Christmas EveI guess my problem started during Christmas vaca-tion when I was 18. My parents were on a two weeksecond honeymoon in France, and my Aunt Jill had agreedto take care of our rather large house and of me. Jill,who was 28 at the time, was still recovering from theshock of losing her husband in an automobile accident,so I was skeptical about my chances of having a merryChristmas in the midst of so much gloom. To my greatsurprise, though, Jill’s spirits were high, and thetwo days before Christmas were truly enjoyable.Before I get too far along, I should point out thatJill was, and still is, a most attractive woman. Herbest features are her slender, well shaped legs and her37 inch bustline. Dad has often commented that, otherthan Betty Grable, he’d never seen a woman with such”gorgeous gams” (his words, not mine).On Christmas Eve, Jill and I decorated the tree,put out all the presents, and then went to eveningchurch services. Jill had dressed in what she calledher “Christmas uniform,” a delicate white laced trimmedblouse, a red pleated skirt, and red high heals. Uni-form or not, she was stunning.After church, Jill mixed up a hot rum punch (withless rum) while I was starting a fire in the fireplace.When she brought in the large mugs of punch, I couldn’thelp sighing over how idyllic the scene seemed! Thewarm glow of a crackling fire, the sparkling tree, thepleasant scent of pine mixed with the smell of rum andJill’s exquisite perfume, and especially the sight ofbeautiful Aunt Jill and her long, nyloned legs shimmer-ing in the firelight. I thought to myself, “Now this iswhat I call a truly merry Christmas.”Jill and I sat on the plush couch in front of thefireplace and began to reminisce about past Christmasesand past family joys. Not suprisingly, we both shiedaway from any mention of my Uncle Jack’s death. Wetalked for what seemed like hours, and I drank whatseemed like a gallon of that warm, spicy punch. Thedrink combined with the mellow Christmas music on thestereo made me drowsy, and I uttered an inadvertantyawn now and then. On seeing one too many yawns, Jillasked if I’d like to rest my head in her lap.I thought that was a marvelous idea, so I stretchedout on the couch and rested my head on her ankara escort red skirtclad lap, my face toward the fire. We continued totalk, but the sight of her exquisite legs encased insilky sheer nylons and sexy high heels was starting toget to me. As she talked, I slowly let one of my handsdrift to her right lower leg. Since this aroused nostrong protest, I boldly began sliding my hand up anddown that taut leg and began fondling the straps of herhigh heels. My hand shifted back and forth from one legto the other, gently caressing her calves.I had, by this time, an enormous erection, but Iwas lying stomach down, so Aunt Jill couldn’t detect myexcitement. Soon my hand reached and massaged her knees(and I wondered whether I dared go further). I soonreceived my answer when Jill said, “Oh, that massagefeels so good. Would you mind massaging this spothere?” She had me raise my head, and then she pulledher pleated skirt up a short way onto her thigh. Shepointed to a spot on her lower thigh, and like a pro Imassaged and caressed it, allowing my fingers to slidedeftly beyond the point she’d pointed to.By this time such was the burning desire in my rockhard teenage cock that I was all but humping the couch.I was now gliding my hand over most of Jill’s lovelylimbs, and she responded by spreading her legs as Itried to reach further and further up her thigh. Sud-denly, Jill told me to raise my head, and she pulledher skirt up over her waist.What a magnificent sight greeted me! She woregartered stockings that were pulled incredibly tight bya delicate red lace garter belt. She also had on a veryskimpy pair of red laced bikini panties.I immediately dove in, kissing and licking hershimmering nyloned legs and nibbling on those exquisitegarters. Jill spread her legs even further, and my handrubbed and caressed the insides of those legs all theway from her toes to her lace covered crotch. My tonguenow found its way to those lace panties, and I suckedon the warm juices that were soaking them.Jill was incredibly excited and soon had undone allthe buttons on her blouse, exposing her two gorgeoustits encased in a very scanty whit bra. She beganmassaging her massive mounds through the bra as I con-tinued my assult on her ankara escort bayan love box.I decided I’d better take full advantage of herstockinged wonders, so I got off the