I’ve always been the shy and quiet type. I never stood out in a crowd, I never tried to get attention from boys. Back in high school, I’d come straight home from school and go straight to my room and study, or watch t.v. That’s just always who I was, until I met Sasha.

Sasha was my college roommate when I first started going to Tremaine. It was a whole new experience for me, living away from home, and especially so far. I was from the Chicago suburbs, this was whole new territory living in the big city. I’d been to Chicago before, but always with my parents.

The first day I met her, I was already pretty much moved in and my parents had left. She walked through the door, with a short plaid skirt on a pink baby tee, sucking on a sucker, and loudly introduced herself. She was an Olive complexion, with long brown shiny hair that came down past her shoulders. She was obviously good-looking, but I assumed she would be wild. I was right.

The next few months was a blur. I spent a lot of time getting used to things and being on my own. I called my parents when I was bored or lonely, and most of the time, Sasha was nowhere to be found, until the night that Mark broke up with her.

Sasha spent most of her time at Mark’s dorm. She would sneak in there at night and sleep with him in his bed, so I’d have the dorm room to myself. Well, that night I knew that would be the case as usual, so I locked the door and decided to have a little fun with myself.

I started by turning on some music, because I knew I always moaned a little too loudly every time I made myself cum. I then began to undress myself. I was always impressed with my body, though I hid it under so many clothes, mainly due to my shyness. I took off my sweatshirt and my sweatpants that I’d been lounging around in looked at myself at the full-length mirror of Sasha’s, near her bed. I then took off my bra and let my hair hang loose. My hair was long and curly and came down over my tits. I then began to rub my tits, pulling at my nipples just a little to get more aroused.

I then pulled over a chair to the mirror and took off my panties and let them fall to the floor. I always shaved the hair on my pussy and loved the way it looked in the mirror. I then sat down in the chair and spread my legs open. Looking at my wet, glistening pussy turned me on even more and I began to stroke my tits even more. I then put my left leg up on Sasha’s bed, bent, so I could get better access to the wetness between my legs.

I casino şirketleri then put my finger on my clit and began to stroke it. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter and decided to dip my finger into my pussy hole. I then pulled it out and put the finger in my mouth, tasting my own juices. That turned me on so much that I felt myself about to explode. I stroked my clit even more, beginning to moan and hoping I turned on the music loud enough, just then, the door flung open and Sasha stormed in!

“What the fuck are you doing Cheyenne?” She asked me, as I jumped up, naked, hoping she hadn’t seen what I was doing.

“Uh, nothing…getting dressed.” I said quickly, picking up my panties from the floor and began to put them on. She stood there, looking at me strangely for a few moments and turned off the music. She then sat down on her bed.

“You weren’t just getting dressed…you were…” and she began to laugh a little. My face turned red! “You were getting yourself off, weren’t you?”

“No!” I said, defensively.

“You know, it’s okay. We all do it. Sorry if I scared you.” She said and walked over to her mirror, just admiring it. “So this is how you do it? You look in the mirror at yourself? Interesting…I usually just go online and look at porn while I fuck myself, but whatever.” She said.

“I thought you were staying at Mark’s.” I said, pulling up my pants.

“Yeah, we had a fight. I broke up with him. I walked around campus for a while, thinking.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” I said to her, sitting down on my bed, finally pulling back on my sweatshirt.

“No, it’s okay. I mean, we’ve broken up before, but for some reason, I’m not terribly upset about it this time. I ended it and I think I feel good about it. He was a jerk anyway.” She said. “So let’s get back to what you were doing.”

My face turned red again. No one talked about masturbating, though everyone probably did it. And I certainly didn’t want to talk about it with my roommate! I tried to change the subject, but then she went on to ask me my technique, and for some reason, I continued to answer her questions.

After what seemed like a lifetime, she had deemed me a rookie in the art of self-pleasure and told me she’d give me some tips. She told me I couldn’t just use my fingers, I should use toys, like vibrators and dildos. I told her I’d be too embarrassed to go buy something like that in a store, and she told me she was going to give me a big surprise for my casino firmaları birthday next week…she’d buy something for me!

