It had been a long dinner and the men had drunk quantities of excellent wine. Pompey, red-faced now and garrulous, staggered over to the couch occupied by his young father-in-law Julius Caesar, who had his hands full with a delicious little Greek slave who was writhing erotically in his lap.

‘I’ve had her,’ Pompey said dismissively. ‘Let her go, Caesar. She’s got a good mouth but she’s as loose down there as an old tunic. Let me tell you instead about a conversation I had with Julia last night.’

Caesar tipped the girl unceremoniously off his lap and let his dark eyes rake his son-in-law derisively. He still couldn’t understand what his daughter Julia saw in him, but the fact was that she had married him at eighteen and over a year later still appeared deliriously happy.

‘Go on,’ he drawled in a bored voice. ‘Surprise me.’

Pompey slopped more wine into both their cups, even though Caesar’s was still half full. ‘In bed last night,’ he said, lowering his voice, ‘I pretended to be you. And I swear to you Julia was never so hot, not even on our wedding night.’

He saw the dark eyes, so unexpected in a man as blond as Caesar, narrow dangerously and he wondered if he had made a big mistake. He held his breath.

‘Go on,’ Caesar said at last, his voice and face giving nothing away. ‘What are you offering?’

‘Julia,’ Pompey said distinctly. ‘Your daughter.’

He could feel himself hardening insistently under his tunic and wondered if Caesar was too. He was such a difficult man to read.

‘She wants you, always has. It’s those stories all Rome hears about the size of your cock, your prowess in bed. She’s been fantasising about you ever since she was old enough to understand what sex is, and she’s ready now to do something about it. If you are.’

Despite his cold demeanour, Caesar had had more to drink than usual and Pompey’s words heated him further. He had had all the loveliest and most depraved women in Rome and knew he needed something new. Just thinking about the taboo of doing his daughter was enough to get his cock rigid.

‘Go on,’ he said icily.

‘She’s waiting in our room,’ Pompey said, excitement turning his face even redder. ‘I’ll go in and warm her up, you can listen outside. Then when she’s ready – you come in. I swear you won’t be able to help yourself once you see her. Alright?’

Revealing nothing of what he was feeling, Caesar nodded.

He waited for Pompey to leave the dining room, and though he appeared to be listening to the increasingly obscene jokes being bandied around, his mind was far away already. He waited about ten minutes and then slid off his couch and without bothering to make any excuse, made his way through the big house to Julia’s bedroom. There was a dressing room next door and, as Pompey had promised, the connecting door between the two was open.

Caesar stood in the dark. Lamps were lit in the bedroom next door and he could hear a woman’s low rhythmic moaning. He looked through.

Pompey was naked and sitting on the bed, his back against the wall. Even at past forty, he had maintained his soldier’s physique. His legs were spread apart and Julia, Caesar’s daughter, blonde and beautiful, half lay on her back between them, her shoulders on Pompey’s chest. His hands were working over her nipples, flicking them with his thumbs, pushing the stiff tips back and forwards.

‘Your father’s watching,’ he was crooning. casino siteleri ‘Imagine it, Julia. He’s standing there and gazing at your naked, writhing body. He’s seeing me touch your breasts, your nipples, seeing how hard they are, how you’re straining up against my hands. Can you imagine what it’s doing to him? How big and hard it must be making his cock? Oh Julia! It’s going to be so good.’

Her breasts were small and shallow but her nipples must have been sensitive because Caesar could see the moisture glistening already on her slender long thighs. He pulled off his tunic and let it drop to the floor. His cock was painfully hard but he refused to touch it yet.

‘What do you want him to do to you, Julia?’ Pompey went on. ‘Do you want him to shove his cock into your mouth? Do you want to suck him till he shoots all his hot cream down your throat? Oh, I want to see it!’

‘Yes! Yes!’ Julia was moaning and one small hand moved towards her thighs.

‘Don’t touch yourself,’ Pompey ordered. ‘Leave it for him. Ask him. Beg him, Julia. That’s all he’s waiting for.’

‘Please,’ she whispered and her eyes swivelled towards the open door.

Caesar stepped through it.

He saw his daughter’s eyes riveted to his huge cock as he walked across the room to the bed. He understood why. Always big, he had never had such a massive erection as he did tonight.

