ChanglingA Fantasie‘My goodness!’ she exclaimed, ‘It appears that you’ve had an accident, youngster. You’d better come home with me so that we can make you presentable. It’s quite safe, ‘cos I live in the big house in the woods on the other side of the hill behind the toilets. Come along, now,’ and taking Colin’s hand she led the surprised and unresisting boy through the copse.Of course he had seen the house before. It was something that he had known about all his life; at various stages he was afraid of it, curious about it and – recently – ignored it. It could be best defined as an Edwardian Pile. Our tale being current to the ‘Addams family’ spookery, that crowd could have moved in at a moment’s notice. As a small boy he remembered a tale doing the rounds that a Witch lived there. Perhaps this was the witch. Colin didn’t know but, trailing slightly behind her, he watched the movement of her bottom under her coat and realised that it looked much like his mother’s. His still erect penis just wouldn’t go down.‘I’m Doreen,’ the woman said, still tugging Colin along. ‘You may call me ‘Auntie Doreen’. What’s your name?’‘Er….Colin….Ma’am,’ said Colin. To tell the truth, he was just little bit afraid of what was happening to him. ‘Ah….thank you very much, Ma’am, but I live just a little ways away. I can get changed there….’‘Nonsense, boy! You’ll catch your death of cold. We’ll have to get you out of those wet clothes at once.’ The grip on his wrist didn’t relax for an instant. The woman appeared to be addressing her remarks to herself rather that Colin. ‘Can’t understand how you got so wet….it’s not raining….perhaps you fell down….’ and she kept those remarks coming until Colin – quite suddenly – found himself inside the woman’s house and the door locked behind him. All worries about his wet clothes seemed to be forgotten as the woman shed her coat and hat. And, at that point, Colin realised that there was something else afoot.Auntie Doreen did look very much like Colin’s mother, only more of her, so to speak, with a huge bosom and bottom…..and wearing a very short skirt. She wore lots of make up, too, that made her look like the images of his mother that Colin created when he was wanking. What he first thought was a white blouse was in fact a clinging silky sweater that made Auntie Doreen jut out, and he realised that the large knobs on the front of her bosom were the middle-aged woman’s nipples. There was no way that his hard prick was showing any signs of deflating, and he was embarrassingly conscious of the direction of her stare. Almost as an afterthought, he placed his hands over it.‘Don’t cover it,’ she cajoled in a deep, husky voice, ‘It’s a big one. You should be proud of it. Aren’t you?’ Colin squirmed and blushed an even deeper shade of scarlet. Taking his hand once again, she led him towards to stairs. ‘Come up to the bedroom and we’ll get you dried down. I’m sure that it’s not good for you to be wet. Come along now.’Once again Colin found himself mesmerised by Auntie Doreen’ continual chatter. The stairs were narrow, meaning that he had to follow her…..and, since she kept a tight grasp on his hand, he was walking with his face only inches from her swaying bottom and he was mesmerised by that as well. It was all that he could do to prevent himself feeling those restless globes, or even kissing them.The bedroom that the woman led Colin towards lay at the end of the landing, at the front of the house. It was big – big enough for a large double bed, deep sofa and matching armchair, and various cupboards and chests of drawers. And it was so feminine, what with the soft d****s and the silky pink duvet and pillows on the bed. This Colin noted as the lady steered him towards the bed. When the backs of his legs touched the bed she let go of his hand and immediately started to tug on his sports shirt. And, always, the endless chatter in her husky voice. ‘I expect this will be wet,’ she said as she tugged the hem out of his shirt and drew it up his body. ‘The only difficulty is what you’ll wear while these are drying…….I suppose that my dressing gown would be best…..trouble is, it’s in the washing machine.’ Then Colin’s shirt was off. ‘I suppose it will have to be some of mine. I don’t suppose that you don’t object to wearing ladies’ clothes? Most men don’t….they say it makes them horny…..’ she giggled wickedly ‘…..and girls like horny men…..and boys. Never mind…..I’ll find something suitable….perhaps a pair of my daughter’s school knicks and one of her plain nighties……it won’t be for long……and nobody will know.’By this time Auntie Doreen was kneeling in front of the boy, had deftly removed his trainers and socks, and was beginning to tug at his shorts. ‘Goodness…..these are soft….well worn. They’re not all that different from my daughter’s.’ For a moment they ‘hung up’ over his throbbing prick and Colin reached down… do what? He was completely confused, and very excited. He knew that this was going to lead to something, but he had no idea what, or if there was anything required of him. Another part of his mind soberly reminded him that his shorts were soaked in Kenneth’s pee, and that he should grab his clothes and run like hell. His big erection, and the fact that the woman ‘accidentally’ brushed its tip as she drew his wet shorts further down his legs, meant that the sober bit didn’t stand much chance of a hearing.Then the shorts were off and the woman was tapping his ankle, waiting for him to step into the other garment. Colin glanced down, wondering what he was about to wear. He saw the garment that Auntie Doreen held ready for him, and all the thrills of wearing – and wanking into – his mother’s undies shocked his rampant prick to greater heights of throbbing sensitivity. If those were the daughter’s school knicks – pink, soft and silky – then the lad trembled at the thought of what else she wore under her uniform. Stunned, he obediently raised his feet in turn and then the woman slowly, real slowly, drew the panties up his legs. Colin gave a sob of pleasure, followed by a long, low groan as the material caressed his thighs. Then his bottom was covered and, automatically, he reached down to lift the waistband over his cock. Auntie Doreen knocked his hand away, gently smiling up at him as she used her palm to hold it against his tummy as she slid the front of those lovely knicks into place.‘You’re a big boy, Colin,’ she said, her hand still covering his prick now nestling in it’s feminine prison. ‘How old did you say you were?’‘Ah…..sixteen…..Ma’am,’ Colin replied, acutely aware of that hand. The slightest movement would be enough to push him into an orgasm.Perhaps Auntie Doreen sensed this, ‘cos she moved her hand away and rose to her feet. Fondly she patted his cheek. ‘What a pretty boy!’ she exclaimed, ‘And so obedient. Hands up, now, and you can wear one of Doreen’s nighties while I dry your clothes.’Colin did as he was bid, and Auntie Doreen reached behind him to lift another garment from the bed. As she did so, her body pressed against his, causing the excited, stunned boy to give another groan. And then the nightie was d****d over his upraised arms and cascaded down his body. His first thought was that the nightie matched the panties, and then the soft, sensuous nylon brushed over his nipples and he had a new set of thrills to contend with. The woman stopped the fall of the nightdress briefly to tug the waistband of his knicks into place and then let it fall the rest of the way. The nightie was deep pink, reached to mid thigh, and had little bouffant sleeves that just about covered his shoulders. The sleeves, the yoke and the hem were edged in lace of a lighter pink, and the garment was gathered high on his chest…..just under where his boobs would have been. Then she stood back to admire her handiwork, at the same time uncovering the cheval glass that allowed Colin to see what he looked like. To tell the truth, he thought that he looked rather pretty, and found the sight of his erection thrusting out the silky femme garment gave him a thrill. He wished that Graham was here to see: it certainly was an improvement on wanking into each other’s mothers’ pants and slips in his bedroom.Still keeping up her hypnotic chatter, the woman steered him to a sofa opposite the foot of the bed and settled him into one corner. She had his other clothes in her hand and announced that she was going to take them downstairs to dry them, and make them a cup of cocoa.‘What I can’t understand is how you got so wet. I mean, it hasn’t rained all day.’ Then she raised his shorts to her face and Colin blushed hotly as she sniffed at them. ‘Oh….I see,’ she exclaimed, obviously recognising the odour. She caught and held Colin’s gaze. ‘Was this an unfortunate accident?…..or was it something else? We’ll talk about it when I come back. Be a good boy now…..and don’t be rude in Doreen’s clothes.’She left the room, and Colin was alone for the first time since he came out of the public lavatory after parting with Kenneth. Colin was seriously frightened, his sober side still insisting that he should make himself scarce. Something of a problem, since he was wearing a girl’s pyjama suit and his own clothes had seemingly vanished. He was frightened – any sixteen-year-old would be given his circumstances – but the fear somehow got mixed up with the excitement that kept his cock hard in its feminine prison. The result was a sensation of fearful anticipation, although Colin might not have used those words; it was the same feeling that he got when he peeped on his Mummy in her undies, or caught a glimpse of her sitting on the toilet. His hand moved towards his penis – automatically, a response to his fretful state, – and he caressed himself gently. The risk of ejaculation had receded somewhat, but he kept a wary eye on the bedroom door. Soothed by those caresses, he grew calmer and called up his memories of the woman, wondering what it would be like to touch her big breasts and even put his hand under her skirt.He heard the click! of her high heels on the landing and, when she entered the room bearing two steaming mugs, Colin was once again a model of decorum – if one ignored his femme attire and the embarrassing lump. She gave him a cup and then settled herself into the other end of the sofa: he noticed that she had several glossy magazines tucked under her arm that she place in the floor behind her. She also let her skirt fall back to reveal a bit of dark stockinged knee.‘Would you like a ciggy?’ she asked, conspiratorially. ‘It’ll have to be one of mine, and I roll my own. Yes?’‘Please,’ Colin replied. Having a cigarette with an adult was very grown-up and he had been smoking on a regular basis for a couple of years. Even so, the first pull on Auntie Doreen’s hand roll made him cough violently and she was most helpful, patting his back and the like. It didn’t seem to matter that her helpful actions just happened to place her quite close to Colin…..and she didn’t move away again. In fact, she also seemed to have forgotten all about the arm that rested lightly on his shoulders. The boy hadn’t, though. Subsequent pulls on the rollup were easier, and Colin felt a subtle lassitude steal over his body.