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Caught while workingThe First EncounterOver the years I have had some wild encounters with my pantyhose fetish. Some of them end in embarrassment and others with much wilder endings. Over time I would like to share with you some of these stories. The one to follow is one that sticks out in my mind a lot.In my mid thirties I was working as a maintenance man in an apartment complex. These apartments were in an upscale neighborhood with over 250 units. Because of its size, the odds of finding a few lady’s that wear pantyhose was great. One such occasion to see one of these beautiful nylon ladies had finally arrived. It was a spring morning with the temperature was just warm enough to wear a short skirt but still the need for pantyhose to keep a woman’s legs warm. The call came in. “The water in my master bathroom sink is not going down, can you come over and fix it so I am not late for work?”, she asked. Being it was early in the morning we had time for emergency calls like this. I replied “I will rush right over”. I had recognized the voice and remembered she was one of the ladies that did on occasion wear pantyhose. I had grabbed my tools for clearing a clogged sink, jumped in my golf cart and road off to save the day for her.As I pulled in in front of her unit my mind was racing with thoughts of Amber. She was about 5 foot 9 and weighed around 120 with a D cup. The last time I saw her she had long red hair that she would put up in a pony tail or a hair clip to keep from seeing just how long it really was. I could not wait to see if she had a collection of heels and well of course nylons.As I approached her apartment door she was eagerly awaiting my arrival. The door open rather swiftly for me to enter, expressing that she had used the main bathroom to finish getting ready. My eyes could not stop looking her over from head to toe. She was a business woman with a wardrobe to match. Today we had on a black fitted skirt above the knees with a white blouse and a dark blue blazer that made her D cup breasts very perky. Her beautiful long red hair was not up in a clip or pony tail yet and it was long and straight. The one thing that really caught my attention was the fact that she had not put her heels on yet. The shimmer of those tan legs and stocking feet was mesmerizing.After composing my self I followed her to the sink in question. It was not draining and I am sure that it was her flowing red hair that I would find as the culprit. As I finished diagnosing the problem I needed to retrieve the tools to get the job done. I turned just in time to see her on her bed adjusting the pantyhose seem on the toes before slipping them in to her 4 inch black patent leather pumps. I stumbled for the words but managed to regain composure to let her know I would be back with my tools. The only problem was that she caught me watching her for that moment. She did not say anything but the seductive look I saw was all I needed to know. I left her apartment to fetch my tool bag. Upon my return she met me at the door to inform me that she was already running late and she knew that I could handle finishing up and locking up behind me when I was done. This was a dream come true. I had run of her apartment and she would not be home to see me exploring her closet and dresser. Before the fun of this was to happen I had to scurry over to the side window in the kitchen to watch her get in her car. I knew she would slide one leg in and then adjust her purse leaving the other leg out of the car. Yes I was right, she did and unknowingly she gave me a send off show to remember. I was able to get a view of her short black skirt slid up her very glossy pantyhose to expose a site of a white cotton gusset and no panties. She may have been in a hurry but it seemed like an eternity to place her belongings in the passenger seat. It was all most as if she knew I was watching. Once I saw her drive off I could not get those shimmering pantyhose legs out of my thoughts, however I needed to clear the drain first in case she returned forgetting anything for work that day. I did the work needed quickly so as to have plenty of time to be the pervert that I am. Now that I have put all my tools away it was time.I ran over to the master bedroom closet to see if she was a shoe conasure. She must have had 50 pairs of heels and not one of them had a heel less that 4 inches. I picked up a particularly exquisite pair with a heel of at least 6 inches. I reached out to draw it closer to my nose to inhale the amazing scent. The aroma was intoxicating. The smell of pantyhose feet in leather all day is a pungent bouquet I will never forget. By this point I could feel an arousing tingle starting at the base of my cock. I thought for a moment about what would I do or say if she walked in but I was lost in the moment.As I finished up with seeing all of the high heels in the closet, so I thought, I noticed the hamper in the corner. It was covered with a damp towel from that morning that I did