Camp friend doby williacjI was invited me up north one weekend, Nicole and I made reservations on Friday and we drove up to Mystic Lake and we pitched a tent up on a hill overlooking the river. she looked amazing in her black bikini top tight blue jean short shorts and platform flip flops.I tried not to look at her chest and she eventually noticed.”hey my eyes are up here” she chuckled waving her hand in front of my face. I leaned over and gave her a hug”you look good” I told her. When we were finished setting the tent up we started a campfire and roasted marshmallows and danced to a song that was playing on my radio I brought with us.Later on it began to get dark”looks like we’d better go in” she says. We put the campfire out and headed inside. I unzip the tent and let her go in first,the tent is huge, she had an full size air mattress covered with heavy blankets and two pillows. she handed me a pillow and I grabbed the blankets spread them out over us.”thank you for coming up here with me” she says looking over at me.“who wouldn’t spend time with a nice gal like you?” I replied.“i know this is kinda forward but do you wanna have a little butt naked fun?” she asked.“you’re joking right?”“I’m serious,butt naked fun.”she says scooting closer to me.”a tent,comforter, two people under a thick blanket=butt naked fun” bahis firmaları she says wrapping her arms around my neck. I put my arms around her waist and we start tongue kissing. We grabbing and taking each other’s clothes off and 15 minutes later we’re lying on top of each other naked kissing and fondling. I’m fingering her pussy as she’s kissing me,she runs her fingers back and forth across my back.“bend your ass over” I demanded,patting her ass. Nicole got on all fours in front of me and I pressed my cock knob against her pussy flaps and slowly slid my dick up her tight pussy I closed my eyes and start fucking her, she put her head down.I grabbed her waist and started humpin’ away on her,I looked down at that ass and watched it slap loudly again my legs.”uhhhh nicole take it all” I muttered. I grabbed her by the waist and rammed myself into her.I leaned down and kissed her on the ears and neck. I grabbed her shoulders and drove my dick deeper.”ohh my god ohhhh ooohhh”she stammered. she was getting dicked down,I slowed my thrust and poked that pussy from angle,her pussy queefed several times.”ohhhhhh uhhhhhhmpfff freaking-” she gasped”uhhghh you’re enjoyin this butt naked fun aren’t you?” “fun stands for fucking up nicole” I said. She put her head down and pushed her ass against my cock”oh yeah fuck that kaçak iddaa pussy” she pleaded”nothin’ like butt naked fun right?” I really didn’t want to stop fucking her but I knew I was going to blow my load soon. I pulled out and got on top of her”umphhh nicole shit!” i grunted burrowing my dick deep up in that pussy.”feel that?”“uhhhhhh huhhhh” she pleaded as she wrapped her legs around my waist”don’t pull that dick out…ever!” this dick wasn’t going anywhere fast. I was going to stay buried up in this lovely woman until i couldn’t fuck anymore. I continued galloping away on her. “oohh Nicole”I gasped she clutched me tighter as i slammed myself repeatedly into her hard,my balls thumpin away on that pussy she grabbed my butt cheeks and it sent me over the edge.“uhmmphh Nicole” I grunted “umphhh shit gimme that shaved pussy!”There was no hiding for Nicole’s pussy,she was getting the shit fucked out of her. every inch of her walls were feeling the powerful thrust from my stiff brown tool. I was fucking her so hard I was shaking the tent! I kept diggin up in her ditch.”omi-goddd…take it all the way home”she pleaded. I was not going to disappoint,I planted my arms by her side and began rockin back and forth up in that pussy.“uhhhhhhh uhhhh” i grunted as i slammed myself deep into her pussy”ohhh shit never had pussy kaçak bahis this good before” nicole wrapped her arms around my neck grabbed hold of me, her pussy lips had my dick in a death grip”gettin up in that crack” i muttered she looked up at me and we pressed our lips together and i pumped myself into her.“ohh omi..oh yes fuck me with that dick that feels,ohhhhhhhh”she exclaimed turning her head to one side.i pulled out and saw my cock head covered in her creamy secretions”ohhh yes”i exclaimed”i’m fuckin you good” she didn’t say a word, she knew she was gettin her twat examined thoroughly,I laid into her spreading her legs wider and plunging my dick into that twat. She was feeling every inch of me. she curled her toes and her pussy lips tightened around my dick. This was by far the best pussy I’ve had in a while. .”uhhhhh god you’re all the way in my-”she panted. I put my head against her chest and she grabbed my bald head and cradled it as I continued plowing her soft pink pussy”uhhhhh Nicole’”I gasped”you’re gonna make me cum” I pulled out and she grabbed my dick and stroked me until I spurted.“goddd urghhh fuck!” I grunted as I shot my load and it splattered all over her chest ”uurrghhhhh fucking incredible’!”I grunted bobbing my head up and down as I came.”damn it nicole!” “I told you we were gonna have butt naked fun” she says. “that wasn’t regular fun,that pussy drained me of my natural resources!” i gasped.I took Nicole’s nipple into my mouth and proceeded to suck and lick on it.”you’re welcome hon!” she said laughing.



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