Cab AdventureI pulled out my phone to call an Uber. My girlfriend and I had been out partying all night. We ubered together so we could have fun and not worry about the ride home. We had gone to a country western club about twenty miles away. We’d been there before. They always have a band that plays great CW music with a good mix of rock and pop. Great stuff to dance to. Being a Texas girl it was perfect for me.We dressed to impress. I was wearing a white loose shift type dress. It had short peasant sleeves and a scoop neckline. It was short about two inches below my ass. I finished with a pair of red cowboy boots. My name is Christie and at 5’10” and 165 lbs, I was taller than most girls there and I had curves. The dress looked good on me. It hung pretty straight down when I stood still but when I moved you got a good hint of my curves. Since I’m so tall the two inches below my ass seemed like it was showing all leg. I tied my long blonde hair back in a loose ponytail so it would not get all over the place as I danced. My friend Becky was wearing tight red jeans, a light blue button down top tied at the bottom to show off some belly, and she had on white cowboy boots. At 5’2″, 105 lbs, and a short, Brown, pixie haircut, we could not have looked more different, but we attracted lots of attention. Not to brag, but we knew we looked good and the contrast between us drew lots of eyes. We ordered drinks and wandered around the bar for a minute taking everything in. There were no open tables. We chatted a bit mentioning cute guys and wondering where we could put our drinks to dance. There was a table with three people at it. Two men and a woman. They were a bit older than us. I was 33, Becky 31, the club attracted people as young as 21 as well as senior citizens. We asked if we could put our drinks on their table so we could dance. They were very nice and agreed. After a bit of small talk a line dance came up, Becky and I hit the dance floor. Line dances are fun. They allow you to dance alone without feeling silly. Becky and I, in line, stood out, mainly because of the height difference. The good thing was that we both knew how to line dance and could shake our asses with the best of them. I like to watch the crowd. During a line dance there are a lot of spectators. People just watching the show. I noticed more than a few eyes on me. I quickly realized that the short dress I was wearing probably flared a bit on the turns. In line dancing, after each section of the song you turned to face the direction to your side. I saw people expectantly watch me as they knew the music was going to call for the next change in direction. I was wearing a pair of small pink boy shorts that didn’t cover a lot of ass cheek. I’m sure people were hoping for a little show. I was feeling the music, and truthfully, liked the attention. I may have put a bit more hip into my turns than necessary. Becky noticed and laughed at me. “Slut,” she laughed. “Shut up,” I laughed back. “Besides, what’s wrong with showing a bit of what you got. Maybe someone will ask us to dance.””Like we never get asked to dance?” she said sarcastically.It was true, we rarely had to wait long to dance. “Maybe they’ll ask us faster?” I shrugged my shoulders and laughed. The song ended. We headed back to the table to get our drinks and made some small talk with the people at the table. As usual we didn’t have long before we were asked. We danced all night. At some point Becky found someone she liked and focused on him for the rest of the night. I didn’t find anyone interesting. Let’s be honest here. Both Becky and I were in our thirties and liked sex. We weren’t against a one night stand. Neither of us had found “the one” and we got horny, so maybe two to three times a year some lucky guy would get the night of his life. Sometimes a few nights if they were interesting. Now that might make me sound slutty, but we were healthy with healthy appetites. This night Becky obviously found a friend. That meant I was on my own for a ride home. No big deal, we’d ubered there I could uber home. I looked at the app. I lived a good twenty miles away. After the bars was obviously a peak period and prices were higher. I had a choice between Uber X or Uber pool. For those of you who don’t Uber, Uber X is like a taxi. You call Uber X and they bring you where you’re going. Uber pool is different. You call an Uber pool and they pick you up, as a pool they pick up other people along the way who may be going your same direction. The upside is that it’s considerably cheaper. The down part is that it takes longer. This night I decided to do a pool. It was $15 cheaper. Plus, when you do a pool for a long distance it’s rare that there is another person going the same way at that time so you often get the car to yourself. I called my Uber. It was twenty minutes away. That was pretty long but not unusual this time at night. I stood outside