‘Happy birthday, baby,’ Martin smiled when his wife finally made her entrance.

‘So,’ replied Cassandra after she’d kissed her husband lightly on his cheek, ‘here I am, where’s the “surprise” you’ve been teasing me with all week?’

Martin smiled and looked into his glass as though suddenly mesmerised by its contents.

‘Well,’ he began, ‘it took some organising, but…’ Martin looked at his wife, suddenly serious. ‘I hope I’ve got it right… I had to take a good, long look at our relationship before I took the decision to go for it…’

Cassandra noticed her husband’s sudden seriousness and reached for his hand. ‘What is it, Darling? What’s got you so solemn? It’s my birthday and you’re babbling on about our relationship.’ She gave her husband’s hand a squeeze. ‘Come on, Martin, tell me.’

Martin sighed and muttered to himself under his breath. ‘I must be mad; I can’t believe I’m doing this.’ He looked into Cassandra’s green eyes and took a deep breath. ‘Okay,’ he continued. ‘You know those DVD’s you watch… The ones you got from Sarah?’

Cassandra reddened at Martin’s reference to the porn films she’d been so shockingly introduced to by her best friend. She had never really had much interest in porn until one afternoon; Sarah had shown one of her husband’s collection. The effect had been immediate and staggeringly intense. Cassandra had felt her pussy melt with lust as she watched the beautiful young girl in the film fuck and suck a succession of men before every one of the guys had come over some part of her body.

Astonishment at the sheer volume of spunk the girl received on her face, tongue, breasts and body had quite literally taken Cassandra’s breath away for a long moment at the finale of the film. The picture of the pretty girl liberally covered in semen, her previously immaculate make up and tidy hair now ruined, caused a swirl of arousal to curl around and around in the pit of Cassandra’s tummy. Her clit felt huge as her flesh throbbed and clamoured for attention.

Cassandra very nearly succumbed right there in her friend’s front room, she was desperate to find release from the aching, tormented signals her body was sending to her brain. Cassandra’s nipples were tender points at the tips of her tight breasts, and the heightened sensation of her clothing against her excited teats almost made Cassandra scream with frustration. She was only held in check by decorum and the conventions of society that forbade her to frig herself urgently to a shattering climax right there on Sarah’s sofa. Actually Cassandra wasn’t at all sure that Sarah wouldn’t welcome such a sordid event, but Cassandra made her excuses and left at the earliest opportunity.

As soon as she arrived home, Cassandra merely slumped back on her sofa in the living room, opened her legs wide and just pulled the gusset of her sodden underwear aside. There were no preliminaries; she was far too gone for any such niceties. She couldn’t even make it to her bedroom where her vibrators sat in her bedside drawer. The heat was on her and Cassandra needed to come urgently.

She swirled her fingers around and around her kitty, fingering her slippery opening and rubbing frantically at her clit. Cassandra’s moans and sighs of delight poured from her as she experienced the sublime warmth of her climax blossom quickly. She gasped loudly at the intensity of feeling when the pulses of her orgasm surged. Cassandra’s cunt clenched greedily at her squelching, probing fingers when she rubbed at her elusive g-spot and she called to mind the images of that pretty young thing being so deliciously used.

Cassandra’s climax rolled on and on, one wave after another until, finally, Cassandra lay curled up in a foetal position with her hands clamped tightly between her juice-smeared thighs.

That was Cassandra’s initiation, and from that day she built her own collection of bukkake pornography. Martin had discovered his wife’s penchant for cum films when he had made an unexpected return from work one morning and had found Cassandra gloriously naked on top of the marital bed, a filthy DVD showing on the TV, and with Cassandra diddling her kitty like a teenager as she pressed a vibrator against her clit.

After the initial shock had worn off – at least his wife wasn’t entertaining another man while he was at work – Martin experienced first hand, the dividends of Cassandra’s liking for porn. The subsequent fuck had been one of the most intense, hot and vocal couplings he’d ever experienced with Cassandra.

She’d been insatiable, demanding that Martin fuck her in a variety of positions, and she’d described what she wanted him to do in obscene detail. The finale of that post discovery fuck came when Cassandra literally begged her husband to shoot his cum onto her face. Martin had been surprised at the vehemence of his wife’s unusual request, she was normally so demure, but he complied with her wishes and sprayed her lovely face with the hot stuff while she fingered her pussy casino siteleri and squeezed her firm, pliant breasts.

