Christmas in June


A Special Christmas Treat From Mom’s Best Friend


Nearly six months have passed since I began Plugging The Generation Gap, thus reintroducing my mother to the pleasures of the flesh. Summer had darkened into fall, with all of it’s brilliant yellows, oranges, and reds, and had finally started receding into the cold void of a Maryland winter. The trees were bare, the grass brown and frozen, all waiting for January to grace them with a decoration of pure white snow.

Inside the home, things were quite different. It was two days to Christmas, and the house smelled of pine, ribbon candy, and the basement must that clung to all of our Christmas decorations.

My father was hard at work, selling new Mustangs and Probes to those who could afford them as Christmas presents — the year-end sales were always busy. He had always done his very best to avoid the family, especially around holidays. As my mother’s drinking had doubled since I began raping her, his efforts to avoid the repercussions of mother’s alcoholic excesses had increased accordingly. Ergo, we scarcely saw the man. Mom worked hard to seem an absolute zombie anymore; drunk, listless, placid. All the better to drive the old man away so we could play! There was no life left in her eyes, no fire in her belly, save for the nights I roamed the midnight corridor, seeking out the warmth and comfort of mommy’s juicy pussy. Her memories of the first time I fucked her, on the night of my 18th birthday, still thrilled her, and the passion we shared grew stronger for her with each fresh encounter. She was going through the motions of Christmas, a time she used to genuinely cherish, with only the booze lubricating her motions, helping her to a semblance of holiday normalcy. Driving the old man away at Christmas may have been cruel, but it was necessary if we were to have any kind of decent holiday together.

I was watching Christmas cartoon specials on TV, enjoying a glass of merlot and some smoked Gouda. My brother was up in his room, preparing to go out with his friends and do God knows what. On Halloween they went out to smash pumpkins. Perhaps plastic Santas tonight? The wine and cheese were having their desired effect; I was relaxed and in a very good mood.

I was yanked out of the world of sixties stop-motion animation by a sharp knock at the front door. I got up from my chair as mom answered the door and invited our guests in. It was mom’s best friend, June. June had brought her teenaged daughter with her, most likely to see my brother. She had had a crush on him for the last year; she was at the house weekly.

June was quite a handsome woman. She was slightly younger than my mother at 41, and a working professional. We had known her for eight years, and she had been divorced the entire time. We had never known her to even have a boyfriend, in spite of her obvious beauty. June was focused on her career. Her permed hair was styled in one of those frizzy bowl-cuts that were so popular for women in the early nineties, and was tinted a slightly edgy shade of red. June’s hair contrasted beautifully with her emerald green eyes and her pale, but not pasty, complexion. Her make-up was light and perfectly applied, only accentuating her natural beauty. She was considered on the border of zaftig, though twenty years ago her body shape would have been considered the idea. Her lips were full and pouting, and she had a tantalizing hourglass shape. She was hiding that shape in a mauve business suit and a dark mauve cashmere topcoat — June had come almost straight from the office. It took just a minute for the fog from the change in temperature to evaporate off of her wire-rimmed glasses.

Mom called my brother downstairs to visit with the young lady who had been brought with, and I was invited by June to socialize with the adults in the kitchen. I walked to the foyer to greet June.

“Hello, Danny, Merry Christmas” June said as she greeted me with a slight hug and a small peck on the cheek.

“Merry Christmas, June. You look well” I replied as I hugged and kissed her back. June was wearing Chanel No. 5, and was one of very few women who could wear it well in the nineties. I also detected the smell of some very strong “Christmas cheer” slipping past those full, ruby red lips.

We adjourned to the kitchen table; wine and snacks were offered and refused. June got straight to the point of her visit.

“We can’t stay long, Dottie. We’re going out caroling and we wanted to invite your boys along”

“Well, Jack is going out with friends, but I don’t think Danny has any plans.” My mother replied.

“I don’t think Angie really wants to go, either” June replied, “I promised her she could stay the night over at a friend’s if she came out for an hour with me. I’ll probably just pick up a couple of more friends and drop Angie off. How about it, Danny, want to go?”