the club and flirted with the doormen. When the Uber showed up it was a black SUV. I was the only passenger and I hopped in. As soon as we headed out I heard the drivers phone bling. When the driver has a pool going they don’t have a choice in adding passengers. They are automatically added. I knew that bling meant we were adding a passenger. About one minute later I heard another bling, that meant another passenger. The driver told me we had some pickups and we headed off to get them. We pulled into a restaurant parking lot. There were two guys and a girl waiting. The two guys approached the back seat. I doubt they saw me because they went to opposite sides of the car. When they opened the doors they saw me. Instinctively I moved to the center to make room for them. The girl got in the front. The driver seemed confused. It seems on a pool ride you can only have two people at one pickup, but here were three. The girl explained that she called a pool separately and it was just a coincidence she got the same car. The confusion settled the driver headed off. He told us the drop off order. The girl first, then the two guys, then me. It added fifteen minutes to my twenty five minute ride, kurtköy escort but that’s the risk you took with Uber pool. As we drove the guys checked me out. I checked them out. They were nice looking and in their mid twenties. “Hey, weren’t you just at the club,” one asked.”Yes, I was,” I replied. “I thought I saw you there,” he said. “We were there too,” he indicated the three of them. “We decided to eat before we headed home.””Thought she was there?” laughed the girl in the front seat. “You we’re trying to work up the courage to ask her to dance all night.”The guy kind of blushed. The girl looked at me and said, “Can’t blame him, you’re beautiful.””Thank you,” I replied. She introduced them. “This is Mike, I’m Sherry, and this coward who wouldn’t ask you to dance is Jimmy.””Well nice to meet you,” I said, and then to Jimmy, “Next time ask. I would have said yes.””Would you have said yes to me?” asked Mike.”I don’t know,” I laughed. “Sherry, should I dance with Mike?” I teased. Sherry laughed, “Yeah, he’s not as sweet as Jimmy but he’s cool enough.”I laughed, Mike protested, “Oh,” he laughed. “This is what my friends think of me.”We all laughed. We started chatting. It was obvious that Mike was flirting with me. He was cute. I flirted back. As we chatted I felt his leg press against mine. I didn’t move away. He was charming and I was enjoying him. We talked about the club we were at and onto the topic of dating. Again the flirting. Jimmy was shyer but Sherry drew him into the conversation. He was sweet and I engaged him in conversation too. As I was talking to Jimmy, Mike said something to me and placed his hand on my bare thigh to get my attention. I noticed it. I didn’t move it. He noticed I didn’t move it and left it there. We dropped Sherry off first. “Don’t let these boys talk you into anything you don’t want to do,” she quipped. She leaned over to kiss Mike goodbye. As she did she put her hand on my thigh to steady herself her hand was right next to his. “You have fun,” she said to me as she got out of the car. I was left with Jimmy and Mike for another ten minutes before they were dropped off. We continued to flirt back and forth. I was having fun. Jimmy said something sweet to me. I don’t know why, but I kissed him on the cheek to thank him. Mike protested. “Hey, where’s my kiss?” he said, hand still on my thigh.”Really?” I responded. “What did you do to deserve one?” I asked with fake frustration in my voice. “Ummm… I’m cute?” He said in a questioning voice.”Yeah, you are,” I said, “and don’t think I haven’t noticed that hand on my thigh.””Should I move it?” he asked. “Nahhhh… it’s ok,” I responded.”Then how about that kiss?” he repeated. I leaned in to kiss him. As I did his hand slid further up my thigh. I looked down at his hand, he followed my gaze. I looked him in the eye, smiled and kissed him. A real kiss. Jimmy was watching, he had a cute wistful look on his face. I turned to him. “I suppose you want a kiss now too?” I laughed.As I leaned in to kiss Jimmy I obviously gave Mike better access to my ass. He didn’t hesitate. While I was kissing Jimmy Mike’s hand slid up my ass. I looked at him, smiled, and went back to kissing Jimmy. Then I realized I’d forgotten about the Uber driver. I turned to check what was going on. He’d obviously adjusted his back mirror so he could see what’s going on in the back seat. Mike said, “my turn,” again. “My, aren’t you greedy,” I laughed and returned to kiss him. When I did I’m sure Jimmy could tell Mike’s hand was firmly on my ass. I realized I was being kind of slutty, but what the hell, they were cute and they were getting out of the car in five minutes. I figured I’d give them my phone number. We flirted for the next few minutes. Mike’s hand left my ass to caress my thigh. As