Cape Cod Summer {Based on a true story}I was 25 yo. I am about 5’9’ tall.160 lbs. My name is Kenny. I am straight in that I like girls…until that summer of love. My pal D. invited me to go work with him down Cape Cod {CC}for the spring / summer. He knew a few guys down there so off we went. My GF of 3 yrs had been cheating on me so she pretty much dumped me. It hurt butt I knew lots of hot babes go down {CC} in the summer. This older guy that he knew had a job at a motel. He was the full time manager so he gave us a room to share in the main office & it was all pretty nice. We worked around the motel for a few wks and went to the many bars & nightclubs in the area. In case you never been to CC, there are a few gay communities down there. I meet a few babes but did not score butt our boss did & let us know about it. The motel owner made us leave after about one month of hard work getting the motel ready for the long hot summer. We began roughing it. Camp sites , couch surfing and staying at other places & sleeping in his car. Butt we had money & soon had part time jobs. I worked in a classy restaurant as kitchen help and then as bus boy sharing tips{tee hee} with other guys & gals. My pal was working as a parking lot manager. We kept hitting clubs when we could afford too. The owner of this restaurant was obviously gay and easy to work for. He was about 6 ‘ tall. 200 lbs. Slight chubby tummy but nice looking. He gave me some extra jobs and even asked me to stay at his condo a few times. This is when the long story begins.D & me met a few babes and he moved in with one. She let me sleep in her extra BedRoom {BR}. She had a few parties and I met a hot girl whom I though liked me. Now my pal was getting laid all the time and soon I would be too. Butt not with her. We dated butt she had a BF in NJ. I was a bit sad butt the worse happened and now I got nowhere to sleep, except the car of D. parked in her driveway. She wanted D. all to herself. She did let me shower there.My employer Fred {F} heard of my dilemma and insisted that I move in with him until I got a place to live. That night I slept at his condo. I had a tiny BR that his roommate had previously lived in. F. and me chatted for a long time about life & sex & life an more sex. I was getting quite excited by our sex words. My 5.5 inches was rock hard in my pants. It was getting late and we each prepared for bed. I had on my shorts , way too short cut off jeans. aydın escort F. walked around in a see through male nightgown. We smoked a few joints and sat next to each other on the love seat { Blushing}. I confided in him that I was really inexperienced butt oh so horny. I also said that I never had gay sex or even thought about gay sex. He laughed then said, ” It’s pretty much what they all say”.I was so stoned when he asked me if I wanted a massage. Which I did and soon I was lying down on his bed in my shorts. He gave the best massage and talked very softly to me asking me a lot of sexual questions. I began getting a hard on so lying down was getting more uncomfortable as my hard cock hit my jean zipper. He asked me to flip over but I hesitated. “K. I bet you have a hard on. Don’t you? It’s OK. It’s natural. Just us 2 boys in this big comfortable bed. I can help you”.I asked how and he rubbed my back very low then told me to unzip which I did. He began lowering my shorts but I stopped him. “Please F. I am not into gay sex”. He assured me all was OK and he wanted to give me a full body massage. “Lift up for me will you?” I did and soon my shorts were off and I was naked in his sheets. He had me doing deep breaths as he rubbed me from head to toe. “Honey. You have a fine ass. Really kind of plump butt with muscles. A real girly type ass”. I blushed and thanked him for the praise. My boner softened so the massage was much more comfortable. He then rubbed my butt ,kneading my cheeks and ever so daintily fingered around my hole. I was totally relaxed as he rubbed my body. He then sat on my upper legs and rubbed harder. I felt his covered cock touch against my boy butt. I was so at ease as he lifted his nightgown up and his bare cock was into my ass crack. He pressed in more. I began to press back. Damn. I was hot & horny. ”This feels wonderful” I cooed. He then lay down upon me rubbing himself on my body. His cock riding in my ass cheeks.I am not gay. This is just so natural & beautiful. I just need to get laid. Be careful of your thoughts {Blushing}. He began kissing my neck .Holding me tighter with his hands around my front. He asked me to raise up my ass. He then wrapped his hand around my hard cock,while his other hand stroked my breast. I moaned loudly. “Do you like this massage”? I said sure and moaned again .He was dry humping my ass while I was pushing my ass back onto his cock. . He turned balıkesir escort me over and removed his nightgown. I saw his 7 inch hard on. I was attracted.It was long thick & handsome. He looked at my 5.5 inches and said, ” What a cutie. Pink and white. All puffed out and proud. Let me help you”. I blushed some more and thanked him again. He placed a pillow under my ass and then He smiled at me. I smiled back like a virgin bride on her wedding night. He grabbed my cock and put his lips and mouth all around me. I moaned and sighed, “MMMM. Wow“. Resistance is now futile. He licked me up & down. Rubbed my balls. I was leaking as he sucked happily. He licked my cock then held my hard balls { hee hee} as he fingered around my asshole. I am letting a guy blow me and I love it. My body shook a bit as my toes curled. “MMMM AH .MMM.I love this F. This is heaven. Suck me F. Lick me honey”. {Did I just call him Honey?