CAMPING WITH FRIENDSIt was going to be a wonderful weekend! The wife and I were headed for the shore and some camping and fishing. We enjoyed sleeping in a tent on our new air mattress’s and waking up to a campfire breakfast. The small lake we were going to was also perfect for our small boat for fishing The lake was not a popular one because it did not have big sandy beaches. But it did have a beach in “our” spot. It took about an hour to get there. We stopped to let the owner of the property know that we would be there for the weekend. As usual he told us welcome. He and his wife waved as we drove through the small trail to our camp spot. It didn’t take long to set up our tent and launch the boat. I took the boat out for a bit and my lovely wife started the campfire and lunch. She had told me I better catch something or we may have to eat canned beans every meal! She wasn’t joking, other than some fixings for the fish we did not bring any other main course items. I had some luck right off and landed some panfish for lunch. Returning to camp, I saw my wife was in a sundress and was standing on the shore waiting for me. She was particularly beautiful as the sun shone through her dress, outlining her figure. It was enough to make my mind start thinking about skipping the fish and go straight to the pussy for lunch. But she had a table set for the fish cleaning so I went to work on them My wife loves outdoors cooking and is excellent at it. Fresh game, mammal, fish or fowl, she can make it delicious. We had finished lunch and were in the boat rowing around the shore when we noticed another tent set up not too far from ours. As we passed, a woman on the shore waved and we waved back. We had a bit of exercise rowing and stopped to fish some more. And again we had luck. We caught some tasty catfish for supper and headed back. The sun was warm but not hot and the evening preparations needed to be done. I set to work gathering firewood as she prepared to cook the fish. Sweating a lot, I chopped up the firewood to last the night and most ot the next night. I went to my wife and she insisted that I take a dip in the lake and handed me a towel and soap. The small beach where we were camped was good for a quick cleaning and I took my lake bath. Drying off, I walked nude the few yards to the camp. I was just reaching in our bags for some pants and a shirt when I heard my wife say “Hello” to someone. I turned to see a man and woman coming into our camp. Here I was naked and not expecting any company. I bent to retrieve my pants when I heard someone giggle. Putting my pants on, I turned to see the woman who had waved at us earlier and a man with her.. I apologized and blushed. I had not blushed for many years but this was really unexpected. My wife also apologized and explained that I had just had a dip in the lake to clean up. The couple said they understood and apologized for intruding. Having so many apologies in such a short time made all of us kind of laugh. We introduced ourselves, “I’m Larry and this is my wife Mary” I told them. The man introduced his wife “this is my wife Anna and I am Ted” he told us. “We saw you rowing past us earlier and thought we’d drop in to say hello”. Mary and I both thanked them for stopping in and we were glad to meet them. Anna seemed to be a little shy and Ted was more outgoing. After a quick chat, we found out they lived in another town nearby and also had come here to camp a few times. They liked it because it was secluded, private and just nice. A place to get away from it all. We all agreed that it was all of that. Mary was starting to fix the supper of catfish and cornbread when she asked if they would like to join us. “ We have plenty to eat” she told them, “and it would be nice to have company here now and then”. Ted and Anna agreed and we all sat and chatted while Mary continued cooking. Not that it took much cooking, she had already started the meal when our new neighbors had arrived. Soon we were sitting in folding camp chairs and eating a wonderful camp supper! Soon we were sated with the delicious meal and were relaxed. Dusk was upon us and it was nearly the end of the day. We all chatted a bit and then Ted and Anna said they were headed back to their own camp and would be happy to host us for breakfast in the morning. We accepted and all said good night to our new camp pals. We both watched as they walked away.