‘This ciggy makes me feel…..well, sort of funny,’ he said, turning his face towards Auntie Doreen. He was surprised to find it so close to his: his view was filled with heavily made-up eyes and a bright red slash of a mouth. The lips were parted and a pink tongue flicked over them.‘That’s one of my special ciggies, lover boy,’ the lips whispered. ‘They make you relaxed, very sexy…..and make you forget you inhibitions.’Colin certainly agreed that the cigarette relaxed him, and he’d never really stopped feeling sexy. ‘What’s my…..inhibitions?’ he asked. He felt he should know but the meaning of the word escaped him in his current state. He felt the woman’s hand resting on his thigh, caressing it slightly, and then he became aware that the arms flung to negligently over his shoulders had moved until the fingers flicked gently over his nipple. Both sensations were quite delightful.‘Kiss me and I’ll tell you,’ she replied, the breath of her words cool on his lips.The boy didn’t care. His body felt heavy with lust; he’d never felt so sexy. The woman’s lips clamped against his, her tongue already pushing its way between his. Colin parted lips – as he would when he was kissing Kenneth – and thrilled as her tongue ****d his mouth, fighting with his. At the same time the woman rolled towards him, taking his hand and pressing it against her breast and then placing her hand on his groin, grasping his erection through two silky layers. Taking some part in the action, Colin slid his free hand around Doreen’ waist and, with his other, squeezed her ample breast – much as he would have liked to do to his mother. Then the woman’s hands were underneath his nightie, one gently pinching his nipple while the other fondled his prick and balls, and then sliding further between his legs to press the material of his panties against his asshole. It was a long, passionate kiss.The woman broke it – eventually – and fell back into her corner of the settee, arms spread across the corner, legs parted under her skirt. ‘Wheee! That was fun. You show lots of promise, Colin. Do you want to feel under my skirt? Feel me up?’There was nothing Colin wanted to do more at that moment and – even though he’d never done such a thing before – he dropped to his knees; Auntie Doreen obligingly opened her legs wider, one to each side of Colin’s body. Gingerly he laid his hands on her silky knees and looked up questioningly.‘Go, on, you silly boy,’ the woman said smiling encouragingly. ‘I won’t hurt you.’Colin gulped and started to slide his hands along her legs, under the skirt, the soft nylon of the woman’s dark stocking caressing his finger tips. His fingers trembled as they groped their way further under the skirt, and Colin was surprised to hear a little cry from the woman. He looked up, unsure again, but saw that her eyes were screwed shut and her mouth hung open, her tongue still flicking over her lips. The woman seemed happy enough and Colin continued. He encounter the tops pf her stockings and the bare flesh beyond. For a moment he paused to savour the different textures and feel for the suspenders. When he found the hooks he followed the line of her garters.‘Hurry up, boy!’ the woman gasped. She reached out and pulled on his nightie. ‘Kneel a little closer…..’ As he shuffled forward, it suddenly occurred to him that the woman’s voice had grown remarkable deep and husky. His forward movement had brought him between her knees and, of necessity, he had to push her skirt and slip further along her thighs.His fingers trembled again as they touched her naked skin and he was surprised to find that she, too, was trembling. Then his middle fingers brushed the frilled legs of her undies……and a new pressure on the back of his hands stopped him dead. Afraid, terrified of what he might find but helpless to stop himself investigating further, he turned one hand over – and cupped a huge pair of balls!‘You’re a MAN!’ he gasped, hurriedly withdrawing his hands and falling back on to his heels.‘And so are you,’ the man/woman snapped, grasping at Colin’s hands and pushing them back under her – his – skirt. ‘And so’s Kenny and a couple of others.’ The man’s voice changed, pleading. ‘Come on. Do to me what you did to Kenny…..wank me off. We can have lots of fun.’ Auntie Doreen drew Colin further between his thighs and pressed the boy’s hands against his prick. Colin’s adolescent mind was filled with the sensation of the man’s stockings brushing his arms, of his own penis throbbing in his knicks, of the heat and size of the man/woman’s erection. His sexuality was in the driving seat: Colin curled his fists around the silky covered hardness and – hesitantly at first – started to move them.‘Ahhh….’ the man cried, softly. ‘Gently……aaah…..aaaaah!’ His hips moved in time with Colin’s rhythm. ‘Listen…..aaaah…..when I come, you’ve got to jump up on to the sofa and stand with your feet either side of my legs, hands supporting you on the wall…..and you mustn’t move your hands.’ He gave a long, deep groan; Auntie Doreen was creating a dream. His made-up eyes caught the boy’s. ‘Promise?’Colin nodded. He could feel Doreen’s hard-on swelling in his hands, inside a pair of silky knicks. It wouldn’t be long before he would be required to move. He felt the man’s hands wrap around his head and pull it forward. He realised that his face was getting very close to the end of the monster he was masturbating. He heard Aunt Doreen tell him to open his mouth, keep it open, and the hands on his head steered it until his lips touched the undie covered glans. Colin didn’t need any encouragement. He covered the sopping material and sealed his lips around it, savouring the man’s copious pre-cum, licking at the wet material. Doreen’s actions grew wilder and, at some point, he pulled his tight skirt down over Colin’s head, trapping his mouth over his prick and enveloping the lad in darkness. Curiously enough, that only served to stimulate the Colin. Then, with a cry of pleasure, his hips jerked up – actually forcing more of his beknickered prick into Colin’s eager mouth. Colin felt the man’s tool give a couple of surges…..and then his spunk spurted through the panties and into his mouth. ‘Don’t swallow it!’ he heard Doreen call. ‘Keep it in your mouth. Now it’s your turn,’ and the skirt was pulled back.He climbed on to the sofa, just as he had been commanded, and rested his hands on the wall. He looked down to see that his new position brought his erection to within a few inches of Aunties Doreen’s mouth. The man/woman looked strange from that angle, the over view of the breasts, the skirt drawn up, and the spunk soaked knickers covering a still hard cock. With a further admonishment to keep that mouthful of spunk, Doreen tugged down Colin’s – his daughter’s – knickers to mid thigh and started to wank the boy, licking his glans as it was revealed. A few more strokes and Aunties Doreen took it into her mouth…..and Colin had never been sucked so expertly. The man grasped Colin’s buttocks and pulled him closer, until he could feel the end of his prick touching the man’s throat. At the same time, he could feel the man’s fingers probing at his asshole.Auntie Doreen withdrew Colin’s prick for a moment, licked his fingers thoroughly, and then plunged the boys penis back into his painted mouth. Colin grunted with pleasure as one finger pushed it’s way into him, those grunts becoming cries of pleasure as another finger and yet another joined it, finger-fucking his asshole while Doreen performed miracles with his mouth. Suddenly Colin felt his own orgasm burst in his loins.‘I’m coming!’ he cried, and Doreen teased his glans with his lips as Colin pumped a surprising amount of come into the man’s mouth.Hardly had he finished than Auntie Doreen released him and pulled his knicks back into place. Then, patting his lap, waited until Colin was snuggled into him and then their lips met in another passionate kiss. Colin knew, then, why he had to hold Doreen’s spunk in his mouth… they shared a spunky, loving cuddle.‘Enjoy that?’ Auntie Doreen whispered in his ear.‘Loved it,’ Colin sighed long. This was something entirely new, only dreamed of in his wildest fantasies. Colin always supposed, eventually, he’d grow out of all that male sex, Mummy’s undies and the like. On the other hand, he’d never given the matter that much thought. He lived from thrill to thrill: his meeting with Doreen was something of another magnitude altogether. He wriggled in closer against the man, ready for the kiss from the painted lips hovering close to his own. His penis never drooped at all.‘Need to leave yet?’ the man whispered in Colin’s ear, wriggling his tongue into it, causing a shiver of pleasure to run through the boy’s body. For a moment, realising that Doreen might have recognised the pee odour in his short, he thought that he might be inviting Colin to try something else. Then, with a hint of disappointment, the lad realised that Doreen was asking if he wanted to go home.Colin shook his head. ‘My Mum drinks a lot…..and I’m expected to feed myself and do my homework. I’m supposed to be in bed by ten, but she never checks so I can get in later if I have to.’ He hesitated, ‘Can…..can I stay for a bit longer?’‘Course you can,’ Doreen replied, giving him a big hug. ‘You can stay as long as you like…..and we can have lots more fun. Would you like that?’ He grasped Colin’s erection through his spunk-wet pants – Doreen’s daughter’s spunk-wet pants – and the resultant surge was answer enough. He continued. ‘Tell you what, why don’t you be a proper girl for me. I’m sure that there’s some more of my daughter’s clothes that fit you, and I’ll make you up. Like that?’ Colin could only nod yet again, and Doreen rose and drew him to his feet. ‘Come on!’ Doreen said, wrapping an arm around the lad’s waist. ‘Let’s go explore Sarah’s bedroom.’They only travelled next door, entering a room that could have only belonged to an adolescent girl. Chaos reigned, the sort that had a sort of mindlessness about it; Colin’s room was something similar. The bed was unmade and piled with used and unused clothes. CDs and records were strewn about the floor, magazines and books piled high on every surface. Auntie Doreen rummaged around, gathering up items of his daughter’s wear that would suit Colin, once again falling into that endless chatter. Only this time Colin wasn’t mesmerised by it and let his gaze wander over the room. There were certain things that didn’t seem right. A shower was built into one corner of the room and the curtain was drawn back. Nothing special about that – except, bahis siteleri next to it and also curtained like the shower, was a lavatory. The privacy provided for the former seemed inadequate for the latter, nor did the stainless steel rings set onto the walls of both seem normal. Funny. Colin’s gaze turned to the bed. Lying on the pillow was a false prick – he had seen enough of them from swapped mags to identify one – but this one seemed inordinately large and covered with knobs. A similar device stood on the bedside cupboard: this one, however, split into two prongs and Colin had no trouble guessing where the second, thinner, prong went. Then he noticed another door in the room, in the far corner, that could only lead into the room they had just left.