wood Green. I phoned Lisa a good friend of mine and told her the situation and with the comment “naughty naughty Clare” she agreed and said “enjoy” I arrived at the house as excited as ever and Peter and I were soon kissing passionately and with that the wine started to flow and I was intrigued with the brown paper bag on the coffee table. Peter tipped the contents out on the table and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.He had obviously been shopping at a sex shop as there were various objects that could only be for that reason. I have never used a vibrator I told him. It wasn’t long before the smallest one sprang into life with Peter in control and the sensation was lovely as he explored all around my sex. I just laid back to enjoy the experience and such a lovely experience it was too. My legs started to tremble and I was now opening and closing my thighs.  I could feel myself getting very wet and my knickers must be giving the game away as I expect they looked soaked. I smiled at him and he said “There is far more to come Clare believe me”…………………Peter:………I was getting so turned on by Clare it was untrue, she had slid her hand up and cupped one of her beautiful breasts and was toying with her lovely nipple, I could see by the blossoming wet patch on her light blue panties that she felt the same way.  As you sat on the couch I knelt on the floor and slowly removed your soaked panties, you laid back so that your bottom was on the edge of the sofa and I could concentrate fully on your hot wet sex. I lent forward until you could feel by hot breath on your pussy and slowly slid the little vibrator up and down the outside of your moist slit, I watched as your eyes closed in shear ecstasy, the feeling was sublime, little vibrations causing tingles all over your body. I held the little vibrator directly on your clitoris and lapped at the juice streaming from you. As I slid my tongue inside you with the vibrator still buzzing exquisitely on your clit, I felt you stiffen and gasp as a small orgasm swept over you. I removed the little toy and kissed my way up your body, my face was covered in your juices and I did not know whether to kiss you or not until you held my face and licked my lips tasting yourself, this led to a very passionate kiss, I was still knelt between your legs with my cock nestled in the entrance of your sex, I felt your hand slide down my back and slowly deliberately push my cock into you.I slowly fucked you with long deliberate strokes feeling your hotness clasp my hardness, I bent forward and took one of your lovely extended nipples into my mouth, our bodies fitted together like we were made from the same mould everything just felt so right, there was no clumsiness no awkwardness just a pure synergy. I moved up and kissed your lips and neck as I held you tight, it was not just sex at this point, this was making love, my heart was pounding I felt so close to you, being inside you only strengthened the feeling. We kissed long and deep, I stopped stroking my cock in and out, I just stopped buried to the hilt in side you. I saw tears in your eyes and knew you were feeling the same as me……I love you I said…..oh god….I love you too, please finish, fuck me, fuck me hard, god I want to feel you cum in me….Please I want you now… As we clung together tightly my balls began to tighten and I could feel my love juice serge into you, it felt so deep and so powerful, I could not stop, time after time my cock bucked inside you, I must have flooded your womb with my seed.  When it had all died down we were cuddling and kissing as true lovers, I did not want to think about anything that night but being with you, for the next 12 hours my other life and my wife no longer existed………………….As we lay on the sofa with my cock still embedded deep within your beautiful sex I could feel my cock was still hard, I think it’s time for bed my darling I said and slowly withdrew knowing the empty feeling you felt between your legs would soon be filled again. As we entered the bedroom you knelt on the bed with your lovely bottom up in the air facing me and your sex clearly visible, looking over your shoulder you said “take me!” How could I resist a request like that? I stepped up to the edge of the bed and replaced that empty feeling you had with my still erect cock, a long low moan escaped your lips as I slid into you. I took hold of your beautiful waist and pulled you into me, we fucked like lovers all night in every position I knew, we didn’t even use any of the toys from downstairs, only being interested in each other. At about 2.30am we gently fell asleep in each others arms…………………..I was woken in the morning by a beautiful sensation between my legs, I could feel a hot wet mouth sliding up and down my shaft, I looked down and you smiled up at me and tickled the underside of my cock head with the tip of your tongue, it felt amazing, I have never been woken with a blow job before and I loved it. You were working my cock with light slow movements and it wasn’t long before I was panting for release, but each time you felt my cock about to cum you stopped, then started all over again. I was in ecstasy, my cock felt twice its normal size and was rock hard as you teased me, keeping me right on the verge of release but not quite letting me have it. It felt as though my cock would explode any minute, then when I was as hard as I could possibly be you raised yourself up and impaled your body on my throbbing shaft! I reached up and held your slim waist as you gently fucked me. I just and only just managed to hold back from pumping you full of my cream as you leaned forward and whispered in my ear…..”I want you in my bottom again”….With that I slipped a finger inside you, I don’t think you had known having both your holes filled before and I could feel you tighten around my cock and gasp as I matched the rhythm of my cock with my finger, as my cock slid from your pussy my finger penetrated your lovely bottom….Oh god I want your cock in there now, I want to feel full again…I gripped your hips and lifted you up, then I felt my swollen head pressing against the place my finger had just been. Slowly, ever so slowly you eased yourself down, becoming accustomed to the size of me in your ass, eventually you were sitting on my balls with my cock buried as far as it would go within you. I reached for the mini vibrator that we left on the bedside cabinet and switched it on, as you began to slowly fuck me I toyed with your pussy, again the vibrations made you jump and grab for your sex, the feeling of having a fat throbbing cock buried deep in your ass and me stroking your sex with the little vibrator was blowing your mind! An orgasm was building within you but this felt different it was coming from a different place, you were just about to feel your first anal orgasm! It was deep and powerful I could see the sheer surprise, lust and enjoyment on your face, beads of sweat appeared on your brow and your mouth was opening and closing but nothing was coming out, I placed the head of the toy right on your sex and held it there, suddenly a second orgasm hit you and it was a big one almost multi orgasmic, you pushed my hand away and grabbed your sex, I had been caught up in all this and did not even realise my own release was on the way and as you writhed in pure ecstasy it was completed by feeling me pulsing my warm soothing cream into you. The feeling between us at that point was indescribable a complete sexual union reaching heights of ecstasy that neither of us had ever experienced before, how could this ever get better?………………Please rate our story and comment if you can, the story is still ongoing and your comments would be both helpful and exciting.  



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