I really didn’t want to go out into the cold and sing to strangers, but June had canlı bahis şirketleri the most appealing way of asking. She had a beautiful smile and the most dazzling eyes; it was truly difficult to say no to such an alluring woman. Probably why she was so successful in real estate. I agreed and went off to change into something warmer. It took me about ten minutes, and while I did that, the others concluded the visit.

I came back downstairs after I put on a sweater and found my trench coat and flat cap; it was drizzling outside. June and Angie were saying their good-byes, and Jack had already disappeared into the night, ready to bring some excitement into the lives of the local police and anyone brave enough to put up outside decorations within a five mile radius of our house. June looked at me and smiled, nothing unusual about that, but there was something in her smile that I thought I had never seen before.

“I’ll get the car started. Say good-bye to your mom” she said as she walked outside.

“Have fun, son. Be safe,” my mother slurred from the kitchen, as she tried to turn away.

I grabbed her by the upper arm and spun her back around to me, pressing her body to mine, so I could feel her breasts on my chest and she could feel my semi-erect penis pressing into her lower stomach. I put my arms around my mother; my left hand on her shoulder blade and my right cupping her luscious bottom, giving it a little squeeze and shoving her hips further into my body. I gave my mother a soft kiss on the lips, ripening into a full French kiss as I opened my mouth to receive her tongue.

“Now that’s a good girl,” I said as the kiss broke off. “Be good, mom. I’ll be back”

With that I let her go to stumble around the house, pocketed my cigarette case and lighter, and went to June’s already running station wagon. I went to let myself into the back seat and had opened the passenger side rear door. June motioned to me.

“Come on, Danny. Sit in the front with me” June said to me from the driver seat, almost a little too enthusiastically.

“What the hell” I thought, and let myself into the car right next to June in the front seat.

“You’re an adult now, Danny” June said, again with that sly smile that was almost her trademark. “I’m not going to let you sit in a dark back seat with my daughter. You’re way too old for her”

“Oh, mom!” Angie groaned as her eyes rolled.

And so the typical mom/daughter banter continued for about ten minutes or so, and finally ended with Angie exclaiming:

“MOM! STOP! You’re embarrassing me,” Angie said as she curled into a ball in the back seat. “Can you just take me to Jenny’s house, please?”

“Of course, dear.” June replied, smiling. This banter was clearly their established dynamic. “If you can’t take a little teasing from mom, how are you ever going to survive your friends?”

“Let’s just go” Angie pouted

And with that, June put her Subaru in gear and we were underway.

“Please ignore that,” June asked, “We do this all the time”

“Say no more” I assured her. “You should hear some of the things my mother used to say to me”

“I’ll bet”

It took about twenty minutes to drive Angie to her friend’s house, and we filled that time with lively conversation. We talked of my plans now that I’m out of high school, and what my impression of the adult world was. It was a new experience for me, as I had only seen her for a few minutes at a time in the past. She always took my mother out to lunch; they never visited at the house.

We got to Jenny’s house, and we all got out of the car. I waited by the car and smoked a cigarette while June walked her to the door. It was quick; June just wanted to see that there was parental supervision before she walked back to the car and joined me.

“We have to go back to my house before we pick up the others. Just for a minute, I forgot something” June said as we got back into the car.

June started the car, and then she reached across to the glove box. “Pardon” she asided.

“I can get it for you” I offered

“It’s OK, I got it,” she said as she worked to get the glove box open.

“Take all the time you need,” I thought to myself, watching her head hang dangerously close to my crotch. I could feel her breasts just barely touch my left thigh as she worked the glove box open and rustled around inside it, struggling to find whatever it was she wished to retrieve.