‘Excuse me…..Auntie,’ he blurted out, ‘Did you say this was your daughter’s room? You didn’t mean your wife’s, did you?’‘No,’ Doreen replied, ‘Sarah’s. My daughter’s.’ Then his eyes followed Colin’s gaze. ‘Oh! See what you mean.’ He laughed and went over to cuddle Colin. ‘We’re a funny family,’ he said. ‘We’re very close, you might say, very close indeed. We probably have some funny habits, too. Let me show you Sarah’s favourite toy,’ He opened the cupboard door and pulled out a curious bundle, tossing it to Colin. ‘That’s Sarah’s favourite. Her Mum and I bought it as a birthday present for her.’The bundle was, in fact, a pair of knickers with some curious attachments. It was also made of a fabric that Colin had not come across before, and it took him a few moments to realise that it was latex rubber. He’d read advertisements about that, too, but he’d ignored them. He ran the material through his fingers, immediately wondering if it would be a turn-on to wear. It certainly felt as though it would. The item felt heavy and he found that this was due to a preponderance of rubber pricks fixed to the garment. Holding it as he imagined it would be worn, two of the dildos were set inside the gusset – ready to impale the wearer – whilst she (and it would have to be a she) flaunted a huge prick at her groin. Colin was prey to a shower of emotions: he’d loved to have been a woman to have worn it, he’d have loved to have buggered Auntie Doreen with it, and the wild idea of being the recipient of that huge weapon nearly made him come. So engrossed was he with it that he jumped when Doreen fondled his prick through his wet undies.‘Fun, isn’t it?’‘And this…..this is your daughter’s?’‘Yep. Sarah’s current pride and joy. We’ve got lots of things like that. Why don’t you suck the smaller one on the inside. That was up Sarah’s asshole not so long ago…..’Mesmerised, thrilled beyond measure, Colin grasped the outer dildo in one hand and let the rubber knickers cascade over it to reveal the two inner prongs. One was smaller than the other, and his nostrils were immediately assuaged by potent new odours that he found immensely stimulating. He could detect two distinct smells: one he recognised from traces in his mother’s underwear, the other was easy to identify. He opened his mouth wide, forced the larger dong into it, and then did the same to the smaller one. If that were not depravity enough, the Doreen man was standing to one side, one hand gently masturbating Colin while the other pressed his – Sarah’s – knicks against his bum. One finger was pressing the material into him.‘Why don’t we go back next door,’ the man whispered. ‘We’ll get ourselves more comfortable and cuddle up on the bed, then I’ll tell you a bit about us. Perhaps you might even want to stay on and meet the family.’Collecting the pile that he had laid on Sarah’s bed, and telling Colin to bring the dildo panties with him, Doreen led him through the other door and back into the master bedroom. He could image Sarah – he assumed her to be about twenty – slipping on the knickers he held in his hand and answering a summons from the next room. The idea almost made him faint, but the whole afternoon had seemed like a dream….. and he had entirely forgotten about his new friend’s funny cigarette. When Doreen positioned him in front of a large cheval glass and suggested that he strip off all his – Sarah’s – clothes and put on the items that he/she had dumped on the bed, Colin thought that it was an excellent idea. Of course, once he was naked his new friend just had to spend a few minutes caressing and fondling his smooth body, but never too much that Colin climaxed again. Anyway, they had both cum once and were therefore much more tolerant of each other’s caresses. Colin, greatly daring, tried a few fumbles in return…..clutching at Doreen’s plump bum in an embrace that lasted long enough for him to wriggle the man’s skirt up high to feel his feminine knicks.‘Have you ever dressed like a proper lady before?’ Auntie Doreen whispered in his ear.‘No,’ Colin replied. He was feeling bolder; this strange man wasn’t going to hurt him, and offered new excitements. ‘All I’ve had before have been pants I’d pinched from my mother’s laundry bin…..and a couple of pairs I’ve found in launderettes. I found a pair of tights, too, but I wore them out.’Doreen smiled warmly at the youngster. ‘Prepare yourself for a treat, then. I’ll make you sexy, you watch me getting changed, and then we’ll share the bed and I’ll tell you about Sarah’s funny knicks.’Colin didn’t need any encouragement. With Doreen’s advice and occasional physical assistance – further excuses for kisses and groping embraces – he watched his male persona change in the mirror. He was Colin, first, naked and prick throbbing. A white suspender belt, dark stockings and loose, silky white panties started the change, followed by a bra (the cups stuffed with an assortment of panties that teased his nipples and gave him a presentable bust line) and a light matching slip to cover it all – at least, to mid thigh. Colin gazed at his reflection. felt all woman, and loved it, especially because of the proud lump that distended his new clothes. When Doreen suggested a touch of lipstick, the boy could only nod his head and wait patiently as his new lover drew the lipstick over his lips and instructed him on rolling his lips to spread it evenly. Colin had full lips, for a boy, and the bright red lipstick emphasised his girlishness, rather than making him look like a male wearing face paint. This was so much better than sneaking a wank in his mother’s knickers, or even swapping knicks with his friend. He felt completely relaxed, an eager pupil for anything that Aunt Doreen had a mind to teach him. Colin’s mind flicked back to Sarah’s room: he remembered the curious arrangement of toilets, and wondered if some of his more disgusting fantasies might find a home there. While Doreen was collecting another garment, Colin’s attention turned again the curious rubber knicks with all their protrusions that he had brought with him from the other room. He picked it up again, feeling the sensation of the latex, it’s cool smoothness, trying to imagine what it would be like to wear.Aunt Doreen must have read his thoughts. ‘Would you like to wear some rubber?’ he asked, ‘Plain ones, no knobs, instead of the panties you’re wearing?’‘I’d…..I’d love to,’ he stammered, hardly believing his luck, ‘If you don’t mind, that is. You’ve been awfully kind to me this afternoon…..and I’d really like to be your friend….and meet you again…..’The ‘woman’ gathered Colin into her arms in a most motherly gesture, more kindly than his own mother ever been to him. ‘You can come any time you want,’ Aunt Doreen whispered into his ear, ‘And we’ll have lots more fun. We get up to all sorts of mischief in this house. Now, let’s get you into these rubber knicks. When they’re on, you can lie on the bed and I’ll get changed. Alright?’ Colin nodded eagerly: he wondered about the ‘we’ that his new Aunt mentioned.He – she, Colin hadn’t yet decided to think of Auntie Doreen as her – rummaged through one of the chests of drawers and produced two nearly see-through pairs of clear rubber pants. Colin hoped that she was going to wear the others. Following her instructions, he drew up his slip and bunched it around his ‘breasts’ while Doreen removed his panties and dusted his lower body and legs with powder.‘Makes it easier to put them on,’ she explained, ‘And I’d better warn you that they’ll be cold at first touch. Fun, though.’ He held the waistband open and Colin stepped into them, threading his feet through the leg openings and letting Doreen tug them into place around his waist. They were cold, like Doreen said, but they felt like just about the most exciting that Colin had ever worn. Auntie Doreen fitted the broad waistband about his body and adjusted the tight leg openings high into his groin. The young lad’s prick surged at the sensation of the loose rubber knicks dr****g itself around his sex.‘Ooooh! They’re cold,’ Colin shivered.‘They’ll soon warm up,’ the man/woman replied. ‘Feel yourself gently through them, ‘cos it’s very easy to bring yourself off the first few times you wear them.’ As soon as the rubber waistband hugged his body, the caress of the rubber on his sensitive erection proved Doreen right. She eased the leg openings further up Colin’s thighs – pouching the rubber knicks – and then dropped the hem of the lad’s slip. He gestured to the mirror. ‘There you are,’ she continued, ‘Nobody would even know you were wearing ‘em. You could even poop yourself and no one would know.’‘I’ve never pooped…..’ Colin said, defensively.‘No, but I’ve watched you peeing often enough,’ his new Auntie replied, ‘In the public toilets, and in that bushy bit of the park. Admit it, now.’Colin blushed, lost for words.‘You see? I’ve been watching you for a long time. That’s why I brought you home with me this afternoon. Do you mind? Really?’‘……no…, not really…..’ the boy admitted.‘I can see that you enjoy the peeing. And have you ever thought about pooping?’‘Why were you watching me?’ Colin asked without rancour. He found the idea of someone watching his sex activities quite exciting. He was really playing for time while he sorted out an answer to Auntie Doreen’s last question.‘For fun,’ she replied, ‘’Cos I fancied you, ‘cos I thought you might to join us in a few games.’‘Us?’‘My wife and my daughter. I thought that you’d have worked that out already. I really do have a wife and daughter, you know, and we’re very happy – private, but happy.’ The shemale noticed that the hand that Colin had placed on his rubber-covered dick was becoming quite agitated. ‘Careful, now,’ he/she warned. ‘Try not to cum if you can help it. We’ll play with each other again later. Now, why don’t you lie down, comfortable like. I’m going downstairs to make sure that everything’s locked up…..and I’ll make another one of my special cigarettes…..and give you a surprise!’