we approached their stop Mike invited me in. I considered it. Like I said. I’m not against the occasional one night stand. He was cute and funny and Sherry vouched for him so I doubted he was a murderer. Usually if a group goes out and one or two are girls, the guys are pretty safe. What the hell, “ok,” I said, “but only for a few minutes.”I knew I was lying about the few minutes, just giving myself an out. Mike was pretty sure I was lying too. We all got out of the car and walked to Mikes apartment. Turns out he and Jimmy lived in the same complex. Jimmy started to walk away and said good night. I took his hand and said, “No, come get a drink with us.”I figured that would throw Mike off. He thought he had a sure thing and then I invited Jimmy. That threw a wrench in it. Of course, I had already decided I was a sure thing, but why let Mike know, at least not yet. Jimmy looked past me at Mike. Mike shrugged his shoulders in acquiescence.I took Mikes hand too and, hand in hand, we headed for Mikes apartment. When we got in Mike offered us beers. I accepted. When he handed me my beer I thanked him and gave him a quick kiss. I went and sat on the couch. Mike sat next to me. I patted the spot on the other side of me for Jimmy to join us. Jimmy sat down. An idea was forming in my head. I hadn’t realized it yet, but it was there. Mike leaned in for a real kiss, I kissed back. Jimmy started to get up, but I grabbed his hand and held it. When I finished kissing Mike I turned to Jimmy, “Don’t worry. I have kisses for you too.”Jimmy looked embarrassed and unsure of what to do. I kissed him. I think it was about then that the lightbulb went off in Mike’s head. Truthfully, about the same time I admitted it to myself. I had already decided I was going to do both these guys. I just hadn’t realized it yet. Now, I’d never had a threesome before, it had always been a fantasy but the opportunity never really presented itself. Past boyfriends had suggested it, but it seemed so set up, and usually they wanted another girl. Not that I was against either but I wanted it to happen organically and I was afraid of what it might do to the relationship. Here I was with two good looking guys, no real commitment to either. The perfect opportunity. As I kissed Jimmy, Mike’s arms went around me. He tentatively maltepe escort cupped my breasts. I turned my head to look at him. I saw that unsure look in his eyes. I leaned back to kiss him. Then he did something to seal the deal. “You sure?” He asked. All the signs were there, but he wanted to make sure I was all right with it. “Yeah, I’m sure,” I said. “I’ve never had two men and now I have two good ones. What the hell, I’m sure.”I turned back to Jimmy. His mouth was open. He looked at me.”Only if you’re sure,” I said to him.”Yes,” was the only word he could form. I kissed him again. As I kissed Jimmy I felt Mike’s hands go to the hem of my dress. He started to pull it up. I lifted my ass to help him out. He pulled the dress up over my head. Jimmy stopped kissing me. He looked at me and said, “Wow.””Glad you approve,” I said and went back to kissing him. I was wearing a little pink pair of boy shorts and a pink bra. Mike’s hands slipped around my waist. He started kissing the back of my neck and shoulders. It felt wonderful. I purred. He slipped his hands up under my bra and pushed my bra up over my breasts. He lightly caressed my breasts and nipples. As he did I reached out and started unzipping Jimmy’s pants. Jimmy could only stare at my tits. I kissed him again and whispered in his ear, “You like my tits?”He just nodded. By that time I had his cock out and in my hand. It was hard and felt thick and heavy. “Mmmmm…,” I purred. “Nice.”I started moving my hand up and down. All this time Mike was playing with my tits and kissing my neck and shoulders. My nipples were hard and sensitive. It felt wonderful. It was clear Jimmy wasn’t sure what to do next. “Take off her panties,” said Mike. Jimmy looked at me, again, not sure. “It’s ok, take off my panties,” I assured him. Jimmy’s hands went to the band of my panties and pulled them down my hips. I lifted my hips to let him slide them off. He struggled a bit to get them past my boots. I giggled. As he did that Mike undid my bra and I shrugged it off my shoulders. I was now naked except for my cowboy boots. “Ok, this isn’t fair,” I mock whined. “I’m the only one naked here.”Mike got off the couch and started to undress. I laid back on the couch and watched. He had a nice body. He obviously worked out. I let my hand lightly caress my tits as I watched him. Mike undressing obviously gave Jimmy courage as he also got off the couch and started to undress. He was skinnier than Mike but still had a nice body. I was right about his cock. It was about 9” and thick. When Mike was undressed he came back to me and swung his cock in front of my face. “And what do you want,” I teased. “My cock sucked,” he