“Nice ass” Mary suddenly said. “I didn’t notice” I told her, but she smiled and poked me “the hell you didn’t! Anna has a nice butt too and I know you noticed”. With that she grabbed my crotch and said “See your cock noticed too”. Indeed I had and it was true Anna had a very nice butt. “Were you commenting about Anna’s butt or Ted’s?” I asked her. “Both” she said, “they both have great asses and I bet he has more than a nice ass”. “Anna also has some rather nice boobs too” I told my wife. “Maybe she will let you see them” she told me. “And maybe Ted has something to show you too” I laughed. We hugged and kissed and finished cleaning up the supper mess. It was totally dark now and it was still early. I told my wife “Maybe we can go ask if they would like a nightcap?” Mary agreed and told me to go ask. I’ll clean up a bit while you are gone” she told me. I walked into the woods down a small trail using a flashlight and approached the other camp. As I got near I heard them talking and turned off my light while I got close enough to listen. “What do you think dear? Anna asked Ted and he replied “I don’t know, they are certainly good looking enough to entertain illegal bahis but they didn’t act interested in a good time tonight.” “Ted you didn’t notice Larry and Mary checking out our asses as we moved around?” “I thought maybe they did but didn’t want to say anything “Ted replied. “Well we can find out tomorrow at breakfast” Anna told him. At that point I moved back into the woods a few paces, turned my light back on and made some noise as I approached their camp again “Hello the camp” I called and both turned towards me. What I did not see earlier because of the woods was that Anna was on her knees in front of Ted. “Oh Pardon me” I told them, now totally embarrassed. “I was just stopping by to see if you would join us for a night cap. But if you are busy I understand.” Anna stood up and Ted made motions to button his pants then turned to me. “Umm Anna, would you like to have a nightcap with our friends here?” Anna seemed more embarrassed but told him it’s OK with me. I told them to come on over when you are ready and we’ll put some music on make a few drinks and look at the stars as we talked. Then I left and went back to our camp.“Are they coming?” Mary asked I told her “Oh they are definitly cumming!” “Maybe more than once!” Mary looked at me funny with a puzzled look on her face. Then suddenly a big grin on her face as she realized what I had said. “You don’t mean—” she asked. “Yes indeed dear .Anna was on her knees when I got to the camp and Ted had to button up fast! I apologized and offered them a drink, some music and the stars. They said they would come over So put on some music and bring the loungers out so we can all relax and look up at the stars”. Mary set about with a smile on her face. “what are you smiling about babe?” I asked her. “Well do you suppose they would like a little more entertaining than a drink and music? I mean if you interrupted them they may want to have a little more fun. And I certainly wouldn’t mind either.” My lovely wife had a mischievous side that we both enjoyed. As we talked a voice behind us said “Oh I think we ALL could have some extra fun if you two are up for it.” Ted and Anna had just heard what Mary had said and were all grins. We all laughed a bit and started to talk about ourselves a bit. “Anna and I enjoy the company of friends like ourselves “ Ted said then “I certainly do” Anna chimed in. The shyness I had assumed earlier was fading fast. “ So sorry Larry interrupted you two earlier “ Mary said and I agreed. “I must apologize, I heard you talking when I approached and kind of sneaked up on you. I did not get to see you until I actually walked into the light of your campfire. Ted, I’m sorry I interrupted your fun.”Ted laughed and said “It was just as much her fun as mine” giggling Anna nodded “I like the taste.” she admitted. “So do I” Mary agreed. “In fact I’d like to see all of us have a taste”. At that comment the clothes of the ladies were quickly taken off. Mary had on only the yellow sundress, Anna had on shorts and a blouse. Ted and I didn’t waste any time either. I only had on a T shirt and jeans, no underwear. Ted had some loose fitting pants on and underwear that was bulging very nicely. As he dropped his pants Anna approached him and pulled out his thick member. She looked as Mary and I as she took him in her mouth. Mary took a hint and quickly had my cock deep in her throat also! Ted looked at us and commented “Mary sure knows what a