Chris and Kim pt 01So this is the first part of a story, hopefully it is readable! It starts off slow but everything starts small ;)Monday:”Hey man, I havn’t heard from you in a while” Kim said as he answered his phone, adding with a laugh with, “I was wondering if you got hit by a car!””After my week, I really wish I had been. Some days, man some days. So what have you been up to? He replied.They talked for a half hour catching up on the last few months before it became pretty clear from his tone of voice, that something was wrong with Chris.”What’s wrong?” a tinge of concern colored her voice ” is everything ok? You sound exhausted as hell.””It is Kelly, I just, I don’t know what to do with her anymore. Every time I try and talk to her, she is just so distant, and she spend all her time out with her friends. I know she is drinking, and I really am worried she is cheating on me. Again.””Holy shit, that is… that is horrible, I can’t believe she would … wait … again?””Yeah I don’t even know where to start.” Chris sighed heavily “This last years has just been … terrible.””Why don’t we hang out, have a few drinks and talk through this. this is, messed up, you sound like you need to talk about it. And drink. A lot more! You have some time this week?””How about Thursday night? Kelly is going out, so i’m not sure she will even be home.””Perfect, I will pack the fridge if you want to swing by, we can have some drinks, and hopefully burn off some of that stress.””Thanks man, that sounds great, I really need it.””Any time, you know i’m always here for you. Catch you on Thursday!” a smile in Kim’s voice as he put down the phone.It had been a almost six months since he had last seen his best friend, the demands of work and family had been steadily pulling them further apart, so any time they were able to spend together was always great.As he got up to take a shower, Kim thought more about their conversation. Warm water cascaded off his long hair as he thought about his friend, how sad he sounded, how much more he deserved. In another world, he thought as he stroked his hardening cock, I would take so much better care of him.Stepping out of the shower, he dried off, slipped into a pair of panties, a long nighty, and sat down to paint his nails with a fresh coat of black before sliding into bed. It was going to be a long week.Thursday:After what felt like the longest day ever, Kim sat at home, nervous but ready pendik escort to spend the night talking and drinking until the sun came up. Finally Chris arrived, a fresh pizza in his hands.”I thought we could use something to soak up some of the alcohol.” He laughed, passing it to his friend “So what do you have to drink tonight?””I figured the old standard would be perfect, coke is in the fridge and rum is in the freezer! If you want to start lighter I got a few six packs.””Yeah tonight is a get hammered night, want me to make a drink for you too?” Chris asked as he headed to the kitchen.They sat and talked as they ate, nothing serious, and lots of laughing as they got progressively more and more drunk.Kim swished back as he brought them both some fresh drinks, handing one to Chris before sliding into the couch.”You look pretty hammered, ready to let off some steam now?” he giggled before his face softened “Seriously though, it sound like you have been dealing with some intense fucked up stuff. Tell me about it?”With a deep sigh and an even deeper draw from his glass, Chris sank back into the couch.”I don”t even know where to start. Everything is just fucked.””How about you start with the ‘again’ from earlier. Just what has Kelly been doing?””She has always been a party girl, you know that, I was just hoping it would ever slow down. She wants to go out four or five times a week and I just can”t do that much. I used to go out with her as much as I could, but you can’t be up all night at the club and then make it to work, every single week. So I let her just start going out with her friends. For a while she was only going out once or twice during the week, but she was out every night on the weekend, with or without me. It has gotten to the point where some days i don’t even see her.””Seriously? What the fuck??” slipped from Kim’s lips half-consciously.”Yeah you don’t even know the half of it. So one night … well …. morning actually, she stumbled in at 7am. But yeah she stumbles in and falls onto the bed, there is nothing like being dead asleep and having a drunk pass out on you. So I have to get up and I half roll her onto her side of the bed, and her dress slides way up and I got a great view of her pussy. No panties. I saw her when she was getting dressed before she left, and she was putting on one of her sexier black bras with some tiny thong panties. I checked and her bra was gone too. The closer escort pendik I got the more obvious the smell of sex was on her, and I swear I could see some dried cum on her