As I rolled off of her and she curled up next to me saying, “That was very nice Bud I enjoyed you very much. And, I think you enjoyed me just as much. We seem to be very, very compatible.” She licked my nipple and then licked her way up my neck to my mouth. I took her tongue as she slid it in my mouth.

She took my hand and placed it on her swollen wet pussy. I could feel my cum slowly dripping out and running down her slit and into her the crack of her ass. She had a nice size cum puddle under her. She rolled over on top of me and shoved a tit into my face. She smiled and I sucked the red hard nipple. She came down and kissed me letting her tongue enjoy the inside of my mouth. She was wiggling around on my soft cock and simply having fun dripping cum on me now. I never remembered cumming so much in my life, even when I was younger. This had been one great fuck. And that was all it was a fucking for both of us. I held her ass and pressed it down into me. She said, “Could you do that again Bud? I mean could you get hard enough to fuck me again and cum in me like you just did? I mean Paully doesn’t cum that much and you are like a fucking fire hose.”

I said, “Why don’t you see if you can help me get it up?” I felt her hand go down my body and circle my wet soft cock.

She smiled and slid off my lower body and began to stroke me slowly. She said, “Your cock is very nice even soft.” She looked up into my eyes and told me, “You know, I can’t believe how many times a mans cock grows when it goes from completely soft to fully hard. It’s an amazing act of nature. Don’t you agree?”

I said, “yes it is nice and it’s like your clit isn’t it?”

She smiled and said, “yes just like that!”

She had her head lying on my stomach looking at my cock as she stroked me. I could feel her warm breath on my cock hair and knew her face was very close to my dick. I stroked her hair and said, “Try sucking it Mandy!”

She rolled her head around and said, “Would you like that? Would you like me to suck on your cock Bud and make it hard? OK! I’ll be happy to do that if it will get you hard enough to fuck me again.”

I held her head moving her long hair out of the way as her lips circles my cock and she took the head into her mouth completely. It was slippery and covered with both of our cum. But she didn’t seem to care at all. I felt the suction of her mouth and lips as she began to suck hard on my dick. She slowly stroked as she sucked on my dick and soon I was hard again! Then she looked up into my eyes as if to ask if she was doing OK.

I smiled down at her and said, “Move around here and let me see that pussy of yours.”

She smiled when I said that. Still stroking and sucking my dick she turned around and for the first time I saw her cum filled pussy looking at me. I ran a finger over it and she moaned and sucked harder. I began to softly rub her cunt and finger her two holes. While my thumb was in her ass my two fingers were in her pussy. I played with her cunt for a long time while she sucked me.

She broke the suction on my cock long enough to say, “You taste delicious covered with my cum Bud. Do you like to be sucked after you cum?”

I laughed a little and said, “Well it’s been so long, but yes, I seem to remember I really like to be sucked anytime. Let’s see you take all of it down your throat.”

She laughed and said, “Well it will be a little harder for me to take you. I can swallow Paully with no problem, but you’re much bigger than he is.”

But she did she cleaned my cock completely. She had engulfed my cock almost completely and I knew she was trying to deep throat me. I could feel her mouth forming a very casino siteleri tight seal around my shaft and I shoved my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could reach. All it was now was wet, no cum was on it at all. Now she smiled and moved up and kissed me. She hoarsely whispered in my ear, “God I love doing that to men. Cleaning there cum and my own off there still hard cock. Now how about you? Want to lick me clean of our cum Bud? Paully always does that to me.

I told her to get into position. She smiled and moved up over my chest. As she straddled my chest I could see our cum oozing out of her. I put my hands behind her firm round ass cheeks and pulled her towards my face. Mandy slid her ass and pussy along my chest until she was straddling my head now with her knees. She smiled down at me as I watched a small drop of cum hanging down on a long string of liquid out of her pussy and hanging towards my face. She lowered her dripping pussy down and on to my face. I shoved my tongue up into her and she moaned very loudly! As my lips kissed the slick opening of her vagina I took her entire pussy into my mouth and taste both of our cum. She pushed down on my face forcing my tongue even deeper inside her cunt. I moaned and she moaned and I sucked harder.

Just then there was a rap at the door. Amanda moved her pussy up a little and as I felt it come off of my face she said, “Shit! Now what?”

She said, “It’s opened Paully and this better be fucking important.”

