My name is Danielle Jean-Pierre. I’m a six-foot-tall, dark-skinned, curvy and big-bottomed Haitian-American woman living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. I study business at Algonquin College and I am twenty two years old. I’ve been in the so-called Confederation of Canada for about eighteen months. Next year, I will enrol at Carleton University to get my bachelors. I’m originally from the City of Chicago, Illinois. I can’t stand Canada but I know why I’m here. My education, of course. Why else would a young Black woman leave the diverse City of Chicago in the state of Illinois for cold-ass Ottawa in Ontario? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

The life of a Butch Black lesbian in this world is never easy. I’m queer and hail from a deeply conservative community. The Haitian community of North America isn’t well-known for its tolerance of gays and lesbians in its midst. Being short-haired, athletic and wearing guy clothes made me an outcast. I don’t give a fuck. I have to be me. I’m a Butch woman of Haitian descent. Deal with it. I like women. And I don’t hide it. At Algonquin College, I met this cute chick named Christiana Joseph. She was handing out flyers inviting some of the students to All Nations Church, this African congregation in Ottawa. This five-foot-six, long-haired and light-skinned young Black woman is a student at the University of Ottawa. A really gorgeous gal who took my breath away the first time I laid eyes on her. Did I mention she was also Butch like me? Yep. Christiana is short-haired, athletic and very tomboyish. Like me, she avoids dresses, makeup and girly stuff like the plague. And she doesn’t seem to like femmes, which is cool. We’re both oddities in the queer community, folks. Butch women who like Butch women.

Christiana illegal bahis seemed to like me too. We hung out off campus, watching movies and playing basketball. Christiana was born in the Canadian Province of Nova Scotia but raised in the City of Boston, Massachusetts. She came back to Canada for the first time in ages to attend the University of Ottawa. She has dual citizenship, since her father Jacob is Haitian-American and her mother Jeanne is Canadian. The Canadian schools were very glad to have her, so much that they charge her regular rates. Since I’m a U.S. Citizen, they charge me international rates. Damn all of those fucking Canadians! Sometimes I really hate this country. I hate hockey. I hate maple syrup. And I hate living in a so-called Capital City without a working train system!

Christiana and I began dating. The first time we hooked up it was amazing. I couldn’t believe how feisty this short Butch gal was. We had a lot of fun together in her dormitory at the University of Ottawa. Christiana and I got naked, and explored each other’s bodies. Contrary to popular belief, Butch women can and do occasionally sleep with Butch women. I’ve got a banging body. Big tits, curvy body, wide hips and big round ass. And I like to have them taken care of. Christiana took good care of me. She licked me from my head to my toes after laying me on her queen-sized bed. She licked my tits and fingered my pussy. Man, she really turned me on!

Christiana took control in the bedroom and I must say that I really liked it. I’ve fucked all kinds of women. Black women. Asian women. Arab women. Native American women. White women. And I’ve dominated them all. They were all femmes. Butch women like myself are supposed to be dominant. We’re supposed to take control illegal bahis siteleri in bed and outside of it too. People forget that we’re women and not the embodiment of stereotypes. We’ve got needs and desires like everybody else. Butch women have fantasies too. And sometimes we like to switch things around to spice things up. It makes us human and doesn’t violate the Butch code. Is there a Butch code? I don’t think so, and I’ve been Butch all my life.

And I’m having some fun with a fellow Butch woman. The whole damn world doesn’t need to know our damn business. Christiana licked my pussy and pinched my clitoris, driving me absolutely wild. When she inserted a slim strap-on dildo into my pussy and began fucking me with it, I was amazed. Simply overwhelmed with sensations. I’ve never allowed a woman to penetrate me before. Usually, I wear a mean-looking strap-on dildo and fuck my bitches with it. Well, I usually make them suck on it first. I’m a very dominant Butch woman. Yet lately, I’ve been fantasizing about what it would be like to surrender to another woman sexually. Of course, I couldn’t see myself surrendering to a femme. That would be sacrilege. Femmes should never be allowed to dominate Butch women. Butch women are strong and dominant. We’re the studs of the queer women’s world. Femmes are bitches and bitches are made to be fucked. Not the other way around.

The only woman I could ever see myself getting fucked by is a fellow Butch woman. That’s why I hooked up with Christiana. My fellow Butch chick definitely did not disappoint me. She fucked my cunt with the dildo like it was nothing. I moaned in pleasure as she thrust the dildo deep inside of me. It was my first time experiencing penetration. The furthest I’ve let a female get with canlı bahis siteleri me is fingering my cunt. I would have smacked the hell out of a bitch if she tried to fuck me with a dildo. However, I was curious about fucking and I knew I could trust a fellow Butch with my secret fetish. Christiana was really getting into it. She called me a bitch and an arrogant slut. To my immense surprise, I found myself actually getting off on it. Hot damn. Never one to back down, I simply went with the flow. I spread my legs wider and urged Christiana to fuck me harder. My sexy and very dominant Butch princess didn’t need to be told twice.

Next, Christiana put me on all fours and fucked me from behind. Face down and ass up, that’s the way my Butch goddess fucked me. Christiana smacked my ass. Then she spread my butt cheeks wide open and pressed the dildo against my asshole. Slowly, she inserted it inside of me. I couldn’t believe I was letting another woman fuck me in the ass. But Christiana wasn’t just another woman. She was my fellow Butch. I guess I’ve been seduced by the power of my own kind. Christiana held my hips tightly and fucked me with the dildo. It felt kind of good, and I kind of liked it. Anal sex was more fun than I thought it would be. Christiana smacked my ass while fucking me. It drove me absolutely nuts, and I loved it.

Afterwards, Christiana made me kneel before her and clean her strap-on dildo with my tongue. I could taste my ass on her dildo. Christiana grinned as I sucked her off. She said she always wanted to meet a fellow Butch woman and transform her from a proud Butch dyke into a submissive slut. Well, I’m quite happy to become her submissive slut. Butch women can be submissive too. I think I’ll give it a shot for a while. Christiana and I are two Butch lesbians who are in a passionate and deeply sexual relationship. And I’m proud to be her bitch. Someone’s got to do it. To be honest I enjoy getting my ass spanked on a regular basis. And I’m Butch and proud!



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