‘I’m so glad you caught me,’ Cassandra smiled and used the edge of her finger to scoop Martin’s seed into her mouth. ‘I’ve been going insane fucking myself every day with my dildo and imagining having your cum on me like this.’ Cassandra lay back on the rumpled bed and smeared the stray splashes of cum that decorated her sweet, tight tits into her skin. ‘Now that you know, how do you feel?’

‘Well,’ Martin began, ‘it’s a surprise… but a nice fucking surprise.’ He smiled at his wife and kissed her in spite of his goo taste on her tongue. ‘You should’ve told me earlier…’

The sex after that episode was incredible in Martin’s opinion. Cassandra still masturbated while watching her porn, with martin watching alongside her occasionally. While his wife became more and more aroused as she watched the on screen action, Martin would often be busy down between Cassandra’s slim, tanned thighs and would eagerly slurp at her juicy pussy until she came violently on his face.

Martin didn’t deny his wife her pleasures, he analysed it in such a way that he’d rather she watched porn to get herself off at home, rather than have her take a lover. Besides, he really did benefit from Cassandra’s heightened libido, so he had no complaints at all.

It wasn’t until Cassandra’s thirtieth birthday appeared as a distant speck on the horizon that Martin found he was stuck for a gift for Cassandra’s milestone. Then, the seed of an idea formed, a one off experience, a night for his beloved to remember, that might be the answer to his gift dilemma.

Initially Martin disregarded the idea. He didn’t think he’d be able to handle it himself… The jealousy would be too much… He’d have to think again.

The idea just wouldn’t go away; it kept popping into his brain. He did some research, not seriously at first, but as he dug further into his idea, the more he became convinced that he could pull it off. Okay, the jealousy he’d have to handle, and maybe Cassandra herself would balk at the idea, but Martin pressed ahead all the same.

Three weeks before Cassandra’s big day, most of the plan was in place. Martin had advertised on the Internet and had been inundated with replies. He weeded out the time wasters and the wankers until he had a small group of candidates to select from. In the end he chose four men; four men who would bring his wife’s fantasy to life; or so Martin hoped.

Martin had met each of the guys individually and interviewed them in turn. His requirements were simple, but took some achieving by the lucky candidates. He wanted documentary evidence that each was free from any nasty diseases – that was a non negotiable caveat, no proof, no playing with his wife. Also, Martin wanted guys who were heavy cummers. They didn’t have to be hugely endowed, but they had to be able to give Cassandra what she so vocally loved while watching her films. Even better if they were repeaters as well as being able to produce the hot stuff in admirable volumes, more bang for your buck so to speak, Martin thought to himself wryly.

Eventually the plan was laid, the evening was upon them, and Martin took his unsuspecting wife into London and showed her the plush suite he’d booked for the night. He’d left her alone to attend to her toilette and to dress in the elegant evening gown he’d purchased especially for the occasion.

When he entered the bar area of the hotel, Martin was pleased to see his posse scattered around the room posing as disinterested guests. Martin took a whisky to settle his jangling nerves and hopefully calm his swirling stomach. He was as nervous as he could ever recall being in his life. What had he planned? Four men, strangers to her, were going to hopefully make her day and spray hot spunk onto her skin… Would she go for it, or would she slap his face and label him a pervert?

Then it was too late to back out, Cassandra had arrived.


‘Yes…’ Cassandra said and looked quizzically at her husband when he mentioned the porn. ‘What about them? What’s that got to do with tonight?’

‘How…’ Martin coughed to clear his suddenly dry throat. ‘How would you like to be in one of those films? You know… be the “star”, so to speak.’

The seconds stretched out and Cassandra remained quiet. She looked at her husband with a blush creeping up from her décolletage.

‘Get me a drink,’ she murmured in a totally neutral tone and Martin had no idea how his suggestion was being received. ‘What have you got in mind?’ Cassandra asked after a gulp at her wine.

‘Well, I thought… since it’s your thirtieth… and you love those films so much… I just thought I’d try to make your fantasy a reality.’ Martin took his wife’s hand and rushed on blindly. ‘I haven’t just thought it up,’ he explained. ‘It’s taken me a long time to get to this point…’ He looked into Cassandra’s face, ‘I’ve thought long and hard… slot oyna Especially about how I’d feel… but I can handle it… I can handle seeing you… being used.’

His voice trailed away at the tail end of the sentence and it was that final word that fired Cassandra’s perpetually simmering lust.