man wants” I agreed that she did indeed love a cock in her mouth as well as I enjoyed having it there. Anna looked over and asked Mary “Want to share that with me? I’ll share Ted if you like.” Mary, being the little cock lover she is, simply moved over to Anna and now Ted had two mouths on his dick. I stroked my cock a bit and moved over closer to the action. Mary and Anna both reached out and started stroking me together. “Don’t make him cum too fast ladies” Ted told them. “Don’t you worry mister, Larry has the ability to keep going until he is completely empty. His record is 4 cums! “ Mary told them. Then she went back to Teds cock with vigor. Anna turned to me and said “Can I have the first one? Please Mary?” Mary nodded and Anna took me deep throat and started pumping. Seeing my wife sucking the other cock and having his wife blowing me made me really excited. I felt the cum start to move up the shaft and I tried in vain to hold back. It shot out into Anna’s throat as she swallowed rope after rope of hot cum. Some made it’s way down onto her cheeks and tits. Ted took Mary’s head in his hands and pumped his cock into her as he moaned. Mary gagged a little then made swallowing sounds as he exploded in her throat! Soon we all sat back and relaxed. We laid back on our lounger while Ted and Anna did the same on the other one. Mary got up and walked to them and leaned down and kissed Anna. Anna, not taken aback a bit kissed her back. Thoroughly enjoying it. She then leaned over to kiss Ted. Anna came to me and gave me a big wet kiss too. I tasted some of my cum on her as I kissed her deep and hard. Mary was doing the same with Ted. We all were smiling and relaxing with a drink in a few minutes and talking about all of us. “Great of you two to host us.” Ted said. “Yes it was very nice to get to know you so quickly” Anna exclaimed. This is not how we usually camp. We usually go to a hotel where we can clean up after a good cum. But this is fun. Not too much to clean up after a blowjob!” We all laughed at that and Ted said, wait a few minutes and we will give you ladies something to really clean up! “ illegal bahis siteleri Again we laughed but Mary said “What do you have in mind Ted? Maybe something a bit harder to clean than just your cock? Which, by the way, I really enjoyed. And by the sounds of it and the look on Larry’s face he enjoyed it too!” “Well I am looking forward to being messy” Anna told us all! With that she turned to face us and put her butt in Ted’s face. He started licking and sucking her ass and fingered her pussy. Anna made moaning sounds and pushed her holes to his face. Soon Mary had done the same to me. I always enjoyed eating a delicious pussy, especially when it was excited and wet like she was now. It wasn’t long before both women had a shaking orgasm and our faces were coated with cunt juice! The ladies moved away and Ted and I licked our lips. Anna came to me and put her freshly eaten pussy into my face as Mary did the same to Ted. The whole licking and sucking was repeated. As we once again relaxed the ladies were still not satisfied. They moved to our laps and took our cocks in their hands, stroking then licking and sucking. Anna even fingered my butt for me. I was getting hard rapidly and Ted was already there! Mary looked at me, Anna looked at ted and both impaled themselves on our cocks at the same time. Bouncing on our laps us men never had a chance to hold back. Eating pussy, seeing our wives swap cocks and seeing them suck us both off made us both cum fast! I filled Anna’s cunt full of hot cum and Ted almost at the same time, filled Mary’s. Both ladies seemed to really love it. As Ted and I shrunk once again the ladies stood up, and with cum dripping from full cunts, walked to their man and leaned us back and sat on our face. Once more we were sucking pussy. But this time the pussies were full of cum. Each others cum. I did not hesitate and licked and sucked as much cum from my wife as I could. Ted appeared to be doing the same with Anna. She was squealing and wiggling and then she had another orgasm. Stronger than before, she filed Ted’s sucking mouth with her cum and mine. Ted kept eating and swallowing until she was finished. She moved over to my wife and kissed her as she also suddenly squirted the entire contents of her snatch into my sucking mouth. “What’s for dessert ladies?” he asked. Mary and Anna both told him “CREAMPIE” at the same time! We all laughed as I dozed off in the summer