laughed. “I know how to do that,” I laughed. I reached up and grabbed his cock. There was a drop of precum on the tip. I flicked my tongue out and licked it off.”Mmmmmm…,” I smiled. “Suck it,” he said.I laughed, “You’re in a hurry. Think I’m going somewhere.” I took the tip in my mouth. I again looked at his cock. “I plan on playing with this for a while before I go.”I took it in my mouth and started to lightly suck it. Jimmy was standing by, naked, and watching. I swung my legs around so I was sitting on the couch. I reached out and grabbed his cock with my other hand. I pulled him close and tried to get as much in my mouth as possible. It stretched my lips. I jerked it off as I swirled my tongue around it. Then I switch back to Mike’s cock. I went back and forth between them for a while. I let go of their cocks. “Ok, my turn,” I said. I laid back on the couch and spread my legs. Jimmy finally seemed like he caught on, he knelt down between my legs and licked my clit. I sucked in air. His tongue ran down my slit and back up to my clit. He lightly sucked on it. I moaned. He knew what he was doing. Mike climbed on the couch and put his cock in front of my face again. I grabbed it and started sucking it. As I sucked it I moaned as Jimmy ate my pussy. It felt so good. There was something super naughty about what I was doing that seemed to heighten my senses. Jimmy’s tongue was starting to get to me. I could feel my orgasm building. Between the situation and Jimmy I started to cum. Then Jimmy took my clit between his lips and lightly sucked on it. I lost control of Mike’s cock as the first orgasm washed over me. “Fuck yes,” I moaned as I came. I wanted to be fucked. “Somebody fuck me,” I pleaded. Jimmy looked at Mike. Mike nodded his head and Jimmy placed his cock against my pussy lips. He placed the tip on my clit and rubbed it, then he slid the tip down my pussy lips to my ass dragging my wetness with him. Then he slid the tip back to my clit. I moaned each time he passed my opening. He repeating this motion a few times covering my whole pussy with my juices. I was pretty wet and even at his size he slid right in. I moaned as he entered me. Mike stuck his cock back in my mouth. I immediately wrapped my hand around it and started sucking it.Jimmy was fucking me in long slow strokes. With the thickness of his cock I could feel him pull at my pussy lips and clit with each stroke. I got a rhythm down between Mike’s cock and Jimmy’s fucking me.Jimmy’s cock felt so good. I moaned as he fucked me. The idea that I was sucking cock while being fucked really turned me on. I felt another orgasm start to grow. “Oh fuck,” I moaned. “Fuck fuck fuck.” The orgasm washed over me. It felt so good.I think my moaning got to Mike. I could feel him stiffen up. He started to pull out of my mouth but I clamped down my lips and held him in. I love the taste of cum and love how it feels spurting in my mouth. “I’m going to cum,” he said to warn me again. “Go ahead,” I replied and again wrapped my lips around his cock. I felt the first hot jets hit the back of my throat and start to fill my mouth. The intensity of it and the feeling of Jimmy’s cock pumping my pussy brought on another orgasm. As I came I moaned and let Mike’s cock slip out of my mouth. His cum hit me in the face and tits. I loved the way it felt. Mike sat back stroking his cock watching Jimmy fuck me. I reached out to stroke Mike’s kartal escort cock for him as I let myself go to the feeling of Jimmy’s deep thrusts. With the other hand I scooped the cum off my face and licked my fingers clean. Then I started to rub the cum on my tits into my skin and nipples. Watching me I could feel Mike start to get hard again in my hands. I loved the way it felt. Jimmy started picking up his pace. “Unngh, unngh, unngh,… ,” I grunted with each thrust. It felt so good. I could tell from Jimmy’s pace he was getting close. I thought I’d help. “Oh my god, that’s it baby, fuck me, god yes, it feels so good, I love your cock, fuck me, fuck me,” I urged. My voice had an effect on Jimmy. It also had an effect on Mike, his cock was getting harder in my hands, but Jimmy was pumping me harder and faster. “I’m going to cum,” he warned me. He started to pull out. I wrapped my legs around him and held him tight. “Cum in me,” I moaned. I loved the feeling of hot cum in my pussy and with his big cock stretching me I wanted to feel full as he came. With a final thrust he came. I could actually feel the cum fill my pussy. His pulsating cock and the feeling of hot cum set off my orgasm. “Oh my god, I’m cumming, fuck yes, fuck, fuck, fuck yes, oh my god, god,” it was an amazing orgasm. As the last bits of cum filled my pussy, my orgasm subsided. His cock slipped out of me. I kind of whimpered as I felt empty. I laid back on the couch to catch my breath. Mike was still sitting next to me. I hand my hand loosely wrapped around his now hard cock. I