“Got it!” she said, as she pulled out a package of untipped Gaulioses and a gold Colibri lighter, and slammed the glove box shut. This effectively brought me back to the cold reality that she wanted a cigarette to suck on, rather than…

She pulled a white tube from the faded blue pack and positioned it in the gold-banded cocktail length cigarette holder that she had retrieved from the pack with the cigarette. Holding the assembly between the black leather gloved index and middle finger of her left hand; she placed the end of her cigarette canlı kaçak iddaa holder between her full ruby red lips and struck her gold lighter with her right. The next tow seconds, as she lit her cigarette, seemed to go in slow motion for me. The glow of the flame from her cigarette lighter filled only the square foot of space emanating from the end of her cigarette, and so only her face, hands, and the portion of her hair closest to her face were illuminated in bright yellow-orange light. The red lips surrounding the business end of her bitch stick were accentuated, as was the smoky, steel blue of her eye shadow around her almost closed eyes. Her normally pale countenance was engulfed in the yellow orange light that was gradually being conquered by the burnt umber glow of the lit end of her cigarette. The burnt umber glow turned red and faded to a low light as she snapped the lighter closed, extinguishing the flame. The red glow from the end of her cigarette as she took a long first drag added blush to her face. It, too, faded as she removed the holder from her mouth and inhaled sharply and then exhaled, filling the car with the strong smell of her French tobacco. When combined with the aroma of her Chanel, it proved intoxicating. The smoke itself seemed to cling to her lips, as though it never wanted to leave. I could hardly blame it, as I would scarcely want to leave those pouting lips having tasted their sweetness, however briefly. For the moment she lit that cigarette, I felt as though we had been transported to a different time, a more glamorous time long in the past. The flicker of light that had come and gone melted a decade off of her features, and June was a young woman again. A young woman of days long past. She appeared a living, breathing, smoking Gibson girl. I had always though of female smokers as dirty creatures; immoral. “If she smokes, she pokes” was an adage I had clung to throughout high school, and nary a disappointment. June, in those two seconds of wonder, had altered a perception I had subscribed to since the onset of puberty. She exuded class and glamour. These qualities, when mixed with an implied promiscuity, are not merely alluring. They are much more than that.

The small bump created when reverse was engaged jolted me back into present day and current circumstances. It was a fifteen-minute drive back to her house. We filled the time with idle chatter; I managed as best I could. I took advantage of the fact that she had to keep her eyes on the road, and used the conversation as an excuse to just look at her. I had always though June an attractive woman, but the beginning of this ride had forever intensified that perception. I worried how I would behave myself, and even found myself fantasizing about what would happen if I didn’t.

“No” I thought to myself. “This is my mother’s friend. I can’t take the chance that anyone would ever ‘compare notes’ with my mother, in light of our history. I have to be a gentleman.” It began to sink in that this may be what my mother had in mind, so as to return the favor for months of sexual torture at my hand. Bitch.

The sexual tension I was emitting was as thick as the cigarette smoke in the car. I did my best to remain with the car while she retrieved whatever it was she forgot, but June insisted I come in. I decided to just go with the program; better to arouse myself than suspicion.

June walked me up to her house and unlocked her front door. She remained very close to me, even brushed against me when she was unlocking the deadbolt. The situation was becoming unbearable. I found solace in the fact that we would soon be out in the cold again. Maybe that would calm my hormones and allow me to behave myself.

June seated me in the living room. “Want me to turn on the fireplace so you can warm up a bit? I bet you’re frozen”

I reluctantly agreed. I wanted to stay cold and well behaved, but I also did not want to arouse suspicion. June turned on the gas fireplace and sped upstairs to hunt down whatever it was she wanted. She returned about five minutes, just as the living room was starting to get toasty.

“You know, Danny” June said.

“Oh shit, she knows” I though.

“Its really too damn cold and wet to go out. I’m sorry. Would you rather stay here and watch a movie? I can order some take-out. Or I can drive you home.”

“Well, I…” I sputtered.

“I understand if you just want to get back home, but I’d love it if you’d stay with me for a while. It’s kind of depressing being here all alone so close to Christmas” June interjected.

What can I say? I genuinely felt for her, and I genuinely wanted to spend time with her. My inhibitions melted away and I agreed, enthusiastically.

“Great!” She said “Pizza or Chinese?”

Her tone, sadly, suggested that there would be nothing more to the evening than a friend’s night in. My heart sank, and I was also somewhat relieved. I resigned to spend my evening watching a movie with my mother’s perpetually lonely best friend. canlı kaçak bahis

“Pizza” I replied.