‘Do you like it?’ he asked her softly. ‘Do you like my cock, Julia?’

She moaned, whimpered as Pompey’s fingers hardened on her nipples with excitement. She could feel him press against the small of her back. She knew they shouldn’t be doing this, that it was forbidden for a man to look at his daughter this way but the wetness was pouring out of her, she could feel her inner nerves trembling just at the sight of him. She had heard that her father was well-endowed, but she had never imagined anything like this.

His cock stood up almost flat against his hard belly. Thick all the way down to the root, it was smooth and brown as if he had been lying naked in the sun.

‘Touch it,’ her husband whispered in her ear. ‘Put out your hand, Julia. Go on. We both want you to.’

Slowly she put out her hand, and saw Caesar’s cock tighten with anticipation. A drop of clear liquid oozed from the slit at the top. Her fingers closed, not meeting around his girth. He felt very hot and she could have sworn he made a sound but she had not been able to stop her own moan of intense excitement. She was holding her father’s massive cock.

‘Rub it,’ he ordered. ‘Feel all of it. Run your thumb over the head. Ah! Yes, like that.’ His narrow hips were thrusting out towards her. ‘Use your other hand too. Take all of it.’

Pompey felt he would burst watching what he had fantasised about for so long. His wife, little Julia, was wanking her father and they were both clearly loving it. He could hear the liquid sounds as Caesar’s pre-cum spilled and was spread by Julia’s fingers, making him look as if he was oiled. He had never adored his wife more.

It was Caesar who moved first. ‘Enough. I want more than just your hands, Julia. Open your mouth.’

‘No,’ she protested softly. ‘No, we can’t. Please.’

‘We can. Open for me.’ He put his fingers to Julia’s lips and stroked her there, then pressed her lips open. ‘Good girl.’

Moving forward he took his cock in his fist and brought it to her, rubbing the head over her open lips. Pompey slot oyna saw her little pink tongue come to meet it, saw it swirl around the big head, heard Caesar’s swift indrawn breath, then he pressed forward and she took it, inch by inch, into her mouth. Her lips were pushed wide to accommodate the massive thing. Caesar paused, took a breath, and then slowly pulled back, his daughter’s lips clinging wetly to his hardness. His muscles clenched as he held it there, just the head in her mouth, then pushed forward again, deep enough to feel the back of her throat.

‘Swallow it,’ he ordered softly.

Pompey felt the jerk in his wife’s body, could see her eyes huge and confused as she looked up at her father over the thick meat in her mouth.

‘Swallow it,’ he repeated and pushed forward.

Pompey saw Julia’s throat move, heard what might have been a whimper, muffled and unclear, then Caesar moved again and his eyes came up to meet Pompey’s.

‘She’s swallowed my whole cock,’ he ground out. ‘I’m in her throat. And it’s so tight.’

Pompey felt Julia’s head move, felt the vibration through her body, could smell her excitement. He touched himself and then closed his own fingers hard around his cock.

‘Wank yourself off,’ Caesar said, missing nothing. ‘Look at your wife full of her father’s cock and cum all over her.’

Julia felt her husband’s hand jerking behind her back, knew he was doing it fast and desperately. She felt filled, could smell Caesar, loved the way he was moving slowly in and out of her throat. The sheets were soaked between her legs.

‘I’m cumming!’ Pompey groaned, and she felt the spill of his semen, hot against her back. Her father seemed tireless.

‘I’m going to pull out,’ he told her, his eyes darker than she had ever seen. ‘But I haven’t finished yet.’

He withdrew from her throat and she gasped to catch her breath and with the emptiness now he was gone.

‘Lick my balls,’ he said softly, and pulled his cock back, exposing them to her. ‘Suck them into your mouth.’ He brushed them over her face as he spoke. She could smell the musk of his skin and licked eagerly, feeling the smooth hairless skin. She opened her mouth and took one in, wanting them both, rolling her tongue over him, tasting him. She was beyond excitement now, a slave to her wonderful father.

‘And the other, Julia. Stuff them both into your mouth. Ah, yes!’

Pompey couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Caesar was held, his magnificent head thrown back, his hips circling as Julia, his Julia, sucked noisily on his balls, her cheeks hollowing with the effort, her own hips pumping frantically up into nothing.

