Chapter Six – Budding Romance & First Proposal

With everything that had gone on in her life over the past few weeks Chiara realized that she hadn’t called her folks in a while. She figured she’d better call them just to let them know that she was still alive. She also wanted to tell her mom about everything that had happened recently. ‘Well almost everything’ she thought to herself as she blushed.



“Hey Li’l Bit!” Her dad said, happy to hear her voice. “How’s school going sweetie?”

“It’s going great, I’ve made some friends and my classes are going really well.”

Dan laughed, glad to hear that his daughter was fitting in and was doing well in her classes, which didn’t surprise him as she’d always been a good student and got along well with others. “You and Annie are still getting along I guess?”

“Oh God she’s like the best roommate ever daddy!” Chiara gushed.

“Good I’m glad to hear it baby. Sorry about Thanksgiving honey, I only found out about the conference last week and I really need to be there. I can send you a plane ticket to come out if you want.”

“Daddy, you know I hate airplanes!” Chiara replied with a giggle.

“I know sweetie, but it was worth a shot.” Dan said with a chuckle. “You’ll be okay at school by yourself then?”

“Yeah, they have a dinner here for the kids who can’t make it home so I’ll be fine. I’ll miss you guys though!”

“We’ll miss you too. Hold on your Mom’s trying to rip the phone from my hand.”

“Chiara? How are you sweetie, is everything going well?”

“Things are awesome mom! Annie took me around during Frosh week and some of the guys she knew thought I was cute! I’ve been on dates and everything!”

“That’s great honey, I’m glad you’re having fun.” Kris said with a smile at her husband.

“That’s not even the best part!” Chiara replied. “I was at a Halloween party on Saturday and I met this guy Marc, and he’s totally hot! But he’s really nice too Mom. And get this, he’s Annie’s twin brother! Isn’t that hilarious?”

Kris chuckled and gave Dan a wink, “Yes that is hilarious sweetie. You are remembering to eat right?”

Chiara giggled at her mom’s comment. “Yes I’m eating, Annie makes sure I do it every day.”

“Good, you’re small enough as it is, I’d hate for you to pop into nothing if you missed a meal!”

“Mom that is SO old.” Chiara said dryly.

“I know honey, I’m just teasing. Listen, your dad and I were just getting ready to go out. We’ll talk to you soon okay?”

“Okay Mom, I love you. Give Daddy a big kiss from me.”

“Well if I give him a big kiss we might not get out sweetie!”

“Eww MOM!”

“Kidding! Love you too baby, bye.”

“Bye Mom.”

“Well,” Kris said as she grinned at Dan.

“Well what?” He asked.

“You might want to flip right by those ‘Girls Gone Wild’ commercials when you can’t sleep at night.”

“Hmm, I’m almost afraid to ask, but why’s that hon?” He asked.

“It seems our little miss Chiara has become a bit of a party girl Danny. Going to Frosh parties, dating, meeting strange guys at Halloween parties.” Kristen said with a laugh.

Dan laughed as well, “Basically doing what we did then. So what was hilarious Kris?”

“Well it seems that she met a ‘totally hot’ guy named Marc on Saturday. Apparently he’s Annie’s twin brother. Annie’s last name was Montgomery wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure it was. Wasn’t that Brett and Sarah’s last name?” Dan replied.

“Yes, they had twins didn’t they? They were a few years older than Chiara,” Kris said as she was thinking.

Dan nodded in agreement, “Matt and Amy right?”

“No I’m pretty sure it was Marc and Annie, Dan. What do you think the odds are?”

“Pretty high?” Dan said with a chuckle.

Kristen gave her husband the same impish grin her daughter had, “It would be pretty funny though, don’t you think?”

“To quote our daughter, ‘hilarious’.” Dan said as he smiled back.

The weekend came and Marc arrived to pick up Chiara. Annie jumped up and gave him a big hug and kiss, smiling and genuinely happy to see him. Marc returned her hug and kiss, looking a bit surprised but pleased at Annie’s welcome. With his arm around Annie’s waist, Marc asked Chiara if she was ready to go.

“Just another second,” she answered, still stuffing her bag.

Marc shook his head and chuckled then turned to Annie, “Look sis, about our grad, I’m sorry I acted the way I did. It wasn’t either of our faults, we were both messed up and shit happened. I can’t let what happened ruin our relationship.”

Annie looked like she was going to cry. She grabbed Marc into another hug and kissed his cheek again. “Thanks baby brother. I’m so sorry for what I did. But if you ever want to rock my world like you did that night, with Kiki’s permission of course, you know where to find me.”