“OK. Go ahead and give me your coat. I’ll hang it up for you. I’ll be back in a few minutes; I want to get out of my suit and into something more comfortable. The movies are on the shelf under the TV. Just don’t pick a horror film, please. They give me nightmares”

I handed her my coat to hang up and resolved to remember her saying “I want to get out of my suit and into something more comfortable”. I would definitely be masturbating to that later. Or maybe I’d take it out on mommy.

June left to put the coat away and change, and I had a look at her videotapes. Definitely the library of a single mom. Romantic comedies mixed in with stuff only a teenager could love. She certainly didn’t entertain often, either. All of her furniture was obviously over ten years old, but in immaculate condition. Nobody ever lingered here. I was beginning to wonder if I was her first houseguest since she had bought it. Only the reclining chair by the TV was worn. That was her newest piece of furniture. I guess you go through those when you’re a busy professional who doesn’t entertain.

I started looking through the movies and was in the process of reading the cover of one when June came back into the room. My back was turned to her, but I could smell fresh Chanel.

“You have your lighter, Danny? I left mine in the car”

I had not even a second to reply, or even put the videotape down and look before I felt a face and two full breasts pressing into my back, and hands plunging into my front trouser pockets, hands that did not seem to be looking for a cigarette lighter.

By now, my penis was fully erect, and June had a firm hold of it with her left hand, squeezing it through my trouser pocket. The images and the pressure on my penis were bad enough. The smell of her intoxicating perfume made things worse. Her breasts in my back, worse still. The sound of her heavy breathing was what finally made me lose control. I let out a little grunt, dropped the tape, and shot two days worth of sperm all down the front of my trouser.

“Mmmmmmmm…found it” June said, almost triumphantly, as she pulled my Zippo lighter from my right hand pocket. “I sure hope those aren’t dry-clean only. If you take them off, I’ll wash them for you”

I was still recovering from the effects of my unexpected orgasm as I turned around to face her. There she was standing there, basking in the glow of the gas fireplace, with her bitch stick in her mouth, working my lighter to get it lit, a smug, knowing half-smile on her porcelain face.

June was decked out for the occasion. She had touched up her make-up, hair, and perfume. The mauve business suit was gone, replaced with Christmas green silk lingerie. Her green silk camisole was low cut and had a bit of lace near the center of the bust line. The silk spaghetti straps were as thin as twine, and rested gently on her collarbones. Her shoulders were exactly as I had imagined them to be; perfectly rounded, only a hint of bone showing at her clavicles, just as one sees in nude painting hundreds of years old. Her milky breasts were full and buoyant, standing at almost perfect attention without the aid of a bra. Her nipples were erect and visible against the silk. Her panties were a perfect match to the camisole; you could tell they came as a set. Her legs were as her shoulders; perfectly rounded and smooth, very little muscle tone, a little large, but not fat. Just as in the paintings of old. A very retro pair of matching silk fishnet stockings that came halfway up her creamy thighs encapsulated her classical legs. On the feet at the end of those perfect legs were a pair of green silk fuck me pumps with a four-inch French heel.

The outfit seemed a custom ensemble; the coloring complemented her emerald eyes in such a way as to make them piercing, and contrasted her red hair in a way nothing else could. The heels gave her calves some small bit of definition. The entire package of June and her silken gift-wrapping were utterly irresistible.

As June lit her cigarette with my lighter, my feelings from the car returned and the erotic image she had left me with were augmented. She closed the lighter and slinked toward me, seductively, while taking a large drag from her Gaulios. I could think of nothing to do but extend my hand for the lighter, as she seemed to be handing it to me. As she placed the lighter in my extended right hand, she exhaled her smoke right in my face. I have to say that June is the only woman that would ever be allowed that liberty with me. I breathed in the smoke, rich French tobacco, tempered with her Chanel and a hint of scotch. I stood there and drooled, excitement already beginning to stir afresh in my pants. I no longer cared what her intentions were; I resolved to dwell in the present and enjoy this.

“Mmmmm-hmmmm” She giggled huskily. “Now that I have your attention”

“Mmm-hmmm” was the best I could manage in agreement.

“I’ve seen the way you’ve been leering at me for the past few years, and especially tonight in the car; you can’t deny that you’ve been getting a sick little thrill out of ogling me the last six years. You’re a very naughty little boy”



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