caught her with 3 bbc’sSue was working a late shift at work and this was her 4 night in a row,she worked a late but normally she only does 1 or 2 every month as she is the manager???i asked her why this was and she said its cos they were short staffed and that they were getting building work done and needed staff in to just be around in case needed but mainly in case they stole things from the was now a Friday night and she was doing another shift i was getting pissed off that she was working it so as a surprise i went to her works and thought i would keep her company and as the security staff knew me they wouldn’t mind me keeping her company..the lads on the door were sound they told me she was on the top floor where the work men were putting in new offices,i took the lift up but stopped 1 floor down to sneak up on her,i had a nice bottle of red and pizza to cheer her up!!i got to the door but i could not hear any building work being done so as you do i just thought is was cup of tea time,i walked along the corridor to her office and with the work being done it was an canlı bahis open office with partition walls and no doors on so when i looked round the corner there she was on the desk with 3 big black men all over her,,my heart sunk but i didn’t say anything or do anything my instinct was just to see what happened??Sue was naked her big tits were hanging across her chest she had i bbc in her mouth and 1 in her hand and the other lad was eating her out,my cock was so hard,i wanted to run in and kick fuck out of them but i was frozen to the spot,Sue looked as if she was loving it i could hear her tell him once she had taken his cock out of her mouth to stop eating her out and just fuck her,he stood up and when he did he held this monster in his hand it must have been 11/12 inches he parted her lips and slid it right up with no effort at all,she was wanking 1 off whilst he played with her tits and the other was ball deep in her throat..all i could do was just watch through the corner of the false walls..they took it in turns to fuck her,Sue was dripping with a mixture of her cum and as one bahis siteleri finished filling her with his fat load he would walk round and get her to suck him dry whilst his mate went straight in after him and filled her up with his load,,you could hear the noise it was squelching like pulling a welly out of the mud the noise was went on for ages,,as they were getting sucked off you could see them getting hard again so it was a constant marathon of fucking,,Sue was in total control of them telling them when to swap what to do,,no wonder she is a Manager..i had my cock in my hand wanking like mad i shot my load all over the floor but was still wanking a hard semi,,Sue must have had enough cos she just sat up and said that will do lads you will have to do some work or we will all get sacked,, i will be in next week on nights so we can continue where we left off,,the lads just put there tools away and picked up there real tools and wondered off back to work whilst Sue brushed herself down and went back to work as if nothing had happened..i sneaked off when all was quiet güvenilir bahis and went down stairs the lads on the door let me out and said did you enjoy your visit,,yes thanks it was great..when Sue came home later on i was in bed and she woke me to say she was home,i asked her if she had a good night,,yes Darling the office was empty just the work men were in so i got some paper work Sue got into bed next to me she was naked and i could smell the sex on her i put my hand on her pussy and she was still dripping cum,,you are wet down there Sue,,am i she said??? i started to part her lips and poke her pussy my cock was so hard at the thought of them Black cocks inside her and she not knowing i know!!!! i lifted the sheets and went down on her swollen bald pussy it tasted unreal the mixture of her and 3 black cocks filled it full of cum..Sue was loving it she was laughing,,i said whats so funny she said nothing and smiled,,but we know why…i finished of by filling her with my own then we just had a little kiss goodnight and that was that and till this day she still thinks i know nothing!!!!!!!!!..but every time she worked nights till the work was done she would come home dripping wet and i had my fun when she got in,,it was both our little secret which one day will she tell me or i her???..



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