air. Mary, still in my arms also dozed. Wakening sometime in the middle of the night I moved away from Mary and made my way to the water to pee. I was just shaking the last drops away when Ted walked up. “here let me do that for you “ he said. I turned to him and he not only shook my cock dry but stroked it too. I noticed he had a boner so I returned the favor. “Do you really cum 4 times in a night?” he asked me. I assured him I had and would again. “So how about now? Want to cum for me? “ He bent to his knees and stuck my cock into his mouth and started sucking. I was not shocked, after all, we had both just eaten each others cum from our wives. No reason not to feed each other directly I was deep in his mouth when I shot my load! He swallowed every drop and stood up. I caught my breath and bent to suck him off too. His cock was not a whole lot bigger than mine but it was harder. I sucked it deep in my mouth, ran my tongue the length of it, my fingers found his ass and I slid one finger tn and wiggled it around. That did it. He shot a nice load deep in my throat and I ate every drop. Standing up I heard clapping. Looking behind us, we saw in the moonlight, our wives applauding! “Great job guys! You two looked like you really enjoyed that! “ Anna said. “Oh Larry does enjoy blowjobs! Giving them and getting them. But you already know he loves to cum in a mouth.” Anna agreed, “Ted loves a hot cock now and then too! “ Giggling and having a good laugh we returned to our camp. Morning and our guests were gone to their own camp. Mary and I took a quick dip in the lake, where I managed to diddle her with my finger a bit, just to wake her up and then dried each other off, donned some clothes and made our way to the other camp for our invited breakfast. Arriving, we found Anna making pancakes as Ted was getting the paper plates and plastic forks out.Hope everyone slept well Ted announced. “Anna and I were still a little worked up so we did 69 to really wear us out! We slept liked bears in the winter.” I told him “well we were pretty tired so we went straight to sleep.” Mary giggled and told us all “ I sucked Larry’s cock while he was sleeping. He didn’t cum though”. And I thought it was all just a nice dream! As Anna finished the cooking we all sat around a small folding table. Pancakes, syrup and eggs! Tons of coffee too. We ate quickly without much conversation. One pancake left and Anna said “Anyone want to eat that?” No answer but Mary reached down to my crotch and said to stand up. I did and in a few seconds had my cock in her mouth. She told Anna to give her the pancake and syrup. She did and Mary put syrup on the pancake, wrapped my now hard cock in it and started jacking me off with the combination. It felt amazingly good! Ted and Anna were staring at her and I. Lips licking and mouths starting to water. After a minute or so I told Mary I was about to cum. She looked up and told the others, “who wants some cum covered syrup and pancake?” Ted quickly followed his wife to me and as they both ate the pancake around my cock I shot my load. Right into Mary’s open mouth! She had moved to intercept the cum shot! canlı bahis siteleri All three now had a messy face with cum, syrup and pancake on them! The ladies moved up to my face and kissed me. Ted stayed down and cleaned up my cock while the ladies shared the delicious mess with each other and me. Later we all went fishing. We all caught a few and had a delicious shore lunch and then some steak for supper! Surf and turf out in the wild! Great eating. And the dessert was delicious too! Pussy filled with cock and cum makes a great dessert. The next day we packed up and headed to our homes. We had made arrangements to play some more the next weekend. Anna and Ted said they had some friends that would enjoy our outdoors adventures too! We were looking forward to meeting all of them. Mary especially was looking forward to seeing me suck more cocks and she was looking forward to being fucked more times! I must admit, I was looking forward to the same things. That and Mary had expressed a desire to feel two big hard cocks up her pussy next weekend. Yes it was looking like a whole new outdoors adventure was going to start! We spent the next two days buying more camping gear. A much bigger tent, port a pottie and an outdoor shower that used sunlight to warm the water. We didn’t buy the enclosure for it The next weekend we arrived early and set up camp. Mary prepared lunch for us and