The door crack opened a little and I saw it was Paul. She said angrily, “What? What is it Paul? Didn’t we both agree you weren’t going to interrupt the two of us Paully, no matter what the problem or question was? Now what do you want?”

He said, “yes I know and I’m sorry. I just wanted to tell you both that two hours was up about 20 minutes ago. Are you done? Just wondering. No! No I can see you’re not. Sorry I’ll leave. Sorry Bud! Sorry Mandy!”

She said, “No!! Wait Paully don’t go. I have an idea and a fantasy I want to try with both you guys. Double penetration! How’s that sound? Would you care Bud?”

I knew Paul really wanted to join in so I told her , “That’s brilliant, a fucking brilliant idea.”

She moved over my hard cock and straddled my hips. As she began to sink down on my stiff joint she turned her head to her husband and said, “Well Paully what are you waiting for. Undress unless you don’t want to participate.”

Paul was out of his clothes and standing there watching us. Mandy said to me, “Harder, go on! Push it into me harder Bud. She looked longingly into my face as felt her shutter with a small climax. God she was so hot. I began to suck on her tits as she rode me hard. She was a fantastic fuck. She knew what she wanted and told us so. This was so much different that at home with my wife who couldn’t or wouldn’t talk at all during sex..

‘Yes…yes! Ohhh fuckkk yeeeeees! I’m almost….there,’ she cried out I knew that her orgasm was slamming into and all through her body. It lasted for a minutes as she yelled, “rub my clit Bud” I did and that pushed her over the top again cumming like a fucking raging river around my swollen cock shaft deep inside her body. Oh! Oh…Jesus…Jesus!!! Oh fuck yes!!! Oh, Ohhhh! GOD!! YES! BUD!!! The last words were more of a moan or a whispered as she climaxed on my hard cock inside her.

Then she fell forward and told me, “Help me. Turn me around Bud.” She slid her pussy off my cock and turned around. Then she positioned her ass hole over my throbbing cock. Mandy’s back was to me now, but I could see her body going down over the hard cock head. Slowly, very slowly it began disappearing up into her waiting slot oyna body, but this time going into her ass. I held Mandy’s waist as she just slumped back against me now.

“God, you feel huge, enormous inside my ass Bud! It’s like I have a fucking bull’s cock in there. Oh, yes…wait until I get use to him Paully! Wait!!”

I began slowly lift her, up and then down slowly onto him once, twice, three times. Each time a little more of my dick went into her ass. Soon she was moving without any help. Up, and then back down again, over and over and over again. I told her, “I don’t know how long I can hold out you’re so tight back there.”

She turned her head and almost yelled, “Oh yes, oh God yes! Fuck me Buddy! Fuck me in the ass!”

I began to increase the speed and rhythm as I pumped her as she moved up and down little faster, and a lot faster. Then she sat all the way down on me and I was balls deep in her ass. She had taken it all.

As Mandy looked down she could see her pussy being pushed forward as my cock filled her ass. Her breasts swaying and bounced up and down with her movements as she fucked me with her ass. Her breasts were so nice and I reached around her and cupped them squeezed each one. A few seconds passed with her fucking me before she whimpered each time she came all the way down on my cock. She was impaling herself on my dick. It was thrusting very deep insides her and she was fucking me with her ass now like she had done this a million times. We found out later that this was her first ass fuck.

She moaned and then smiled and said, “OK Paully now you!”

Buddy nodded to Paul and pulled Mandy back against him. I saw her husband move in front of us. He seemed d to know exactly what to do and how to do it. Mandy hissed at him, “Fill my other hole Paully! Hurry I want to cum and so does Bud.”

He moved his naked body on to the bed, and knelt in front of his wife. He walked on his knees up close to her and she took his cock and positioned it at the door to her pussy. I had stopped thrusting my cock into her ass as Mandy moved her husband’s cock against her pussy hole. Paul pushed and it went right in she was so wet and still full of my cum.

Paul reached for her hips and began to fuck her as I held her breasts and gently pulled her body towards my chest as she rotated her hips fucking both of us now. “OH YES! JESUS THAT FEELS SO GOOD!”, she yelled! I was sure my wife could hear her in the house next store.

Mandy began to pump her strong sexy body and moved her ass and cunt on the two cocks that were deep inside her. Up and down I helped to lift her as she move her cunt up and down, and we both fucked her with as much force as we could get.

‘GOD! I LOVE YOUR COCKS! Ohh! Ohh! Ohh! OHH! YESSSS!!!!!! she moaned, as our double penetration must have felt like we were splitting her in half.

