Charlotte’s sexual awakeningCharlotte is a strong minded career woman with extensive experience in the property market. For the last five years she worked for the same high profile property company working her way up the ranks in quick succession where she was now one of the senior managers there.On the home front, she’s married to Andrew where they have a three year old son. Such was her strong minded independence out in the employment field she endeavoured to get herself back into work shortly after her son’s birth. Due to her high salary, Andrew was able to give up work & be a stay at home father for their son while Charlotte was out working. One day her company were handed details on a big property out on the coast which was potentially lucrative given its market value. It belonged to a man which the company didn’t know too much apart from his name & contact details. As long as he provided the documentary evidence confirming his ownership, the company wasn’t too worried about the owner’s history. All she knew about the property & its owner apart from the aforementioned details was that he inherited it from his mother who previously lived there before she passed away. It was understood he wanted a quick sale rather than keep it as he either had no desire to move in or keep it to rent out.To prepare for its sale, an open day was arranged where appointments were already set up for viewings but the company needed a representative there to facilitate that day. Arrangements were made for Charlotte to make the trip down, staying overnight at the property in the one room still furnished as the rest of the house was stripped of furnishings & belongings as arranged by the owner. As the open day was tomorrow, Charlotte had to make the journey later this afternoon which was pretty short notice as she rushed home to pack her overnight things, saying goodbye to Andrew & their son knowing she’ll see them again in a couple of days time.The train journey down was pretty straightforward as was the subsequent taxi ride from station to the property.When she reached there, she was amazed by the sheer size of the house. She had a pretty good idea of the size from the photos she’d seen from the company’s portfolio but to see it first hand, she was absolutely amazed by what she saw. When she stepped in after letting herself in, she was equally as amazed by its interior. She was wondering how one elderly lady could live in this property given its sheer size & the many number of rooms in the house.Later that night Charlotte was already in bed in the one furnished room. She decided to have an early one given tomorrow would be a long day, showing prospective buyers around this vast property. Given the short notice she was given about this trip, she was in such a rush to pack her overnight things, she was still able to pack her change of clothes for the day, a smart attire to impress the property’s visitors & her toiletries. But she completely forgot to pack sarıyer escort her nightie such was her rush in order to catch that afternoon train. Because she had no nightie on, she decided to dispense with any underwear so she was tucked up in bed with NO bra & NO knickers/briefs so she was TOTALLY NAKED in bed. Usually when she’s in bed, she has trouble sleeping as she’s constantly thinking about work. But on this occasion despite tomorrow being a big day for her & her company, she had no trouble sleeping. It’s been ages since she slept NUDE & the feel of the silk sheets caressing her naked skin made her feel good. She felt free & totally relaxed where she fell asleep with no problem.It was the middle of the night when Charlotte woke up. Because she had an early night & had an equivalent of a great nights sleep already, she felt refreshed already so she decided to get up & use the time constructively to look around the big house. Although the room was furnished, there were no curtains put up as was the case with the rest of the house which didn’t bother Charlotte as the house was located in a very remote position far away from the nearest neighbourhood.As she stepped out of the room, she wandered around the house. It was a full moon which gave some natural lighting through all the uncurtained windows which Charlotte found breathtaking. She walked all over the house, in & out of each room, exploring like an adventure. She then found herself in the hallway when she walked past & caught her reflection in a full length mirror in the hall. Charlotte was so relaxed when she explored & wandered around the house, she forgot she was TOTALLY NAKED until she saw her reflection.As she looked at her reflection, she started admiring her own nude body. Something she hadn’t done before. Her tits looking pert with her nipples erect which Charlotte put down to the breezy temperature caressing her body. She looked further down especially her finely trimmed brunette pubic bush. She realised she had a stunningly fine body especially as she was lit up by the shine from the full moon. She made her way upstairs to the master bedroom. The redeeming feature of that room was a large window looking out on the beautiful coastline. As she stood against the big window admiring the coast even in the dark as it was beautifully lit up by the full moon. She wasn’t worried by the fact that there were no curtains due to the remote location. Given it was the early hours it was very unlikely anyone would be out there. In the unlikely event there were, such was the relaxed nature of her mind, she didn’t care. In fact, she wanted someone looking up & seeing her. As she stood at the window she was suddenly grabbed from behind. A man’s hand covered her mouth while his other hand with his arm held her around her waist. She started panicking until the mystery man whispered in her ear that his name was esenyurt escort Phillip McKenzie. She recognised that name as the property’s owner from the property portfolio she read as well as discussions with her colleagues about the house. He