My wife Gabby knew I was Bi-sexual before we ever dated. But since we started dating I have not been with anyone but her.

We have been married for 15 years now. We have a good sex life but like many other people I still masturbate sometimes.

Like last Saturday. I woke early and had a cup of coffee and sat at the computer. It started off pretty innocently checking email. I decided to clean out my spam folder so I opened it and found some of the items in there humorous.

One of the spam mails caught my eye; it had a picture of some guy with a big cock getting sucked. Well, it spiraled from there.

I started to search for porn sites and found one that had free videos and I started scrolling thru the categories. The category that caught my eyes was cock sucking. I love to have my cock sucked and I remember for a moment that I used to love to suck them as well so I clicked it. Up came a bunch of boxes with movies I could choose from, to my surprise all the preview pictures where guys sucking other guys.

I paused for a moment because that is something I haven’t seen or thought of in many years. I decide to watch one.

It starts of some guy dressed as a cop and he is arresting someone named Guy and he takes him in for interrogation and cuffs him to a chair in the middle of a room.

The cop asks Guy where he was the night before.

Guy responds “at home with my wife.”

The cop calls him a liar and tells him he is going to talk as he turns and locks the door. The cop then walks up to the guy and unzips his pants and pulls his big 10″ cock out and smacks Guy across the face with it a few times.

Somehow Guy ends up sucking the hell out of the cops cock.

I have to admit it was a really nice looking cock and I would have sucked it.

So here I am watching this all alone and getting worked up, so I pull my cock out and start stroking it while watching.

At one point the cop is just fucking Guy’s face so deep almost all of that 10″ cock is disappearing, I pull my cock out of my boxers and I am dripping casino şirketleri pre-cum like mad.

I look on my desk but no tissues anywhere after, all I did not plan this, so I decide to lick all the pre-cum off my hand and then I start pumping away on my cock again.

Needless to say I didn’t make it much further in the movie and I had to cum but again no tissue So I grab my coffee cup and I shoot my huge load into my coffee.

Just as I finish I hear clapping I turn and Gabby is standing there with a big grin.

I don’t know what to do or say.

I start to say sorry.

Gabby stops me and says “I knew you were into men before we met I just never got to watch it before, it was hot!”

Gabby then asks if I was picturing myself as the cop or as Guy.

I answered “Guy”.

She says “so it’s like I just got to watch you suck a big cock.”

Gabby smiles at me and tells me “you better drink all that coffee and don’t waste any of it.”

So I drank every last drop.

The story isn’t over yet.

I guess Gabby really enjoyed the idea of the video because she asked me for the link went straight for her computer after she asked.

Later that day I was kicked back in my recliner and Gabby walks out to me with a Ziploc baggy in her hand.

Gabby leans over and kisses me and tells me she loved what she saw this morning and that she wants to see more of my bi-sexual side in the future.

I’m not sure where she was going with this but I said “ok” immediately and told her I would do anything she wants all she had to do is ask.

Gabby smiled and handed me the Baggy and said “you need to jerk off at least once a day every day this week and when you cum catch it in that zip lock then bring it to me.”

I said “ok” and asked “why?”

Gabby smiled and said “just do it” and walked out of the room.

I got up and went to the bathroom and stroked out my first deposit and immediately took it to her. She smiled and walked over and put it in the freezer way in the back behind stuff so casino firmalari no one else would find it.

I did this all week as she requested, some days I even sneaked the Ziploc baggy out and did a second load. By the end of the week the Ziploc baggy was full about a cup of my seed I would guess.

On Tuesday I came home from work. There was a package at our front door with Gaby’s name on it so I picked it up and brought it in where I was greeted by Gabby so I gave her the package.

Gabby got excited and ran off with the package. When Gabby came back I asked what was in the package and she told me that I’ll find out soon enough.

I go about my daily routine and actually forget about the package.

The next day when I come home I open the door and walk in, as I get to the kitchen entrance Gabby steps out in this hot little cop uniform.

Gabby says “alright mister you are under arrest!”

My jaw drops, she looks incredible, my cock starts to get hard!

Gabby says “you’re going to have to cum with me downtown “

Gabby grabs my arm and forcefully pulls me down the hall and into the bedroom and pushes me into a chair she has in the middle of the room.

Gabby tells me to put my hands behind my back, which I immediately do and Gabby cuffs them to the chair.

Gabby asks “Where were you last night?”

I say “home with my wife”.

Gabby calls me a liar and turns and locks the door.

Gabby says “you’re going to talk!”

Gabby then walks past me and goes into the bathroom behind me. She is in there for about 5 minutes.

When Gabby comes back out she says “are you going to talk?”

I just look into her beautiful eyes and try not shoot my load in my pants!

What Gabby does next surprised the hell out of me!

Gabby unzips her shorts and reaches in them and flops out this big 8″dildo and she slaps me in the face with it!

My pants are soaked with my own pre-cum at this point.

Gabby turns back and grabbed a bottle of flavored lube and squirts some on the dildo güvenilir casino and stokes it like she’s jerking off.

Gabby then starts rubbing the tip of the dildo on my lips while asking me again where I was last night.

I say “I don’t know

Gabby replies “you were out sucking a big cock without your wife knowing about it weren’t you?”

I respond “Yes!”

Gabby then tells me “you’re going to show me how you were sucking that big cock right now!”

As Gabby slides the head of the dildo into my mouth. I proceed to give her a blow job. The whole time Gabby is telling me how hot I look sucking that big cock and telling me things to do like, just lick the shaft up and down, lick the tip and now take in as much of it as I can, etc.

Gabby made me suck her cock for about 15 minutes. I don’t think either of us realized how long we were going at it because it was frigging great!

At this point Gabby had a hand full of my hair in her left hand and she was fucking my mouth.

Gabby says “oh yeah! oh yeah!, I’m going to cum!”

To my surprise Gabby unknowingly reached into her right pocket and started pumping a bulb that was attached to the dildo in my mouth.

It squirted out the now thawed cum from the baggy that I had saved for her all week!

I guess Gabby had stuck the baggy in her panties for an hour to warm it to body temp then sucked it up into the dildo and now she was shooting it right into my mouth!

I almost choked because I was not expecting anything to come out of this dildo!

So I backed off the cock for a moment to catch my breath but she was fine with shooting a few shots across my face while watching me.

Gabby then asks “do you want to eat the rest of it?”

I tell her “yes!”

Gabby shoves it back in my mouth and slowly pumps one shot at a time to let me gobble it all up.

Once empty, Gabby makes me lick the cock clean and then leans down and she licks some of the cum off my face and gives me a big kiss!


Gabby smiled at me and said “next time I arrest you, it’s your ass!”

I hope story 2 comes soon!

I still can’t believe it actually happened and that my wife bought an outfit, a squirting dildo with strap-on kit and cuffs.

By the way just after she un-cuffed me, I fucked that cop good!



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