‘I can’t think of anything that’s going to surprise me again,’ Colin said, with an embarrassed little laugh. He was feeling pleasantly relaxed, but put it down to the funny cigarette; he guessed that it was cannabis, and the effects were what he would have expected – only better. It was all very exciting, but in an unworried way: Colin didn’t realise the effect that this strange man/woman was having on him. She – he – seemed to be like his Mum, but different enough not to be. This was a new experience, an adult experience, and Colin felt that he could handle it. The boy was becoming a man. Doreen left the room and Colin was on his way to the bed – as directed – when his reflection in the cheval glass stopped him. He’d never really looked at himself like that, like he was somebody else was looking at him. There was something else, something more than the feminine frippery he was wearing. He walked away from the glass and then back towards it, watching his growing hard-on sway as he moved, seeing something that his juvenile mind as yet could not comprehend. To Colin it just seemed that his body was suited to the garments he was wearing: why would come later. He climbed on to the bed, relaxing into its softness and immediately reached for the throbbing erection that distended the rubber knicks he was wearing. At that stage in his life, Colin was into sensations, and the sensation of the cool rubber d****d around his hard prick was the current top of his particular pops.Conscious, for a moment, of the man/woman’s instructions not to make himself come, he gently touched himself, turning his attention again to Sarah’s special rubber knicks. He examined the outer one, a huge black rubber replica of an enormous prick, its foreskin drawn back to expose its massive head. Colin raised it to his nose, wondering what he would smell; somehow he didn’t think that items like this would be washed in this house. The predominant smell was of rubber, strange in itself to Colin – although exciting – but there were traces of other odours, or so he imagined. He thought he recognised the smell of urine and, more pronounced, the unique, bitter tang of faeces. Grasping the outer dong, he let the fabric fall over his hand to reveal the two rubber pricks set in the gusset. With no sturdy base these tended to flop around, although their sizes indicated their destinations.The forward one – as Colin saw it – was nearly as big as the one he was grasping in his rubber panties. That had to be for the daughter’s pussy, simply because Colin couldn’t imagine such a size fitting into her bottom or, at least, his bottom. On the other hand, most of his experience came from other lads of his own age or under: Doreen’s cock was the biggest he had seen in his life, and that wasn’t as big as the dong in Sarah’s knickers. So the smaller one must fit into her bum, he reasoned and – because he was he was on a roll – he opened his mouth and stuffed the end into it. He sucked it, looking for the tastes that he has smelt; they were there, more pronounced. His hand grasped his prick and, on an impulse, flicked the rest of Sarah’s garment over his head. Colin had never been hooded before, never even thought of the idea, and yet his cock surged into full erection and – regardless of Doreen’s instructions – he pumped himself to another wild orgasm, spraying his spunk into his latex knicks and slobbering over the soiled dildo in his mouth.That so engrossed him that he didn’t even hear the strange man/woman return to the room. In fact, he wasn’t aware of Aunt Doreen’s presence until another hand lifted his and smeared his cum gently over his groin. Colin swiftly pulled the rubber knickers away from his head, blushing furiously and apologising for his lapse.‘Don’t worry about it,’ Doreen soothed, laying down beside him and embracing him. ‘It’s fun, isn’t it?’‘Oh, yes!’ Colin gasped, struggling to regain his breath, ‘It was wonderful. I’m sorry I let myself cum, though: I did promise you.’ ‘I’m sure those lovely balls of yours will produce a few more ejaculations before the day’s out,’ Doreen said, moving the slippery knickers over them. ‘Like I said, don’t worry. Now, it’s my turn.’ The movement of the spunky latex knicks over his sex brought him back to a full erection, and Auntie’s experienced hand was coaxing him towards another climax. Colin was using both his hands on the shemale’s enormous cock to similar effect. Suddenly Doreen stopped Colin’s wanking, withdrawing her hands from Colin’s prick at the same time. ‘Let’s play a little game,’ he gasped. ‘I’m going to kneel astride your body, facing your feet. You mustn’t touch yourself ‘til I tell you, but I want you to hold the waist of you knickers open like this,’ he pulled the front of Colin’s knickers some eight or nine inches away from his body. ‘I’ll tell you what to do next when we get there. You want to play?’ Afire with excitement, Colin nodded his head eagerly. Colin felt Auntie Doreen settle herself over his belly and did as instructed with the waistband on his knickers. He quickly realised that she was wanking furiously, just by the feel of her balls moving across his stomach. Having a free hand, and totally into the trip, he fondled Doreen’s balls through her rubber pants, then forced his fingers in between her fleshy buttocks and probed her asshole. At the same time he caught sight of their reflection in a mirror fixed to the ceiling. Suddenly Auntie Doreen gave a wild cry of lust and pumped jet after jet of her jism into Colin’s knickers – some falling onto his genitals, some spraying the rubber. Colin was amazed by her copious ejaculation. Then came the instruction to replace the waistband.Doreen moved, and Colin felt her rubber garments closing over his face, and over his nose and mouth in particular. Suddenly his was finding it hard to breath and, at the same time the shemale started masturbating him. The rubber knicks, now containing two floods of spunk, slithered over his sex, and some of the liquid trickled down between his testicles and over his anus. And all the while Aunt Doreen’s rubber undies were pressing down over his mouth and nose. Respiration was becoming a problem…..but the lad was lost in the ecstasy of his orgasm. His hips matched the actions of his mentor, growing wilder and wilder until – just when he was on the point of passing out – he burst into the most wonderful climax of his life. And it went on and on and on. Then there was light as Doreen moved away from his head, and Colin drew great gulps of air, shuddering and shaking. ‘Now,’ Doreen gasped, ‘Shall we have that drink and a cigarette?’He – she – rolled off the bed…..and Colin took another emotional punch when he saw her attire. Weird!As far as Colin could see, Aunt Doreen was dressed entirely in rubber; he was already recognising the particular d**** of any garment of that fabric and, after all, most of her garments were a pale translucence that allowed Colin to see what was underneath. Doreen wore black stockings that reached into her groin, tight and shiny and suggesting that the tops of them covered the extended legs of the red directoire knickers. That was the only reason that Colin could give for the curious ridges and bumps in the otherwise sleekness of the stockings. His eyes wandered up to Doreen’s breasts, covered with a WWX bra that matched the knicks. Over that underwear, Auntie Doreen seemed to be wearing a robe that reached from a broad collar around her neck and fell seamlessly to her ankles, and with sleeves that flared slightly before being drawn onto cuffs at her wrists.The shemale busied herself with the making of the joint, well aware of the lad’s scrutiny, enjoying it, happy that this youngster was obviously enthralled by her costume. Doreen had chosen with some care: she wanted Colin to see as much as possible, to envy her. The only other item of non-transparent rubber were her gloves, stretched like a second skin over her hands and covering the sleeves of her gown up to her elbows. Colin gave the shemale another once-over and then sighed lustily.‘Well?’ she asked.‘Ummmm…..I…..I don’t know what to say,’ Colin stammered. ‘I…..I just can’t imagine what it feels like to wear…..but I think it’s lots of fun.’‘So you’d like to try some more of it…..sometime?’‘I’d love to, if you’d let me,’ he replied, ‘And when I can get away.’ He sighed again, shaking his head. ‘It’s all too much, all at the same time. I don’t understand it.’Auntie Doreen placed the coffees on a side table at the end of the sofa that faced the bed, settling herself in one corner and resting one arm across the back of the sofa, inviting Colin to cuddle up. It seemed that both of them had a surfeit of sex for the moment, and Colin found it incredibly comforting to feel Auntie Doreen’s arm encircle his shoulders. He turned into the embrace and found one of his hands resting on her massive breast. Their eyes met.‘They’re very good falsies,’ seemed to be the only comment that Colin could come up with.Doreen laughed. ‘Falsies!’ she exclaimed. ‘Close your eyes and feel them again.’With his eyes shut he fondled Doreen’s breast and was surprised how real it felt. With her free hand, Doreen had eased the straps of her bra and slop off her shoulder and then pulled the cup free. Colin touched what lay under them, his fingers gently probing, exploring, until he found that he was touching the shemale’s chest. His eyes flew open, his face a picture of amazement.‘They’re real!’ he exclaimed, in an awed whisper, ‘Aren’t they?’‘Suck my nipple and you’ll feel how real they are. Do you know what happens when you touch a girl’s nipple? They fill with blood, just like your prick does. Go on, try it.’Tentatively, carefully supporting the huge breast, Colin moved his lips towards the dark brown areole, his lips apart, noting the gasp of pleasure from Doreen as they closed over the bud. Almost at once the nipple started to swell in his mouth, swell and become harder. Doreen’s arm tightened around his neck, forcing more of her nipple into his mouth. It continued to grow, as did Doreen’s moans of pleasure.‘There!’ he said at last, replacing the bra and slip.‘…..but…..but…..’ Colin wanted to ask if Aunt Doreen was a freak, a hermaphrodite. ‘How?’ he asked, again at a loss for anything else to say. Colin was on a concentrated learning curve.‘Implants,’ Doreen said, giving Colin a happy smile. ‘Done right, they’ll last you a life time. If you go for the best, they’ll give you all sorts of d**gs to feminise you even more…and add two or three inches to your prick. Both the ladies love the last bit. They’ll be home soon, and they arrive together since Michelle – that’s my wife – gives Sarah a lift from college.’But Colin’s brain was making a series of connections that frightened him. ‘How old is Sarah?’ he asked.‘’Bout the same age as you,’ Doreen replied.As if putting together the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, Colin made the connections. There was only one senior school in the area and there was a girl in his class called Sarah Challoner. She was a very pretty, very well behaved girl, ‘cos her mother was their class tutor. Colin’s canlı bahis mouth fell open. Sarah lived with her Mother and her mother’s sister. And those rubber pants with the rubber pricks had been for Sarah? And, according to Aunt Doreen’s suggestions, the family seemed to play together. Colin had somehow imagined Sarah to be in her twenties. He shook his head again, trying to clear his mind.