further whispered that he decided to visit her knowing she was staying overnight, to introduce himself but he was stopped by the vision of beauty ie her nakedness so he admired from afar in silence. He commented that the full moon lit up her stunning body beautifully. With his hand still covering her mouth, his other hand moved lower until it covered her naked vagina which he caressed & massaged. Charlotte wanted to cry as Phillip further massaged her vagina. Then the next massage was a lot firmer & deeper which made Charlotte jump triggering off an extreme reaction from her. She suddenly felt an overwhelming excitement shoot throughout her body where she instinctively removed his other hand from her mouth easily which indicated he wasn’t really restraining her nor was it his intention. She broke from his hold, spun round facing him. Thanks to the full moon she can see the mystery owner was also naked, tall, muscular clearly showing he worked out. Judging by his looks, she guessed he was younger than her. She looked down at his massive erection. She knew he was erect when he held her as she she felt it pressed firmly against her back. Still experiencing the tingling excitement his vagina massage triggered, she grabbed the back of his head & pulled his face towards hers as they French kissed, assaulting each other’s mouths with a vengeance.As they kissed, their hands were stroking & caressing every part they could of each other’s naked bodies. As they continued kissing, they wrestled with each other eventually falling towards the floor where the mystery man found himself on top of her. She willingly opened her legs for him as he positioned himself between them as she hooked one leg around his back as he eased his penis deep inside her vagina. As he slid in for the final stretch, he pushed in with a big thrust which again triggered off another extreme reaction from Charlotte. This time this was more extreme as it felt like a big electricity surge shooting throughout her whole body as her leg tightened its grip behind his back as she hooked her other leg around, locking her legs together clamping them on his back, tightening her grip as both their naked bodies pressed together as he fucked her with each hump getting heavier than the last. With Charlotte’s vicelike grip with her legs, Phillip knew he would be unable to withdraw. If he wanted to. This only excited him as his humping, thrusting, grinding motions as he fucked Charlotte got faster & harder. He was fucking her like there was no tomorrow. He continued fucking her, harder & faster until he screamed out a loud groan as he shot his hot sperm deep inside her. It felt like a massive tidal wave inside avrupa yakası escort Charlotte as she gripped Phillip even tighter screaming with the emotion as she wanted every single drop of his hot semen drained inside her.Next she remembered was waking up a few hours later where it was now daylight. She looks at her own naked body as she recalled every moment of her sexual encounter with the mystery owner. She realised the time before she rushed off for a shower, getting ready for the big day.The day itself went smoothly where Charlotte spent the day showing prospective buyers around. Near the end of the day she was surprised by a visit from colleague Jack who decided to travel down for the day to see how it went. Jack sprung another surprise as he informed Charlotte that the owner Phillip Mckenzie was with him as he was going to introduce him to her. Charlotte braced herself knowing she was to meet the man she enjoyed her sexual encounter with only hours earlier. Jack introduced the man himself to Charlotte. Who Charlotte saw was a short chubby man older than her introduced as Phillip Mckenzie. If this was the owner? Who was the mystery man who hours earlier fucked her? The mystery thickened as the realisation hit her that she so easily allowed herself to be taken & fucked by a complete stranger.Since then, the mystery never did clear itself as Charlotte never knew who the stranger was. She also didn’t know how he let himself inside the house especially as the real Phillip when chatting to him on the day confirmed he left no one apart from her company in charge of the sale.But what it did do was reawaken something in her which perhaps laid dormant inside. Her sexual passion! Before, she always concentrated on her work as well as her family with her husband Andrew & their son. But now, she had something else. She realised she was more than that. She started buying & wearing a whole new set of wardrobe. For work only! In the office or inspecting/viewing a property, she now wears tighter blouse with a few buttons undone showing ample cleavage making it clear she’s not wearing a bra. Her skirts are now a lot shorter, enough to at least show the top of her stockings. It’s not just clothing where she changed her attitude. When showing off a property to a prospective buyer. If they’re male & handsome. Married or not is irrelevant as she sets out to fuck him at the property. She usually instigates the moment.Like her last viewing, showing the tall French client around this property. As she stood behind him, she quickly removed her suit jacket followed by her blouse, skirt, bra & finally her knickers/briefs so by the time he turned round, he was greeted by the sight of a naked Charlotte wearing only her stockings & high heels on. Within thirty seconds they were piled on the bed in the master bedroom fucking each other senseless.It’s not just clients she fucks now. The odd colleague have also enjoyed sex with her.Whoever the mystery Phillip Mckenzie imposter was. She has a lot to thank him for as he helped her discover the real her. Since that night, she’s not made love to poor Andrew & it’s now been nearly eight months since that night. And in that time, she has fucked four or five different men a week usually at the properties they’re viewing. Yet she still loves Andrew.



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