some for the others when they arrived. Ted and Anna came in first and we invited them to share our campsite and tent. They quickly agreed and moved in. About an hour later another guy showed up and we were introduced to Tom. He was a tall, skinny black man with impeccable manners. As we talked, Anna grabbed his cock through his pants. She looked at Ted, then Tom then me and opened his fly and out popped a very long but average thickness cock She had him in her mouth when two ladies walked in. Announced themselves to Mary and I and Ted and Anna, whose mouth was stuffed with Tom’s cock nodded her greeting. Ted moved to the ladies and kissed them both. With a hand on each butt, he said to welcome Sally, the blond and Martha, the redhead. Both were our age and looked absolutely gorgeous! Especially the Redhead Martha. Mary asked them point blank “Do you eat pussy and cum?” To which they replied “Of course we do!” Then turned to Mary and hugged her, grabbing her ass and one hand in her pants on her pussy already! These ladies wasted no time! Just as I thought things wouldn’t be any better than this another man walked in. “Hi folks, I’m Jim’. He walked up to Ted and shook his hand with one hand while grabbing Ted by the crotch with the other. Right then I introduced myself to Jim by grabbing his ass and cock. Jim let go of Ted’s ass and grabbed me by my cock. I started swelling immediately. Ted was already hard so I pulled his pants down and,, while looking at the others, pulled out his hard cock and sucked him till he shot his first load of the day! The guys and gals all watched as I ate Teds cum. When I stood up I noticed that Tom had his hand in Sally’s pussy. His whole hand! Sally had her hand on his cock and Martha was breathing hard with Tom’s head in her cunt! And such a pretty cunt it was! Shaved just enough that a fringe of red hair covered her pussy. She was gorgeous! Pretty quickly all of us were in our big tent laying on the mattress’s and enjoying everything each of us had to offer! Then yet another guy opened the tent flap. He told us he was Bill. He watched as thee ladies started it off inside with tongues in pussies. Every pussy had another gals tongue in it! The guys were laying out mouth to cock in a daisy chain. I’m afraid it got pretty noisy when everyone started to cum! But soon we all were good friends and having a great time. We all agreed that the best sex is when everyone gets to lick suck, and fuck everyone and nobody cares who cums where or with who. It was soon noted, however, that there was an extra guy here. Mary announced she wanted him—and any of the other guys, to fuck her hole! DP, DVP all were in play with her. She just wanted cock in her and lots of it! Needless to say she took the two newest guys first. Both in her cunt, rubbing cocks inside her, made her cum multiple times. The cocks finally got to the point where they both unloaded. First one then that triggered the other to double fill my wife’s greedy cunt with hot cum. It was flowing down to her asshole so Ted took his cock and up her ass it went! I was about to eat that double creampie when Sally and Martha pushed me out of the way and took turns licking and sucking up every drop of cum! Ted filled my wife’s ass with his cum and Sally went for that load! Martha was being licked and fucked by Tom and Jim one in each hole. I decided to really fill her up and fucked her mouth till we all shot our loads! The weekend went really fast and we all agreed to meet again. But this time in a nice hotel suite. We all chipped in and in three weeks met up for more of the same. This went on for a year. Then Ted got transferred, Sally and Jim got married and Tom and Bill decided to shack up for awhile. Mary and I were still horny all the time and whenever possible we hosted any or all of our friends who were in town. Tom still dropped in now and then to fuck Mary and blow me or both at the same time. Bill only stopped by to come along with Tom. He loved to see Tom fuck Mary but always insisted that he eat the cum. He always enjoyed showing us how to take Tom’s long cock down his throat and up his ass too! None of us had been able to deep throat Tom, although we all tried and he always would cum in our mouths for us. That’s about all for now. I’ve got to shower, and empty out before Tom gets here . I’m going to do my best to deep throat him and then let him fuck my ass! Here’s wishing me luck!



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