Marc laughed and smacked Annie’s butt while Chiara giggled from where she was throwing her last few things into her overnight bag.

“Okay I’m ready to go loverboy,” Chiara said as she gave Annie a long kiss goodbye.

Annie shooed tuzla escort them out the door and they were on their way to Marc’s frat house. Marc watched Chiara for a few minutes as they walked along.

“Judging from your reaction earlier I guess Annie told you about our grad?” he asked hesitantly.

Chiara hugged Marc’s arm tight to her, “Yeah she did.”

“You okay?”

“Not much I can do about it right?” Chiara asked.

“No I guess not,” Marc said.

The rest of the walk over they held hands and talked, stopping to kiss a few times, but never mentioned the grad again.

“So what are you doing over Thanksgiving?”

“Probably just staying here. My dad has a conference in New York and mom’s tagging along so I don’t really wanna take a three hour bus ride to go home to an empty house. Dad offered to fly me out to be with them but I hate flying.” Chiara replied.

“Well then it’s settled, you’re coming home with me and Annie,” he beamed.

“But won’t your folks mind?”

Marc laughed, “No they’re used to us bringing home stray kids.”

“And how do we explain our thing?” Chiara grinned up at him.

“You’re my girlfriend right? That’s all they really need to know, and besides they’ll love you pixie-girl!”

Chiara giggled and twinkled up at him. “Why do you keep calling me pixie-girl Marc?”

“Well you look like Tinkerbell from Peter Pan, I’m just waiting for you to sprout some wings,” Marc laughed.

Chiara giggled again and told Marc not to hold his breath if he thought she was going to fly through his window to give him a blow job.

Marc grabbed Chiara up into his arms and started tossing her into the air, shouting “Show me your wings! Show me your wings!”

They were both laughing when Marc set her back on her feet. Some other kids walking the quad were looking at them like they were crazy but they didn’t care, they only had eyes for each other.

When they got to Marc’s place a few of the guys were playing Guitar Hero on their Xbox and asked Chiara if she wanted to play, figuring her for an easy mark. They had no idea what they were getting themselves into. She asked Marc if he could spare her for a few minutes and took up one of the guitars. After a half hour she’d smoked the guys totally and they looked at her in awe. Chiara laughed and explained that she’d been shredding the axe since she was four and had grown up on her daddy’s eighties metal albums. The guys just howled with laughter and her rep in the house went up a few more notches.

“I’d say you were bullshitting us Chiara, but after seeing that I’m not too sure.” Marc chuckled.

“Hey if you guys don’t believe me I can tell you where you can find my chops on the net.” Chiara said with a grin. “You can hear me sing too!”

One of the guys flipped open his laptop and once she told him where to look Chiara’s smoking guitar and vocals filled the room. Marc and the boys looked at her with dumbfounded expressions on their faces, asking her why she didn’t have a recording contract.

“Really guys, I just do it for fun.”

Marc just shook his head and smiled, “Is there anything you can’t do pixie-girl?”

“Well I haven’t tried nude skydiving yet!” she replied with a giggle.

Of course that brought the house down as the guys just cracked up.

Finally, they were alone in Marc’s room. Sure Chiara liked hanging out with the guys, but there was only one guy in that house that she wanted and needed, and she hoped he wanted and needed her too. Her answer came with a long, slow, sensual kiss that nearly blew her socks off. Marc picked Chiara up and carried her to his bed, sitting down with her in his lap. Chiara wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled Marc down so she could return the favour. They must’ve spent twenty minutes just kissing before they came up for air. That’s when they noticed that they were both stripped to the waist and Marc had his hand down Chiara’s jeans.

“Marc honey, why don’t we ditch the rest of our clothes and cuddle under the sheets.” Chiara said sweetly.

Marc picked her up and stood Chiara on her feet, kissing her belly-button as he undid her jeans and slid them down her legs. Next to go was her pink thong and she was naked before him. He picked her up again and laid her gently on his bed, then did a dorky strip-tease for her before joining Chiara under the covers. The feel of Marc’s warm body against her own was making Chiara tingle all over, her nipples were puffing up and her pussy was already wet from excitement. Chiara could feel his hard cock throbbing against her as they began kissing again, their hands roaming over each other’s bodies, fingers tracing lines of lightning across their skin. Marc slipped his hand between her legs and ran his fingers across her sensitive outer lips, feeling the wetness that had already accumulated there. His fingers slipped inside Chiara and made her gasp as she arched her back, letting out a small moan of pleasure. He began to move his fingers in and out of her with slow, deliberate movements.

“Fuck you’re driving me crazy Marc.” She hissed through clenched teeth as her ümraniye escort fingers clawed into his back.