‘Got it?’ Doreen said with a broad smile.‘You’re…’re Sarah Challoner’s father…..aren’t you?Doreen smiled, nodding her confirmation.Colin tugged frantically at the female clothes he was wearing. ‘Shit! I’d better get changed out these undies,’ he panicked. ‘I don’t care if my other clothes aren’t dry yet. I’d better get away from here fast. Look, are you going to tell anyone? It’ll make my life a hell in school.’ His eyes fell on a clock. ‘I’d better hurry, they’ll be home soon.’Doreen grinned at him. ‘Why don’t you wait a while?’ he suggested softly. ‘I promise you that you won’t be harmed, or compromised. And there was one other reason for stalking you that I didn’t mention before.’ He drew Colin back into his embrace and Colin, under the influence of another heady blast of cannabis, didn’t seem to mind too much. ‘Shall I tell you it?’ the shemale whispered.Colin nodded. The dope eased the panic away, replacing it with a growing curiosity. Sarah Challoner was, he supposed, one of his friends in the class – in an entirely platonic sense. That didn’t fit in to the picture: Sarah, in the opinion of her peers, was the class virgin. She never took part in the class gambols at the swimming pool; in the ‘wavy’ part of the pool the turbulent water covered a multitude of gropes and caresses Behind her back she was referred to as ‘Purity’ Challoner. Purity and those weird rubber knickers? No! They just didn’t fit together…..which further fuelled his curiosity. Mrs Challoner was a kind-hearted woman of about forty-five, plump but still attractive enough to form the basis of wanking fantasies for some of the boys – and probably some of the girls, too.Colin slapped on his mental anchors, helping the cannabis stamp on his panic. He was being offered entrance to a strange new world that had only existed in his wildest dreams. He was sure that he would soon detect any falsehood, and he was wearing rubber pants that held evidence of Doreen’s commitment. ‘Sorry I freaked out there,’ he apologised, his embarrassment showing itself as a slight blush, ‘I guess I wasn’t thinking. Yes, I’ve love to stay and, yes, I’d love to hear about the other reason.’ Colin’s sexuality had taken a steep learning curve that afternoon: now his maturity had joined it. Quite an achievement. ‘It was all to do with your diary and story-book. Do you remember when you fell and bumped your head in the playground? and had to spend a couple of days in hospital?’ Colin smiled, knowing what was coming. ‘You made quite a fuss about your briefcase until my wife promised to lock it in her desk. Being who we are, Sarah and Michelle – that’s my wife – brought your case home. If you know how to do it, it’s dead easy to open those combination locks, and we found your diary. After that it was important to get you to join our circle…..’cos everything you’ve written about, we do, all three of us. The girls would love it for another man to join in. Understand?’For an answer Colin glanced pointedly at his genitals, once again erect, the rubber slithering against him. ‘I…I think I do.’ He shook his head. ‘I’m sorry, but it’s just so…so wonderful.’‘You won’t be leaving?’ Doreen asked.‘Not ‘til I have to,’ Colin replied with a cheeky grin. He glanced at the clock again. ‘What happens now? They’ll be home in half an hour.’‘Which is just enough time to get you ready to meet them. Shall we give them a surprise?’‘A surprise?’ Colin sounded hesitant. He’d had quite enough surprises for one day.‘In half an hour we can add another two loads of spunk into your rubber knicks – yours and mine, and Sarah will love that – and get you presentably dressed as a girl. Do you have a girl’s name that you fancy?’Colin’s mouth fell open in surprised. He swallowed hard. ‘You mean…leave these rubber pants on when Sarah arrives? With all that spunk in them?’ He blushed furiously. ’I couldn’t!’‘ ‘course you could. Believe me, the ladies’ll love it. We can do that first.’ Doreen curled Colin’s fist around his hard on. ‘See? I’m just as ready as you are. Then we’ll dress you in one of Sarah’s uniforms – you’re about the same size – and all the bits as pieces to go with it. A nice wig with pigtails, a touch of make-up, falsies, and whoever you are will be ready to be introduced. What’re we going to call you? You must have thought of some name you’d have liked those lovers our yours to whisper in your ear. Christ! You had enough of ‘em!’.Colin blushed again, wondering just how many times this shemale had watched him. ‘Well,’ he said, after a couple of moments consideration, ‘I’ve always thought that I’d have liked to be called something like ‘Colin’ if I’d been a girl. What about ‘Colette‘.’‘Colette. Splendid!’ Doreen exclaimed. ‘Colette and Sarah. What a happy pair. Right, Colette, let’s get started.’With that Doreen settled Colin’s buttocks on the edge of the sofa and knelt in front of him, hitching up his nightie and spreading his legs wide. The lad’s prick made a bold outline in his knickers. Doreen wriggled forward and lowered her head…..and Colin experienced a new thrill. The shemale wrapped the slippery rubber around Colin’s prick and pushed it into his mouth. Colin had already enjoyed one blow-job from Doreen; this one was much more exciting. Almost at once his hips reared, driving himself deeper into Doreen’s mouth. The intense delight brought him to another orgasm at once. More jism in those knickers: Colin was grateful for the tight bands around his waist and thighs.Doreen stumbled to his feet, still standing between Colin’s thighs. There was no need for further instruction: the boy held open the waistband of his rubbers, and the shemale drew his down his own rubber knickers until his massive cock swung only a couple of inches away from Colin’s parted lips.‘You’ll have to hold it for me,’ Colin gasped, after a couple of attempts to capture it in his mouth while both hands were holding his waistband open. Doreen was happy to oblige and, after easing his foreskin clear of his shiny glans, forced it into Colette’s wide-opened mouth. The boy was just about able to accommodate it, and wasn’t expecting the shemale to press it further and further into his mouth until it was almost gagging him. He heard Doreen’s gasped instruction to breathe through his nose, did so, and found that it eased the gagging sensation…..and realised that he was experiencing his first attempt at a deep throat. Curiously enough, although the feeling of the throbbing glans pulsing at the entrance to his throat made him panic, there was another sensation that wanted Doreen to push harder, deeper, into him. Colette even raised his head forward into Doreen’s crotch. The shemale was moaning and his thrusts became erratic: Colette held his waistband wide and waited for the eruption. Nor did he had long to wait and Doreen could only manage another couple of thrusts before he pulled his hard-on free of the boy’s mouth and pumped his spunk into the waiting rubbers, splashing Colette’s still-hard prick.Colin, Colette, felt the warm jism run into his rubber knickers and let the broad, tight elastic of the waistband close around his stomach. His testicles hung in a pool of semen and, to prove a point, Doreen squeezed the gusset of Colette’s knicks so that the slithery contents washed over his belly and prick. Suddenly the boy/girl was sure that he could cum again…..and again….and suddenly there was no place that he would rather be. Any inhibitions, any reservations simply vanished and he found that he was desperate to meet Sarah and her mother. When Doreen suggested that it might be time to dress Colette, he was more than eager.They went back into Sarah’s room, and Doreen busied himself in gathering Colette’s ensemble, passing each item in turn to Colette with instructions and assistance as necessary. The bra came first and as Doreen fastened it, Colette looked sadly at the empty cups. He wanted breasts like Sarah’s dad one day but, for the while, a pair of very natural-looking foam rubber prosthetics had to serve. Once he had slithered into a soft white slip, he sneaked a peek at himself in the long looking glass and was quite impressed with his feminine outline, wondering – in passing – if his ‘breasts’ would prove larger than Sarah’s. Doreen hurried him along, providing self-supporting black stockings and white knee socks for verisimilitude, with a pair of T-bar black shoes with just the hint of heels. As he drew on and buttoned the crisp white blouse, fastened the cuffs, knotted a school tie, and fastened the blue skirt around his waist, Doreen held open the waistband of a pair of white regulation knickers and once Colette had stepped into them, drew them up to fit snugly over his rubber pants. Doreen was right, too: Sarah’s clothes did fit Colette, although the blouse buttons gaped slightly over his breasts. Then he made her take the off again: Sarah, Doreen assured him, would be much happier with just the rubber knicks.‘Quite the little Miss,’ Doreen congratulated him. ‘Sarah’s going to be really over the moon when she sees you, you bet! Now, sit down and we’ll sort out your hair style and war paint.’ In no time at all, Colette was sporting a rather attractive blonde wig that fitted securely and comfortably over his head and – for more of that verisimilitude – was dressed into a pigtail behind each ear. Another moment with a touch of lipstick, blusher and eye shadow, and Doreen pronounced himself satisfied. With instructions to Colette to practise walking in his higher heels, and to get familiar with himself, the shemale left to make himself presentable.Once again Colin was left to contemplate the last three extraordinary hours and wonder at his transformation. Colin was wise beyond his years – in part due to his mother’s upbringing; another boy, less compos than he, might not have been able to adjust. Colin, once he had tested the water, dived in without hesitation. He felt good that he had been observed, obviously in some detail, and selected for this new role. He pronounced his new name into the glass, and then blew himself a kiss. He viewed the young lady that was Colette and made a fair attempt at adopting a more feminine pose. He was surprised at the ease that the more graceful girl appeared, knees together and to one side, hands in his lap: he dipped his head and peered at his reflection, modest, maidenly. Rising to his feet he walked away from and then back to the mirror; the heels were broad but he sensed the tautness that even that little height brought to his thighs and bottom. He espied another pair of T-bar shoes lying under Sarah’s bed, shoes with much higher heels. It took but a moment to replace those for the ones he was wearing and then he rose gingerly. They were awkward and they hurt, but he found out quickly that rolling his hips like a girl made them tolerable. When Doreen came to collect him Colette managed to walk reasonably steadily across the room. Doreen raised an eyebrow but made no comment. For his part, the shemale was tastefully dressed in a simple summer dress, with his hair dressed and make-up on. Very much Doreen. With an explanation that he always had coffees ready for his wife and daughter when they arrived home, Doreen hurried them down to the kitchen.