not see it upon entering. I removed the towel and found a gold mine. After inspecting the soiled laundry I did not see any panties. This was even more exciting to know the sweet juices that flow from her vagina would transpose to her pantyhose. Riffling through the basket would reveal a treasure trove of the gold that I seek. Multiple pairs of worn pantyhose. They ranged in colors from black to coffee and even a few pairs of tan. I pulled one special pair out knowing it was one of my favorite brands and the color. Wilford Neon 40 where now in my hands. I could not contain myself for long. What started as a tingle was now a full fledged hard on. I can’t think of a time before that I was this hard. It was like a piece of steel re-bar.I could feel my cock ready to explode and with the feel of the pantyhose I had worn that day rubbing against me made it even harder. I unzipped my pants to un vale I had spots of pre-cum starting to collect on my pantyhose. I knew it would only took one more deep inhale from the her discarded pantyhose that would send me over the top. I pulled her pantyhose close and because the fell and smell was more than I could handle. I did explode with waves of pleasure. I came so hard it shot out through my pantyhose and landed a sizable amount bakırköy escort on the pantyhose I had pulled out of the laundry basket.After I stopped convulsing I had to clean up and get out of here. Now do I leave the cum soaked heaven behind or do I take the with? It did not take much for me to decide to take home a trophy and put them in my collection. A collection that started at an early age and has grown larger over time.Thought the day I had relived the mornings events in my head. It did not help that every time I reached into my jacket pocket, her silky moist pantyhose pushed the memory to the forefront of my daydreams and raced my heart over and over.That night I went home from work and pulled out the pantyhose I had absconded with earlier in the day. I wanted put these in the box with all the others I had found, bought or snuck off with over the years. By now I had a few hundred pairs that exited me just by the mere sight of. I felt I had to masturbate to these one more time. The smell of the gusset and feet where over powering to me. I did what I needed to at that point, I pulled out my cock and again it was rock hard and began to stroke it slowly. I slid my hand down the one leg and placed the foot on the other leg to my face. Again the aroma and feel nylon was stirring a feeling within my balls. The nylon felt so smooth sliding up an down my shaft. I could feel an over whelming need to relieve my balls of their fluid. At that moment the phone rang, interrupting this moment of joy.Revisit The Scene of the CrimeWorking at such a complex from time to time the phone will ring with after hour problems. This just happen to be one of those times. “Dammit” I thought to myself, “Why now do I get one of these calls”. I had to stop myself from the current pleasuring event and answer the call. I walked over to the phone all along loosing the hard on I once had. “Hello” I answered only to hear the voice of Amber. My mind started to race with anticipation and fright all at the same time. Was there an additional problem or did I screw up and leave trace behind that I was rummaging through her belongings? She expressed she had a situation with her dishwasher and she had soap suds all over the kitchen floor. A sigh of relief came over me thinking I got away with my dirty deed of the morning.When I walked in her apartment she was still dressed the same outfit as this morning. She directed me to the kitchen where she did have a mess of soap suds. I reduced the suds with fabric softener and started to clean up the floor with towels she handed me. She sat down at the dining room table over looking the kitchen. I got down on the floor and realized she was in eye shot of seeing me wipe the up the wet floor. As we made small talk I was watching her rub her glorious legs and slip her heel of her left foot to massage it. I noticed a rather strangely seductive look about her when I saw her eyes looking down towards my shoes. At that moment I realized she could get a slight glimpse that I was not wearing any socks. I let my guard down.I was sure my secret hosiery wearing was reviled. When I was finished I walked out in to the dining room and by now she had both shoes off and was rubbing her feet together that made a swishing sound. It was very distracting but by this point I think she was doing it on purpose to see if I would respond. It was all I could do not to look or say anything but I didn’t. I asked if their was anything more I could do for her tonight? She responded with a shy kind of look and asked me to stay for a moment.I pulled up a chair within eye shot of those delightful piggies wrapped in nylon. I was just close enough to catch a slight whiff emanating from those feet that had been in heels all day. I am sure by now she must suspect me of admiring her legs. She played it so smooth