“Well pixie-girl, I’ve been going crazy all week waiting to get my hands on you,” he replied with a grin.

“Mmmm, well I’ll talk to A-Annie about visitation rights. Oh yeah, that’s the spot babe, God you’re so good Marc.”

Marc continued to finger fuck her as he started to play with her breasts, kissing, sucking and nuzzling them. Chiara could feel an orgasm building and couldn’t hold it back, her body spasmed and she cried out, her pussy clutching onto Marc’s fingers, not wanting to let them go. She wrapped her arms around Marc and held him tight as she wailed and shuddered through several intense orgasms.

“Fuck that was amazing loverboy! What are you going to do for an encore?” Chiara asked with a twinkle when she caught her breath.

Marc’s response was to slide down her body until his face was just above her cunny. He blew lightly on Chiara’s still sensitive clit and her whole body shivered with excitement. Chiara moaned deep in her chest as his tongue slid up her wet slit. He was torturing her with lust as he kept softly licking and sucking her, making Chiara squirm and make little noises of encouragement. Marc slowly inserted two fingers into Chiara’s slushy pussy, twisting and turning them inside her, wiggling them back and forth. He also kept his tongue busy on her clit, batting it about and sucking on it with ever increasing pressure. Chiara was going crazy from all the sensations Marc was causing in her, she couldn’t take it anymore and another massive orgasm ripped through her small frame like a flood as she cried out again, her nectar spilling out into Marc’s waiting mouth.

Chiara lay on the bed totally exhausted as Marc moved up beside her. He smirked and kissed her. She could taste herself on his lips and kissed him harder, her tongue snaking into his mouth and her arms wrapping around his neck.

“I think I’m going to have to keep you Marc Montgomery.” Chiara said with a grin.

“I’m glad you said that Kiki, because I want to keep you too. I know we’ve only known each other for a week, but I know you’re the girl I’m going to marry.”

She twinkled up at him and asked, “What makes you think I want to marry you though?”

“Well, uh you know, you and me, and Annie, and perfect fit and…” Marc stammered.

Chiara grabbed Marc and kissed him, laughing at his discomfort. “You silly boy! That better not have been a proposal, I don’t know of any girl who would accept one that was so lame.”

“I promise you Chiara, when we’re both ready, my proposal will be worthy of you.”

“I know it will be loverboy, we’ve only had a few days to get to know each other. If this is a perfect fit like Annie said we’ll know when it’s time, right?”

Marc smiled and kissed her on the nose, “You’re right pixie-girl, in the meantime I think we need to ease up on the sex, I don’t want it to get stale before the wedding.”

Chiara stared at him for a second then rolled on top of him and started throwing half-assed punches at Marc as she called him every term of endearment she could think of. They play fought like that for a few minutes but she was getting distracted by Marc’s cock wedged between her legs and rubbing against her pussy. She lifted herself off of him and grabbed his cock, guiding it into herself as she sank down onto him.

She looked down at Marc with a smile and asked him if he really wanted to ease up on the sex. When he tried to answer Chiara rolled her hips, feeling his cock touch every corner of her channel. Marc stammered out a no and she told him that was the right answer and rewarded him with another hip roll.

“Do you want to fuck me every day?”

Marc nodded and she raised herself up and drove back down onto him. He groaned and reached for her but Chiara playfully slapped his hands away. Chiara looked at Marc and asked him if he loved her, he nodded and said yes so she smiled and leaned down to kiss him. Finally she asked Marc if he wanted to fuck her right now, and he growled and rolled them over so he was on top of her.

“Now it’s my turn pixie-girl,” Marc said with an evil twinkle in his eyes. “Do you love me?”

Chiara nodded with a very solemn expression and he thrust deeply into her. Next he asked her if she wanted to fuck him every day and Chiara said yes. He rewarded her with a deep thrust and hip swivel which made her arch her back and groan with lust. Finally Marc asked Chiara if she wanted to have sex right now and she moaned out a yes.

Marc shoved his hips forward and impaled her with his cock. Chiara cried out and wrapped her legs around him, pulling him deeper. With all of their teasing Chiara and Marc were already close to cumming, it only took a few more thrusts and they both toppled over the edge. Chiara could feel Marc’s hot cum jetting into her sloppy little pussy, which brought on another mind shattering orgasm for her. Marc lay on top of her until his cock softened and slipped out of her, making her groan with disappointment. Marc moved so that he lay behind Chiara and wrapped her in his strong üsküdar escort arms.

“I love you Kiki Lanceri,” Marc whispered as he kissed her ear.

Chiara hugged his arms more tightly around her midriff and whispered back, “I love you too Marc Montgomery.”