‘What do I do?’ Colette shouted, feeling more than a little out of his depth. An awful thought struck him. ‘Supposing your daughter, or your wife, object to me wearing Sarah’s clothes? How am I supposed to act, for God’s sake?’ He didn’t know it, but his narcotic was wearing a little thin. Doreen recognised it, though.‘Relax, Sweetie. That’s what you’ve got to do.’ The shemale busied himself with the kettle and then drew up a chair and held Colette’s hands. ‘Please believe me when I say that they’ll really be delighted to find you here, dressed as you are. So we read the contents of you briefcase. What we read told us that you were so like us that we might have been family and, more to the point, we reckoned that you’d learn all our tricks. You’d dreamed them, we do them.’ Doreen’s deep husky voice soothed Colette until he was more concerned with the shemale’s glorious breasts than Sarah’s reactions. ’What you’ve got to do is be Colette, and everything else will shake itself into place. Trust me?’Colette, Colin, nodded slowly and then raised his hands to Doreen’s face, holding it close as he tentatively kissed her lips. ‘Yes, I do understand now,’ he breathed, and then ‘Thank you.’ Which gave Doreen a great deal of satisfaction. Minutes later, just as the kettle boiled, he heard a car pull to a halt outside. Doreen position Colette on the seat around the kitchen table that gave him a view of the hallway and front door. Then he bustled his way to open the front door,There was a flurry of bodies, calls of greeting, and a dumping of satchels and briefcases. Then there was a pause while everyone turned their attention to the pile of unopened mail awaiting them. There was a squeal of delight – Colette guessed it was Sarah – confirmed when he heard her identify a particular catalogue she had been awaiting. Then came a welcoming embrace that all three shared. Colette felt a sharp twinge of envy: he’d love to be part of such an embrace. It was when Sarah rested her head on her father’s shoulder and she was looking directly at Colette that their eyes met. Sarah shrugged off her father’s embrace and slowly walked towards him, her eyes searching his face, her blush increasing with each pace – to match Colette’s.‘Colin? Is that you?’Blessed with a flash of inspiration, he stepped away from the chair and made his best attempt at a curtsey. ‘’Fraid so, Sarah. Like this I’m called Colette.’In the hallway, Michelle and her shemale husband embraced and exchanged a kiss. ‘I shall want a full report,’ she ordered, between giggles. ‘Well done, honey! Let’s give them a couple of minute, though. It’s a great show anyway.’ She giggled again. ‘I’d love to see our Sarah’s face right now.’Sarah’s face was a sight, as her mother predicted. Colette, Colin, did have surprise on his side. At first she was simply gobsmacked, once or twice opening her mouth to say something and then closing it again. But then her colour subsided somewhat and her mouth started a grin. ‘Yes!’ she exclaimed. ‘Colin, Colette, whatever. You’ve come – ’ she stepped back and surveyed his dressage ‘ – and it looks like you came willingly. Wow!’Colette’s smile matched Sarah’s. Doreen was right, it had been simple. Tentatively he took her hands in his. ‘If I’d know you were looking,’ he said, grinning like a snowman, ‘I’d have come sooner,’ and that said volumes. Sarah pushed him back into one chair and took possession of the nearest, drawing it close, never letting go of his hand, never looking as though she would ever let go of it again. Colette was quite overwhelmed by such affections, but that didn’t prevent his thoroughly enjoying them.‘I don’t see that Colette’s arrival should throw our domestic arrangements in a tizz,’ came Michelle’s voice. ‘A girl could die of thirst in this place. Coffee, Doreen my sweet, or I’ll write your name in the book.’Doreen made a great fuss of returning to the kitchen, attending to the coffees while his wife took up a position opposite Colette. ‘Hi, Colette.’ She greeted him with a warm smile, ‘I must be careful about what I call you in class. On the other hand, you won’t be wearing a dress in class, will you?’‘He’ll be wearing my panties under his trousers, though.’ Sarah interrupted, ‘Won’t you?’Colette decided that an emphatic nod was the best he could manage under the circumstances. Actually, the thought of wearing Sarah’s knicks made his prick rear in anticipation. He moved to hide the sudden lump in his dress but, as he did so, the slimy contents of his rubber knicks decided to make their presence heard and squelched audibly. Colette’s face immediately turned crimson.‘What was that?’ Sarah exclaimed.‘Sounded to me that it came from Colette’s direction,’ Sarah’s mother added. ‘Doreen? Have you been taking advantage of this young lady?’‘She ****d me, Ma’am,’ Doreen offered, humbly, as he brought the steaming cups to the table. ‘She were like a demon from hell, she were. Did me thirty times, she did, and that was only at the front!’That produced a gale of laughter. Sarah went one better. Before Colette was aware of what was happening, she had flipped his skirt back, revealing his rubber knicks…..that did little to conceal his growing erection. Sarah rolled off her seat to kneel in front of Colette, forcing his knees apart and moving forward on her knees until she knelt between them. Her eyes fixed on his manhood, her tongue flicking hungrily over her parted lips, she actually felt the pool of semen that lay under Colette’s scrotum. She touched it gently, cupped it, and them drew her hand over his testicles and along the underside of his prick. By the time she had reached the head, Colette was rigid.‘Well.’ Michelle commented, ‘You don’t seem to have worn him out.’ She turned to Doreen – who was still standing – and thrust her hand up under his skirt. ‘Nor yourself, by the feel of it. But not now. Sarah, kindly replace that young lady’s clothes, and get up off your knees. Doreen, sit down, and everybody – hands on the table.’Sarah gave an elaborate sigh. ‘Business,’ she explained to Colette. ‘Every day we have a coffee and deal with life’s realities. The fun comes later, honest.’‘No cheek from you, Miss,’ snapped her mother. ‘It’s because we have an organised household that our fun doesn’t raise questions. Now, your Dad and I have some important business to attend to that will keep us away for a couple of hours. You, Miss, can get to know Colette, show him around, and explain the rules. I suppose that you’d like be a regular visitor from now on, Colette?’‘If you’ll have me,’ Colette replied, looking down at the table. Funnily enough, he detected an insincerity in Michelle’s words: like she was having a laugh at his expense.Michelle turned to her husband. ‘Were we right?’ she posed, obviously continuing a debate that was on-going. Colette had a suspicion that it involved him..‘As far as I can tell,’ Doreen replied. ‘Let’s leave it all to Sarah. I have a feeling that she might be able to explain things more easily to Colette than us adults.’ He took the cups to the sink and drew on a mackintosh. ‘Ok. We’re off. We’ll be back in about two hours and we’ll bring a Chinese with us. Nice if the table were laid.’ And with that the parents departed.Sarah and Colette looked at each other’s faces, bursting into laughter. Colette made a huge enquiring shrug. ‘Is this cool?’ he asked. ‘I can’t believe most of it, even though it’s happened to me.’‘Does it bother you?’‘No, but it sure as hell is weird. I mean, like having Doreen – your old Man – following me about, watching what I was up to, for a start.’‘Oh, we all did that,’ Sarah giggled. ‘I did a drawing of you once, not like what you were but how I wanted to see you. Want to see it? It’s in my bedroom.’‘Love to! Your dad took me there, but I don’t remember that picture.’‘What do you remember…of my room?’‘Not much,’ Colette admitted. ‘I wasn’t in a receptive condition. I do remember the wildest pair of rubber pants, though. Doreen told me that they were yours, for a birthday present. They had rubber cocks in the crutch.’ He giggled. ‘I licked them when I brought myself off for the second time.’Sarah studied her new friend speculatively. ‘Yes,’ she said after a few moments, ‘I think we were right to pursue you, and I’m glad Doreen Dad found you.’ She took Colette’s hands in hers, a very serious expression on her face. ‘I’m glad we looked in your brief case, too, even if it was private to you. Come on, let’s go talk.’Once in her bedroom, she cleared some space on her bed and sprawled on it, patting the space beside her for Colette. She looked around her. ‘And where are my double-dido knicks?’‘Ah, sorry,’ Colette said, ’That was me. I took into the other bedroom. Shall I go and collect them?’‘Please.’ Sarah giggled. ‘Turn around…and don’t look.’ There was a quick flurry behind him and then he felt his wrists pulled behind him and the cold embrace of a pair of plastic handcuffs to hold them there. ‘Now! You can use your mouth to bring them back. What you carry them by will tell me how much you love me. Off you go,’ and she slapped his bottom lightly as he passed. That thrilled him, too.When he returned it was the thinner dildo that was buried between his teeth, the one that would have been inserted in her asshole. Sarah was duly appreciative, then positioned the fatter prick under his chin and pulled the body of the knickers over his head. ‘There you are!’ she exclaimed, pushing in back on to the bed, ‘You’re my prisoner already. Does that bother you? No? Then I’ll tell you what plans I’ve got for you.’ She knelt behind him, pressing her body against his while her arms enveloped him. One of her hands fondled his falsies, the other slowly tugged the hem of his skirt up to his waist.‘I want you to marry me,’ she whispered into his ear. ‘I want you to marry me as you are now, a man, and then you’ll get rid of these – ‘ she squeezed a prosthetic breast ‘ – and you’ll have real ones, like Doreen’s, and the hip and buttock jobs, and a penis enlargement.’ She stopped at this point to measure his prick through his rubbers, his skirt no longer an obstacle. ‘Mind you,’ she added, ‘You’re quite well blessed now. An extension on that would make you an excellent shemale husband. Then, while you very being transformed, we’d have moved güvenilir bahis somewhere else and we’d be the two Aunts and their Nieces. And we’d have lots of fun. What do you think about that?’Colette managed to force the anal dildo out of his mouth and shook the knickers clear of his head. ‘It’s a lovely dream,’ he said wistfully, ‘But it can only be a dream.’