“OH YES!! OH GOD YES!!! HARDER!!! FUCK ME HARDER PAULLY!! HARD….HARD…..! OHHHHHH! UMMMMMMMM! YESSSSS!!!!!!, she rolled her head from side to side and moaned and grunted and groaned as she was doubled fucked. She forced both her ass and cunt down on me and Paul pushed as deep as he could go into her cunt. We could feel our cocks rubbing against the thin membrane of skin separating the two holes. The feeling for Mandy must have been unbelievable. And from the look I saw in the mirror she was in ecstasy. “More, MORE! GIVE ME MORE! ” she continued to moan and tell us.

But she was so far gone from the felling that she was receiving from our two cocks and the huge number of orgasms she had, that she wasn’t sure what she was saying. She was almost delirious. Our cocks pounded into her now as we both wanted canlı casino siteleri to cum!

“Ohhhhhhh… yes, fuck me! Fuck me…come on! Shove your hard cocks inside me.” Mandy moaned as she came around again. She was emotional, and her passion was so high she started to cry s hit the peak of the biggest orgasm I have ever seen a woman have in my life. ‘Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yeessssssssss!, she screamed” “Oh God, Oh God!! Oh God! It’s here! She was sitting up on my cock straining as she climaxed and when she did, her two holes squeezed around our cocks holding them deep inside her body! “OHHHHHH, OHHHH! AHHHHHH! OHHH!! OHHH!! OHHHH! OHHHHH!!!! OHHHHH! OHHHHH!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

And then Mandy fell back against me and her head slumped forward against her husband. Paul said, “I think she passed out Bud!”

I said, “Wait a minute Paul just hold her. Keep your cock in her!”

We could see her chest rise and fall quickly and hear her breathing. I shook her a little and she slowly raised her head. A smile came to her face before she opened her eyes. When she did, she said, “Jesus you guys!! That was unbelievable. Incredible! Holly shit! I want to do this again! Did you cum yet Paully?”

He said, “No… no Mandy. You scared me to death!”

She laughed and turned her head and asked me, “Did you cum Bud?”

“No”, was all I said.

As she slowly came down from what I was sure was her most exciting and intense orgasm ever she sighed and moved her body a little to make sure both of our cocks were still inside her and hard. We didn’t move or know what to say. I couldn’t do anything really, and wondered what she wanted. Mandy took away any decision and made them for us. She said, “Well what are you waiting for? Fuck me until you both cum! Now!!” And we did. She was like a machine as she fucked both of us and within minutes Paul had dumped a load in her pussy and I placed another one in her ass. She screamed as she felt the cum pumping into her holes and had another mind blowing earth shattering orgasm.

Finally Paully pulled out and moved off of her. She lifted up and I felt and heard my cock pop out of her ass hole. She was leaking badly in both holes and rolled over on to the bed. Paully moved over her and began to lick her pussy clean. I watched as my best friend licked and sucked his cum filled wife’s pussy clean. She smiled up at me and said, “I just love it when he does that to me after I get full with cum! Does Shirl? Do you do her like this when you fuck her?”

“No,” again that’s all I said as I watched Paul sucking out large globs of cum, his and mine. She said, “would you like to try Bud? Would you like to help clean me too?”

I said, “No. Paully is doing a good job. I’ll watch this time.”

Later I said my thank you and opened the door just as the phone rang. It was Shirl. Mandy handed me the phone and all I heard was, “Are you going to spend all day over there. I want to go out are you coming home soon?”

I said, “Yes! Do you want to play cards tonight with our friends?”

She said, “Oh God yes. That’s much more fun that sitting here watching TV with you.”

I said, “OK I’ll be home in 10 minutes.”

I turned to Paul and Mandy and asked, “So when do we start the golf lessons Paul?” Mandy laughed and said, “How about tomorrow?” I said, “Great now let’s set this up so you can explain it all to Shirl tonight and have her send me there gladly!” We all laughed and Mandy finally put something back on. She shivered and said, “Cold in here! Guess I need to be sandwiched again tomorrow.”

I kissed her and she cupped my cock and said, “Hope Shirl has no use for this tonight. I’m going to wear it out tomorrow. See you in a few hours.”

Paul said, “See you Bud. Oh thanks for helping me fuck my wife.”

I said, “It was all my pleasure Paul! All my pleasure.” I walked home and was much happier.



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