couch and kneltbefore her. She didn’t know what I was going to do un-til I unzipped my pants and pulled out my pulsing prod.She reached for it, but I told her I wanted to teaseher a bit first. No objection on her part. Taking mydick in my hand and starting at her toes, I gentlyglided it up and down the full length of her stockings.Small droplets of cum formed on the head as the wonder-ous sensations of touching those beautiful stockingedgams worked its way through my body.While I was doing this, Jill had unsnapped her braand was busy, with one hand kneading her eraser tipnipples and the other hand buried beneath her pantiesas she feverishly fingered herself. Somehow her deeppanting almost seemed to keep time with the tume”Jingle Bells,” which was coming from the stereo, andI was getting more and more into the Christmas spirit.With one long, loving lick of her stocking tops, Idecided I’d better go to work on that still hiddentreasure between Jill’s legs. I pulled the crotch ofher laced undies to the side to expose the juiciest,warmest love box I’d ever had the pleasure to indulgein. In no time, my tongue was deep inside of her,slurping up the sweet juices which seemed to literallypour from my aunt’s vagina.Jill begged for my cock, so I lifted her legs ontothe couch and then climbed on top so that we were inthe 69 position. The sight of her long, elegant stock-inged legs in those sexy high heels and her glisteningbush sent me into ecstacy. I slowly lowered my prodinto her anxiously awaiting mouth, and she began suck-ing and licking it like an old veteran of many cock-sucking sessions. As I continued to satisfy my hungerfor pussy, my hands skillfully massaged her innerthighs beneath her stocking tops. Soon I knew I wasgoing to blow my wad, so I raised my head up, peeredthrough my legs, and watched my eight inch dick slidein and out of Aunt Jill’s red lips. With one lastthrust, I burst, shooting gusher after gusher of redhot cum into Jill’s mouth. She sucked for all she wasworth but just couldn’t handle my load, and some of escort ankara thecum oozed out of her mouth and down her chin. I immedi-ately went back to work on her love lips, driving mytongue even deeper into her inner recesses, and soonshe, too, had a terrific orgasm.Jill then let me know she wanted to get up to go tothe bathroom. I thought it a bit awkward to worry aboutthat, but was I suprised when she got back! she hadcompletely stripped herself except for the red garterbelt, sheer stockings, and high heels. She told me tostrip and then lie on the plushly carpeted floor facingthe couch. She then sat on the couch and, to my greatdelight, put her high heel between my legs and began”masturbating” me with it. The straps on the heelsexposed most of her sheer stockinged feet, so I feltboth the leather of her pumps and the exquisite soft-ness of her nylons as her foot slid over my lubricatedshaft and under my balls. Of course, I was terriblyerect once again and moaning in ecstasy.Then Jill reached down and unfastened the strap onher heel. She said, “If you thought that felt terrific,how about this?” With that she rested her stockingedfoot on my cock and began sliding it up and down thegreased shaft while she massaged her large breasts withboth hands. I just could not stand the sensation of thenylon on my cock, and in no time flat I once again blewmy load, this time drenching Jill’s nylons and coveringmy stomach.Jill, seeing that the great event had happened onceagain, decided she was still thirsty, so she very sex-ily unsnapped her garters and removed the drencedstocking. She then used the stocking almost like asponge to clean up the rest of the cum on my body andto my amazement proceeded to put the stocking to herlips and suck the cum from it. When she finished, sheslipped the nylon back on and hooked up the gartersonce again.We spent Christmas Eve in each other’s arms infront of that crackling fire and tinsel covered tree,and Aunt Jill spent almost all of that week in sexyoutfits, which always included a garter belt, nylons,and high heels.My problem is that since that time I have thisincredible lust for women in high heels and stockings.The recent fashion trends toward skimpy high heels andslit skirts is driving me bananas. I can’t even workanymore because my secretary wears the highest heelsand shortest dresses I’ve ever seen. If only Aunt Jillcould’ve realized the problems she caused on thatbeautiful Christmas Eve that seems so long ago.



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