Busload of GranniesThree women in one night!!! How could this happen?I work for the government and pulled into a Hilton Hotel in Oklahoma City for the night. I was checking when a large white tour bus pulled up and the passengers came into lobby for check-in. I could not believe my eyes there were about thirty-five women on the bus. I looked over the group and wow!!! I spotted some of the hottest looking, sixty and seventy year old women I had ever seen. I began talking to a cute little blond, who weighed about ninety pounds who was wearing white slacks that accented her beautiful petite figure. I jokingly said “what group is this”? She laughed “Most of us are early widows, or women who were dumped for “trophy wives”. We like to travel in tour groups for safety. This tour is of art galleries throughout the west.” She asked me my name and I said Ron, she replied my name is Alice. Nice meeting you.I went to my room and almost jerked off to the sight of those hot well dressed and obviously well healed women. Then it hit me! There is a bar restaurant on the first floor and these women would be eating there. I showered, got all cleaned up, put on my best casual clothes put my emergency kit of rubbers, Viagra, and lube in my pocket and headed downstairs. Sure enough Alice the petite short haired doll I had spoken to earlier was eating dinner with five or six equally hot matures. Alice came up to me and said “you are not eating alone, come over here we have a seat for you. Soon I was eating dinner with six of the hottest older women I had ever seen. kaçak bahis Dinner was soon over. A band began playing and I am not stupid, being in my early forties I know older women love to dance. Before I knew it Alice and I were on the dance floor, this cute little mynx obviously had one thing on her mind as she ground her pussy on my leg. Then I felt her hand on my cock and it sprung to life. Soon Jennie a six foot tall blond beauty asked me to dance, it was the same thing, her tits were right in my face and chest I could have felt her up right there and she would not have cared. I stroked her lower back going lower and lower to the curvature of her ass. Jenny said “no one has held me like that in years”. Finally, I had danced with about five different women, some several times and we decided to call it a night. I was walking to the elevator and I heard something rattle in my pocket. I reached in and there were three hotel room keys in my pocket!! I had struck pay dirt, I wanted Alice first so I asked the desk clerk who was in room 435, she must have lost her key. The clerk said 435 is a Jean Harlow. 428 is Alice Conner I knew I now had good 50- 50 chance of fucking Alice within the next half-hour.I took the Room 428 key and went up to the 4th floor, Alice answered the door in white silk robe, white seamless nylons with full make-up, showing plenty of her small perky breasts. She had already mixed me a drink so we sat down and began talking. Alice crossed those petite legs giving me a glimpse of her shaven pussy. I reached over and bets10 began kissing her as I untied her robe to give me full access to her breasts and pussy. I took the lube out of my side pocket and applied a small amount to my fingers to lube her pussy. Alice moaned softly and I sucked on her nipples and fingered her pussy with special attention to her small clitoris. She began to whisper “Ron it’s been months since I have had a man, let me see that cock”. I stood up, took my clothes off, and Alice immediately grabbed my ass drawing me to her. Soon my cock was an inch from her face she gently stroked it and then took it in her mouth and began sucking my cock slowly. My cock got harder and harder and Alice said “just the right size I am a small women and can’t accommodate some bigger men”. With that she laid back on the couch spread her legs and I mounted this little mynx. She was as tight as a young college girl, and I began my rhythmic fucking of her cute pussy. My cock filled her all the way and I slow fucked her for about five minutes as she moaned softly. Then I increased my rhythm giving her full thrusts which she met at every turn. This lady was in great shape and her ass and hips moved up and down my cock. I was ready to explode and just could not hold it, I shot a hugh load into the condom I was wearing as she had her orgasm. She was very quiet. She just thrust her hips upward to meet my cock; she shuddered and fell back on the bed. Well I know how to treat a women, I am a big believer in “after care” where after sex bets10 giriş you hold the women in your arms, kiss her gently and softly and rub her smooth body. Good aftercare to women is almost as good as good sex. I held Alice in my arms and then she sat up on the couch and spread her legs, I knew just what she wanted as she asked “get on your knees and eat my pussy”. Of course I obliged her, and soon I was staring as her pink well fucked pussy. Alice’s clitoris was excited so I began flicking my tongue over her tender nub, then I began to run my tongue up and down her pussy stopping to suck the clitoris every few strokes. Then Alice said “Get the lube and stick your finger in my ass! My ex-husband used to do that”. I had heard of anal stimulation before, but had never done it to a women. Apparently this little slut was not so refined after all. I lubed up my index finger and slowing inserted it in her small ass. She just moaned as it entered her all the way to my knuckle. I then went back to eating her pussy, but wow, she began thrusting her ass on my finger as I sucked and licked her clitoris. She arched her whole body and came like she was having the orgasm of her life. He hips thrust forward as her whole body arched as far as it could. This women was hot, almost reaching a level of orgasm she looked like she was having a seizure or something. Then she relaxed and fell back flat on the couch as I pulled my finger out of her throbbing rectum. She sat there panting like a dog. Then I remembered I had two more room keys.I feigned exhaustion, got my clothes on and kissed her good night. I said what is your next stop and she said “three days in Dallas”. I thought holy sh*& I will be in Fort Worth the day after tomorrow. Stay tuned for Rooms 435 and 456 tomorrow.



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