} He kept sucking my cock crown with his luscious full lips. I was sighing moaning and purring like a pussycat or is that pussy. LOL.I felt this tingling in my lower spine. It was sending shock currents up to my brain. Hot chills and thrills shook my body.Shivers. He sucked and slurped my cock as I shot my sperm into his hot wet mouth. “AAAHHHH .OHHH. WOW. Man. So much the BEST. MMMM . WOW. “I sent 3 large ropes down his throat {He later told me} and he kept sucking my cock crown milking all my boy juice into his hungry mouth. He knew exactly when to stop and looked up at me smiling. He rose above me and asked, ” So honey how did you like”?“F. It was the best thrill ever. Can we do this every night”? F. said,” Day too.” We laughed together. He had sperm on his lips, mouth and he rubbed some on his face. He looked so manly so masculine so handsome with my sperm all over his face. I said to him, ”Cum here and give me a kiss Sweetheart ”. I felt so vulnerable. So needy. So girly. My man just made me cum off. We kissed like lovers do. {Which we were}. Our tongues entwined. My sperm being shared back into my mouth. We kissed for minutes that lasted forever. I came back to reality feeling his rock hard cock bumping on my softy. I reached down feeling his hardness.His was the first cock that I ever felt. It was so hard,warm and smooth.It was perfect and perfect for me.My masculinity departed forever.My world consisted of this hard cock in my hand. I knew what was happening next. I wanted escort bayan it. I wanted his cock in my body. I held his cock as he sort of lay next to me. It was all so natural & normal to me. ”F. You want to put your cock inside me? Fuck me up my ass?”He replied,” Yes Honey. I want to have intercourse with you. This will be our normal intercourse from now on. I want to fill your tight body with my sperm . Now hop back up on your pillow & spread your legs Baby.“ I did. He got the lube and began fingering my hole. Slowly gently. He moved up to me. I took a long hard stare at his cock.He was handsome with a thick crown with a few shallow veins. All purple.Pink.And hard. So hard. I was eveready. I joked saying,” I want to put lipstick on your dipstick”. We both laughed. I was scared butt began doing my breathing exercise. He mounted me. My legs was open . He lubed me real good then himself as he probed around my hole as he tried different positions to get inside me. My cock was so soft. He got that crown almost in me. We changed angles a bit as he pressed and I opened wide as my virgin hole would open. He held my ass with one hand while he guided into me. It was in adjusting the crown that he pushed and I lifted up my offering to him, my anal virginity. Inch by inch. It’s a cinch. It hurt as he popped my barrier and 2 inches were inside me. He slowly fed me my hard treasure. It was painful but the lube helped. I moved a little and squirmed as he had 5 in me. Then all 7 in me as he bottomed out. I sighed and we got in a comfortable position as he fucked me. Slowly he fucked me and the pain grew less. I wrapped my legs around his back as I felt the first sparks of true pleasure.“Fuck me F. Make me your lover .Your BF.Or GF. Make me yours.I am finally getting laid on CC“. He said, ”And getting laid the right way.I bet you have wanted this all your life. How does my cock feel in you Honey? Do you like a mans cock invading your ass?”I did. ”F.I loves this. You feel so good in me. Please do me every night“. His was pumping me harder. I was lifting to meet some of his strokes. I smiled to my self as his big cock explored my most private hole. I saw myself in a wedding dress with F. carrying me in his big strong arms. We held each others ass cheeks as he pumped me with fury. I felt my own wetness as my softy leaked on my tummy. He groaned a few times and I moaned as I felt his hot sperm hit inside me. Throbbing and twitching. I felt the electricity in my body again. So real. So natural. So fine. We held each other close then French kissed for many minutes as he softened in me and plopped out.. I felt his sperm leak out. We sighed. I moaned & cooed. It was wonderful to get laid on CC.T B Continued



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