‘Used,’ he’d said. The suggestion that her husband would allow her to be used by men in the way in which those girls on the films were used… Cassandra’s sex flushed hot at the thought and the liquid warmth of her arousal spread upwards to the pit of her stomach while Cassandra quickly imagined the scene of debauchery she could be involved in.

She trusted Martin implicitly – he was a good man, if he’d planned her little treat… Well then she knew with unshakable confidence that he would have done a good job. Every detail would be considered, nothing left to chance…

Martin stood quietly agitated and awaited a response. He took a quick glance at the men who were waiting patiently for his signal, but was interrupted by his wife’s voice:

‘How many? She asked her voice heavy with the burgeoning lust. ‘How many men?’

‘Four,’ Martin croaked in reply.

Cassandra drained the glass and indicated that she wanted a second. ‘Okay,’ she said simply and nodded her head. ‘The five of you… I want you and the other four to use me like a dirty, cum crazy whore…’ She looked into her husband’s eyes. ‘It isn’t going to be pretty, Martin,’ she whispered. ‘I hope you’re not too shocked, but I’m going to enjoy this present… I’m going to really let loose.’

Martin swallowed heavily when he heard his wife’s words. Nevertheless, he gave the signal and the group moved towards the hotel foyer as one.

‘Hi boys,’ Cassandra smiled as the lift doors closed on the small party and ascended to their allotted floor, and the men grinned back at Cassandra, nodding their greetings.

When Martin opened the door to the suite Cassandra was surprised to see that another man was already inside. Then the penny dropped, he was going to record the whole thing. The man had set up lighting equipment, with various cameras and tripods situated at strategic positions around the room.

‘Happy birthday,’ Martin smiled nervously. ‘I hope you have a great time.’

There was the sound of a popping champagne cork and Colin; a fair-haired guy in is thirties poured the foaming liquid into the flutes.

‘Happy birthday, Cassie,’ the men chorused when everyone had a glass in their hand, and Cassandra smiled broadly, delighted at being the centre of attention and the recipient of the toast.

‘Colin, Neil, Patrick and Gary,’ Martin introduced the men to his wife. ‘Over there is Phillip, he’ll be filming the fun…’ Martin looked at his wife again, ‘If that’s okay, of course?’ he added.

‘Yes indeedy,’ Cassandra affirmed, her eyes shining with the effect of the lewd situation and the wine.

There was a momentary awkwardness where it seemed that no one really knew how to kick off the proceedings. Cassandra herself set the wheels in motion by calling out to Phillip: ‘Are you ready to roll?’ When Phillip nodded his head and lifted a camera to his face, Cassandra lifted the hem of her dress high and showed the men her stockings and filmy black thong. ‘Come and get me, boys,’ Cassandra shouted, ‘show me those lovely cocks.’

A short time later Cassandra was holding her arms above her head while Gary and Patrick eased her dress up, mindful of the lady’s carefully sculpted hair as they pulled the dress over Cassandra’s head. Both men were naked and Cassandra quickly grasped their long, swinging cocks in her fists once they’d divested her of her clothing.

As Cassandra’s hands moved back and forth along the two guys’ hard cocks, the longhaired Neil was behind her and was easing her tiny thong down past her hips and down her slim thighs.

Martin watched as the men quickly and competently stripped his beautiful wife down to just her lingerie. He felt his guts squeeze when he saw the look of utter delight on Cassandra’s face. The jealousy surged through his body, but Martin fought it back down. He had instigated this, it was all his doing and so he would just have to hang on for the ride.

Phillip was moving around the group with his camera, catching every detail of the opening moments of Cassandra’s birthday surprise. He went completely unnoticed by the birthday girl as she kissed first one and then another of her suitors.

She kept up her manipulation of both Gary and Patrick as she kissed each of her new lovers deeply. Cassandra’s ardour was hot and wet between her thighs and her nipples and clit ached to be kissed, licked, sucked and even bitten. The feeling of having these two hard cocks in her hands simultaneously was beyond compare in Cassandra’s experience so far.

She sighed with the pleasure of it all when she felt hands roaming all over her tingling body. She had no idea whose hands were squeezing her breasts or pinching the canlı casino siteleri hard, quickly reddening tips of her nipples. While her body was being caressed and fondled, Cassandra was forced to widen the gap between her feet as yet another hand probed between her legs.