with not exactly saying much about my admiration of her legs and feet but she was teasing me by continuing to slide them against each other. While running her fingers through her hair she looked over at me and asked” Can I ask you a question?” I responded with”Absolutely whats on your mind”. “Well forgive me for asking but I could not help noticing but are you wearing pantyhose?” At that exact moment I was mortified. Most woman find that to be a very perverse thing. I felt myself turning flush as I raced to find an answer while squirming in the chair. Before I could find an answer she stopped me by saying “Its O.K., I think I find it intriguing”. She continued “do you wear them often or,” at that moment I could feel myself squirming in my seat. Just then I felt what could only be a warm pantyhose covered foot touch my leg. She slowly slid it up my leg until it was gently caressing over my cock. The warmth of her foot started to get me aroused. My eyes started to roll back in my head and she noticed. She took this time to take advantage of my vulnerability by informing me she thought she was missing a pair of her pantyhose. She sheepishly said, “You are a very bad boy you know?” I could not respond to her question. My thoughts where currently devoted to the feel of the beautiful woman’s foot raising the stiffness of my cock. My attention arose when she told me “You where in my laundry basket and you have something of mine.”I was speechless at this point. It was all I could do to muster up “I am so sorry but yes I did.” She replied back “You know I could have you fired?” I could feel her foot grinding harder on my swollen cock as she was using this new found knowledge as a tool to make me owe her one. Besides the embarrassment of this coming out to my boss but he could call the cops and than I really as screwed. She then looked at me with and said, with a very firm voice “Your can loose it all or become my pantyhose bitch, what will it be?” The idea that I could be teased and punished brought me a level of excitement I almost blew my load in my pants. Urgently I said “Please don’t bust me. I need this job.”I could not help entertaining the idea of have this gorgeous woman being in control. I have often fantasized be teased and torchered by a long leggy, pantyhose wearing woman. The idea of being forced into a situation beyond my control was stimulating. As my mind was going over beşiktaş escort the possibilities she removed her foot and informed me it starts now.Let the Fun BeginShe did not waste any time getting started. “Stand up and take those pants off. I want to see what I have to work with pantyhose boy”, she instructed. My heart was beating so hard by this time I thought it was going to jump out of my chest. I bounced up out of my seat and did as I was told. I unzipped and dropped my pants down to the floor, unavailing my thick 8 inch cock encased in pantyhose. It was normal for me to have on a sheer waist to toe and today was no different. I could see in her eyes she was pleased with what was now at her every whim. She started to reach over as to grab my cock and she abruptly stopped just as fast. Instead she raised her size 6.5 feet up to my throbbing cock and started to rub my member through the nylon. I was in absolute heaven. I could feel an eruption was emanate. She then demanded “Don’t you dare cum yet pantyhose boy”. It was all I could do not to blow a hot load everywhere. She said” Put that thick fucking cock out so I can get a good look!” After moving her feet I pulled out my cock for inspection and that is when she ordered me to fuck her feet. She placed her feet together and I proceeded to slip my hard cock between her hot sweaty feet covered in the greatest fabric know to man. After a long day on her feet I could smell the combination of leather, sweat and nylon. Within a few pumps I lost it. My warm sticky load shot out of me like a cannon. Spray after wave of spray I shot my cum up to her knees. She smiled and told me to go home and think about what I had done and how I was going to make it right for her. I jumped up gathered myself and headed for the door to leave. As I opened the door she reminded me to be ready. “You never know when I will call you come over and be my Pantyhose boy toy”. I was in a state of shock on the way home. Did that really just happen to me? I thought to myself. And better still, it was only the beginning. All my fantasies are about to come true.As the days passed with no phone call from Amber I could not get her out of my thoughts. I would spend many nights playing with myself reminiscing about the day i got caught. Just as I had started to think it was only going to be a one time event I got the call to be at her place that night. I herried home to wash her pantyhose for that night. I was to wear them for her. I had a feeling this would be another night I would never forget.I arrived at her place ready for anything. Before I could get up the walk to her door she pulled up in her car next to me and told me to get in. “I have a special