‘Stop!’ Caesar said suddenly, desperately. ‘Stop, Julia.’

She stopped.

The air was filled with hissing, panting breathing as Caesar strove to control his own demonic lust.

‘Now,’ he said at last. His cock was livid with blood. Pompey didn’t know how long he’d been holding out, but his own prick was hard again.

‘You’ve been so good, Julia,’ Caesar said softly. ‘Now for your reward.’

He knelt on the bed and pushed her legs apart, sliding his finger between her lips. Pompey heard it, she was so wet.

‘Is that what you wanted?’ Caesar asked. Pompey could only see his wrist, but that was pumping hard. ‘Three fingers, and my thumb on your clit? Is that it Julia?’

‘No,’ she gasped and tried to force herself to pull away. ‘No, you shouldn’t canlı casino siteleri be doing this. Only my husband. Ah, no! Oh, only my husband should do this to me.’

‘But I bet I do it better,’ Caesar drawled. ‘Do you want more?’

‘No, please stop! Please.’

‘It’s too late for that. You should have stopped before you touched my cock. Before you sucked in down your throat. Before you gobbled up my balls. It’s too late Julia. I’m going to fuck you. And you’re going to love it. And you’ll never cum as hard again as you will this first time around your father’s hard meat.’

He had moved as he was talking, positioning himself, and though Pompey heard his wife protest, it was feeble and she was moving to make it easy, spreading her legs wide across Caesar’s hips as he half kneeled, half crouched on the bed.

‘Feel it,’ he hissed. His cock in his fist, he circled it over her clit, loving the way Julia writhed and moaned. ‘Do you want it there? Or here?’

He moved it down, pushed the massive head so that it was just stretching her.

‘There, there!’ Julia begged. ‘Oh please, please, please.’

Caesar stilled.

‘Just do it,’ Pompey almost shouted. ‘Just do it, Caesar. I can’t wait any longer and neither can she.’

‘Can’t you? Look at me, Julia. Look at me. Let me see your eyes when I stretch you open. There. There. Can you feel it? So slow, sliding so hot and thick inside you. Do you like it, baby? Do you like the way my cock feels inside you?’

Julia was moaning constantly now, her fingers clutched painfully into Pompey’s arms. ‘I love it,’ she cried. ‘Oh more, more!’

‘That’s it,’ Caesar said at last and held still. ‘Eight inches of hot cock inside you. Hold on now, don’t lose it when I start to move.’

Pompey’s heart was beating so fast he thought he’d have a heart attack. They were so alike, Caesar and his daughter. Both blonde, both beautiful, both as sexy as devils. He was fucking her hard now, pulling his thick cock all the way out so Pompey could see it, red and glistening with her cream. They were both panting, Julia moaning constantly, her voice getting higher and more desperate.

‘She’s creaming all over me, Pompey. Suck her nipples, help me get her off. I can’t hold it much longer.’ His voice was hoarse. ‘Just look at how much she’s loving this.’

‘Daddy,’ Julia whimpered. ‘Daddy. Oh, Daddy. Give it to me Daddy, give me that massive cock, all the way inside me. Oh yes, oh yes! I’m creaming all over your meat.’

Pompey could hear the wet, sucking sound as Caesar pounded into his daughter. They had to be getting close now. He’d never seen any man hold on this long.

‘Oh Julia, cum all over me, cum all over my cock! I’m losing it, baby. You’re so hot, so tight. My balls are so full, I need to empty them and it’s all cumming for you! Oh!’

Pompey pinched her nipples, bit into her shoulder, barely able to hold her she was juddering so hard in his arms.

‘Yes, Daddy, yes!’ she screamed. ‘Yes, yes, yes, I’m cumming!’

For a moment Caesar paused, then he thrust into her, in, in, in, hard, small jerking movements like he was wanking himself off inside her.

‘I’m almost there, just one more second, one more, oh yes, I’m there!’

He stiffened, his hips juddering, his head flung back and Julia cried out.

‘I felt it,’ she said in a dazed voice when she could speak again. ‘I felt your cum shooting up inside me.’

Caesar pulled out. Incredibly he was still half hard. Pompey had never seen anything like it.

‘Don’t go,’ he said hoarsely. ‘Don’t go, Caesar. I’ll get some wine, and then we’ll play some more.’



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