‘Why?’‘My mother?’‘Not a problem!. Sarah exclaimed. ‘You don’t like your Mom, right?’‘You can say that again!’‘What’s she like, your Mum?’‘Pretty awful,’ Colette replied with a sigh. ‘Rough as old boots, boozes a lot – most of the time, in fact – and she’ll hit me at the littlest excuse, and sometimes for no reason at all. She hates me and I don’t particularly like her: trouble is, we’re stuck with each other until I can either get a job or go to college. Somewhere far away from her.’‘So, like I said, no problem. My Mum’s got lots of influence at school and with the Social Services’ Sarah giggled. ‘I’ll bet we’ll surprise you. We’ll talk to Mum about it at dinner. Now, the first rule is that the shemmies are always slaves to the real chicks, so I guess I’d better test you out.’‘What?’‘Test you out, Dummy. See for myself. You obviously gave Doreen a good time this afternoon. Come on. Legs up on the bed.’ Sarah cleared more space for Colette’s legs. She knelt over them, facing his feet. Colette thought that he should mention the handcuffs binding his wrists, thought about the pleasurable sensation they were inducing, and then decided not to. Which was a wise move because Sarah proceeded to fix his ankles with a pair of rubber straps that were attached to the corners of the bed. ‘There! That’s better. Just one more thing,’ and with that she folded the hem of his skirt to his waist, exposing the throbbing erection encased in his rubber knicks.Sarah climbed off boy and bed and considered her capture. It was really her capture, inasmuch as Colette – hopefully – would serve her in the way that Doreen Dad served her mother. Curiously, both teenagers had a wealth of sexual experience and yet much of it was disparate, Sarah’s within her family and their friends, Colette’s in the school and public lavatories and entirely homosexual. They would have much to give each other, and Sarah never thought for a moment that Colette might not wish to be part of her grand plan. Her eyes fixed on his large, powerful cock. imagined what it would look like with some added girth and length…..and her hand fell automatically to her groin and her fingers pressed the material of her skirt in between her thighs. Assured of Colette’s undivided attentions, she gathered the material of her school skirt into her hands, drawing the hem upwards to reveal her stockings – dark Pretty Polly hold-ups with regulation white knee socks worn over them – and then her regulation pink knicks.Colette’s prick surged at the sight: many was the time he had watched Sarah in class, wondering what underwear she wore under her pristine uniform. There was also a new odour assailing his nostrils, one that – in its ‘stale’ form – he had detected on his mother’s undies. He saw the damp patch on Sarah’s pink panties and he realised that the smell was female sex juices…..and, for the first time, he was smelling it live, so to speak. Having partly exposed herself, Sarah allowed one hand to slide between her parted legs, mewling as her nails scratched across her gusset. That was a new pleasure noise to Colette, he being used the grunts and groans of other men and boys, but it was one of those noises that are unique and instantly identifiable. As her fingers brushed her sex her hips took up a rocking motion.‘Have you ever seen a girl’s pussy?…touched one?…smelt one?…tasted one?’ she said softly, her thrusting fingers repeating the cadence of the questions. Colette shook his head at each but his eyes had grown wide at the prospect. ‘You’re not a real queer, only fancying lads?’ Again Colette shook his head, too stunned to even say ‘No’. ‘Here’s your chance, then,’ Sarah grinned, hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her knicks and drawing them down her legs.The first thing that Colette noticed was that Sarah had no pubic hair. He had pubic hair and she was the same age as he was, but her mons was a bare as a baby’s bottom, flesh pink apart from the darker slash that was the beginning of her slit. Bald, like her Dad and, Colette suspected, Michelle too. As Sarah’s knicks were discarded, Colette also noticed an increase of female scent. Those pheromones – and the sight of Sarah’s graceful figure – made Colette’s prick surge again and again: it was entirely possible that the frisson of his erection against his own rubber pants would cause him to ejaculate again. Then Sarah climbed on to the bed and knelt astride Colette’s chest, wriggling her way forward until Colette was staring at a pair of moist labial lips, sufficiently engorged to seal any sight of what lay under them. Three of Sarah’s fingers vanished between them and were obviously doing something that pleased her, judging by the strange sounds she was making. Whatever it was, it caused her sex lips to exude even more liquid. Then the three fingers reappeared, glistening even in the dim light.‘You like my smell?’‘Oh, Christ, yes!’ Colette gasped.‘Have some, then!’ and with that Sarah smeared her juices across Colette’s upper lip and over his nose. ‘Still like it?’ Colette looked up to meet Sarah’s eyes and saw the vicious grin on her face. ’Want some more?’‘Try me!’ Collette replied and, throwing caution to the winds, ‘The dirtier the better!. There followed an intense learning curve about female genitalia. Very clinical, she gave Colette a guided tour, drawing his attention to the various points of interest and telling him how each item should be manipulated. Then, when she had finished, she grinned maliciously at an adoring Colette.‘Now I’ll ask you some questions to make sure you’ve learnt your lessons, Of course, you’re not allowed to speak. This is a vive voce exam,’ she announced. ’Hang on while I turn around. If you’re a good girlie and answer all my questions correctly, you’ll deserve a reward.’With that Sarah stuffed a couple of pillows under Colette’s head and turned through 180 degrees so that she was facing his feet. When she leaned forward Colette was delighted to see her entire sex spread out before him. When her felt her hand curls around his erection he knew what his reward would be. She commanded that he should first of all stick his tongue into her vagina, adding that if her pussy lips covered it he just have to burrow with his nose. Colette quickly realised that Sarah was close to climaxing herself and he was right because after that one command she was too busy gasping and squealing as Colette proved how well he had learned. He found her warm, lubricious cunt, pushed his tongue deep into it and wiggled it about. Colette could do well at this, considering that many of his male lovers had wanted Colin to tongue their assholes, and he had been happy to oblige. In a passing thought it occurred to him that Sarah’s cunt closed around and gripped his tongue just like the assholes of all those men. He felt sure that he was going to pass his test with flying colours, and wondered if the reward was just a hand job. He felt Sarah take up a rhythm and immediately withdrew his tongue, smiling as Sarah’s cry of delight turned into a wail of disappointment. He moved his head slightly and found her clitoris: not that it was hard to find since it stuck out like a little penis, nestling between her labia. After teasing it with his tongue and lips, he waited until the rhythm started again, allowed it to grow more than before…..and then nipped it with his lips, much as he would have treated another penis. Sarah screamed with pleasure, adding ‘Bastard!’ when he didn’t repeat the exercise. Then, although he had dipped his tongue back into her pussy – he wanted to re-lubricate it – he realised that Sarah wasn’t making any more sounds.It took him but moments to realise that she had gagged herself – with his prick in its rubber knicks. The movement Sarah’s tongue and the caress of the inside of her cheeks – and because a couple of her fingers were pressing more of his rubbers into his asshole – suggested that payback time had arrived. Ensuring that his tongue was completely coated in her slime, her nosed her buttocks apart and rested the tip of his tongue against her anus. Then, quite suddenly, he forced his tongue as hard as he could against her asshole. Her was surprised at the length he managed to drive into her, as he was with the ferocity of her orgasm. Then, as she spread her sex juices liberally over his face, his own orgasm arrived, the sweetest of the afternoon, and more jism flooded into his knickers.Later, when they had recovered their breath and Sarah was embracing Colette’s still bound body, she congratulated him on his performance. ‘You learn quickly,’ she said.Colette laughed. ‘I don’t think we need to learn. It must be inbuilt. Certainly in people like us. Anyway, the last bit I’ve had lots of practise at.’‘Of course,‘ she grinned, ‘I hadn’t thought of that. Did you do it a lot? And what do you mean by that? People like us?’‘Dirty buggers,’ he chuckled, and felt quite blasé when Sarah sentenced him to wear her used school knicks around his neck until her folks came home. Before her knicks were added to Colette’s uniform, however, Sarah carefully wiped herself. Colette was quite amazed at how wet the garment felt when it hung around his throat and, of course, Sarah’s unique scent was strong in his nose and mouth. In fact, he felt as though his head was contained in a bubble of her juices. He rather liked it. ‘Some bouquet!’ he added, sniffing appreciatively.‘Get used to it, Buster!’ Sarah retorted. ‘You’ll meet with lots of it as my hubby.’ She held his face in her hands, held it close to her own. ‘Does that bother you?’‘Not at all,’ he replied, ‘Just so soon as I can get my head around it. Shit, Sarah! I just can’t believe all of this.’ He glanced at the clock on Sarah’s mantelpiece, admiring – in passing – the way that the penile minutes were designed to pass through the vaginal hours. ‘Five hours ago I was letting my boyfriend pee on my shorts. Now…now everything’s screwed around somehow. And it’s all in my favour. That’s really unusual. Seems live I’ve wandered into somebody else’s life.’ He laughed ruefully. ‘I’ve always had trouble with multiple universes. I like fantasy books though.’‘It’s no different to what happens to humans when they make love for the first time. Riding a bike’s a better example: as soon as you know how to ride a bike, you immediately realise how it increases your scope and speed. That’s what happened to you, and it wouldn’t have happened to you …if we hadn’t opened your briefcase. See? Simple, really.’ Colette had a quick insight into what being associated with Sarah would be like: no doubt there who would wear the trousers – metaphorically speaking . ‘What did you say you were doing at the start of that five hours?’Colette coloured.‘Let me remind you,’ Sarah gloated. ‘You said you were letting a boyfriend pee on your shorts. Right?’‘Yes. Something like that,’ he mumbled.