night in store for you” she expressed with an evil grin. I climbed in and was about to make small talk when she told me “Be silent pantyhose boy”. I took this time to observe her driving. She owned a little Mazda Miata with gears. I loved watching her drive it. With every shift of the gears her shirt would ride up higher and higher exposing more of her toned up tan legs. I had noticed She was wearing the same brand of pantyhose that I had taken from her and was currently wearing. We arrived at the secret location. It was a place called Hoops Sports bar. It was well know for the hot looking waitresses to wear high gloss pantyhose like Hooters does. We went in to get a table in this sea of nylon clad legs. She informed me that before she worked in the office she is at now she was a waitresses here during her college years. I was so in love with my situation now. What I did not know is that she was still in contact with a whole host of the ladies the currently work here. As one her good friends, one of the waitresses, was coming over to the table to great us she leaned over my way ant told me I was not aloud to look at the legs of these ladies or I would be in for it. I did not think this would be a problem knowing that I already had a pantyhose goddess in front of me. I could not have been more wrong. When the first girl came over she made it a point to get in close enough to touch my arm with her legs. Oh my god this was going to be a hard night in so many ways.The drinks were now ordered and I had time to look Amber over, and well I was not aloud to look at the other girls. Tonight she was a bit more casual but it was still those awesome pantyhose covered legs. Her shirt was a bit higher but this one was a flowing loose fit. Her blouse was unbuttoned to reveal cleavage from those firm D cup breasts. She was also wearing flats that I didn’t see in her closet. This made me think she had to of had more of a shoe collection that first thought.As our drinks were placed on the table again the waitress made sure to brush her legs past my arm. I swear it was heaven to have this happening. As she was taking out order two other girls came over to say hi to Amber. She was still in touch with most every girl that worked here. One of them sat next to Amber and the other next to me. I had to have had the biggest grin of any man on earth.Amber introduced me to her girlfriends as an associate from work. They were very friendly and began to make small talk. I have good instinct about situations and I had one about this for sure. When they got up and left us Amber leaned over to me and asked “So what do you think of them?” I said “They were attractive and very friendly.” “That is not what I meant”, She asked. I meant what did you think of her nylon cover legs and those tight black ass hugging shorts”, she added. I knew this was a test and I did not want to let her know I did get a sneak peak in. I uttered ” I have no idea because you said not to look”. She then told me in a very evil tone ” that’s a good pantyhose boy”.The night continues with not only our waitress but even all her girlfriends stopping by grazing their pantyhose clad legs against me. She was somehow pulling out all the arousing stops. I did sneak a few looks in and I am pretty sure I got away with it. This of course was a night filled with sites that make me so horny and I think she still had more in mind to run me through my paces.As we were now ready to leave something happened that I am sure was a setup. The waitress was loading up beylikdüzü escort our dirty plates and realized her shoe was untied. She asked me if I would be an angel and help her so she would not trip and fall. Without thinking I leaned over and tied it. Afterwords I realize what I had done. I slowly sat up and sure enough Amber’s face said it all. Oh shit, what could she do now. She was good. She got me to do the one thing she told me was off limits. She looked up at our waitress, one of her girlfriends, and thanked her and told her she would see her later. We departed the restaurant for the car. She let me know in no uncertain terms I was in trouble. I did not try to defend myself because I know deep down inside it was her way of taking this to the next level. The car ride was conversation less all the way bake home.We arrived at her apartment and as soon as the door closed it was on. She reached out and grabbed my hair and forced me to the floor. She explained to me “you where a very bad pantyhose boy you know?” She held me down next to her feet and told me to kiss her toes. Oh my god this was exciting. She slipped her flats off and I was now to star kissing her toes. The aroma of those feet was a sweet smell. After a few moments she lifted me up and told me to get undressed.I jumped up and started to disrobe down to only my pantyhose as she told me to do. She lead me down the hall to the guest bedroom. I was not ready for what was next. The door flew open and there in the middle of the room was a post with hand cuffs attached. A quick look around the room