I felt as if we’d had a great conversation, until the subject turned to whether or not I’d had sex before. I’d never been one to talk so openly about such things, but she had a way of pulling things out of you.

Sasha then came and sat on my bed next to me and rubbed my leg, telling me it was alright and I could confide in her. I then told her the story of my first experience, at camp, with this guy I had a crush on. I was a camp counselor and we’d fooled around in one of the bathrooms. I told her details, like how he ate my pussy and then fucked me up against the wall, and most importantly, how I loved it. She seemed impressed, only until I told her that that was my first and only time.

She was outraged that an 18 year old girl had only had sex once, and then she asked me the ultimate taboo to me- had I ever done anything with a girl. My mouth flung open and I got offended.

“Why would I, Sasha? That’s gross!” and she yelled back at me to grow up. She told me that I was now in college and I needed to be open to more things. I told her ‘I don’t know’, but then she started taking off her shirt!

I was shocked and just stood there, face red and mouth open! She didn’t have on a bra underneath, and she stood there in front of me, with her tits looking me right in the face.

“Does this offend you? You look at yours in the mirror all the time when you’re fucking yourself. You need to get off, right? Just like me…why not help each other out?” She said seductively. She was a gorgeous girl, but I didn’t know if I was ready for this. The thought had crossed my mind in the past, like when I had sleep overs in my teen years, but I never thought it would happen.

She then proceeded to take off the rest of her clothes, her jeans and then she stood there, in just her little pink panties. She was sexy, as she pulled me up from the bed, told me I was gorgeous, and proceeded to undress me also.

“Would it be so wrong, Cheyenne? We’re friends…what’s wrong with fucking each other? I’ve been attracted to you since I first saw you…” she began to say, then whispered into my ear slowly, breathing on my neck, then kissing my neck slowly. I felt myself getting wet again. She then took her hand it reached it down the front of my panties. She rubbed my clit then sat me down in the chair, pulling her hand out. She then licked her fingers.

“Ummm…your güvenilir casino pussy tastes so good…can I taste it first hand?” She asked, pulling off my panties. I nodded, and she got on her knees in front of me, between my legs. Again, she put one of feet up on her bed, and then leaned over and kissed the inside of my thighs. I shivered as she put on hand behind me on my ass, shoving my pussy into her face for easier access. She then spread my pussy lips open with her fingers and began licking the inside. I thought I was going to go into convulsions it felt so good. I could hear the sound of her licking up my wetness with her tongue.

She licked what seemed like just a few moments when I began to cum. I told her “I’m cumming” and she said “Go ahead, I want you to cum for me” and my body felt like it exploded. She then got up from the floor and took me by the hand. She made me lay back on her bed and she pulled off her panties. She then got on the bed too, postioning her own pussy over my face.

“I want to ride your face.” She said and then lowered her pussy over my face. I stuck out my tongue and began to lick her vigorously. I didn’t know I’d enjoy making her moan so much, but she got so loud that I no longer cared if anyone heard. She said suck dirty things like “suck my pussy” and then she began to moan over and over again “make my pussy cum” and she began to cum and I could feel her juices in my mouth, sliding down my throat. I swallowed a couple of times and I could hear her breath calming down.

Just then, the door flew open! She forgot to lock it on her way in, and there stood Mark, with a surprised look on his face.

“Mark!” Sasha yelled, quickly climbing down and off the bed.

“Wow…” He said, then began to chuckle to himself a little. “I’d been looking for you, your friend said that you…what were you doing?” He asked, starting to put two and two together himself.

“Just having a little fun, I guess.” She said, unashamed. I quickly sat up and grabbed her sheet, pulling it over my naked body.

“So this is the roommate you told me about, huh?” He asked, closing the door behind him and coming towards me. “This is the one you said you were going to try something with, huh?”

I looked at her, a little surprised that she’d been talking to her boyfriend about “trying something” with me. I then I felt a little happy about it. She honestly wanted me in that way, and then she went for it, and it was awesome. I’d never let a girl eat my pussy before, but I’m glad I did.

Mark then came and sat on the bed next to Sasha and they both looked at me.

“What?” I asked, puzzled, then it dawned on me what they both wanted…

To Be Continued…



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