The next morning Marc woke up first. He found Chiara curled up against him with her right arm and leg thrown over him and her head on his chest. Some time in the night she’d taken his arm and wrapped it back around herself and twined her fingers with his. He looked down into her face as she slept. Chiara had a little half smile on her lips and snored ever-so-slightly as she breathed softly. Marc couldn’t believe that he had such a beautiful woman in his life now. He watched her dream peacefully for a few minutes then her eyes fluttered open and she smiled up at him, making his heart almost burst with love for her.

“Hi sleepy head,” he murmured.

“Hey loverboy, how long have you been awake?” Chiara asked as she stretched.

Marc pulled her to him for a deep kiss, “A couple of minutes, you snore.”

“I do not liar!” She giggled.

“No really, you do.” Marc replied as he kissed her again. “It’s not loud, just a soft little rasp. If I was lying I would’ve said you drooled pixie-girl.”

“Eww! That’s just gross Marc!”

Marc laughed and pulled her perfect little body tight to his, relishing the feel of her skin on his. “Well actually you do drool too, sexy. It’s just from the other end.”

Chiara blushed down to her chest, “I can’t help that! It’s all your and Annie’s fault!”

“I’m sure Annie would gladly accept half of the blame for that Kiki. Uh can I ask you something?”

“Fire away loverboy,” Chiara said.

“Well…last week, when we had sex. Were you a virgin?” He asked, embarrassed.

“Technically no…”

Marc gave her a confused look, “Technically no? I’ve never had sex with a virgin, but I could’ve sworn you were because you were so tight. Even last night, my God I thought you were going to rip it off.”

“It’s a long story,” Chiara said with another blush. She then told Marc everything she had told Annie.

“You mean I’m going to have to deal with you just about ripping my cock off every time we have sex for the rest of our lives?” Marc laughed.

Chiara propped herself up on an elbow, “Are you complaining loverboy? Because if you are I’m sure there are one or two guys out there who wouldn’t mind it at all.”

Marc hugged Chiara tightly and chuckled in her ear, “Not by a long shot pixie-girl, I think you’ve just made things a whole lot more interesting that’s all.”

That Sunday Marc called his parents after dropping Chiara off at her dorm. “Mom?”

“Marc! How are you sweetie?”

“I’m amazing mom, things are just incredible.” Marc replied as he smiled to himself.

“Incredible eh? Hold on, your dad’s here too, I’m going to put you on speaker.”

“Hi Marc.” His dad said over the phone.

“Hi Dad, how’s everything there?”

“Good son, so what’s up?” His dad replied.

“Apparently things are incredible,” Marc’s mom said from their end.

“More than incredible Mom,” Marc said with a laugh. “Remember how you and dad met and things just kind of clicked?”

“Ye-es, things did progress pretty fast for us.” His mom said.

“Well I met this girl and she’s, well she’s amazing. I don’t even know where to start! When she smiles at me I feel like my heart’s going to blow up. She’s just this tiny little thing, but she fills up the whole room with her energy. When I’m with her I just want to hold her and well…well.”

“Ha ha! It sounds like you’ve got the love bug, son!” Marc’s dad chuckled.

Marc laughed too, “God I just want to hear her laugh, and see her smile, and hold her in my arms Dad. I think I understand what you were talking about when you’d tell us about when you and Mom met now. When I’m not with her I feel like someone’s cut me in half. I don’t understand it, we’ve only known each other for a week and I can’t bear being without her.”

“Uh oh honey, I think our boy’s got it even worse than just a love bug,” Marc’s mom teased. “So when do we meet this ‘tiny little thing’ who’s bewitched you?”

“If it’s okay I’d like to bring her home over Thanksgiving. Her folks are going out of town then and I don’t want her to be alone.”

“Son have we ever turned any of your friends away? Of course you can bring her home. If this girl’s half as amazing as you’ve tried to describe it explains why you’re almost incoherent right now. I don’t think any of the girls you’ve ever dated before made you a babbling idiot!” His dad said with a deep rumbling laugh.

“Are you going to tell us her name Marc, or are you saving it for a surprise when we come to get you?” Marc’s mom interjected.

“Her name’s Chiara mom, and she’s as beautiful as her name. You guys will love her!”

Chiara and Marc talked on the phone every night for at least an hour every day. Annie would sit at her desk or in her bed grinning like the cat who caught the canary as she listened. She knew the more they talked the more they fell in love with each other. When they weren’t talking on the phone Marc would take Chiara for long walks and they would talk, kiss and hold hands. After two weeks together Marc was absolutely certain that Annie had been correct in her assessment, he and Chiara were a perfect fit.



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