‘It was exactly like that, and don’t you forget it. I’ve got an excellent memory. Gives me an idea, though. Give me your necklace a moment.’She eased the damp garment over his head and Sarah folded the garment into a pad. Colette was wondering what other devilment she had planned. Sarah, for her part, rolled her up skirt and tucked it into her waistband. She stood with her legs apart and the sight of her hairless sex was enough to stir Colin’s manhood again. She held the folded knickers between her legs and challenged him with her gaze. His school skirt tented out more when he saw what she was offering. He nodded slowly, watching fascinated as a little golden trickle connected Sarah to the knicks. Then the garment was returned to Colette’s neck, this time his head being forced through both the leg holes and the waistband.‘Smell it?’ Sarah asked.Colette inhaled deeply, several times, and analysed his smell bubble. ‘Yes. Just. It’s like a hint of lemon in a salad of flowers. Lovely, though.’That earned him another kiss before Sarah led him to her own vanity table and sat him in front of the mirror. ‘Your war paint’s in a terrible state,’ she announce, in a falsetto voice and then, ordinarily, ‘Can I do your eyes? We’ve got over an hour. We can talk as we go, yes?’ Sarah set about giving Colette a face. She also slipped on a pair of rubber knickers of her own with the explanation that she would continue to leak her juices all the time – unlike a mere male – and added that Doreen and Michelle would be wearing them, too. She cleaned her juices from around his mouth and Colette framed his first questions. He had to accept what had happened to him, the delights with the shemale, Doreen, the wholly unexpected and amazing link-up with his school tutor and her daughter and, finally, being involved in a sex session with the one girl in his class who was – to all intents and purposes – rated ‘Persil’. Now he was dressed in a female school uniform and, under it, rubber pants that were awash with no less than five ejaculations, and in the process of having his face made up by the ‘Persil’ girl. Cool! The trouble with framing first questions in such a situation was that each question had a tendency to produce a further half-dozen. Colette started on safe ground. ‘What are “The Rules”?’ he asked. ‘Your Mom told you to tell me about those. Are you…like…do you live like this all the time?’‘Like what?. Sarah asked, but then continued, ‘Don’t answer that. I know what you mean, I think. Does this behaviour dominate our lives? Like having Michelle issuing orders all the time, and we’ve got to do whatever she says? Yeah?’ Colette nodded. He could not speak, since Sarah was busy about his lips. ‘Well, it’s not like that at all, really. Mind you, we can put on an elaborate Ritual if we fancy it. They take time to organise, though, so they’re reserved for special occasions, like family anniversaries or when we’re entertaining or being entertained. Rituals are fun, though.’‘How come ‘entertaining’?’ Colette interrupted. ‘Do you swop? Swop with rubber and…everything?’ One of Colette/Colin’s many contacts had lent him a pornographic novel that was composed along those lines.‘Of course. Keep it to yourself and it’ll grow stale. Michelle always says that a new meeting is a tonic to the imagination. She’s right, too. We all get constructive after meetings, especially when it’s a new family with new ideas.’ Colette shook his head. ‘Wouldn’t you want to swop?’ Sarah sounded a little disappointed: after studying the contents of Colin’s case, nobody had considered that he might not want to join fully in their depravities. She added, doubtfully, ‘I think we’re so pleased to find you that we’d excuse you those bits. If you really wanted to.’‘Oh, no!’ Colette exclaimed, seriously worried that those ephemeral treats would be denied him. ‘Get me, Sarah, I want to do everything you do, and Doreen and your Mom. Everything!’ Suddenly two tears ran down his cheeks. ‘I don’t want to go back to what I was. Going to public toilets, taking lifts with strange men, and at school, were the only places I could find someone to like me…a bit. I’d do anything to stay here with you and your folks.’Sarah embraced him tenderly, seeing the anguish on his face, ‘You will,’ she whispered, ‘You really will. When Doreen and Michelle come back we’re going to show you something that will convince you more that anyway I could. You wait and see.’ She dabbed his eyes with a tissue. ‘Good job I hadn’t got to your eyes yet. Then you’d have been in trouble!’Not only did Sarah give her new boyfriend startling eye make-up, she lifted the wig from where it had fallen and announced that she could do a much better job with Colette’s own hair that he had grown longer than was fashionable: his one visible acknowledgement to the feminine panties that he wore so often under his male attire. Meanwhile, she chattered on and Colette learnt a great deal about life with his prospective family. It wasn’t at all as he had imagined it, although he wasn’t quite sure what he had imagined. It certainly wasn’t regimented and while, as a rule, any member of the family could call on another to ease an itch, there was no compulsion in it. Except.‘Except?’‘Except for all the occasions when I order you to do something, and it isn’t done well or promptly. And that doesn’t have to be dirty things. You can get your name put in the Book for not cleaning the shower, or breaking a plate, or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.’ Sarah laughed. ‘Well, not quite as bad as that, but we do have family sessions – Rituals, we call them – and, like I said, when we meet up with other people it can get pretty formal.’ She decided that Colette was presentable and, taking his hand, drew him to his feet. She glanced at his feet, pulling a face at the school shoes, hers, that he was wearing. ‘When you’re living with us properly I’ll have to teach you how to wear high heels…with the aid of my little cane. Lots of practise. I hope you don’t mind a little pain.’ Colette shrugged like it didn’t matter what he minded or didn’t. ‘Slaves shouldn’t have wishes, not proper slaves.’ A memory triggered. ‘I thought it was funny when I saw an advertisement in the Men’s’ Lavatory from some bloke who wanted to be somebody’s abject slave, and then there was a long list of things he wouldn’t do. Some slave!’ They shared a giggle. ‘I’ve never been a slave before. Dreamed about it, though. Being captured by a couple of gays in a lav – me wearing lots of undies and stuff – and taken to a warehouse where there were all these men and boys waiting to play with me. To get to the warehouse I was tied up, gagged, and dumped in the boot of a car.’‘Kookie! And was that a wanky dream?’Colette nodded. ‘’Fraid so.’‘So?’‘So what?’‘So, what happened to you then. Don’t forget, I don’t know anything about boys on boys.’‘Do you want to hear my favourite ending?’‘Yes!’ Sarah exclaimed and then ‘No! In a minute. I’ve got to show you round first. Then, when I’ve done the things Mum told me to do, you can tell me. Come on! We’ve got lots to do.’Hand in hand, for all the world like sisters, Sarah gave Colette the conducted tour. The ground floor was to all intents and purposes normal, where one might entertain normal guests. On the first floor, because it was such a large house, there were normal bedrooms – a guest room, one for Doreen and Michelle, one for Sarah, and each with the names on the occupants in a brass holder on the door. All these lived at one end of the landing. At the other end were the various doors that Doreen and, later, Sarah had led him through. Sarah threw open the door bearing her name and invited Colette to have a look. It was large, feminine, and dominated by a large double bed. On either side of the bed were almost identical lines of wardrobes, chests of drawers, wash hand basins…and vanity tables. There was still ample room for lounging and working and just being cool. Just to finish things off, there were computers for both of them, a place for refreshment, and a large plasma television in one corner. Sarah gave him time to take in the contents before sliding and arm around him. ‘This is our chill-out room,’ she announced, ‘And where we’d normally sleep…if our services are not required elsewhere. It’s a place for loving, too. It’s just our room. What side of the bed do you prefer?’‘I don’t mind,’ Colette admitted. ‘I’ve only ever slept in a single bed before. What’s your side?’Sarah gave a cheeky laugh. ‘Oh, on top – or underneath – you for starters,’ she said, and then pointed to one wardrobe and chest of drawers that was extra on one side of the room. ‘That’s Colin’s stuff in there. Your boy wear for school: all the rest is for Colette. Like it?’Colette nodded. ‘May I look?’ he asked and on Sarah’s nod, opened various wardrobes and drawers. As he almost reverently touched the dresses, the underwear, the nightwear, he wondered where all this munificence had come from. Somebody was so sure of themselves that they had invested a considerable amount of money in him, and that unnerved him a little. From his own deductions and his new girl-friend’s ill-concealed hints, Colette had a feeling that something momentous was about to happen, something so strange that he felt a cold shiver run the length of his spine. Sarah pointed to a door in the far corner of the room – the place was much more than a bedroom – and then taking Colette’s hand in hers led him back into the room they had just vacated. On the opposite side of Sarah’s room was a much larger opening that led into a wide corridor, the right side of which was another room – with no wall – laid out as a bathroom area… and much else besides.Colette had been in those bedrooms with Aunt Doreen but at that time he didn’t have an opportunity to take much in. With his sassy young Mistress – Colette found that he rather liked that idea – there to give him a conducted tour, much was revealed. He finally got to see the fantasy drawing Sarah had made of him, and he was impressed. As he looked at himself holding his skirt up and his panties down, he could feel the other man’s warm piss splashing over him. Sarah slid her hand under his skirt and grasped his growing penis.‘Like it?’ she asked?‘Love it!’ Colette exclaimed. ‘I like the turn-out, too.’ He squirmed in Sarah’s clutch. ‘Cor! Just imagine pulling up those panties and feeling them all wet and soggy round my sex.’ He shuddered with the delicious anticipation of it all. .’Can I have it for my room…when I get it, that it…please?’‘You’ll have to earn it.’‘How?’‘Later. Don’t be impatient.’ She guided him to the sofa in one corner of her room. Sit down there and wait. I’m going to lay the table and I’ll be back in a minute.’ She rummaged in a pile of papers and threw a book at him. ‘Amuse yourself with that. It’s my Journal, or the latest volume…and no playing with yourself!’(To Be Continued…)



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