looked at his cock and asked with a smile, “What are you going to do with that? Sloppy seconds?””Depends, what can I do with it?” He laughed. I gave a short chuckle. “Hell, anything you want?” I said. He laughed. He pulled me to him and said, “Get on your knees.”I liked the way he said it. What can I say, I sometimes have a submissive streak. “Yeah?” I asked.”Yeah.” He replied. I got down on the carpet on my hands and knees. I wasn’t sure what he wanted. I told him anything. Did he want my ass? I’d had my ass fucked before and liked it. Or did he want my cum filled pussy. Truthfully that’s what I wanted. The idea of a man wanting my pussy even after it was all messy really turned me on. Mikes cock landed on my ass. I figured that’s where he was going to fuck me, but no, he took his cock in his hand and aimed it at my cum filled pussy. “Mmmmmmm…,” I moaned as his cock entered me. Mike started fucking me with slow easy strokes. I liked it. Jimmy was just sitting on the couch. His deflated cocktail covered with our cum and my juices. I moved my head and took him in my mouth. Even soft I couldn’t get the whole thing in my mouth. I started sucking him clean and licking the juices off him. I loved the tangy taste of our cum on his cock. Meanwhile Mike grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them apart as he fucked me. I could imagine his view of his cock sliding in and out of my pussy. As I sucked Jimmy’s cock he reached down and started playing with my tits. My nipples were extremely sensitive but he was gentle and it felt good. I just let myself go to all the sensations. “Mmmmmmm…,” I moaned. “So good.”We fucked like that for a while. Mike fucking my pussy, me sucking Jimmy’s cock, Jimmy playing with my nipples. I was kind of in a zen heaven. Then my orgasm started to build. It was a long slow one. It washed over my whole body. I moaned as it hit me. “Mmmmmmmm, oh god,” I moaned. As I came I felt Mike stiffen up. His cum squirted into my pussy mixing with my juices and Jimmy’s. My body went pretty limp. I rested my head on Jimmy’s lap my lips touching his cock. As Mikes cock slipped out of me I could feel the juices drip out of me and run down my legs. I sighed. I was exhausted, but content. I laid just like that for a few minutes. Mike flopped on the couch next to Jimmy. I felt weird, kneeling naked before them as they sat there, but I wasn’t ready to move. Finally I raised my head. “Can I use your shower,” I asked. Seemed weird to have to ask after what we’d just done but hell, I’d only known the guys for two hours.”Of course you can,” said Mike. I looked at his cum covered cock. “Let me take care of that,” I smiled. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked and licked him clean. When I was done I looked at him and said, “Ok, shower.”Mike pointed towards the master bedroom. I went in and turned the shower on hot. I started scrubbing the cum off my body. I giggled to myself as to what a naughty girl I had been. Becky was going to laugh and call me a slut when I told her. Mike entered the room and asked if he could join me. “Sure,” I saidHe entered the shower and gently soaped my body. He caressed my tits and ass as he lightly washed them. As the soap rinsed away he gently took me in his arms and kissed me. We kissed a while longer. “I have to get going,” I said. I didn’t really have to, just after a one night stand it was the polite thing to do. No one wanted to wake up to that awkwardness in the morning. “Stay,” He said. “I’ll drive you home in the morning.”I didn’t mind. I was tired and didn’t want to deal with an Uber, I figured I could deal with the awkwardness. When we got out of the shower Jimmy was gone. Mike dried me off and led me to the bed. We made out some more and then fell asleep. We got up the next morning. I was afraid there’d be awkward silence, but I was pleasantly surprised. Mike wanted to know all about me. We chatted and joked and ate breakfast. I pulled on my dress putting my underwear in my purse. “Do you go commando often,” he asked. “Sometimes,” I replied. “It makes me feel naughty,” I laughed. He took me in his arms and kissed me. “I like naughty girls,” he said. It was time to go and Mike drove me home. He asked for my number and I gave it to him but I didn’t expect to hear from him.I was wrong. He called me in a few days and asked me out for the weekend. I accepted. We had a great time. No sex. In fact we had 4 more dates before we had sex. After a few weeks we introduced Jimmy to Becky. After Becky told Jimmy she knew, and helped him get over his awkwardness about it they started dating. She’d make jokes about how I had to test drive him before she’d ever had considered him. Well that was my past. As I walked down the aisle towards Mike, Jimmy beside him, Becky waiting for me on the other side, I could only wonder what our future would hold.



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