Chatty Kathi Part FourDay three in Ohio. Kathi and I had not done any extra-curricular activities the night before, but tonight was the night! Kathi had asked me to turn in early because she wanted me for more of the night and thought I needed to be fresh in the morning instead of drowsy as I had been after the first night.I had gone upstairs at 9:00. Even though I was excited, I soon fell asleep and was out of it when my vibrating alarm woke me at 2:00 A.M. It was too dark to check on Melody without possibly waking her. So I got up, holding my shorts and tee shirt. This time I walked downstairs naked, my stiff cock pointing the way. When I got to Kathi’s room the door was closed. I tried to open it, but it was locked. I rapped lightly on the door and whispered out, “Kathi Baby…I’m here!”Immediately I heard the door latch undone and the door swung open. Across the room was Kathi lying on the bed naked and asleep. Her legs were spread wide apart and there was something written on her bare mound. I couldn’t read it from where I was. I stepped into the room and the door closed behind me. Startled, I turned around and there was Melody! She was naked too, but with a “well you are really fucked now” look on her face. I looked back at Kathi and asked if she was okay. “The slut is just sleeping stud. The first night here I was surprised how sleepy I got so early. I was just coming out of it when you came upstairs to your bed. I can put two and two together. As we had done the first night, wine was suggested by Kathi. I stayed in the living room when Kathi went to get the wine. She must have been so sure of herself. I saw her empty a powder into one of the glasses. When she came back into the room with a big sisterly smile on her face I asked if there was any of that good cheese left to go with the wine. She set down the wine glasses, carefully so mine was within easy reach of where I was seated. The slut said she would canlı bahis get it. While she did that I switched glasses.”I looked at her in awe and then fear about her getting the house the bank account, the dogs… everything. Grounds like this would bring a judge down on me with both feet.Melody walked over to the bed and sat down between Kathi’s spread legs. I followed her and saw that the word on her cunt was “SLUT”. She patted Kathi’s cunt careful to keep from making the word smear, then she continued the story. “I held up ‘my’ glass of wine and suggested we toast ‘To sisters.’ Kathi clinked with me and said ‘down the hatch’. We sat in the living room talking for about twenty minutes when she started to feel the effects of the d**g. I asked what was wrong, was she feeling a little sleepy?”I just stood there with my chemical boner and listened as she continued. “I told the slut what I had figured out. Told her I had switched drinks.She cried and said it was all your idea and she was so lonely. When she was having trouble talking I helped her stand up, flopped her onto her bed, stripped her and wrote the little message. I opened her legs for you Peter. You are going to fuck her again. I am going to take pictures.”I squeaked out, “Baby, you can’t do that! She’s your sister!”. That made Melody laugh. “I don’t know what I want to do with the pictures, but figure they will be useful for quite a while. I think her cunt isn’t very wet. The first pics will be you eating her slit. Put your heart into it. It’s either that or you pay for my divorce lawyer as soon as we get home. The uh jury is out on what finally happens.”I started to protest. She stood up, took her cell phone out, snapped her fingers, pointed at her sister’s cunt and said, “Eat away stud.” Knowing I was beaten, I knelt on the end of the bed. My pre-cum was flowing copiously dripping on the sheets. I put my hands under Kathi’s ass, lifted her smooth bahis siteleri slit to my face, looked up at Melody and started tonguing her cunt. Kathi moaned, still sound asleep but probably having a wonderful dream. She moved her hips against my mouth. Melody snapped pics from across the room to get the whole scene, then knelt over her sister’s rib cage taking close ups of my face and her sister’s cunt marked with the red lipstick word. “Spread the slut’s lips stud. I want an interior pic of her cunt with your face above it.I was getting into it now, not just with a chemical boner anymore. I pressed my nose against Kathi’s clit as I opened my mouth and sucked Kathi’s whole cunt into my mouth. She moaned, moving her hips. Melody was taking pics from behind me now getting Kathi’s face into the pics. Unfortunately her sister had a smile on her face. Melody squatted on the floor and said, “I want pics now of your cock in her mouth. Do what you have to do to get the mouth open.” Giggling then she said, “Hope she doesn’t bite it too hard. You might miss that cock.”I moved up to Kathi’s mouth, kissing her while Melody snapped away. “Baby, open your mouth I want to fuck your slutty mouth.” Kathi made a mewing sound and opened her mouth. I lifted her head and slid the tip of my cock inside. Melody had me go slowly so the head and shaft were seen approaching her mouth, then as the head slipped inside. Get as much of that inside of her without killing her. She is still out of it.” I knew what Kathi could take when she was a willing participant but wasn’t sure when she was in the condition. I slid my prick so it was halfway in, pressing against the back of her throat. Melody took some side pictures showing the shaft incrementally moving inside her sister’s mouth.”Do you think you can get it all the way down her throat?” Melody looked at me quizzically.I replied, “well she took the whole cock that first night.” Melody güvenilir bahis chuckled, “that would be a sweet picture to add to the collection. Do it!”I massaged Kathi’s throat and whispered, “Take my cock down your throat slut…do you hear me?” There was an “mm hmm” followed by Kathi’s eyes opening. She didn’t see her sister until she heard the click of the camera catching the loving moment. Kathi jerked a bit, but my cock sort of restricted her movement because her throat had opened for me and I was balls deep into her mouth and throat. Melody was squatting near her head taking multiple pics. I glanced at my wife’s crotch and saw that her cunt lips were swollen and flowing.”Okay, take it out…we ant your cum for her cunt. I pulled out of Kathi’s mouth. Drowsily she said, “What are we doing this is so confusing.” Melody leaned over her so her face was over her sister’s face and said, “I am taking pictures of the cheating husband and the cheating wife.”Kathi started crying and begging with her sister…but to no avail. I helped Kathi get onto her hands and knees, her face on the bed. Melody took pictures of my cock sliding inside those freshly shaved cunt lips. I was totally into it now, holding Kathi’s hips while I pounded into her swollen slit. Kathi was very very wet and the sounds were nice and juicy. Finally I warned Melody that I was going to cum. She told me to pull out and shoot my cum all over her cunt. She told me to use my left hand to spread her lips. I have never cum that much…rope after rope of thick cum spurting on her cunt, her ass and some on her back.When it was all done Melody told me to clean up her sister’s cunt. I looked confused. “You put all that cum on my little sister…no clean it up with your tongue.” I hesitated and she said, “Do it right now.” So I did while Melody took pics. When it was done she took pics of my face with my own cum all around my mouth.Melody said that she forgave me…and that I would need to forgive her when she has me bring men home for her. That’s how it stands now. Melody has been insatiable it seems now that she has this new freedom. I have to admit I am enjoying it myself.



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