CD at truck stop with three menWent to a truck stop last night after a party around midnight in my sexy short dress, got out and bent over looking at my tires for assistance. Gave a nice view to whoever was watching of my smooth white ass and sexy black panties with pink trim with half of both cheeks exposed. A nice older (63 yo) black guy (Ted) asked me from his truck if I needed help. We talked and then thanked him and asked if I could help him for helping me. We walked over to his truck and got in his sleeping quarters. Gave him some more intimate show of my nice ass, turned around, unzipped his pants and began sucking his uncut cock. He couldn’t believe it and I told him I love black men. I stripped down to my lingerie, black stockings and pretty panties. Pulled his pants and shirt off and began kissing his body all over. I finally made my way back down to tease his now throbbing 9″ with my mouth and tongue. I nibbled at his foreskin and my tongue rolled it back exposing his mushroom head. My throat opened up and I bobbed up and down on it. He reached into my panties and began massaging my spasming pussy hole with his big fingers. I moaned and sucked him passionately as he worked some cherry lube into my hole and stuck in one and then two fingers. His CB was calling him and another trucker asked him if bakırköy escort he could join in. As I continued sucking and I nodded yes. Fifteen seconds later another guy entered the cab and started watching. He was a white guy (Mark) about 45. He began massaging my fat nipples under my teddy. I reached into my purse and pulled out my nipple clamps while continuing nursing the cock. Mark pulled down the teddy and clamped them on. A pulse on pain and pleasure filled me as I moaned louder and sucked Ted harder. Mark was naked within a minute and pulled down my panties and began rubbing my ass cheeks as Ted continued fingering me. With my mouth full I asked Ted if he would please fuck me. He pulled out of my throat and we rearranged on his sleeper bed. I put a rubber on Ted’s throbbing cock as he laid on his back. By this time Mark’s 7″ fat cock was fully erect and bouncing up and down. I squated over Ted’s 9″ cock and slowly impaled my tight cunt on his hot cock. He was stretching my hole open as I sank balls deep and I let out a soft moan of pleasure as I was mounted reverse cowgirl. Mark then filled my mouth with his cock. Ted grabbed my hips, slowly lifted me up to the head off his cock, then forcefully pulled me back down. I began sucking Mark and we got a rhythm going. beşiktaş escort Mark tugged the chain of my nipple clamps as I sucked him.As I was getting slowly fucked, the CB came on again. Mark answered and asked me if another guy could come in. Again, I nodded yes. I was so horny, I wanted as much cock as I could get. Thirty seconds later, Ted’s buddy Fred enters the cab. He was another black guy about 55. By this time, Mark was standing over me with his cock buried in my throat while Ted had my legs at the inside of the knees pulling them back. This exposed my pussy to Fred as he could get a great view of Ted’s large cock sliding in and out. He said ” Damn, she is one hot bitch.'” I muffled a thank you. Mark said he was coming and to open wide. I prefer sucking to completion, but he wanted to stroke himself off in my mouth. That was ok. He stroked about three seconds and let the hot cum fly. The first shot blasted the back on my throat and then he stuck it back in my mouth so I could finish milking his cock. Ted had just stopped fucking me while I took Mark’s load so his entire cock was planted up inside my pussy just resting. After Mark’s cock went limp in my mouth, Fred moved in removed the nipple clamps and began sucking my aching nipples. It felt so good and then beylikdüzü escort Ted pushed me into doggy, and Fred’s 8″ black cock was in my mouth. Ted has been been slowly fucking me, but in doggy he really picked up the pace and began fucking me with faster and faster strokes, while his balls were smacking my ass. Fred had meanwhile reclamped my sore nipples, but it felt so good.He was saying, “take it bitch, feel my big cock inside you”? I muffled, “please keep fucking me, I love your big black cock”. Then I continued moaning as Fred’s cock was almost all down my throat. Ted was ready to blow, pulled out and moved me in position to suck his load out. I hungrily wrapped my lips around his veiny cock and it felt it grow bigger as the jets of hot cum began filling my mouth. He had such a big load and I savored before swallowing.Fred had put on a rubber and was behind me. He stuck the fat head in and my pussy spasmed. With one thrust his thick cock was up inside me. He had a more forceful, powerful fucking style that made me moan loud. Fred kept twisting the nipple clamps as I was getting pounded hard. He pulled me back to sit on him and face him with his cock in me the whole time.He kissed my pink lipsticked lips and we tongued each other passionately as I slammed down on his cock as he thrust upwards at the same time. When he was ready, he pushed me on my back, pulled off the rubber and spewed wads of hot cum across my face. Then he took his cock and wiped it around before sticking it in my mouth again.I had great fun and Ted and Fred are meeting me again next Saturday at a motel. Can’t wait!!Katie



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