‘Shit, she’s fucking slippery,’ Colin whispered in awe as his fingers slid through the sick folds of Cassandra’s sex.

He expertly split Cassandra’s labia and fingered the tight knobble of her clitoris. A gasp hissed from Cassandra’s mouth as Colin fingered her, and she widened her stance yet further to accommodate the man’s wonderfully attentive fingers further.

‘That’s good… so good,’ Cassandra purred. ‘I want one of you to lick me…please, use your tongue on me.’

Quickly, the men led Cassandra to the bed. Phillip kept up with the group and managed to get into a position where he could film Neil as he held Cassie’s legs wide and lowered his mouth to her sex.

The woman hissed loudly when Neil flicked his tongue against the nub of her clit. She ran her fingers through his long hair and pushed her sex harder onto the man’s face.

‘Eat me, eat my cunt,’ she groaned.

Martin heard the obscenity from his wife and, in spite of his curdling guts, found he was stiffening quickly himself. He watched; a mere observer as Neil tongued his wife into a frenzy. He pulled at his cock when Colin and Gary knelt at either side of Cassandra’s head and then took turns at feeding her their stiff cocks.

Cassandra’s moans and groans of pleasure were muffled as the men used her mouth. She tried to concentrate on the cocks that were pushed between her lips, but such was the intensity of the sensations that Neil was bringing to her sex with his fast, agile tongue that Cassandra simply let the two men fuck her mouth while she surrendered herself to a quick, sharp climax.

Cassandra pushed the men from her body after her initial orgasm had subsided. Her hair was already a tangle from where she had writhed and thrashed against Neil’s tongue. Her make up was a ruin and her lipstick was smeared across her face as Cassandra wiped at the trails of slippery precum that the two men had painted on her with their slippery cocks.

‘Is this what you expected, Martin?’ Cassandra whispered to her husband. ‘Did you expect me to be such a slut?’ She walked to her husband and took his thick cock from his hand. ‘Thank you for this, baby,’ she sighed and stroked his length slowly. ‘It’s a wonderful, wonderful present… I’m so lucky to have you.’

Cassandra squatted in front of her husband and slurped drool over the dome of his cock head. Martin groaned when his wife’s warm mouth enveloped the tip of his cock and he pushed his fingers through her long hair and pulled the remaining strands loose from where they’d been pinned only a quarter of an hour earlier.

Cassandra let her husband’s cock plop wetly from her lips when she saw Phillip’s camera out of the corner of her eye. She smiled into the lens and licked her lips lasciviously as she slid the smears of the clinging precum around her cheeks with her fingers. Cassandra played up to the camera like a well-seasoned porn star. She loved the way she was feeling right at that moment. She was totally uninhibited, totally free to indulge herself and she intended to use the situation fully.

‘Happy birthday to me,’ she giggled and then left her husband to stroke his own cock while she went in search of fresh meat.

Soon Cassandra was knelt on the carpet and had four eager cocks vying for her attention. ‘Now now, boys,’ she scolded playfully. ‘One at a time… I’ll suck each one of your lovely cocks, but only one at a time… for now.’

With a wink Cassandra took Colin’s thick cock into her mouth. She made a show of making the end of his cock slippery with her saliva and she probed at the eye of his cock with the tip of her tongue. Colin groaned as Cassandra swirled her tongue around and around his cock head and at the same time used her hand to pump at the base of his root.

Leaving Colin in a state of impending climax, Cassie moved on to the next waggling cock, this one belonged to Patrick. Patrick too, was soon groaning as Cassandra drooled and slobbered over his erection. He looked down at the beautiful woman as she knelt in front of him and he felt his cum begin its inexorable surge.

‘Oh fuck…’ Patrick called; too late to stop the thick arc of his semen as it flew almost gracefully through the air to splash heavily onto Cassandra’s forehead and the bridge of her nose.

Cassandra gave a startled cry when the hot splash hit her face and the first jet was quickly followed by several more. Gamely though, no sooner had Patrick’s spurting subsided to a trickle from the end of his cock, than Cassandra turned her attention to the next penis in line.

With thick ropes of spunk clinging to her dark hair and with Patrick’s offering trickling obscenely down her face and cheeks, Cassandra sucked at Gary’s long cock.

It only took a minute or so of Cassandra’s oral attention before Gary grunted and let fly with his own fat load. Cassandra was better prepared this time and opened her mouth to offer her tongue to Gary’s spitting cock.



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