exposed a deeper side of her. This was a fuckin dungeon. She lead me over to the post and cuffed my almost naked ass up to it and tied a silky black blindfold over my eyes. As she turned to leave the room she told me not to go anywhere. The Real Fun EnsuesI stood there cuffed to a pole for what seemed like an hour or so. In total darkness the anticipation was driving me wild. All of a sudden I hear several other voices outside the room. Fuck she invited the waitress and two other girlfriends from the restaurant over. I could hear Amber talking and the girls giggling. I struggled to get released from the cuffs and pole but to no avail. A short time later the door opens and they all walk in. I know I turned ten shades of red. I could now hear all these girls chattering about how much fun this was about to get. Without being able to see they had an unfair advantage over me. First, I feel silky nylon being rapped around my head. Amber I assume was taking the pantyhose she wore tonight and tied it around my face. The gusset was over my nose and beyond that was a knot where she tied them. I could smell the sweet scent of her pussy juice and a faint aroma of her feet right under my nose. The girls snickered again as this was starting to make my cock jump in my pantyhose. As soon as the snickering concluded I felt six hands, all in nylons, rubbing my thighs, ass and chest. This was the most sensual feeling I had ever had and my throbbing cock was letting them know I was all inn. While these three girls where getting my senses all wound up I could here what sounded lick clicking from metal. Amber must be behind me getting some further device prepared for me. The next thing I felt was a whip across my ass. I was not used to being a slave, all tied up but oh my god it felt unbelievable. The pantyhose keeps the sting from becoming too painful. When that whip cracked my ass cheek my cock would respond by jumping harder and harder. After about ten minutes of this foreplay I could hear Amber’s voice telling me, ” I am going to remove one of the cuffs from your hands. If you try to escape I will make sure you loose your job. Do you understand pantyhose boy?” I tried to say yes but the pantyhose around my head muffled my response. I felt the whip crack my ass again. She firmly asked again “Do yon under stand you fucking pantyhose pervert?” I began to nod my head to agree. All I head then was “good boy.” I was walked over to a table and laid back and re cuffed in my new position. The pantyhose was now removed from my face but the blindfold was not going to come off. For the next hour it seems all four girls took turn sitting on my face demanding I lick their pussies through their pantyhose. I was very good at eating pussy but through pantyhose was a new experience. I know it must have worked because each girl would take a turn and I knew every time they came. My face was swimming in a sweat taste of cum from these girls.It must have been Amber starting to play with my hour long swollen cock. I hear a voice over the moaning saying “Damn I hate to cut the $50.00 hose but I have to have this cock in me. She proceeded to pock a hole and then I could hear the material tarring. I could feel the release of my cock from the constriction of the pantyhose.The warm moist mouth of amber was sliding up and down on my rod. She must have become so very horny because it felt as though she was sucking hard enough to try and not only suck my cock but all of me in her mouth. It felt so incredible. After a few moments I felt her climb up to straddle my cock. Her pussy was so warm and wet. As she slid down I could hear her moan with pleasure. As she was enjoying the ride I could feel her pantyhose legs rubbing up against mine. The two nylon covered legs rubbing was a feel like nothing ever before.The other girls were still taking turns riding my face to wave after wave of cuming. But Amber was riding my cock to achieve the wave after wave of cuming. At this point now not only was my face covered in female cum but now my thighs and belly where too. At one point I felt Amber spring up screaming and trembling as she succumb to a tremor of an orgasm. When what must have been all these ladies could handle for the night I could feel eight hands running all up and down my body. They would all stop and converge on my ready to de member. One of the removed my blindfold. I looked down to see Amber had her feet around my cock again and the other girls helped to stroke my cock until I cut loose with a wave of cum squirting it all over their pantyhose covered hands and Amber’s feet. The girls all fell to the floor in exhaustion. After we all recovered the girls all removed the pantyhose from themselves and tossed the over to me. Amber released me from the cuffs and table and we went off the rest in her bed. After a little cuddling we both feel asleep from the nights events. We both spent time together in the future but this is a night that I will relive in my head forever.



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