thigh.”With a loud thunk Kim”s glass hit the ground, spilling the last of his drink on the floor in a puddle.”Shit let me get something to clean that up” he said as he stood up quickly, wobbling slightly as he did.”Seriously though. What? You have got to be fucking k**ding me.””I wish I was. I was so pissed that I just left. I got dressed, took a personal day, got in my car and just drove. I was so pissed that I hit the border before I realized how far I had gone and headed home. By the time I got back she was getting up and I just let her have it. I don’t think I have ever yelled that much, she started crying and it just made me angrier. The whole thing was so fucked up, the more I yelled the more she begged and pleaded, and before I knew it she had my pants of and was giving me the most amazing blowjob. I kind of hate fucked her until I didn’t have anything left in me, then got dressed and left gain.””you …” Kim sat transfixed by the story as shocked and confused as turned on, it was an interesting combination to imagine as his friend continued.”Yeah, I don’t know. She called a bunch of times and send me a thousand texts, but I just couldn’t even deal with her. It was still early so I got some dinner and caught a game to try and unwind my thoughts. When I finally got home she was frantic, and wouldn’t stop talking for at least an hour. Finally she promised to never do anything like it again, we made up, fucked again, and went to bed.””But?””Yeah, but. Things were ok for a few weeks, but by the end of the month she was going out all the time again. She went out last Friday night, she didn’t comeback until Sunday morning. She still hasn’t told me where she was. She wasn’t wearing the clothes she left in either.””I …” Kim was at a loss for words momentarily “Wait, so she was gone and came back in different clothes, and wont explain any of it? After going out for a night at the club?”‘”Yeah, I don’t even know what to do. I barely saw her all week, and now she is out again. I am not sure when I will actually see her again after last weekend.”””Oh shit, Monday when you called me, that was like, the day after she showed back up? Shit, this all just happened last weekend. I. Fuck. I don’t even know what to say. Fuck. I am so sorry. I.””Yeah pendik escort bayan I don’t either. My wife is out doing god fucking knows what. Or who. It is so damn fucked. I need another drink. Or ten.””Shit let me get you one, I definitely need another too” Kim said as he bounced up and off tot he kitchen to get new drinks. As he started pouring he realized his hands were shaking, he was expecting it to be bad, but this was terrible. his best friend was on his couch telling about just how much his life was falling apart, at least he could be there to help Chris!As he turned to head back into the living room he could hear sounds, and as he walked in he realized it was Chris. Crying his eyes out. Without hesitating he sat down next to him and gave him a hug, his friend’s arms soon reaching up to hug him back for a second before Chris froze, his tears stopping abruptly. His hands were on the back of Kim’s shoulders. Chris could clearly feel the straps of the bra Kim was wearing under his shirt.”I’m sorry” Chris stammered as he quickly pulled away, reaching for his glass “I didn’t mean to. Um. Yeah. I need a drink.” as he got up and walked to the kitchen, half full drink in his hand.Kim sat on the couch, stunned and confused. After all the drinks that night, he had forgotten about the lingerie he normally wore under his clothes.After several minutes Chris came back, a bottle of coke and a bottle of rum in either hand.”Lets talk about that later. I am too drunk to even ask. Let’s just finish these off, play some games, and I will just keep ranting and talking trash until we pass out. Deal?””Deal” Kim said quickly, before turning on the tv, putting on a game and grabbing controllers. Chris took a big swig of the rum bottle before passing it over as he was given a controller.They played for a few hours, Chris going through the cycle of how much he loved Kelly, then how much he hated her, then how sexy she was, then how she was a whore, on to how much he missed her. Over and over and over. It might have been funny if it wasn’t so tragic. So they kept drinking, right up until Chris slumped over on the arm of the couch, fast asleep.Kim stood up, giggled at how wobbly he felt, before turning everything off and heading off to bed. Slipping out of his clothes he paused for a moment to look at himself in his bra and panties before taking the off and sliding into bed. Chris’ story was replaying through his mind as he lay there, and it just kept looping back to the part where Kelly was sucking his dick. Before he realized it he was wildly stroking his urgent throbbing cock and exploding while picturing her lips wrapped around Chris’ cock.



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